Blind Date

“I’m looking for a wife.” “A wife? I’m sorry, what?” I was confused by his answer. “You know, a wife-like partner. Someone to raise any kids we might adopt. Cooking, cleaning, that kind of thing.” “Is it the nineteen fifties?” I tried to joke back. “No, I just prefer a traditional family structure, that’s all.” He was clearly serious as […]

Pretty Thing

Just a typical day off for a certain sorcerer and his boyfriend. Normally, they would be journeying right now with their comrades, but even warriors needed days to rest. “Morning, Duke,” waved Berwick. Coming out into the garden with a spell book in hand, Berwick decided to plant himself in Duke’s lap. He let out a yawn, shortly before opening […]

The Price of Her Peach

I was bent over the bed with my legs spread and my palms flat against the mattress, looking at my reflection in the mirror on the wall behind the bed. Harry Holmes, my new trick, was kneeling on the floor behind me, eating my ass while Nikki Berlusconi watched. Nikki was a slender young black woman with long kinky black […]

The New Prospect

That same evening, Tom had an appointment with a man from a good-sized town about half an hour away, who was considering sending his nephew to Grange Hollow Polytechnic Junior College. The kid’s parents had died when he was a child and he was now the ward of his uncle. The moment he arrived, he knew that this kid was […]

My Boyfriend’s Bellybutton

I have a beautiful boyfriend, lover, almost husband. His name is Ben. He has hair the color of dark chocolate, approaching black. It’s in straight bangs, is toussled, and wavy, long enough to almost touch his shoulder. He has moderate eyebrows and often sports a light bit of facial hair — a bit of a mustache, a little covering the […]

Like a Good Neighbor

I lay there, on the towel on the Fenwick Island beach below my mother’s Bunting Avenue beach house, panting, the surf pounding in my ears, trying not to cry out. Mr. Wilson was stretched out beside me, his torso hovering over mine. He was looking down into my eyes in the dark and was stroking me off with a greased […]

Dorm Gay Scene

By the middle of my freshman year, I had sexual contact only with Rod. He was a known Gandoo, Habitual Bottom, and the worst repute would be being his slave. Although he did not advertise our relationship or sent over hungry Tops to me, but in all our couplings he acted as the dominant partner, using physical and emotional abuse […]

My Sexual Awakening – Best Friend

I got up the next morning dressed for school and went down for breakfast. My mom acted like nothing had happened. She fixed me breakfast, handed me my lunch as I headed out the door for school, kissing me on the cheek like she always did and patted my butt. All I could think about as I walked to school […]

A Femboy’s First Encounter

My girlfriend was always telling me that I needed more friends to hang out with. We had moved to a new town, and while she had made tons of friends through work I was having a more difficult time. It’s usually harder for a guy to make real friends; we usually just bullshit at work and go home at the […]

Bill’s Hard Candy

Exploring myself and discovered how I felt about being cumslut, I coveted his cock in secret… Not knowing if he would want the same thing out of me. Bill was a long haul truck driver, preferring shorts while driving and tight briefs when swimming. Whenever I saw him around, my eyes peeked at the curve in his pants. And I […]