I live in the UK, in the county of Norfolk, close to the beach. A town where nothing much ever happens. I’ve been married for 35 years, but my sex life was almost non-existent, with the exception of my regular ‘solo’ sessions!

I’m pretty much straight, although I once had a same-sex experience in my teens with a school friend, although all we did was to wank each other off. I had often fantasised about having sex with another guy, but I was far too shy to ever make a first move. That was until I met Tony and what was about to happen to me at a local rugby club was on a completely different level to anything I’d ever experienced before.

I’ve always been a keen squash player, so when a friend of mine told me I could have exclusive access to the squash court at his rugby club, I jumped at it. My usual club was the local council sport centre, which was always busy, so I was keen to take the chance of some private practice away from the noise and distraction of the sports centre.

Todd told me that his club would be closed for a couple of weeks, but that I could have the keys as long as I made the place secure when I finished. There might be someone else using the gym, but the squash court was mine to use as I wish.

On day 1, Monday, I had a 2 hour session, practicing everything from my backhand to my lob serve and drop shots. This was working out really well. Tuesday was much the same, but when I walked into the changing rooms, I found I was not alone in the building. There was what I can only describe as a potential Mr. Universe contestant standing stark-bollock naked in the shower. I knew the face from the sports centre. He was one of the ‘meat heads!’ A body builder and real poser.

However, just to show how appearances can be deceiving, and how wrong I could be, he actually turned out to be a really nice guy. His name was Tony and like me, he was taking the chance to get in some personal training.

I thought little of the encounter, but when I went back two days later, he was in the changing room again, getting ready for his training session. We chatted again and I couldn’t help but stare at his amazing body. Not an ounce of fat. Pure muscle. Same height as me (5′ 11″) but built very differently. Although I keep myself fit and have very little fat, that’s where the similarity ends. He had muscles everywhere. Even his muscles had muscles!

We went our separate ways. He went to the gym, I went to the squash court. Afterwards I came off court and into the changing room and Tony was in the communal shower. I slowly undressed, and could hardly keep my eyes off his incredible body. As I mentioned, I consider myself to be practically straight, but the sight of his incredible body was definitely turning me on. I was eyeing him up, top to bottom, when our eyes met and I realised I’d been caught staring too long and too hard. Busted!

He smiled and said “So did you win today?”

I laughed and told him

“Yes. The only time I win is when I’m on court alone, so for once I did.”

We continued to chat and I tried unsuccessfully to stop looking at his amazing body. He caught me again and I said “Tony, I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to stare, but you have an amazing body.”

That wasn’t how it supposed to come out, but hey-ho, the damage was done!

“You must spend many hours a week working out to get in such great shape.”

He explained how he had never enjoyed sport, but loved the challenge of the gym, pushing himself physically to lift heavier and heavier weights. He said he also had really low self-esteem, but how building up his muscles made him feel better about himself.

“Well it’s paying dividends.” I said, as I stripped off and joined him in the shower.

“As you can see, I don’t work out and I’m almost too embarrassed to strip off in front of you!”

He laughed and said

“I think you have a great body too. It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.”

After we’d showered, he left first and said

“See you tomorrow?”

“Sure.” I said, “I’ll be here.”

“What time?” he asked.

I was a little taken aback and said I’d be back at 9 in the morning. As he left, he smiled at me and said

“I may have bigger biceps but your cock is bigger than mine!”

With that he winked at me and left.

That night I couldn’t get the image of his body out of my mind. Once my wife was asleep I started rubbing my cock, imagining it was Tony’s hand pumping away. In no time at all I came and fell fast asleep, dreaming of what I would do to him, if I only got the chance.

The following morning I arrived at the club at 9 o’clock as planned and could see Tony’s clothes hanging up in the changing room. I went on court and practiced my backhand, but I just couldn’t concentrate. I could see the door of the changing room from the back of the squash court, so as soon as I saw him return from his training session, I collected my things and went back to the changing room.

Tony was there, just about to step into the shower. We exchanged pleasantries and I stripped off and joined him in the shower.

