Marcus: The Night at Nates

When the Friday came, Marcus decided to ask Nate if he wanted to have a sleepover, Jay was traditionally his best friend, they had the most in common. But Nate was less superficial, he hoped he could try to open up about himself, and his experience with Alan.

When school ended, Marcus went out front with Nate, they walked down aways since Bill never went up to the school, too much traffic. Marcus had known Nate since he first moved to Victoria, he was about the same height as him, but he always had short buzzed hair, like Marcus till he let it grow out, and he wore glasses, he’s cute in his own way, not as muscular as the guys on the sports teams, or the stoners, but he has the most amazing deep brown eyes, he’s just someone you generally wanna love once you get close to him. Marcus and the guys gave him a lot of shit from time to time, but he figured he’d be the most understanding.

“Hop in boys!” Bill said through his window, and the two hopped in, Nate in front, of course. Bill was pretty much your basic dad, he wore white shirts and old faded jeans all the time, he was from far up the coast, and sometimes spoke with a funny accent, but he had a great sense of humor. Marcus liked him out of all his friend’s dad, Jay’s didn’t like him, and Carsons- well…

They didn’t talk about much on the way to Nate’s place, other than games and The Walking Dead. Good ol’ Bill and his favorite show. Bill made them some mister noodles when they got home, dinner was always fancy at the Midans, to say the least.

When Nate and Marcus went up to his room to play games and drink coke, Marcus couldn’t get a word out most of the night, unless Nate brought something up. He couldn’t understand why it was so hard for him to tell him, it’s not like he was ashamed, just, kept his private life to himself, fortunately for him he lost his chance. As always Nate wanted to sleep early, Jesus if he couldn’t stay up past 11 to save his life.

Marcus stayed up, he was used to going to bed at 1, so he played Nate’s games for a while, he didn’t have to worry about the sound due to him being a heavy sleeper.

After getting tired, he turned off the Xbox and walked across the hall to use the bathroom. Imagine his surprise to accidentally walk in on Bill taking a piss. Marcus was mesmerized at the sight, Bill was standing bare ass in an old T-shirt, he couldn’t take his eyes off his ass, his thick hairy legs, until, he saw it. Bill’s cock was nestled below a pretty thick bush, it was easy to tell even as he held it in his hand it was bigger than most certainly Marcus’ and it was flaccid! Bill looked over, stoned, and just said. “I’ll be done in a second.”

Marcus heard him, but his mind was preoccupied, he couldn’t stop looking, and his cock was stirring in his shorts. Bill looked over again and watched Marcus for a time, not sure why he was still waiting, so he shook his cock, and walked over to Marcus with his hands up. “All yours,” He said tiredly before wandering to bed.

“Jesus!” Marcus whispered as he shut the door after Bill left. His cock was rock hard now, even in the mostly dark bathroom he had that cock burned into his mind, the way his cut scar was lower from the head, how thick it seemed. Forget taking a piss, Marcus sat on the old seat and jerked his cock. He simply couldn’t believe it, he knew Bill and Nate were more relaxed since they didn’t live with Nate’s mom, but- walking around without pants?! Nate was so lucky.


Marcus woke up before the sleeping log first, Nate always slept in. He’d normally wait in Nate’s room till he woke up before getting food, he always felt like a stranger when staying at his friend’s houses, and didn’t want to get anything without them or their permission. He figured this time he at least had to face the music… Bill probably saw his boner, and he didn’t want him to tell Nate or god forbid his mother. So he went out and down the creaky stairs.

He sucked his lips in and saw Bill sitting on the couch with the cats in an old housecoat, watching TV. “Hey, Bill.” Marcus began, he felt the stress build in his throat but spat it out anyways. “Sorry about uhm, last night. Walking in on you, I thought the bathroom was empty.” God did that feel awkward. He just stood there, still, as he listened to Bill laugh.

