Dad Teaches his Daughter

Suzanne and her Dad were going to do their annual father-daughter fishing trip, they had been doing that since she was 6, and 12 years later, Suzanne always looked forward to it. Suzanne was up, dressed and ready to go when her Dad loaded up the van, and with kisses and goodbyes to her Mom, they set off for the […]


I carried the truth onto a crowded Delta Boeing, folded inside me like an overpacked suitcase, praying the zipper could handle the strain just a little while longer. I held it close during the two hour layover in Houston, and on the final plane to California, crammed between the window and a man who didn’t understand that I was saving […]

Summer Job as a Nude Housekeeper

I was still in college when I was in my early twenties and needed to find a weekend job just to earn some money while on 3-month summer break. I did not want the kind of job that required many responsibilities or meeting deadlines, as I needed to take some time away from much thinking and studying during weekdays. Being […]

Another After – Dinner Treat

I’d met Cheryl at a work function – one of those advertising awards shows where the primary purpose seems to be for as many people to get as drunk or high as they can in the shortest amount of time possible. Not that I’m being judgmental, of course. Been there, done that, got the tee- shirt. Having reached 30, I’d […]

Thunder and Lightning

“Fuck. This heat is unreal.” I think to myself. The sun has been relentless today, baking the heavy, dead-calm air into miles-high thunderheads. I can feel the air around me growing ever heavier with humidity. Electricity is building in the clouds west of the pool where I’m lifeguarding. Making ten dollars an hour, sitting in a lifeguard’s chair, yelling at […]

Fantasy Island

Joe, Ted, and I stood outside of the night club. The three of us had just dropped our wives off at the front door and were “waiting” to go in and get a table in the shadows, away from the bar. The three of us had met on a forum where we discussed sharing our wives with other men. We […]

Silent Weeks Sequel

After realizing that I had just moved forward and kissed her, I took a second to enjoy it before becoming self-conscious enough to pull back. I doubted that she would have been offended by it, but, to my pleasant surprise, I opened my eyes to see a rather large smile. Since there was only ambient morning sunlight, I couldn’t tell […]

My Old Man’s Gone, Wana Get it On?

I was a teaching assistant, in both the Sociology and Anthropology survey classes. Hence, I had a lab class to teach with approximately 20 – 25 students. Most of the students in these intro classes were freshmen and sophomores, occasionally there were juniors and seniors who needed a class to fill out their schedule for graduation. A paper was required […]

Three-way with Friends

One hot summer night, I was having dinner at home with my husband’s co-worker Rick and Rick’s wife Lisa. Rick and Lisa usually came over on Fridays. The boys would play poker or watch a ballgame while Lisa and I popped open a bottle of wine on the porch. This week my husband was out of town. It was just […]

Steven’s Gym Teacher

All characters in this story are 18+ I’m going to put a physical description here in case you need it. But I thought, I’d try something else out. I thought I’d let you decide you own description of the characters and didn’t want to distract you but constantly bringing up any descriptions. I appreciate any and all critiques. The teacher, […]