How I Became Black Owned

Hi, my name is Sally. I’m a tall redheaded professional woman living in a major American city, in my early thirties, recently engaged to a terrific guy, Tom. Tom is also a professional, and we’re very much in love.

I never in a million years would have expected the events I’m about to describe to have happened to me. I’m a straight-laced girl. Sure, I have had a normal number of relationships–and even been married before for a few years. And, yes, I’m considered quite nice looking. I have a cute face, and–if I do say so myself–an outstanding figure. Imagine curvy, with good-size breasts and a pert rear-end–and very long legs. Tom flatters me that I’m built like Scarlett Johansson but with long legs.

Life was going smoothly and uneventfully. I was looking forward to our wedding in a few months, and our careers were going well, too.

Then I met Jerome. It was on a flight home from a business trip. We were seated next to each other on a five hour flight in first class. I had gotten lucky with an upgrade. Jerome was a successful entrepreneur who routinely flies first.

From the moment I laid eyes on him, I was struck with his rugged and dark handsome appearance and physique. Not extremely handsome in the face, he nevertheless had rugged good looks. He was a dark chocolate black color with a neatly shaved head, perfect teeth, and 6-6 of pure muscle. I had never had the nerve to date black guys, but I was attracted to them.

We only chatted a bit early in the flight but starting about half way into the flight, I was finding Jerome charming and entertaining. He had me laughing. He waited until we are taxiing at the gate–like a gentleman so I wouldn’t feel cornered–and asked me out. I reminded him I was engaged, and he replied, with his bright smile: “…but not married yet… Just honor me with one date. It’ll be fun. Nothing need come of it.” I couldn’t resist his charming way and gave him my number.

Nothing came of it for a few weeks, and I had started to think maybe he had just enjoyed flirting with me. And then, unexpectedly, he did finally call. He was so warm and charming, I figured what harm could it do to enjoy one or two more dates before getting hitched? (I soon learned!) So anyway, I said yes, and we agreed to meet for a drink after work one day when Tom was going to be out of town.

Well, one drink and many laughs led to another drink–and then another. We were seated in a cozy dark booth in this upscale bar near Jerome’s place– another part of town from where Tom and I lived. Jerome had all the right gentle touches. Then he leaned in and kissed me. And I liked it so I kissed him back. We kissed and cuddled for a long time, and then–throwing caution to the wind–I let him convince me to go up to his apartment.

When we got there, he continued to be very amorous– and I have to admit I matched his enthusiasm. 100 percent. We were making out on his sofa quite energetically when he finally guided my hand to what seemed like a hot metal cylinder in his pants. I couldn’t believe the size and heat of it.

I lost track of things from there. It was a whirlwind. Next thing I knew, we were naked with him thrusting inside of me, bringing me quickly to orgasm, then subsiding a little and then orgasming again. A couple of time before I had orgasmed twice during sex, but never again and again like this!

Jerome and his glorious shaft possessed my pussy more profoundly than I ever thought possible. His cock reached places deep up inside me that had never been touched before. We looked so erotic all intertwined. He was more powerful and manly than anyone I had been with before. Our combined juices soaked his bed. All while his tongue and lips deliciously danced with mine, and his arms and hands groped me everywhere and made me feel so totally desired and loved. For a few minutes, he would thrust rough and hard, and then for a brief period he would go soft and easy–and then he would do it again– and again and again.

He lasted a good long while before he came. He was a gentleman and asked me where I wanted his cum. There was only ever one option– “Deep inside me, Jerome! Cum inside me!!” Of course his burst of cum set me off on yet another deep orgasm. I shouted so loud with my orgasm, I was embarrassed, actually!

There was never any condom. I was on the pill, and I was too comfortable with Jerome and caught in the moment for me to have paused to ask him to wear one.

Sex had never felt this good ever. I felt so taken and possessed. And I loved it!

When we paused and were cuddling, he said to me, “Sally, you really hadn’t ever been properly blacked before had you?” I shook my head meekly. “Now that you have, do you think you can ever settle for anything less?” No, he was right. If what we had just done was called “me being blacked,” no, I could not imagine not being blacked again and again and again! In fact, I wanted that intense blacked feeling all the time! And I told him so. “Please, Jerome! I loved, loved, loved being blacked by you! Will you please black me again and again and again?!”

Now he turned a little serious. “Sally, my darling, I’m so touched. Truly I would love to black you again and again. I would love to make you mine. In fact, I would love to own your pussy. But are you sure that’s what you would want? It comes with more conditions than a date and a romp. I have very definite expectations for a fine woman like you if I am to black her routinely.”

“Anything,” I told him, “I cannot possibly go back to boring white sex after this. Tom isn’t bad–but he’s nothing compared with being blacked by you! What do you need from me?”

“Simple,” Jerome told me, “You and your Tom need to agree that you will go black only. That your pussy will be only for me and—you will grow accustomed to this—for my black friends. And neither Tom nor any white man will ever touch your pussy again. You have to go strictly black. Oh, and there is more. Do you want to hear the rest of it?”

I practically begged to hear the rest of it. I was a little pathetic. But the sex was just that outstanding. It was like you mixed your best ever sex with a white guy with winning a lottery ticket while eating a bowl of ice cream, all in the middle of a tropical vacation–it was just an orgy of great feelings. Almost indescribable.

“Yes, Jerome, what is the rest of it?!”

And so he laid out the following…. (1) Tom would need to accept his sexless role or leave me. He might sometimes be allowed to eat me out to clean up cum from my pussy or ass, but that would be Tom’s only contact with my pussy and ass. I could still blow him–but with Jerome’s permission only. (2) Whenever I was alone with Jerome or any black man, I would have to be naked or immediately get naked. (3) I was never to refuse him sex, but if one of my openings–mouth, pussy, or ass–was uncomfortable or tired, I could offer him another. (4) Yes, I would have to give him my anal virginity–and that “option” would regularly be on the “menu.” (5) Eventually, I was to be shared with his friends–but only good guys who were his close friends, he would be picky on my behalf. I could be selective with his friends, but if I turned one down, I might be denied sex with Jerome for as long as a month. (6) Everyone would be bareback. I could stay on the pill at first, but eventually Jerome would require me to flush my pills and he might give them to me– *if* he wished. (7) If Tom did leave me or we broke up, I was to work towards marrying another white guy to be my cuckold. Jerome did not need a wife to support, and he found it much more arousing to own a white guy’s wife.

I got wet, my nipples hardened, and my face flushed just thinking about these delicious rules…

As for the very first rule, and going black only…. And Tom having to accept that… I knew that Tom secretly looked at porn a lot, and I was not sure whether he would stay with me or leave me. I knew a lot of white guys fantasize about their women hooking up with black men… Becoming black owned, like I was now considering was quite a bit more than just a hook up! But having just had such shockingly amazing sex, being blacked by Jerome, Tom was a very dim concern. He just wasn’t that important to me right at that moment–sad as it might be to say. Not compared to being blacked!

I loved the nasty idea of pivoting to being for Jerome and black cocks only. It made me tingle to think about! And it turned me on to think that together we would be dominating Tom–or another white guy–as my cuckold. Delicious!

When I further envisioned how demanding Jerome planned on being– both for himself and his friends– frankly, I shuddered a little from the excitement of how nasty it was. How vulnerable I would be! How deliciously used and possessed I would be! I never knew I had this side before– but now I did!!

I pondered it only a few minutes before hugging Jerome, kissing him, swirling my tongue deep into his mouth, while groping his cock– and telling him a super big YES!!!