Gay Night Club

I found enough courage to attend my first.



Gay Night Club.



I didn’t know what to expect but this wasn’t it.


As we walked past a clusters of horseshoe shaped booths with couples talking discreetly to each other, my heart started to palpitate with excitement as we arrived and my friend for the night stood up to greet me.

He were about my build, immaculately dressed in expensive black slacks a white short sleeved shirt partially unbuttoned, impeccably jet black hair with an odd gray hair starting to show. My dress almost identical except my apparel was from a chain department store and I was half his age. Our Solo night host introduced us.

“Jason Wilson allow me to introduce Stefan De Vries, I hope you enjoy each other’s company tonight.”

We exchanged handshakes, Stefan had an endearing soft double handed handshake then inviting me to sit with a flowing hand gesture as he asked.

“What would you like to drink?”

As I was driving I would have one of the Club’s alcohol free mocktail, Stefan ordered a large Macallan whiskey and said to our host to put them on his account.

The horseshoe booth with its small round pedestal table could only accommodate two. As we sat down our legs bumped and rubbed together, Stefan smiled and placed both his hands on top of mine. I could feel something warm and intimate pass between us as he asked.

“Tell me about yourself, why you are here tonight and what you are looking for?”

I had prepared simple one line answers that I couldn’t now put into words and nervously said. “I don’t know I am not very good at getting into relationships and the guys I house share with said I should try this Club’s new Solo Night. They helped me prepare my profile, actually they prepared it for me I have also tried dating sites but no luck.” I then asked.

“What are you looking for?” His reply seemed almost apologetic.

“I have had a few relationships some good some not so good. Although I have a nice circle of friend’s they all have live-in partners and I am the odd one out. Over the past few years I have been alone as you get older you tend not to get into relationships. Like you they suggested I try this Club’s new Solo night and Karl my friend’s partner prepared my profile for me. Can I ask what do think about getting into a relationship with someone like me who is older also I take it you are not out about being gay?”

I floundered again. “No I am not out and I am not even sure if I am gay, I am ok with you being older as I feel comfortable in your company.” I could feel Stefan squeeze my hand in approval as our drinks arrived, mines had a pink umbrella in it; was it an omen?

Stefan asked me what I did for a living and what type of vehicle I had. I explained I was a junior design engineer in a sales department for a pump company in the south side of the city. My vehicle is a ten year old Range Rover that I restored, my uncle gave it to me when his eyesight became too bad for him to drive.

Stefan explained he was from Cape Town in South Africa and is now a partner in a diamond brokerage company just off George Square. I thought that meant he repaired diamond rings or something like that, how wrong can you be. His parents are now both retired enjoying life and recently moved to London due to the troubles in South Africa. His father was a diamond mining engineer, macho type and disapproved of Stefan being gay.

As he said that I felt very sorry for him and wondered what my parents and friends would think if I ever came out as being gay.

As the night went on we chatted about our lives, Stefan ordered quite a few mocktails for me and large Macallan whiskies for himself. I could hear his Africans’ accent start to show as the alcohol affected his otherwise perfect English. Tim the Club photographer came over and had us pose together with our arms around each other holding up our drinks, then suggested we sit more intimately together. As we moved together turning to looking into each other’s eyes Stefan put his hand on my leg sliding it up until he touched me, taken by surprise I opened my mouth as he kissed me.

I wasn’t angary or embarrassed actually I quite liked it. Tim broke both our trances when he said.

“Perfect, I will finish them off and send them off to you later.”

After Tim left Stefan asked me “would I like to spend the night with him we don’t have to have sex, just be with him, or just coffee?”

Although I was excited at the thought of it replied “I don’t know, I wasn’t sure yet, maybe when we get to know each other.”

His instant response was “then come out with me for a meal tomorrow night.”

Catching me totally unaware I said “ok” which I felt quite excited about. Usually I got knocked back if I asked anyone out and didn’t want him to feel the same rejection. The time passed quickly and it was time for us to leave the Solo club night. My vehicle was in the multi-story car park above the Club, Stefan’s plan was to get a train home from the Central Station.

When we went outside and the cool night air hit us, alcohol made Stefan a bit unsteady on his feet so I decided to walk him to the rail station about a block away. Just two guys chatting as they headed towards the station. By the time we arrived I was a bit concerned about leaving him alone to find the rest of his way home safely and suggested if it’s ok I will take you up on the offer of a coffee.

He smiled as we turned and headed back to where I had parked up. As we walked together this time I was conscious passerby’s may be looking at us, would they see something in our intensions. Stefan gave me his post code and I punched it into the satnav and headed to the south of the city towards the Mearns district.

