Finding An Old Friend Again

The names have been changed to protect our identities.

My name is Jim, as a teen I had several trysts with some very close friends as well as a couple of men I had just met. I was never that guy the girls cooed over and dated, at least not until I was into my early 20’s so those hook-ups with guys helped me with my shall we say primal urges. My 1st guy was a friend named Brian when we were both I’ll say 18 for the sake of publishing but we all know the truth and I was his 1st also. Brian had a pretty decent sized 6 1/2″ fairly thick cock and I was maybe 5- 5 1/4″ and a bit thinner than his. We both had our 1st taste of sucking cock, swallowing cum and losing our anal virginity to each other. Unfortunately we lost contact with each other after we were about 20 or so as we both moved from our town, at least until very recently.

Fast forward a little over 40 years, I married my wife at 25 and stopped my bi/gay activity. When my father passed we bought my old childhood home moving back to my old hometown together until she passed away last year from cancer. I have been living alone there since with my trusted best friend, my German Shepherd.

One day last month I received an email from a website I had my wife’s obituary in called Legacy that someone had left a message. Low and behold when I clicked on the link the message was from no other than my old friend Brian sending his condolences along with his contact info. My mind went back to those days so many years ago so vivid was that memory I could still picture the folds of skin from his uncircumcised cock covering his thick head, the taste of his cock as it entered my mouth, the saltiness of his cum as it hit my tongue and the feel of it as he penetrated my ass.

After my initial wave of reminiscing passed I looked at the contact info and noticed the phone number had the same area code meaning, at least I hoped, that he had moved back to our home state. Sitting there staring at my computer screen for what seemed like forever I finally picked up my phone and dialed the number. One ring then two, three and then four and he answered.

“Hello,” I heard his voice sounding the same as he did so many years ago but with a slightly weathered tone to it.

I Couldn’t get the words out when Brian said, “Hello this is Brian is anyone there?”

Taking a breath I said, “hi Brian it’s Jim, I saw your message about my wife’s passing. Thank you for your kind thoughts.”

“Oh my god Jim, I have been thinking about you for so many years wondering where you were and how you have been” Brian said sounding so happy to have found his friend again.

“So what have you been up to, I see it appears your moved back home,” I said.

“Yeah I moved back about 4 years ago after I lost my husband to a heart attack and my dad passed, I decided to move back to stay with my mom until she passed away 2 years ago. I inherited the house and decided to stay.” he told me.

“I’m sorry about your parents & husband’s passing, I haven’t gotten a newspaper in so many years and don’t get to see the obits anymore so I didn’t know about your mom & dad,” I said.

“So I see you married a woman, to be honest I had always thought about you and pictured you marrying a guy, I was a bit surprised,” he told me.

“To be honest so did I but I started dating girls around 21 or so and hid my feelings for guys for all these years. 1st it was mainly the stigma back in the mid 1970’s about being gay, then I met my wife and it seemed like the best option, I enjoyed the sex and didn’t have to put up with the anti-gay shit. So I fought my urges for 35 years but did enjoy my time with her, it wasn’t always easy and she never knew about my past but we did enjoy each other.” I said.

“I always knew I was gay and moved away so I could act on it, my parents took it well when I told them so many years later but San Francisco was a great place to be myself. I met and married my husband there, we became domestic partners in 1999 and finally when they allowed gay marriages in 2008 tied the knot.” Brian told me.

“You had more courage than me, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had the same. I’ll tell you so many thoughts came back to me reading your message and my hand was shaking dialing your number.” I told him.

“Gee I’m glad you remember those days, I think so very fondly of them myself. How about getting together for coffee or something, I’d really like to see you?” he said.

“Sure I took early retirement so any day is good for me,” I answered so quickly as I felt my cock harden just thinking about seeing him again.

“How about tomorrow at Dunkin Donuts say 10 am?” he asked.

“Sure I’ll see you then,” I answered.

After we hung up I tried to imagine what he must look like then looking in the mirror I thought, “my god I have a belly now, white hair & white beard, I’ve gotten so old.”

