Sisters Know Everything

I was what people would usually call a typical 21 year old lad. My Mom gave me the name Joshua when I was born, but was never a fan so I always shortened it to Josh. I was currently studying part time at university whilst working a part time job. With the money I earned from the part time job […]

Son Discovers Videos of Mom

Cheryl was busy cleaning the house while her son, Scott, was at school. Scott was a Senior and her only child. He had told her he would be home late. Being the typical popular high school senior Scott had a busy social life. He was 18 years old and had only three months left before graduation. Cheryl had good reason […]

Mended Hearts

It was exactly eleven months after her husband left that Maria accepted she had fallen in love with her son. It had been a long process that started with vague feelings that slowly coalesced into something more tangible. After that, she spent a few months trying to deny it outright, then sought to explain it. Only now, as she was […]

An Afternoon with Aunt Lynda

My Uncle John is a few years older than I am. He is my mother’s youngest brother. Until he and Lynda got married, Uncle John lived at home with his parents (my grandparents), about three hundred miles from us. Because of the distance, my parents and I didn’t get to see them all that often. My senior year in high […]

Daddy and the Couple

He couldn’t help but focus solely on the lipstick bright red lips moving up and down, just over the head of his cock and back. They opened easily and for long, just starting to smear a little. She sucked for another long moment before turning her head to look at her husband. Threads of saliva stretched between her gasping mouth […]

On The News

My Wife was a news caster on the local TV station. She had been on for almost five years now and had just signed another contract for another five. She was the late night anchor at eleven and she had a huge following. My wife has very nice tits and shows some of them in the dresses she wears. She […]

The Adventures

Also, this story was written with actual real people in mind that I keep very close to my heart. However, right after this was written one of these relationships ended or took a good bye for now break. Time will only tell which. Proofreading was very bittersweet as I can feel him in every word of the story. I hope […]

The Secretary

Summer wasn’t ready for this. She’d only been working at the firm for a week, and she’d already been called into her boss’s office. Was she presentable? As she walked by a glossy glass partition, she took a moment to take herself in. Her hair, usually hanging long behind her back, was tied neatly into a ponytail. Though she preferred […]

My First AMP Visit

I was traveling to Colorado to lay the groundwork for an upcoming group trip. I had been camping in the mountains for a few days, hiking several miles a day and enjoying the scenery. I got back to camp that evening and decided to head into the nearby small town to get something to eat since I was getting tired […]


The early summer air was warm and the wind was faint but noticeable as I walked toward the door. I was the only one graduating from university out of my friend group this year and soon I would be off to grad school. My friends and profs decided to have one last get-together before I left, and I couldn’t have […]