We arrived at an impressive luxury apartment complex turning into the driveway our path was blocked by a closed gate, Stefan produced a beeper, pressed it, and the gate opened like magic. We parked up at a visitor slot and took the elevator up to his floor. In his entrance hallway he took off his shoes and socks before leading me into the living room which was plush and expensively furnished with a long shag pile carpet which felt wonderful under your bare feet. It seemed to seductively massage your feet as you walked on it.

Stefan made us coffee which turned out to be an imported Dutch rope type coffee which had an arousing kick to it making us relax as we sat together. Placing his arm round me drawing us both together then partially unbuttoned my shirt like his before starting to caress my chest as our heads intimately touched. We stared to share our lives secretes after he asked me. Why was I unsure if I was gay and not good in relationships? It was then that I decided to tell him why and that I was not just leading him on.

About a year and a half ago during the Pride week the Students Union was raising funds running a disco night for some Transgender group and we all bought tickets, it was to be a theme fancy dress and we were all to be cross dressed and remain in character for a whole 24 hours. It sounded like fun.

I played hockey so went down to a second hand clothes shop bought a short green hockey skirt and matching pants I already had the shirt and hockey stick. My theme was to be a jolly hockey sticks character. Most of us didn’t have the bottle to go dressed, at least sober, and got changed in the gym dressing room.

It was a typical student disco, copious booze, lewd comments, propositioning and groping each other, somewhere during the night my memories of events vanished. I woke up in the morning alone, naked, in an empty bed. My skin in places was caked with dried out something or another my body ached all over like you get after strenuous exercise and my butt and dick were hurting as I moved.

Totally disoriented, but I had to go, I walked over to the door saw my sports bag with my green hockey skirt and shirt lying on top of it inside it was my track suit and a towel. I grabbed the towel and wrapping it round me, passing and stepping over sleeping bodies strewn over the floor. After finding something on the back of my leg I had a shower to clean up, by the time I had finished the others had started to nosily wake up.

Clambering over a few prone bodies I asked what happened last night, nobody was forthcoming, usually you were given some crap story about what you were supposed to have done this time absolutely nothing.

After a few days I was still a bit concerned about what may have happened and went to see the nurse, as I had had a shower since then all traces of whatever was gone. She still took samples and sent them off for testing, a few days later I received a text saying all clear no infections the usual bland words in case someone read your text. A few days later I was invited to attend a University sexual health course, never found out what if anything had happened. After that I cut down on the booze, as my uncle gave me his somewhat dented Range Rover I spent my spare time and money restoring it, no student parties since then.

When I graduated and started working I moved in to a house share with two guys who were openly gay and share a double bed and two guys who insisted they were straight and had two single beds in their room having girlfriends stay overnight. I had a small single bedded box room and seem to get on better with Tom and John the two gays and their friends than I did with Harry and Ian and their friends.

Ever since that night I wondered if I was gay not that it matters what’s happened has happened, closure would be nice, Stefan then went on to share his story.

His father was a true South African Alfa male and a Mine General Manager who though Stefan might be gay, possibly his mother did too as she was always arranging blind dates with her friend’s daughters, but nothing ever came of them. They also both seemed to be having extra mural affairs. His father didn’t think he could hack it in the diamond industry culture and arranged for him to go to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. The company his father worked for had a lot of funding contacts with the University, a few strings were pulled and he was accepted.

The day he arrived the House of Residence the Scout, who looked after the student’s needs, took him to meet who he would be sharing a room with. Knocked the door walked straight in and introduced him to Alexander who was sitting at his desk naked reading some book about the Romans. Typical academic type he instantly stood up and walked towards him, he was muscular, had an olive skin complexion, although also South African was of Italian decent. He greeted Stefan with a double handed hand shake then hugged him naked. This was a life endearing moments and are still close friends.

Alexander helped him unpack, even with the room window fully opened it was oppressively hot the Victorian central heating was either fully on or off. By the time they had finished unpacking he had talked Stefan into stripping down, then naked, as they talked sitting together sharing each other’s past lives. No sooner had they started talking that than four of Alexanders House friends walked in they were naked too all giving Stefan naked hugs. It was then that he first thought he might actually be gay, but still not fully convinced.

That night they all went down to a local bar to drink to his arrival and met up with many of their friends, it was then that he realised they were all gay what’s more were in a private male gay bar nicknamed Bullinghams after the back lane it was in. He was comfortable in their company and was readily accepted by them, he thought his father had something to do with the choice of the House of Residence. The bar had a reputation from the seventeenth century of being a haunt of gay men, this became their home from home for the next two years.

Attending some lectures he found he had problems understanding a particular facet of mathematical statistical logic’s, Alexander introduced him in the pub his friend Graham who was doing his Doctorate in statistical mathematics and could help him. He was Stefan’s lookalike and they were subsequently often mistaken for brothers.

He was invited to his room the next morning to be tutored, which had the same heating problem. When Graham opened the door he was naked and greeted him with a full body hug then insisted he be naked too. A House custom. They worked throughout the morning until he understood why and what had to be done with Graham’s very hands on approach, it was then that they bonded as friends.