I arrived for coffee a bit early hoping to get a glimpse of him as he arrived and hoping he wasn’t disappointed with how I looked. Finally I see a man stepping out of a new pickup truck staring I was trying to see if it was him, when he turned I could tell it was. His brown hair thick with many gray streaks blending in, he was fairly fit with just a small overhang of his belly. As he approached I could see his green eyes glimmer in the sun.

After walking in and looking about he noticed me as he walked to the table he said, “Oh my you look so good Jim.”

Standing up I held extended my hand but Brian put his arms around me said, “I’m so happy to see you.”

We talked for about an hour catching up on so many things, high school, where our old friends were, and everything else we did since last seeing each other. Finally when it was ready to leave Brian asked me, “would you like to come to my house for lunch so we can continue?”

After thinking for about 2 seconds I said, “Yes that sounds like it would be nice.”

Following him we arrived at his home and we walked inside, his house was spotless and the furniture was so very rich looking finally saying, “Brian your house looks wonderful.”

“Thanks let me show you around,” he said taking my hand showing me his kitchen, den, living room, guest bedrooms & finally his master bedroom.

Hours went by 1st we ate lunch and then talked for so long it began to seem that those years apart seemed to shrink what felt like just days. I learned Brian became an operating room nurse and earned himself a nice retirement package, his husband was a lawyer who was big into gay rights issues before passing. I told him I had my own security business and sold it for a great profit which allowed me to retire early.

After looking at his watch Brian said, “oh my it’s almost dinner time, would you like to stay? I could grill up a couple of steaks and we can continue to riminess.”

“Sure I just need to go let my dog out and feed him, how about I come back in 20 minutes or so?” I said.

“Great see you in a bit,” he answered.

I stopped at the liquor store and after asking what went well with steak I purchased a bottle of a Cabernet then drove to Brian’s house.

When he answered the door I handed him the wine and he said, “Hmm trying to get me drunk,” then laughing said, “thank you it should go great with the steak.”

When dinner was over I helped him clean up and load the dishwasher then we took our wine glasses and the wine bottle to the couch. After finishing the bottle I brought we both had a bit of a buzz on and Brian brought a bottle of his over and we continued to drink and talk as the tv played in the background.

As we were now pretty tipsy Brian leaned over and asked me, “Jim remember the 1st time we sucked each other? I do I have thought so many times over the years how your lips wrapped tight as your went up & down my shaft. When I exploded in your mouth I swear I saw stars and then when you let me suck your cock, my god it was wonderful as your cum shot down my throat.”

“Yeah I have to admit I thought about that many many times, to be honest when my wife was away I jerked off as I imagined sucking your cock or fucking your ass.” I said.

Just then Brian leaned over even more and his lips met mine, I opened my mouth allowing his tongue to meet mine. As we kissed my cock grew rock hard and I reached between his legs curious to see if his did the same. I was amazed at what I found as his cock was not only hard but it felt bigger than I remembered, maybe a full 7″.

Parting from our kiss Brian asked, “Jim would you like to take this to the bedroom?”

Standing up I took his hand and said, “yes I would like that.”

Entering his room Brian took my shirt pulling it over my head, me not wanting to wait I knelt, undid his pants then slid them along with his underwear off. I was pleasantly surprised to see his rock hard cock snap out, he was bigger than I remember at least a full 7″, a bit fatter and the skin darker than his teen years.

Reaching out I took his cock in my hand gently stroking up and down, with each downstroke his foreskin pulled away showing his throbbing almost purple swollen head.

Brian pulled off his shirt was now standing naked as I jerked his cock off and said, “let’s take this to the bed.”

Letting go of his cock I took off my pants and my 5 1/2″ cock sprang out, much smaller than his and a bit thinner but rock hard non the less, and we went to the bed.

Brian pushed me down on the bed and said, “your cock looks just like I remember, I wonder does it taste as good?” Just then he put his lips to my cock beginning to kiss up and down it’s shaft.