“I realise I might have been out of order when I talked about your cock yesterday.”

he said

“So I apologise”.

“No need.” I said

“I took it as a compliment.”

“I’ve been married for over 35 years, so I don’t get compliments like that from my wife. In fact I don’t think she even notices my cock anymore, let alone make use of it!”

We then started talking about our lives and then our sex lives. I told him how infrequently my wife and I have sex and how I spend most of my sex life going solo.

“I have the best time when my wife is on night shifts.” he said.

“Out comes the baby oil and her vibrator. Heaven!”

We both laughed but the mental image I had of him rubbing oil on his cock and sliding a vibrator up his arse was having an affect on my own manhood. Tony was completely lathered up and was soaping up his groin when he looked at my cock and said

“Whoa, someone has woken up.”

I was sporting a significant semi!

“It’s your fault.” I said

“All this talk of vibrators and wanking!”

He continued to soap his cock & balls and I started to lather up, with a strong focus on my cock. For what seemed like an eternity, we stood just a few feet apart, lathering up our own cocks. I was as hard as rock by this time and apologised once more.

“Sorry Tony, he’s got a mind of his own.” I said.

He just laughed and continued to lather himself whilst staring at my cock.

“Jim, would you do something for me?” He said.

I replied “Just as long as it doesn’t hurt or cost me money, I’d be glad to.”

He laughed and asked me if I would mind washing his back for him. I agreed and he turned his back to me and I got a handful of shower gel and started lathering up his back. I massaged the soap into his shoulders and back.

“That’s amazing!” he said.

“I didn’t realise my muscles were so tense. You’re good at this.”

“Well, thank you, kind sir.” I said

I then smacked him hard on this left cheek.

“Ouch!” he said,

“That stung! Do it again!” he laughed.

I smacked the other cheek and got a similar reaction.

“Well don’t do just half a job.” he said

“All of my back and all of the way down. Otherwise you won’t get paid!”

I chuckled and massaged the lather into the small of his back and then his buttocks. Nervously I let my hand slip between his buttocks, resulting in a quiet gasp from him.

I stopped for a second, only to be chastised.

“Come on, all the way down. Legs too.”

I lathered his legs, one at a time and then let my hand run up inside his thigh, but just as I touched his balls he pulled away.

“Fuck!” I thought to myself.

“I’ve gone too far.”

I was sure I’d offended him. But he turned around and I could see his cock was standing to attention, as was mine.

He said

“That was great, but now let me return the favour.”

I faced the wall with my hands and forehead leaning against the tiles. He started to rub soap into my shoulders and neck. Wow this guy is strong. He worked his way down my back and said

“Am I being too rough?”

“You’re doing just fine.” I said.

He massaged my back, as he rubbed in the soap. He pressed his hands into the middle of my back and then dragged them all the way down to my buttocks. He then took my breath away by smacking me hard on both cheeks

“Touché!” he said

We both laughed, but he didn’t take his hands away. He massaged both cheeks and then slid his hand into the crack in between, sliding it up and down. This was making me incredibly horny and he must have noticed my breathing getting heavier.

“Is this OK?” he said.

“Oh yes!” was my reply.

His hand slipped down further, between my legs, and now I could feel the back of his hand rubbing against my balls.

“And this?” he said, as he continued to massage my balls.

“I’ll ask you to stop if there’s anything I don’t like.”

I felt him press his body close to mine. His erect cock was nestled between my cheeks and I could feel his breath on my neck. With his right hand still massaging my balls, I felt his right hand suddenly grasp my cock.

“Do you want me to stop?” he said.

“Please don’t!” I pleaded.

He slowly started pulling my foreskin back and forth, whilst kissing my neck. I was in seventh heaven. I turned to face him and his mouth was on mine immediately. I had never kissed a man before, but I was powerless to resist him and returned his kiss, pushing my tongue between his lips.

I took hold of his cock and he let out a loud groan. I stared into his eyes, watching his expression as I slowly started to pull his cock back and forth.

“Oh shit!” he said

“That feels so good!”

He opened his eyes, smiled at me and said

“I know this sounds stupid, but really, I’m not gay! I’ve never done this before.”