Once they closed their books for the day Graham stood up and said let us now have sex together saying don’t worry I will show you what to do and you will enjoy it. He did, after that he stayed over in his rooms every Thursday as a study night for the next year. The Bullinghams Club also had a chalk board were you had to mark off after having sex with a member, which encouraged casual relationships and networking of lifelong friends.

Stefan suggested as it was now after three why not stay for the rest of the night, I could sleep on the couch even with three Dutch coffee kicks in me I felt very tired and said ok. He produced some bedding for the couch and left for his bedroom. I took off my slacks and my shirt, hanging them over a nearby chair, exposing my low cut black clingy underwear which showed off all my features and was arousing to wear the way it clung and pulled you each time you moved. My fetishes, amongst others, being sexy underwear, exposed muscular thighs and legs.

Stefan walked in as I was standing there wearing only an almost see through short gown with a pillow under his arm for me. He stopped and stared admiringly at me. I had never had anyone look like that at me before between being embarrassed and what we had talked about earlier I could feel a developing arousal being forcibly restrained within my tight underwear adding to the excitement and thrill.

He dropped the pillow came over embrace me initially running his hands seductively down my arms then hugged me I felt his hands slide down my spine and his fingers slide inside the back of my underwear, it was seductive as he started to slide them off. Once my full blown erection and my tangled underwear at my knees released, he stepped back as I continued to remove them it was then I saw his robe drop exposing his full blown erection.

When we both finished bunny hopping our feet free we reached over embracing each other. We were now both aroused and body rubbing each other and kissing passionately as I felt wetness form up between us. I had never felt such sexual intensity before.

Stefan took my hand and guided me to his bedroom the bed being fully turned down in anticipation. He moved pillows and had me sit with my legs pulled up which he gently moved apart after as he knelt in front of me. My erection was staring to throb in anticipation as he held it gently and slowly stroked it and body rubbed me with his free hand which incited me to moan almost purring.

He was so gentle that I only slowly felt movement and excitement build, he said he had learnt this technique at a Tantra seminar on how to prolong pleasure. As I sat upright enjoying the evolving pleasure’ eyes closed mouth wide open in a silent erotic screams, as my momentum intensified I started to mimic his stroking motions body bumping the bed to bring on my climax. He controlled my evolving pleasure I could now hear myself nosily enjoy the impending withheld ecstasy when I unloaded it was all over my chest but he didn’t stop continuing my convulsions until I lay back exhausted and wet with sweat.

When I recovered he had me lay in a position with a cushion under my lower back as I offered myself up to him and his now throbbing erection he placed his hands on my shoulders as I placed my hands on his hips my legs now straining as I eased myself up into position in anticipation as he started to probe.

I could feel him slide purposefully slowly and gently in, my eyes staring upwards mouth wide open hands and feet now flat pressing on the bed steading me. As he touched my P spot whatever my adrenalin started pumping with erotic excitement as he withdrew, reentered and started to undulated gently and rhythmic I lost focus on how many times but I was getting more and more excited each time I could feel my pre cum drip one pump at a time.

We both started to breathe deeply and moan in harmony as he started to climax neither of us could control the inevitable, one last lunge paused in silence as I felt him unload, I could feel the warmth as it passed between us and run free. We both lay there like intertwined statues as we recovered from our ecstasy slowly parting.

We both lay side by side looking into each other’s eyes with a smile we gently embraced each other accepting the satisfaction and pleasure we both had achieved together. I now knew why I craved to have an intimate experience like this as we drifted off into an exhaustion sleep.

Classical music awoke us as a radio brought us from our slumber as we lay there naked together our bodies still finding solitude in each other. Stefan broke my trance saying shower time I think, I nodded in agreement. As we parted I could feel my skin in places was caked with dried out something or another and my body drained of energy as my mind flashed back to that feeling years ago as I woke up alone naked in a strange bed.

Stefan encouraged me to follow him with his outstretched hand into the shower room, when the shower was in full flow from the large shower head we entered the warm soothing water flow and stood there naked together. Stefan started to wash me with a foaming shower gel to remove last night’s aftermath, I then washed Stefan of his share of our aftermath. He produced a hand held spray wand to finish off, an interesting experience that I never felt or enjoyed before.

We stood under a body hot air blower that dried us without the necessity of a towel, another first for me. He then produced a short towel wrap from a stand and placed around me and adjusted its velcro waist strap with my left leg and thigh exposed. Stefan pulled his matching wrap on with his right leg exposed.

As we stood in front of a full length mirror together I could see that the wraps were sitting loosely and seductively on our hips and stopping about six inches above our knees with our exposed bare legs and thighs almost reaching out touching each other. I was to find out later the significance of this.