“Fuck that feels so very good,” I groaned.

It didn’t take long, unfortunately since I hadn’t had sex since my wife had gotten sick, before my load shot so much cum that was stored for so so long. Brian swallowed every last drop not allowing even a drop to escape.

After the final drop left my swollen cock Brian sucked on it’s head then kissing it and said, “a tiny bit saltier than I remember but oh so good.” Then grabbing his cock and pulling down the foreskin to show his huge head said, “see anything you like?”

Lowering my lips to his cock I pause and say, “yes something I think I like very much.” Then pushing his hands away, as his foreskin creeps up to cover his head I begin to nibble the skin every so slightly finally releasing I push the skin down exposing his head. I can see droplets of precum slowly oozing from his slit just beginning to roll down, using my tongue I lick it all off savoring it’s wonderful flavor before swallowing it.

“You like that huh?” Brian said as he arched his back pushing his cock closer to my face.

“Yes very much, now lets see if your cum tastes the same,” I said before taking his cock into my mouth.

Each time I pushed down as his cock hit tried to slide into my throat I gagged a bit, it’s been a while and I guess it takes a bit to get those throat muscles to relax. After several times gagging I was able to get the head in before a gag would occur, several more times I was finally able to bottom out burying my head firmly into his pubic hair.

As I held his cock in my throat with my face buried in his pubes Brian said, “good boy you have it now, I want to fuck your face so badly.” as he tried to push his cock deeper inside.

Letting go of his cock I knelt on the floor opened my mouth and said, “then do it, fuck my mouth.”

Standing above me Brian slid his cock into my mouth just as he reached my throat there was a pause, then putting his hands behind my head he then pushed my head firmly sliding his entire shaft deep down my throat.

As he held my head I had a bit of a gag reflex start and all I could muster was to try to say wait but all I could manage was, “Mmmph.”

“You like that, my god your throat is so fucking hot,” Brian said as he then began to pump his cock in and out holding the back of my head so tight each time he rammed it down my throat.

My gag reflex stopped and now I wanted it deeper even though I knew it was buried as deep as possible. Suddenly after several more minutes I could feel his cock swelling even more as it began to twitch and I knew I was about to taste my best friends cum again for the 1st time in so so long.

“Fuck Jim I’m gonna cum, shit here it comes.” Brian screamed.

Before those last words came from his mouth his big hard cock started shooting steamy hot salty/sweet cum into my mouth. So much cum filling my mouth I almost couldn’t swallow fast enough and just a few drops leaked from the corners of my mouth. The last few shots went straight down my throat as Brian buried his cock deep holding it in my throat until the last drop left his cock. Holding my head against his crotch I could feel his cock slowly growing limp until reaching his flaccid size of about 5″. I sucked hard on his cock trying to entice even the tiniest droplet to roll out into my mouth.

When I was sure he was completely empty I released his cock and asked, “so was it good?”

“Shit way better than good, you sure you haven’t sucked cock in over 40 years?” he said.

“No I haven’t, guess it’s like riding a bike,” I said laughing out loud. “That is once you get over gagging that is.” I said laughing again.

“Well you got over that very well,” Brian said.

Looking at his clock Brian said, “crap it’s almost 11, guess time flies when your having fun.”

“Yeah a whole lot of fun,” I said.

“Would you like to stay over?” Brian asked.

“I really need to walk my dog, maybe we can do this again soon.” I answered.

“How about maybe we go to dinner one night and see where it goes,” Brian said.

“Why don’t you come over to my house on Saturday and I’ll cook for you, maybe I can get you drunk and I can have my way with that tight ass of yours.” I said kind of jokingly.

“Well we can drink if you like but you don’t need to get me drunk for that,” Brian said as he leaned over kissing me.

We both got dressed and Brian kissed me again as I was ready to walk out the door saying, “I can’t wait for Saturday, I’ve dreamed of this for such a long time.”

As I walked out the door I said, “see you on Saturday.”

to be continued…