Over Night Job Leads to More

College is a great time for partying and exploring ones sexual desires. I believe I did my fair share of both throughout my time in college, but one experience will always stay with me as it helped open me up to a whole new world of submission. Like most college students money gets tight so I ended up taking a night job as an office cleaner during the week nights leaving myself the weekend to still party and hang out with friends.

The job was very uneventful for the most part just going from one building to the next in the middle of the night making sure bathrooms were clean, trashes were taken out, and towels and soaps replenished. Most of the buildings I would clean where always empty but a few would have some late night workers. The biggest and nicest office being one of those of course. When I did notice someone else was there from a car being outside or a light on I would announce myself so I didn’t startle anyone.

One particular night cleaning that building I over looked a light on in one of the offices in the building and was just going through cleaning the place as I would normally do. When I got towards the back of the building where this office was located I noticed the light coming from beneath a closed door. I took out my headphones so I could go up to the door and announce myself and I was stopped in my tracks at what I heard. “Yeah take it slut.” “You love this dick don’t you.” “Choke on my dick you bitch, get it nice and sloppy so I can slip into you pussy.” And after each statement a muffled sound would be made. I stood at the door listening to try and hear more. Who was getting fucked in there? Whoever she was she must be a slut with how this manager was treating her. Than a phone rang, I was scared to death it was mine giving me away but seconds later I heard the man say “shut up slut this is my wife you better be quiet, just get under the desk and blow me”. The goes on to start a conversation with his wife that gives minutes in a gave up listening to as I could no longer here sucking or the actions.

I finished cleaning up the rest of the building but made sure I went back to the closed door to see if the action had started back up. Sadly for me right when I got back I could here the man telling his ‘slut’ to get dressed cause he needed to go soon. I was so intrigued on finding out who these sexual partners where. I imagined the guy as a big buff man and I assumed his younger secretary with either big boobs or a big ass. I slipped into an open conference room between the office and the exit and waited to see who walked by. The first one to walk by was just as I guess a man 6 foot tall, strong shoulders, handsome, looking about in his late 30’s or early 40’s. It was who came next that surprised me. It was a a young person as I thought but this was a young man not a woman. A guy who was probably my age, and my average build. I thought to myself, was he the one being called a slut? There’s no way he said he wanted to get his dick ready for a pussy. I was so confused.

After they both left I quickly finished the rest of the cleaning at that building and left, luckily it was my last one of the night so I was able to get home. But I could not get out of my head that the buff guy I saw must have been getting blown by the young guy. When I got home all I could do was think about it until I was so horny I jerked off to the thought of watching the buff man fuck the young guy.

I had experienced sucking cock before but it was always mutual I had never heard or seen someone get dominated like that and I had to admit to myself that was very hot to hear. Over the next few weeks I tried to time it right to run into them again but was wildly unsuccessful. That is until about a month and a half after the night I heard the act first I stumbled upon the handsome buff man again having his way with who I assumed was the same young man as last time. This time though I had already told myself I needed to see more so as I was standing there hearing the buff man telling someone “you look good with my cock in your mouth.” “Make sure to lick my balls” and the hottest of all was “you gonna be dripping my cum from ur pussy till tomorrow night slut”. This time I had to see who the girl was cause it couldn’t have been that guy. So I knocked on the door to tell the buff man that the cleaner was here and to alert him so he wasn’t startled.

What happened next surprised me the most. He said to come in. I was baffled, I didn’t think that was gonna be the response, but what else could it have been. So I walk in as instructed and behind his desk is the buff man in a business shirt and who knows what else. His desk doesn’t have an opening so I couldn’t tell if someone was under it but where else could the person be I just heard slobbering over his cock? He hands me the trash bin from the side of his desk and says his name is Brian and asked mine. I introduced myself and dumped the trash bag into a bigger one but not before noticing that an open condom wrapper was in the bin. I smiled at Brian told him to not work to hard and to have a good night and I would be out of the office soon. He said thank u and that he just had to finish up organizing some assets and he would also be out for the night.