After laughing the tension out of the room with a small chuckle, he waved a hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about it bud, Nate does it too, we’re all guys anyways.” Marcus noticed how his robe wasn’t tied too tight and tried to observe his partially exposed chest while keeping his eyes on Bills. He was as Marcus thought, simple dad chest with hair. “God, am I into older guys?” He thought, recalling the first time with Alan, and now his newfound obsession with Bill.

“Still seems weird to me, we always shut the bathroom door at home.” Marcus tried to reply, hoping to just change the topic.

“Yeah. Oh, are you hungry?” Bill asked, Marcus simply nodded as he scratched his head. Bill groaned, and got up and walked to the kitchen, his robe parted just enough for Marcus to briefly glance at Bill’s cock, he really was flaccid. He thought it was funny how his big pink balls had barely any hair on them when his groin was covered. “Careful,” Marcus thought, he had to stop and think about something else before he got hard again.

Marcus sat crisscrossed on the couch with his big bowl of cheerios, watching the early morning shows when Bill came out. Was he crazy? Marcus was sure his robe was a tad looser than it had been previously… He sat right beside Marcus, holding his cup of tea as he set his leg up on the coffee table. If he was trying to flaunt himself without meaning to, he sure was doing a good job. Marcus could only steal a few glances, and it seemed impossible to tell if Bill was intentionally trying to show off.

Regardless of Bill’s intentions, he sure was pretty lucky to be staying at Nates. Even if he’s more thankful for the relaxed atmosphere among the guys over actually spending time with Nate. He went rock hard when he saw Bill openly reach into his parted housecoat to scratch his balls, those big, suckable- Marcus exhaled, trying to clear his mind again as he ate his cereal, his cock was rock hard in his shorts, thankfully hidden by his cereal bowl, he really needed to get it down.

Taking his mind off of Bill only barely worked, before he spilled his tea on himself, he nearly jumped when the hot liquid hit his thigh, even Marcus’ cereal spilled at the top of his shorts as the couch shook. Bill set down his cup on the coffee table. “Shit! Sorry Marc, damn that’s hot.” He cursed, standing as he leaned over Marcus to reach the towel at the other end of the couch. HOLY SHIT, Marcus didn’t care if it was just coincidence at this point, thank whatever god spilled Bill’s tea, he was standing with his legs parted, his chest hovering in Marcus’ face, as Bill tried to reach for the towel.

Bill’s cock was swaying between his splayed legs, Marcus was too hard to care, he was reaching over and just barely grazed the tip of his fingers over Bill’s cockhead before he stood back up. Shit, he was getting too greedy. “God I just washed this too…” Bill said as he wiped the front of his housecoat off, it was practically open by now, he noticed the boy’s eyes glued to his crotch too, Bill simply froze for a moment, before taking the bowl of cereal out of his lap. “Let me get that.”

Marcus was shocked when Bill reached down with the towel, patting the top of his shorts where the milk spilled, he knew he could probably feel his hard cock standing up. He couldn’t speak, he was so horny and also ashamed, what would Bill think. But did he even care? Bill rubbed the crotch of Marcus’ shorts with his towel, basically stroking his cock through the fabrics as he did. The 18-year-old was capable of drying himself, but Bill kept drying, he even grew more promiscuous, and lifted the elastic band of his shorts, and moved his hand inside to dry his groin with the towel.

Marcus’ heaven was interrupted when Nate’s door opened, and footsteps were heard from the staircase. Bill jumped, withdrew his hand quickly, and reclosed his robe quickly. “How’d you sleep Nate, are you hungry?” Bill said carefully, he was doing his best to conceal his arousal as Nate entered.

“Yeah, do we have any fruit loops yet?” He asked as he walked into the kitchen, thankfully oblivious to the fuckery happening moments before. Marcus was so embarrassed, he couldn’t even meet Nate or Bill’s gaze.