We walked naked and bare footed apart from our revealing wraps into his kitchen. The breakfast bar had high bar stools with low back rests my first test was to sit on one without exposing oneself, I managed it but only just my entire leg and thigh was sort of fully but seductively exposed. Stefan did his barman from the other side delivering up fruit juice, serial, pastries and coffee then walked round and stood beside me. My exposed leg and thigh received his full hands on attention as he ate his breakfast, so much so that I could feel myself starting to rise to the occasion.

Our moment of mutual contemplation was interrupted by a phone ringing in his study, excusing himself went to answer it as I finished my breakfast and cleared away the dishes in wet anticipation of what would come next.

He asked me to join him it was then that I saw it wasn’t just a speaker phone in his study but a full video conference suit with two large and four small screens. I saw myself on one small side screen as I walked in and one with Stefan standing at his desk and two other screens with people standing that I didn’t recognize.

They turned out to be Sir Richard Hardcastle a philanthropist who I was to call Dickie except in formal settings and Karl his research assistant and special friend. They were both dressed in white matching short hipster swim shorts showing signs of recently being in the pool both looked toned and tanned. It was then that I realised both Stefan and myself were wearing only matching towel wraps and mines having moved fully exposed my leg and thigh.

As I adjusted my wrap both Karl and Dickie smiled as Dickie said to me nice leg you will have to let me feel it one day. I see you two boys hit it off last night also you are going out for an intimate dinner tonight, which I had forgotten all about. I stood there like a tailor’s dummy not knowing what to say. Then he invited us to his pool barbeque tomorrow afternoon saying to Stefan we can discuss those issues when we are all together said his goodbyes’ the screen went blank.

It was then that Stefan said Dickie has taken a liking to me, I wasn’t sure what he meant, then said we will have to go and get some suitable swimwear for tomorrow, Dickie likes his friend’s and partners to have matching swimwear and I like you in black. He then reached out and said let me show you some other ways to have prolonged ecstasy, for the next two hours he did.

We showered again and headed over to Byres Road in the north side of the city to a private shopper by appointment only establishment. Before long we had selected matching black hipster swim shorts that had a nice clingy wet look that I liked, it was then that Stefan told Bree that I had a fetish for sexy underwear. Cresaa her Romanian assistant looked at me in my hipster wet look shorts saying.

“I know what you would like.”

For the next hour I tried on various cuts and colours of underwear trying not to get aroused in front of Bree and Cresaa took a lot of willpower, Stefan spoiled my supreme control when he said that he could look at me in the silky underwear all day, he liked the way they lifted and separated my cheeks; so did I.

Bree smiled as Cresaa said nice movement pity you bat for the other side, finally I was accepted as an equal. Stefan made a selection of colours and cuts for me and said put them on his account, none of the garments had price tags on them. Then he said I needed a new outfit for tonight, smart casual not formal, the trousers he selected hung comfortably hugging my butt and the shirt had a nice silky feel to it. We left with bags of designer clothing, my wardrobe had more than doubled in size.

Back at the apartment Stefan gave me a wardrobe and chest of drawers in his bedroom to keep my clothes in. I think he was intimating that he wanted me to move in with him without actually saying it, I sort of liked the idea, I think.

A limousine had been booked for us tonight, one of those stretched American cars you see in the films. Sitting in it I felt like a film star as we were driven into the city center with everyone looking at us, on arrival the Chauffeur opened the door for me then Stefan.

The restaurant was a very exclusive private dining club, as we were shown to our table some of the diners recognized Stefan and acknowledged his presence, I seemed to attract attention too, I felt really good in my new designer clothes and the feel of the sexy underwear that Stefan liked so much that pinched me in all the right places.

I read the menu and was totally lost what to order, Stefan offered to choose for me, I let him. It was a seven course themed meal my first. As we sat and talked I could feel we were being watched by the diners, nobody said anything or kept looking at us but I could feel their eyes upon us. To this day I am not sure what the meal was but I really enjoyed it and Stefan’s company, unlike the previous solo club night it was very relaxing, the two bottles of wine helped and Stefan discreetly touching my leg under the table and the back of my hand which I found very arousing and alluring.

Like all good things they come to an end it was time to leave, as we left I could feel eyes watching us again. Outside as I walked to the car with the Chauffeur holding the door open for me someone cut in front looked directly at me and said “fucking faggot.” I was instantly shaken by it before anything else was said or done the Chauffeur cut between us towering over my vocal friend who departed without any further comment.

After I was in the limo the Chauffeur shut the door which I heard lock, Stefan came in the opposite door which locked too as it closed. I pulled on my seat belt and my heart started palpitating, Stefan realizing this put his hand reassuringly on top of mine.