I attempted to finish cleaning but my brain was to wired on who would come out of the office with Brian. After about 30 minutes his door finally opened again this time Brian wasn’t the first one out, it was the same younger guy as last time but this time he looked a lot more wore out than last. His face was extremely red and he looked like he may have been limping. I was so astonished by this but figured I needed to hurry up and finish so I could get home and jerk it myself. While I was out back taking out the trash I was so distracted thinking about Brian pounding the other college aged guy I didn’t even notice he had come out of the building and was putting his bag into his car. He again made small talk about having a long day and telling me how good I make the place look every night. I thanked him and as I was about to go back in he said to be good and not do anything he wouldn’t. I laughed and told him that leaves me with countless things to do he laughed and agreed.

When I got back in the building I began packing up my cleaning stuff which was in the break room at the time and I was just thinking about Brian and what I heard him doing. He kept saying he was fucking a pussy, was that other guy trans? He sure didn’t look like it, so what was he talking about? Did I miss someone in the room? The only thing I knew was I was extremely turned on hearing him dominate whoever it was and couldn’t stop thinking about me being called a slut and him pushing me under his desk to suck him off while he talked to his wife. Why was I thinking that? I knew I was bi but was I really that submissive?

I finally got out of the building, locked up and put my supplies in my car. I was so horny at this point before I started the car I pulled out my dick to rub it thinking about all the things I heard Brian say. I was so turned on I wasn’t paying attention to anything but my thoughts. My thoughts were going wild. I was imagining Brian telling me to get on my knees and than grabbing my head and face fucking me. I had never thought about submission until Brian and he has me now jacking off in a parking lot thinking about sucking his cock, who was I now?

That I figured out very soon. Next thing I knew there was a knock on the window. Oh shit is the first thing that came to mind, than I slowly opened my eyes expecting to see a security guard or an officer. Both excitingly and embarrassingly it was just the man I had been imaginging blowing. I sheepishly rolled down the window to a grinning Brian.

“Seems like you are having urself a quick arm work out huh?”

“Um yeah my girlfriend just sent me a nude and was excited is all” I said.

“Mark you don’t have to lie and your not even looking at ur phone” Brian said.

“I gotta go, I’m sorry and please don’t tell anyone” I pleaded.

Brian looked straight at me and in a serious tone said “oh Mark of course I’m not going to tell anyone, especially cause me and you are going to go straight back in that building and go to my office, do you understand?”

“Brian really I am sorry and am very embarrassed you saw that can we please just forget about this?”

He looked at me again this time though it felt like he was looking into my soul. “If you can honestly tell me that you weren’t jacking off because you were so turned on but what you came across tonight as well as the first night I met you I will leave you alone and forget this. But if not I am going back into their and will be sitting in my office, I expect you to come in there apologize for lying and than take any command I give you.”

I was so stunned by the bluntness of his comments that I just sat there as he turned around and headed back to the building. I saw him go back and and some lights go on leading to the back of the building and I sat in my car dick still hard wondering what to do.

My mind was still racing. What does he mean by take any command given? Is he making me offer myself up to him? I realized it had been almost three minutes already since he went in the building. I wanted to just go home rub one out and pretend like this never happened, but I knew I couldn’t and that I was somehow being drawn to follow him in the building. Finally I got the courage to get out of my car and walk to the building. I got in and instantly locked the door and started turning the lights out that led to Brian’s office. Before I got to the last hallway before his office I stopped and contemplated just running out of there but I couldn’t anymore, I had come this far and he already had known why I was turned on. I needed to experience what I heard and know if these submissive feelings I had were true.

I walked into his office and Brian told me to shut the door. Then it was silent, it dawned on me that he wanted me to apologize. “Sorry Brian for being a weirdo and jerking off in the parking lot.”

He looked at me and smiled “oh your not apologizing for that Mark, ur apologizing because u made ur master wait for you.”

