First Morning Wood

It was a morning with the sunlight piercing through the curtains, and this encouraged a certain demon to wake up. Vox woke up next to his lover, Berwick. The boy was still fast asleep, however; but their cat appeared wide awake. Vox glanced at their cat, soon watching the cat dash off into the doorway of the bedroom. Meowing, this […]

Goodbye for Now

Victor tried to compose himself as he walked. He was nervous. It’d been a long time since he last did one of these. Usually, he’d just stay in his hotel room and jerk off to some porn. But today, in addition to being bored and in need of release, he also felt a strange compulsion to live a little. He […]

An Encounter at a Restaurant

Last Sunday, I was eating a quiet lunch alone at a diner when I noticed something distracting. Or should I say, someone distracting. That someone was an extremely handsome man; a man much older than my 23 year-old self. He was big and rugged, with a closely cropped beard, effortlessly exuding confidence. His white polo was tucked into his jeans, […]

Milking a Terrorist

The name on the placard I was raising at the Larnaca international airport arrivals area in meeting the Egyptair flight said Samir, but that wasn’t who he really was. He was known to us as Hamid al-Salim, one of the inner circle of the Sayf Allah–Sword of Allah–terrorist group operating out of who knew where? We thought maybe Aden.

Taken, For Good

With my after school job money and a small backpack, I board the plane. Most of the people on board are going back to their native lands. “You are traveling alone, young one?” My seatmate, a well groomed man in his mid thirties, was silent until we were in the air.

First Time With John

I had just turned 18, and with that, I had grown a little more confident within myself. Confidence wasn’t all that had grown though – my sexual appetite and urge to be with a man (beyond just kissing) had grown too. I could no longer contain it and found myself somewhat addicted to these thoughts. Webcam sex had provided a […]

It’s for the Best

“You went out with Duke yesterday night and you didn’t even bother inviting me! I like beer, too,” moaned Berwick. “You just left me at home all alone.” “I think I’m allowed to go out with friends, Berwick. Stop being so clingy.” “I can’t believe this!” Berwick snapped at Vox. “Why have you been keeping this as a secret from […]

Big Dan

I had met Dan Holden several times in passing at the gym I go to. We’re usually not there at the same time, but we both work out regularly. We always say hello in passing, talk about some current event, or the weather, but I had never had the opportunity to get to know him. He seemed like a nice […]

My Masseuse Brings a Friend to Help

I was full of the jitters as I drove to my massage appointment with a male. This was to be my first session with a male masseur. I had many experiences with female masseuses, and I loved the thrill of wondering if there would be a happy ending. Would the masseuse cross the line between a regular and an erotic […]

Seduced by Tom the Masseur

A few months after my first gay experience as a straight man, I booked a session with a masseur at a massage parlour. I had no idea what he looked like, just his name and a few words about him. I waited a while for him at the parlour, as apparently he’d not realised about the booking. A short man […]