As we drove out the Square past the Duke of Wellington’s Statue with the traffic cone on its head, my vocal scrawny friend was standing at the corner looking directly at me. As he smiled with one corner of his lips partially curled up it wasn’t hate but envy, as the limo turned and I looked back at him watching me he gave a discreet wave. I had heard my two gay house mate’s comment on this type of behavior before, until now I didn’t know what they meant.

Back at the apartment we did the shoes and sock’s thing, then headed into the bedroom where we slowly got undressed without saying anything. We both had had too much wine and contented ourselves spooning together unlike last night Stefan was reassuringly holding me. Again we were awakened by the sun and classical music playing as I stirred I could feel Stefan making his intensions known as he slid my underwear off. We had now got to know each other over the past day and a half which showed in the way we now athletically and unreservedly enjoyed each other.

After an intimate shower, I didn’t think you could do that in a shower but we did. Breakfast this time I managed to get into the high bar stool without exposing myself, too much. After we finished Stefan asked would mind if we were photographed together at Dickies. I said no why not? After driving up a long windy country lane we arrived to Dickie’s estate gate there were a gaggle of paparazzi waiting, Stefan said this is not unusual just drive on but don’t stop.

I don’t think I was worried about hitting any of them more I would damage my Range Rover that took me over a year to restore. We drove through the gates getting our photographs taken with the security keeping them well back including our Chauffeur from last night. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of my scrawny friend who called me a ‘fuckin faggot’ he was just standing there with his hands in his pockets watching. Not threatening just watching creepy like.

Dickie and Karl met us as we entered the enclosed pool area, I think we were the last to arrive. First order of the day was to get our group, partner and individual photographs taken by Tim the photographer from the solo’s Club night. The principles then went off to have their business meeting, Stefan was telling them how much money they had made on the diamond trading market which explained the paparazzi.

Karl invited me to come with him away from the group telling me he had managed to find out what happened after my University Transgender disco where I had my memory lapse. Using professional researcher software he had found out using an iPad he showed me.

It was a compilation video from what appeared to be a fixed camera. You could see me entering an empty bedroom in my green hockey skirt outfit with my openly gay friend Alan who was wearing a stunning white one piece tennis outfit. We enthusiastically undressed each other and started to fondle each other I then led Alan, or Alena as he chose to be for the night, onto an empty double bed.

There was no hesitation on either of our parts as we both took turns athletically banging each other. In a rest period as we lay there we were joined by two other guys that I instantly recognised. Tom and John my gay house share friends who had talked me into going to the solo club night. There were now four of us banging away in unison. The video ran for about fifteen minutes and had been edited to capture only interesting points. It explained why I was bruised, sore fore and aft for a few days and the nurse sending me on a sexual health course. She must have known what had happened even if I didn’t.

Karl then showed me seven stills taken as close ups that he had found on the internet with facial recognition software leaving nothing to the imagination. He left the best bit to the end, he managed to remove the stills but the video had been viewed 4,364 times on a pay as you view site, last viewing was over a year ago. He had managed to overcome a no copy feature to take this copy before deleting it from the internet.

Over a year of worry, inconclusive feelings and concern resolved, to be replaced with who else knows. Karl reassuring said it’s unlikely anyone kept a copy as it was not off great quality by nowadays standards. I asked what I should do. He said nothing but share the video and stills with Stefan just in case. I asked him how he had met Dickie his response was not what I expected.

He lived in a state orphanage in the Ukraine and had to leave when he reached eighteen and had heard about a charity that offered very good accommodation for anyone who was gay, being gay in the Ukraine was a big no, no then. He said he was gay and managed to get his first room of his own much better than the dormitory which he shared with up to eight other guys.

One night after a shift in Burger King, locals call it the American Embassy that’s also where he learnt to speak English as everyone else spoke English their. He went to have a shower, on returning to his room with only a towel on he met Dickie who was a visiting patron of the charity who owned and funded the hostel, asked him if he could see his room.

Dickie viewed the room although spartan was a great improvement on what he was used to, single bed, small wardrobe with drawers, table and a chair. Dickie asked him what he thought of it as they chatted and about their backgrounds including both of them being gay, Karl played along with the gay bit.

Out of the blue Dickie said he needed a Chauffeur to drive him about town was he interested in the job. He accepted it on the spot. Dickie parting words were we may have to get you something to wear other than a towel realising there may be more to the job than driving.

One night a few weeks later after returning Dickie to his rented Chateau they were sitting together having an end of day coffee, as they usually did discussing what the following day would entail. It was then that Dickie said he would like Karl to stay the night with him, anticipating this could happen as they were becoming closer than employer, employee but friends. Karl said he wasn’t actually gay and had only said that to get a room at the hostel. Dickie said he knew that but would still like him to stay the night and that he though Karl would too because they enjoy each other’s company and he would show him how to enjoy being gay. Although nervous of having a sexual arrangement with his boss they hit it off, a few weeks later Karl moved in with him. After a few months together someone outed them as being gay lovers.