“I’m just gonna take a shower,” Marcus announced as the two headed to the kitchen, he used the towel to cover his erect, tented crotch as he ran up the stairs to the bathroom. He closed the door behind him, and tore off his shorts and his shirt, before walking into the shower. He closed the clouded glass door before turning on the water. He needed a moment to catch himself, was he blowing things out of proportion? Is he just all horned up? Or was… Bill being receptive…

He placed a hand on the glass door as he jerked his cock under the hot stream. Marcus’ eyes were closed as he furiously jerked his cock to the picture of Bill standing at the toilet last night, to the feeling of Alan running his hand up his shorts, and Bill’s hand slipping with the towel… The way Alans cock swayed between his legs, how his leg looked perched up on the coffee table. Bill’s flushed face..- Fuck he practically painted the shower wall.

Marcus sat with a coke, on his phone as Nate played Dead Rising. He was looking at the screenshots he had from the nudes Alan sent him. He didn’t know what he was going to do tonight, he couldn’t focus on the games, so he just texted Jay and went through his phone. Nate stayed up longer than usual and was he ever fucking tired for it. Marcus really couldn’t understand how he gets so tired the way he does.

The TV stayed on in Nate’s room past 1, Marcus kept telling himself to just open the door, and go to Bill. He was too nervous though and needed to work up the courage. But as always he did. He got up, and pushed himself through the fear, being horny does help throw away your inhibitions after all. He opened the door slowly, and across he saw Bill’s door open, and the TV still on.

“You boys aren’t asleep yet?” Bill asked while holding his lit joint. He was coming across as more, parental again. Marcus was questioning himself.

“Not yet, Nate is.” He said with a sigh before walking in as he looked at the TV.

“…You can join me if you want. I know Nate doesn’t have cable, so.” Bill offered as he scooted over to the middle of his bed, sitting up against the wall. Marcus nodded with a faint smile, walking over to join him. He noticed the band of Bill’s underwear, meaning he was still covered even if he was shirtless.

It was just some old rerun, but Marcus didn’t care. He just liked sitting there, it was more comfortable than trying to make a move. He took the joint from Bill’s hand, with no protest as he took a long drag from it. It always tasted weird, kind of like green tea, if it was fermented, he couldn’t hold it in for long before he let it out. “Does your mom know you smoke?” Bill asked with his usual chuckle.

Marcus shook his head with a grin. “No, I only do it occasionally anyway, unclouds my mind.” He replied as he passed back Bills joint. He knew he’d be high in no time, he was always a lightweight, but Bill seemed way more stoned.

“I’m just glad Nate doesn’t,” Bill replied with a sigh, he took a drag from his joint before putting it down in the ashtray. He looked at Marcus, admiring the teen and his seemingly innocent blue eyes before he surprised Marcus. “…About this morning.” Marcus tried to not panic when he looked over, meeting Bill’s rather serious, gaze, Jesus he looked lustful, or maybe tired.

“That burn was kinda bad, would you mind doing something for me?” Bill asked, Marcus’ heart sank, he figured he’d ask him to forget about it all, how it was an accident or something, nonetheless, he agreed with a nod. Bill reached over to the side of his bed and brought out a bottle of lotion, handing it to Marcus. He looked at it confused.

Bill threw the cover off of him and slid down his underwear to his ankles, before kicking them off in the bed. He moved his cock to the side and pointed at his right thigh. “Would you mind putting some lotion on it? I don’t want it getting worse- and, I’m too stoned…” Bill said with a sigh, and a smug, defeated smile, in his stoned state.

Marcus accepted the lotion, quite surprised by his offer. Speechless he could only nod his head, as he sat beside Bill’s legs, squirting the lotion into his hand as he rubbed them together before applying it to his thigh. Bill moaned, to the boy’s delight, as he covered most of his thigh, slowly, and applied more lotion. He could tell the sensation was getting to Bill, as he planned I suppose, since his cock began to stir, each heartbeat made his cock swell, and rise. Marcus wrapped his hand around Bill’s hardening cock as he slowly stroked it. He wasn’t much longer erect, but the size still mesmerized Marcus, it was likely over 6 inches, and fairly thick.