I looked puzzled and asked “my master?”

“Yes Mark your master. You agreed that when u came in here you would take any command given to you by me. Making me ur master.”

“I don’t know Brian I am bi yes but I’m not submissive like the other guy.”

“Oh mark but you are. Have you not been constantly thinking about what you overheard with me and my slut earlier?”

I just stood there knowing to myself that he was right all I could think about was wanting to see his cock, but I couldn’t get myself to call someone master or admit out loud that I wanted him to fuck me.

“You came back in this building and walked to my office for a reason, now come over to this side of the desk and admit to me you want me to be your master and you want to obey my commands.”

I knew I should just leave but I couldn’t I was way to horny at this point to think straight. I walked to the other side of his desk and was able to see something I didn’t notice when I walked in minutes ago.

He was naked from the waste down and his cock was just out and rock hard.

“I always get excited when I’m about to break in the mouth of a new slut” he said.

I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock, it was bigger and thicker than mine for sure. I looked at Brian and his smile on his face and I could tell he could see right through me at that moment, he knew he had me. At that moment I knew I had to just give in and experience this or I would just constantly think about it.

Than like I was a whole different person I said “yes master I am sorry for making you wait and I would be honored if you let me suck ur magnificent cock.”

“Oh slut you are going to do more than suck this cock, I’m going to make that pussy of ur drip out my juices very often.”

It finally clicked to me he was calling that other guys asshole his pussy, it was very demeaning but actually made me hornier to hear him tell me that and he noticed.

“It’s good that ur clit jumps with excitement each time u hear how I will own you slut.”

I knew again he was right, the more demeaning and verbally dominate he was the more I wanted to experience of him.

“Now get over here and take ur shirt and pants off.”

I walked closer to my new master and took off my shirt and pants only leaving me in my boxers and showing how sexually aroused I was.

“Have you ever came from pleasing another man, slut?” He said.

“No master I have not” I answered.

“Well trust me we will change that in the near future.”

I stood there just in my boxers infront of this man in his office ready to become his slut.

“Now get on ur knees and let me know how bad you want to suck my cock.”

I got on my knees and moved to where I was between his legs with his hard cock right in my face and looked at him.

“Master, please let me taste your cock, I need to be able to taste how good this huge thick cock tastes master. I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste u for hours after I leave master'”

“oh now that’s a good slut, you may suck my cock but don’t forget to give my balls the attention they deserve.”

And like the slut he kept calling me I turned into that and start licking up and down his cock getting it nice and sloppy with my saliva and than switched from ball to ball sucking and licking on them making sure to hear his moans of approval. Once he was nice and sloppy he told me to stand up and then lay on his desk on my back with my head over the side. I did as instructed and that is when he truly became my master. He told me to open my mouth wide which I did and he slide his cock in my mouth/throat be began to than fuck my mouth hard and deep making me gag and begging to be able to have a moment to breathe. He spent the next few minutes fucking my mouth while calling me a slut, telling me next time I would be bent over his desk begging for him to cum in my ass, and how he would love to have some of his friends fuck me like the slut I was proving to be.

He finally reached a point of orgasm and shot what was remaining cum from what was left by his earlier slut into my mouth and demanded I swallow before he would fully pull his cock out. I did as instructed and swallowed all the cum he gave me. It tasted so amazing that I spent the next few minutes cleaning his dick off and making sure I got very last drop. When he was officially done with me he told me to get up and get my clothes back on.

“You did good tonight slut, but I still have a lot to break you in on. Next time I won’t fuck someone before you serve me slut,”

I looked at him and said “thank you master, I would be honored to have your huge thick cock pound my holes.”

“That’s a good start whore but I will be doing a lot more and those are my holes that I own now slut, and you better refer to them as the correct terms, that ass is now my pussy to use whenever and wherever I want. And that clit you have needs to stay away when I’m around ok slut?”

“Yes master I understood.” Is how I responded. But come next week I found out truly what he meant by him owning my pussy……