This didn’t go down very well with the other Patrons that one of their number’s was gay and having sexual relationship with one of the young men they were helping. As it may be taken that they all were gay and doing this. Dickie agreed that although he would keep funding the hostel would take a back seat in its Ukraine operation’s and return to the UK. He asked Karl to come with him and they have now been together for over three years and he works for Dickie full time as a researcher with his charities, organising events even running in marathon’s, in a kilt for one of them, to raise funds. This is how Stefan and I got roped into doing one later.

The Principles all returned and all very happy with the outcome, whatever that was. A spontaneous game of water volley ball started, we seemed to break off into two teams, principal’s vs friends. We let them win although this was hotly and vocally disputed. It all ended amicably when the caterers served up the barbecue.

When we were alone I borrowed the iPad off Karl and showed Stefan the videos and stills, he was ok about it but I was still a bit uptight about them. He told me that Tim the photographer had arranged to take some interesting photographs of the two of us, that’s exactly what they turned out to be, initially individually and together in our swimwear then naked together as trophy photographs hugging and holding each other including some in the shower. Somehow I was very relaxed about them actually they were all very good.

Just as we finished Dickie and Karl joined us and we were all photographed naked, by now I was relaxed about being photographed naked. Apparently Dickie was a patron of two naturalist charities, one gay, what’s more Stefan had accepted an open day invitation to join Dickie and Karl at their new facilities down in the Borders. What I didn’t know was these photographs were to be used in promotion material.

Barbecue over and running of the paparazzi blockade, that’s what it felt like, important point was my Range Rover was not damaged. Back at Stefan’s apartment we just flopped out, listing to his classical music, we both lay there together drinking his Macallan whiskey by the end of the night we had drank over £300 worth of Macallan and the bottle wasn’t full to start with. Sometime after midnight we staggered off to bed offering each other mutual support. I don’t remember much about that night.

My third morning to be wakened by the sun and classical music playing in a now not so strange bed, how things in both our lives had changed in less than three days, Stefan wanted me to reenact my encounter with Alana after the University disco, no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t, compromise was to watch the video again and pick up the finer points which we did and tried again in the afternoon.

Somewhere in-between that Tim’s photographs from the barbecue arrived he had done an amazing job photoshopping them, Stefan liked one of the two of us naked side on embracing each other. It was erotically artistic and had it printed and framed as his bedside table photograph of me, I had one of the both of us is a similar pose in the shower. These were to be for our eyes only photographs.

Rather than go back to my house share on the North side of the city I stayed for a fourth night and went into my office directly from Stefan’s. Nobody knew what happened, so no embarrassing questions however back at the house share I got the full interrogation stopping short of water boarding. I shared with them what happened, for once I was the center of attention for sexual exploits and they all agreed to keep it discreet. Nice feeling.

As arranged that night Stefan video phoned me when we were both in bed, which was to become a regular nightly occurrence, as we talked asked me if I would like to go to a private art show sponsored by his company in Edinburgh, as his partner in three months’ time. I said yes. For the next few months we kept our relationship low key other than with a few likeminded friends with me staying over at his apartment at weekends. Sometimes we went out for discreet meals where we would not be recognised or to friends’ houses, or estates, or remained at his apartment where we sometimes had fun filming ourselves which were discreetly deleted, most times, after we viewed them.

On my 23rd birthday we went away to a place called the Hideaway Hotel in Windermere for a few days together which he bought me an embarrassingly expensive watch for. After this we agreed to be less discreet about our relationship and as we had now been together for two months Stefan produced matching partner bracelets that we would both wear signifying we were together.

Our first official low key outing as partners would be the Diamond Brokers Edinburgh Art Exhibition. That Friday I picked Stefan up at his office as we drove through to Edinburgh he explained to me about the sponsorship and what was expected of us, basically be there be photographed together at each of the exhibits.

We had parked up and checked into the very plush Scone and Crombie Suite in the Balmoral Hotel when Stefan’s phone rang. It was his company’s publicity agent telling him of some last minute changes, we were both to wear smart but casual kilt outfits at the pre-exhibition meal and at the exhibition, all arranged with a hire company up on the Royal Mile. When we arrived the manager said we assumed your Agent mean this, it was the full Rob Roy kilt outfit. Stefan said no, just smart casual as the company ethos is ‘smart casual’ what can you do for us? We ended up with a red Royal Stewart, sometimes referred to as shortbread tartan, lightweight sports kilt which we both liked. We had to buy them, it was then I mentioned that Karl had put our names in for a Kiltwalk marathon and they would do for that too.

We walked back to the hotel wearing our new kilts discussing how to wear a kilt, sit down etc. It was then that I broke the news to Stefan that we were overdressed wearing the kilt just now and would have to go stag, letting it all hang free. His only question was ‘seriously’ I didn’t answer just smiled.