I kissed him again and said

“Me neither, but now I don’t want to stop.”

He then grabbed the back of my head, pulling my mouth towards his, kissing me so deeply I thought his tongue was going all the way down the back of my throat.

I then pulled away and said

“This is going to be a first for me too.”

Then I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He let out a loud cry.

“Oh fuck, that feels incredible!”

I slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth whilst sucking the end of his cock. We continued like this for quite some time. He tasted so good and it was all I could do to keep my hands off my own cock. I felt as though I would come any second, even without touching it. I continued to suck him, taking his delicious cock as far down my throat as I could.

I stood up again and took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately. He returned my kiss, probing my mouth with his tongue. I turned my back on him and he drew close, kissing my neck and running his hands all over my chest and stroking my balls and playing with my cock. His cock was sliding between my thigh and my balls and I reached down and gave it a squeeze.

He gasped and said

“Careful. I don’t want this to end yet and it won’t take much to make me come.”

I let go of his cock and turned around to let him work on me. He knelt in front of me and took my cock in his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. Although this was his first time, he was learning fast! I put my hands on the back of his head and slowly started to fuck his mouth. After a few minutes I had the same problem he had experienced. I was going to come all too soon.

I pulled him to his feet and kissed him again. I then took hold of the shower gel and squeezed some into his hand. He looked at me quizically. I turned my back to him and placed his hand on the crack of my arse. He started to rub the gel into the crack of my arse. I took his hand and squeezed it, pushing it down onto my crack. He took the hint and slid a finger inside me. It was heaven and I let out a cry. He pulled his finger out and said

“Did I hurt you?”

I cried “No. Don’t stop!”

I bent forward until I was practically at 90 degrees. He massaged the soap into my crack and slid a finger inside me. I moaned loudly. I wanted him to know how much I was loving this. One finger became two and again I let out a cry.

“Is that OK?”

“Oh fuck yes, please don’t stop.”

He continued to finger-fuck my arse. I was in heaven! I looked over my shoulder to see he was rubbing his erect cock with one hand, whilst fucking my arse with two fingers on the other. I relieved his hand and took hold of his cock. After a couple of minutes I did something that shocked even me. It was pure instinct. I took his cock and placed the tip against my hole. He leant over, practically lying on top of me and whispered

“Are you sure?”

I looked him in the eyes and said “Please fuck me!”

I didn’t have to ask him twice. He stood upright and then carefully guided the tip of his cock inside me. I let out a gasp. The only thing I had ever had inside me was my middle finger. Although his cock wasn’t as big as mine, it was still a good 5″ long. I could hear him breathing heavily, as he slid his cock back and forth, sliding another inch inside me each time, until I had all of it inside me. It was incredible. I swear that my own cock grew another inch whilst he was fucking me!

“Oh fuck’ I can’t last much longer!” he said

He slowly started pumping away inside me. The feeling was wonderful. He reached around and grasped my cock and started pumping it in time with his own. He kept pounding my arse, ramming his cock inside me, right up to the hilt.

“Oh fuck!”

He let go of my cock and placed his hands on my hips and thrust his cock in and out of my hole at an incredible pace. I could feel the power in his arms and his hips. I took hold of my own cock and pumped for all I was worth.

I felt him come inside me, forcing his cock deep inside me with every thrust. He didn’t stop for quite some time. The feeling was so intense I couldn’t stop coming myself and I shot my cum over the shower floor, experiencing the most incredible orgasm I had ever had.

We stood in the shower, Tony with his cock still inside me, for what seemed like an eternity. As he withdrew from me, he gently kissed my neck and then washed himself.

We both showered and dressed, but said very little. I think we were both a little embarrassed. This wasn’t something either of us was used to. I started to wonder if he was regretting the whole thing and as he turned to leave, I said,

“Are we still OK?”

He leaned over and gave me a lingering kiss on the mouth and then said

“See you tomorrow?”

“I can’t wait.” I said.

I dressed and drove home, all the time wondering if that was a one off, or if not, what it is that we’ve started?