Hitting Snooze

I wake up in an empty bed, but your side is still warm from your body heat. I stretch languidly, feeling the stiffness from last night’s exertions fade to a warm glow in my belly, the slight ache of having been thoroughly fucked. I burrow my face into your pillow, breathing deeply, your scent making my skin tingle with anticipation. I sigh happily and wriggle into perfectly content comfort, idly stroking the smooth, cool sheets.

After a few moments I hear you come into the room and abruptly stop. You make a small sound, just a catch of breath and the softest noise in your throat, and a flush of heat washes through me. I let myself feel it, arching my back and rolling my hips, and I hear your caught breath escape in a rush. You step to the bed and I can sense you leaning over me, though I’m facing away from you, so I’m not surprised when your hand softly smoothens my hair out of my face. I lean into your touch as the caress continues down my neck, my back, my side, hip, thigh…

You trail your hand along my shape all the way to my ankle, sweeping away the tangled covers, leaving me completely exposed. My heated skin chills quickly and I shiver, my nipples tightening. The bed creaks quietly as you kneel beside me, your hand firmer on my skin: warmer, more possessive. You glide your palm back up my leg, a heavier stroke, wrapping around instead of just skimming. You follow every curve, over the swell of my hip and dip of my waist, then forward to cup my breast and lift its weight.

My skin tingles everywhere you touch, and I can’t help whimpering when your thumb lightly grazes my taut nipple. I press myself into your hand, arching my back so my ass pushes backward, making contact with your thigh. Your skin is almost hot compared to the chill of the room and I realize you’re naked just before you sink onto the bed, pressing yourself against me along our whole length. You bury your face in the hair at my neck, groaning softly, and pull me tight to you. Your cock is hard against my back and I feel it swell even more as you flex to fit it between my ass cheeks, pushing into me as I move my hips to rub against you.

Your lips brush my neck, nibble my earlobe, and your voice is husky, whispering “Good morning, gorgeous,” before biting gently where my shoulder and neck meet. I moan and turn my head, baring my neck to you, and your cock jumps again during the tiny pause before you give in to desire and fall on me with a helpless groan.

Then everything is a blur of heat, skin and teeth and lips, gasps and whimpers and cries. Your strong urgent touch is everywhere, overwhelming me, and I only realize the voice I hear is my own when you silence me with a kiss. No gentle brushing of your lips now, this is fierce, needy, almost brutal. Our teeth clash once before your tongue demands entrance and I grant it, feeling a surge of wetness between my legs as your tongue probes deep in my mouth, tangling with my own. Your voice rumbles low in your throat, between a growl and a hum, when I suck hard on your tongue, catching it with my teeth.

The next thing I know you’re kneeling beside my head, holding your cock to my lips, your other hand at the back of my neck. You rub the head of your cock back and forth, spreading precum over my lips, forcing yourself between them. I look up at you and focus, with some difficulty, on your face. Your jaw is clenching, your eyes dark, intense. It’s almost a snarl when you mutter “Suck it. Suck my cock,” and I obey without conscious thought, parting my lips to allow you to thrust deep into my mouth with a grunt.

Almost too deep, and I can barely keep from gagging as you throw your head back and fuck my mouth, each thrust accompanied by an involuntary “Fuck. Yes. God.” choked out through gritted teeth. I’m moaning, the sound cut off each time you force your rock hard cock into my throat. I try to hold you back, to catch a breath, but you’re far stronger than me. I’m gasping, tears streaming down my face, when you suddenly pull out of my mouth with a frustrated groan. Then you’re between my legs, your cock pushing between my swollen pussy lips, probing, searching. You finally find my entrance, releasing the accumulated juices to cover your cock, allowing you to plunge all the way into my cunt with a single smooth movement.

We both go still for an endless moment, the sensations too much to process at first. Then I hear myself moaning “God, yes,” as I wrap my legs around you, trying to pull you deeper, clutching at your waist, writhing beneath you. You hold back for one last breathless instant, then we’re both lost in the building storm. You drive relentlessly into me, deep, long strokes. Filling me completely, hitting bottom with every thrust, just short of pain. I can no longer tell whose voice it is grunting, cursing, pleading, urging. My nails rake your back and shoulders, helplessly grasping at your muscular arms holding your weight off me, as your cock slams into me again and again.

Something irresistible is building in my core, focused on the pressure of your cock pounding into me, filling me then leaving me achingly empty before filling me again. Molten heat spreads through my entire body, and I feel my inner muscles begin to flutter uncontrollably. I gasp “Don’t stop, baby, I’m gonna come,” just before the dam bursts and waves of blinding ecstasy wash over and through me. I hear myself crying out, unable to do anything but let it take me. I’m dimly aware of your rhythm faltering, your own voice rising over mine, as you shudder and shake and pour yourself into me in spurt after spurt, hoarse groans accompanying each twitching spasm. My pussy clenches around you and a new onslaught of overwhelming pleasure floods through me, milking the last of your orgasm until we’re both left gasping and spent, the final twitches and shocks echoing between us, our hearts gradually slowing, harsh gasps easing, sweat-slicked skin cooling. You’re murmuring in my ear, barely intelligible, saying you love me over and over, and I’m almost humming with joy, fingertips tracing my own sweet nothings onto your sensitized skin. Neither of us even notice when you slip out of me, both of us already asleep, arms and legs still entwined, utterly sated and blissfully content.