By the time we got back to the hotel he had become enthralled wearing a kilt and decided that we should wear it, stag, to the formal dinner tonight, speeches, press photographs and all which he hadn’t told me about. He didn’t want to put me off. So much for low key!

At the Diamond Brokers Art Exhibition Banquet, we were photographed with and introduced to all the artists then separately by the press who were more interested in our private relationship and how we met rather than the impending Art Exhibition. We kept our answers vague but one tripped Stefan up by asking him do we live together? He said no not yet.

Next morning’s newspapers had our picture in their weekend culture art section under the heading philanthropist Stefan De Vries of the diamond mining dynasty has a new partner. We were well and truly outed, all morning both our phones kept ringing with people congratulating us, then my mother phoned saying, I didn’t think you were like that and hung up. I tried to phone her back but she must have blocked my calls.

Next morning the ten minute walk from the hotel through Princesses Gardens past the Sir Walter Scott Monument to the Art Exhibition took forty five minutes as a gaggle of paparazzi surrounded us. At least the artists got the publicity they craved including Alex, Carol and her prodigy Tash, who all had encouraged us to be photograph naked, which Tash turned into one of her exhibits.

A week later the Sunday papers gave the Art Exhibition a lot of follow up coverage which included Tash’s painting of both of us hugging naked together at Dickies barbecue and photographs of me at the University Transgender Funding disco dancing in drag wearing a green hockey skirt along with my friend Alan wearing a white one piece tennis outfit. They also produced some photographs of Stefan in his younger days at Cambridge, although not as entertaining as mine, were very Gayish.

After we had read the articles in Stefan’s apartment wearing only our now customary wraps there was nothing we could do, everything said was true. It was then Stefan asked me to move in with him, why not we enjoyed being together and we didn’t need to hide it anymore. That afternoon we donned our red kilts again and went for a walk together through a local park together at the request of the now much reduced paparazzi that followed us. It’s amazing how wearing a kilt stag in public gives you self-confidence that you never thought you had.

We had also agreed to be interviewed by Shelia a young college student that Stefan’s friend Alex the artist knew in now our apartment that afternoon to set the record straight on some points, including the details of our first meeting including Stefan’s Cambridge escapades and my Transgender disco post escapade. About a month later her article was published in a Sunday supplement. As we returned to the apartment my creepy friend who kept stalking us stepped out of the crowd, congratulate us and walked off back into the crowd.

I hadn’t fully moved in with Stefan and was still at my house share midweek. Stefan had a late business meeting that Monday and missed our usual video call. When my phone rang I thought it was him. No it was an Intensive Care Nurse at the Queen Elisabeth Royal University Hospital telling me that Stefan had been attacked on his way home from work and was in a coma. Could I come up to the hospital right away?

Took me about thirty minutes to get there and find where he was, when I went into the ICU room he was wired up to machines that were beeping with flashing lights and various drips. The ICU Nurse explained that he had been attacked at the Central Station on the way home from his office and may have suffered brain damage from the beating he took. At present his condition was stable but we had to wait for him to regain consciousness before we would know if any permanent damage was done.

Could I sit and talk to him he may be able to hear me and it will help with his recovery. I sat there holding his hand, double handed like he did to me that first night and talked about how we shared our first gay experiences then our first night together. As I spoke I thought I could feel him grip my hand, a few moments later the ICU team came in and asked me to leave. I think my heart stopped at that moment and restarted when the Doctor said I think he may be about to come out of the coma.

Standing outside the room shaking internally two police officers came over DI Carol McLagan and DS Tom Moor. They took me over to a break out area to explain what had happened. Stefan had just entered the Central Station and was heading over to his platform when two girls intercepted him and started to beat him with what was later identified as hockey sticks and shouting at him ‘fuckin rich faggot.’

The late night commuters stood with stage fright with what they were witnessing. Out of the crowd an elderly lady went over and started to beat incessantly on one of the girls with her walking stick. Her grandson had just come out as being gay much to his family’s vocal displeasure. She felt she had to protect him as though it was her grandson she was protecting.

This seemed to bring the watching crowd out of their trance and went to Stefan’s aid, by that time the station CCTV security had alerted two officers who were on concourse duty and were on the scene quickly forcibly subduing the two assailants.

A third assailant ran over and took what looked like his watch. I said it was one of those ridiculously expensive watches that the insurance company insisted a tracker be fitted to. They asked me why he would be targeted, I explained about the newspaper article, the repeated appearance of my creepy friend who also called me a ‘fucken faggot’. Carol said he may be a groupie who hangs around interesting people but will check it out.

It was then she dropped the bombshell, given the severity of his injuries would I phone his parents and let them know what had happened or would another of Stefan’s friends do it. It would be better if it was coming from someone who knew Stefan rather than Police knocking on their door. I said I would but will phone one of his friends first Sir Richard Hardcastle, Carol said she knew Sir Richard as she leads a small specialist team dealing with homophobic violence which he was instrumental in having set up.

