I stared into the open hatch of the SUV trying to catch my breath. I’d made two trips already and couldn’t count how many more were still ahead of me. Somewhere in the pile of luggage was my bag, my single bag. The rest was Leanne’s. Why my wife needed this much for a simple four day weekend I’d never […]

Tom of Finland

The first time I saw Tom, he was with his family at the registers. His father, a tall and hunky forties something, had the stature and demeanor of a man in his seductive prime. He commanded the scene with no effort at all. His mother, comely dressed in the garb of their religious sect, stood respectfully to the side. An […]

My First Time Man

I’m guessing that we all want to find someone who is eager to get to know us. Not just on a superficial level. No. Deeply know us. “Can I fuck you?” Tony took his time warming me up. Just after I arrived at his place, we started to kiss on the couch. His shirt was already opened; and I was […]

Tempting Security

I had a postgraduate interview with one of the highest regarded top tier employers in the region which held influence with all of the most critical sociology-political-economic power brokers within not just the “tri-state” area but the majority of eastern half of the country. A team of their headhunters had been scouting me since I submitted my doctoral thesis that […]

White Russian Unicorn

Grasping the eighteen-year-old White Russian’s hips, the Manchurian Master, wrapped in a voluminous scarlet silk robe, sitting cross-legged on the platform bed in his Harbin, China, sleeping pavilion, pulled the naked young man’s buttocks up into his lap. Yury’s wrists were tied together by a scarlet scarf and streamed above his head. His legs were bent, his feet flat on […]

Unexepected Beginnings

It get pretty boring once you get out into rural America away from houses stacked up like dominoes perched ready to fall over each other in a cascade of destruction. When the economy crashed everything changed. I was barely making it paycheck to paycheck when things were “good”, still working normally. I have never been the brightest bulk on the […]

Tex-Mex – Take Away

I was fortunate to have a full time job in administrative support for the college I was attending while working on finishing my bachelors degree. There was a Tex-Mex that was within walking distance that I could get lunch at periodically. I was grateful they had an ala carte menu option since every penny counted. I enjoyed their enchiladas with […]

Hotel Sauna Encounter

I was staying a couple of nights in a downtown hotel in Toronto while my wife was having knee surgery. I wanted to relax a little after a rather hectic drive into the city, so I told the wife I was going for a swim and sauna. I left her in the room watching TV and made my way up […]

The Sex Slave’s Journal

Will anyone ever read this? I found an old Spell n’ Play, a mere toy, but it has enough memory for me to write a journal. If you ever find this, will it make any difference? It’s 2023 and the world has changed. I can see out into the ranch through the bathroom window. It’s changed too. When I was […]

Daddy Makes a Difference

Starting at about age 19, I began to take over the role of the man of the house from my dad. I became more and more dominant and in response my dad became more and more submissive. At a certain point, I realized I do what I do not out of any sense of being an alpha male, but because […]