Bath House Submission


I live in a small town in central Arizona. This place is quite homophobic, so as you can probably guess, there isn’t very much happening here for a submissive bi guy like me to do for sexual release.

Every once in a while I manage to get down to Phoenix and let my hair down so to speak. This is a short story about one of these trips.

I put up a post on Craiglist that I was headed to town and seeking some play time while there. This post was pretty explicit as to what I was looking for: “older, bi-submissive, mwm, ddf, non-smoker, iso dom tops, I will be at Chute on Indian School Rd. from 10:00 am until about 3 pm. I will be in the sling room, cleaned out, lubed up and taking on all cummers. The more the better.”

I received quite a few replies and after weeding out the ones I figured to be a waste of time I replied to the keepers with the date I would be available.

Now I have done this before, but, with little actual action taking place once there.

This time would prove to be quite the contrary.

No sooner than I got into the sling 3 large black men entered and closed both doors. They informed me that they had received my confirmation from Craigslist and were here to use me for their pleasure as I had requested.

They were all very well hung, the smallest cock about 8″ and very hard already. Being already in the sling it didn’t take them long to secure my wrists and ankles so I couldn’t get out of it. They then began to stroke my cock, pinch my nipples and tell me how they were all going to fuck me at both ends until they all were satisfied.

Then they were going to open the doors to the room and invite the 6 friends they had waiting outside in to have their way with me.

The one with the smallest cock stepped up between my legs and began rubbing his cock head along my ass crack, teasing it against my hole then moving it away over and over. While he was teasing my hole like this one of the others lowered the other end of the sling so my head was at a level to suck his cock. He wasted no time forcing his cock into my mouth and began face fucking me. The third guy was standing beside me rubbing his cock against me wherever he could and calling me filthy names, while pinching my nipples.

Finally the one between my legs placed the head of his cock against my hole and said, “here it comes boy” as he pushed it all into me with one shove. As I tried to scream it only opened my mouth wider for the one there to easily push his cock into my throat. Between the two of them I was actually swinging back and forth on their cocks in the sling. Needless to say, it didn’t take them long to cum.

As soon as these two pulled out of me the third one shoved his cock into my ass and began fucking me very hard and fast.

When he finished they opened the doors and there were several men waiting outside them. They said, he is a good fuck guys, enjoy yourselves with him.

At least 6 others came in and stood around me. All of them rubbing their hands all over my body, pinching my nipples, stroking my hard cock and rubbing my precum on my lips. They finally decided who was going to fuck me first and I felt his cock slowly enter into my already fucked ass. It felt really good as he started pushing the sling so the motion was actually providing the fucking. It was carrying me on and off of his cock in a slow easy motion. I was really moaning now and people were gathering around the open doors watching all of this going on. One of them stepped up and pushed his cock into my mouth while there was one on either side of me with their cocks in my hands so I could stroke them. The cock fucking me was really hitting my prostate and as he filled my ass with his baby batter I came all over my stomach.

Now usually once I have cum I am through and lose all interest but not this time. He was immediately replaced with another cock and the high never ended, I was still hard and wanting more. And more I got. One by one they just rotated position so my hands, mouth, and ass were kept full of hard cock and cum. It seemed that as each one finished with me and left he was replaced by a new guy ready to have his turn.

After almost an hour the crowd began to disappear. When they had all left I just lay there completely fucked out. I got myself out of the sling, grabbed my towel, locked the doors and went to take a shower, then onto the sauna to relax my body.

After about 15 minutes of this I left and walked around some. There din’t seem to be many people left. The maze was empty and nobody watching any videos in the video rooms. I decided to head back to the room and leave myself.

But as I started back I heard the entrance bell ringing repeatedly. I decided to keep roaming around for a while. It wasn’t long before there was once again a nice crowd. I headed to the maze. I enjoy the anonymity it gives me to be sucking a cock without the person being sucked knowing who is doing the sucking. I sucked several cocks and then decided to go back to my sling. As I approached the room I saw several guys circling the area. I opened the room and closed the door as soon as I entered so I could get everything ready. This time around I decided to wear a hood with just a mouth opening. I opened the doors and got into the sling putting the hood on and waiting for whoever decided to enter first. It is a wonderful feeling to be virtually helpless and have no vision of your surroundings. All I could do was hear people entering. With this loss of vision your other senses take over. I could tell when someone entered the room by the change in air movement. It was a huge turn on to know someone had entered without knowing anything else about them! I was so turned on that my cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum like it was a leaky faucet.

Soon I felt someone pushing lube into my asshole and fingering it with one then two fingers. I began moaning and suddenly had a hard cock entering my mouth. This was soon followed by a cock pushing into my ass. Someone asked me if I liked to be used as a cum slut. I couldn’t answer as my mouth was full of hard cock. Once again I felt many hands on me and my nipples were being pinched and pulled to the point that I was in a sensory overload. I suddenly came once again all over my stomach. I heard someone laughing and telling someone that I had just come all oer myself and what a fuck pig I was. It seemed like I was fucked over and over by so many hard cocks that I would never be the same again.

Finally, as like earlier it all ended and I was left alone.

I struggled to get out of the sling as someone was telling me that my time was up and I needed to leave or pay for another 8 hours. I couldn’t believe I had been here this long. But I slowly got dressed and headed for home, a well fucked submissive bottom boy. I was already thinking of when I might be able to repeat this experience.