I phoned Dickie’s private number, Karl answered almost instantly. I had just finished explaining to him what had happened as Dickie joined in asking Carol, by first name, what additional resources she needed? She said she could do with some additional help to release two of her specially trained DC’s who are currently guarding Stefan at the hospital, instantly he replied they will be there within the hour.

I knew from conservations with Stefan about his father that he was an early riser and would be up by now. I used Stephan’s phone again, instantly I heard a brisk voice with a strong South African accent saying.

“What can I do for you?”

I replied as Carol had briefed me, short and sharp.

“I am Stefan’s friend and I am with him in hospital he was attacked on his way home from his office last night and is currently in a coma, you and his mother might like to come up.” His instant brisk reply was.

“We will be up in the next available flight, I will text you details, and can you meet us at the airport.” I said “yes of course.” Twenty minutes later a text arrived with the flight details.

When I went back to his room it was empty, the ICU nurse said we have moved him into a private room, he is out of the coma but still very weak, battered and bruised but should make a good recovery.

As I arrived at his room the Chauffeur from all those weeks ago was standing there and opened the door for Carol and me, saying to Carol the other guard is on overwatch. I had no idea what that mean. Carol explained later that they were in the background watching us try and see if you can spot them, you won’t.

I sat down besides Stefan this time he put his hand on top of mine reassuringly, I needed it. DS Moor came in and said to Carol, some developments, they both left. I left Stefan to go and meet his parents, he wasn’t too happy about me having phoned them, I lifted my arm exposing the SOS bracelet that he gave me saying the nurse told me what these are.

At the airport I recognised his mother first they both looked alike, his father by contrast was big and impatiently dominating what was happening around him. I had one of those boards that said De Vries on it. Stefan’s mother came directly over and impatiently asked how he is Jason? “Out of the coma and complaining that I had told you,” his father asked can you take us to him.

We went straight to the hospital and directly up to his room, his mother rushed in without waiting his father by contrast was no longer impatiently dominating but a father in his seventies who though he was about to lose his only son. I waited at the door until Stefan waived me in and introduced me to his parents. We were joined shortly thereafter by DS Tom Moor and DI Carol McLagan, who introduced herself by saying.

“We got all three of them in custody.” The room went silent at that point as Carol went on to explain what had happened.

Stefan was targeted because of who he was by two girls who only knew him from the article in the Sunday supplement about him. Both have been detained under Section 3 of The Mental Health Act 1983, they were transferred two weeks ago into a local care in the community program which they both absconded from two days ago. The third assailant was an opportunist thief who stole Stefan’s watch to fund getting back home to the Ukraine.

Apparently she was sex trafficked but escaped from a conditioning house in Irvine run by a pimp we know as Des Marshall. The watch contained a tracker and we found her hiding out in a Glasgow squat which led us to a house where six other young girls were being held as impending sex slaves for local brothels. The two girls held under the Mental Health Act will be returned to a secure facility possibly for the rest of their lives. The six girls found at the house in Irvine will be returned to the Ukraine as soon as arrangements can be made.

As for the girl who stole Stefan’s watch she will be charged with Aggravated Assault and Theft if Stefan presses charges, if not will be deported to the Ukraine and handed over to the authorities there as she has no family to speak off. Stefan looked at me and said would I phone Karl and have him arrange something through one of his charities. If he can I will not press charges anyway I always hated that bloody watch, it was so ostentatious.

We left Stefan with his parents then I ran them to see his apartment, his mother like all mothers wanted to see how her son lived his life. In the bedroom on each of the two bedside tables were framed pictures of both of us naked and embracing each other, one in the shower. We had forgotten to put them in the drawer before leaving for work a day ago. I said, “sorry I should have moved them before you went in the bedroom,” her question was simple do you both live here. All I could say was I was to move in full time next weekend. She then asked if she could keep one of the two photographs.

I said yes as a booming voice said welcome to the family.



We moved in together and have now lived their for three years, Stefan has fully recovered. The two girls with mental health issues were held indefinitely in a high security secure mental facility. They both write to us on a regular basis. Evelin Dovzhenko the watch thief, Karl helped her resettle with one of his relations in the Ukraine and is now at University studding to be a Doctor, an anonymous Ukraine charity is funding her studies.

I now work full time for a number of Dickies and Stefan’s charities, my employment as an Applications Design Engineer became untenable after I was outed as being gay, most accepted me as I was but a few didn’t. We all did a Kiltwalk marathon, red kilts and all stag.

My creepy friend is still about sometimes he says hello or waves from the crowd, he took part in the kiltwalk too and raised over a £1,000 for a Gay charity.

Des Marshall became a supergrass in consideration of a lesser sentence and is currently in a witness protection program somewhere overseas.