Bill moaned when Marcus brought his lips down to his cockhead, he ran his tongue around his beating red cockhead, before darting his tongue between the slit. Marcus was driving the man mad, but he wanted to explore more, so he moved his mouth down to his balls, Bill’s were so big he could only suck one into his mouth at a time. He sucked on each of his balls, savoring the salty taste, the way his body fought against him to bring them closer to deliver.

As Marcus ran his tongue back up from Bill’s balls to his cockhead, he grabbed the boy’s cheeks and lifted him closer to his face. His breathing was heavy, and his eyes filled with lust at the sight of his moistened face. Bill’s hands lowered to lift Marcus’ shirt off of him, before letting his calloused hands roam his body. The thought of his son’s friend being here, with him, cock hungry and eager nearly made him blow his load there and then. But Bill wanted something else.

Marcus savored the warmth of Bill’s breath on his face, the touch of his hands, the way he ran them down his back, worming them under his shorts as he squeezed his ass. His knees raised as he sat up more, his cock tenting straight out under his shorts like a pillar. Bill wasted no time as he thrust Marcus’ shorts down, before pawing the 18-year-olds balls, tugging on them gently as Bill struck his ass. “Mmh- Careful, please.” Marcus winced out.

Bill just gave Marcus a mischievous grin, he wouldn’t be careful, he was gonna devour his teen cock, make his young, likely only somewhat innocent body quiver. He lifted Marcus’ legs over his shoulders, before raising him by his cheeks. Marcus skipped a breath when Bill sunk himself on his cock. He bobbed himself frantically on Marcus’ throbbing cock, while kneading his cheeks in his hands. He even laughed when he felt Marcus dig his heels in his back, the sensation was too fast for the teen.

Marcus grabbed hold of Bill’s short hair for support as he pumped his cock “T-too much- Bill!” Marcus groaned, Bill stopped, and slowly pulled himself off of his cock, before lowering his mouth as he swallowed his balls, swirling them in his mouth. Bill’s gaze at Marcus’ face showed him he was stimulating him. Marcus suddenly kicked the walls as his grip on Bill’s hair loosened, he fell back between Bills legs as he shot stream after stream of cum onto Bills face, Bill kept the boy’s crotch at his face as he came, quickly moving his mouth back to his cock as he lapped his tongue under the skin of his cockhead.

“Ahhh! Oh- Ohhh..” Marcus whimpered as Bill attacked his sensitive head, cum still spilling out of him. Bill used the blanket to wipe the cum from his face after taking it off, before crawling over top of him with his slim body between his legs as he reached his face.

“Thatta boy, I think you deserve a treat.” Bill moved his cock to Marcus’ lips, he placed his hands down above Marcus’ head for support as he teased his lips with the tip of his cock. Smearing the pearly precum oozing from his tips all over his lips. Marcus parted his lips for a break, breathing heavily before Bill thrust his cock into his mouth, then out again. He went slow, gradually going deeper in his mouth until he was fucking the back of his throat.

Marcus put his hands behind Bill’s thighs as he looked up at the man’s face, he enjoyed the sight of the older man thrusting into his mouth, especially as he got faster, the grunts and moans he made were enough to run a tingle through his drained cock. Bill lowered himself as he got close, face fucking Marcus into the mattress as his nose stuck into his groin, he continued thrusting down his throat as Marcus gagged, his throat trying to push him out. He looked down into Marcus’ eyes as they became bloodshot, then he moaned loud enough to wake the cats as he came. He stood himself up, holding Marcus’ head down on his groin as he thrust his cum down his throat. After what felt like 7 minutes, he pulled Marcus off his cock, he watched the panting boy satisfied as he saw the cum trail on his tongue, he wiped the head of his cock off on his face.

Marcus stayed in Bill’s room that night, where they sucked each other 3 more times through the night, and again in the morning. Bill was cool about it all, to Marcus’ surprise, he acted normal when Nate was around, and when he wasn’t, he’d tease Marc. When his mom came to pick him up. Marcus felt a hell of a lot more experienced, and well serviced than the first time. It was strange how that one experience seemed to open a whole new world for him, but as happens with every man, it wouldn’t be enough.