Let it be You

Tony smiled and chose to stop and talk to the woman who was a near neighbour and often to be seen tending her front garden, its flowers in tubs and hanging baskets. She also devoted her time to the bird table that was often hidden from view by a flock of starlings that descended upon it like a swarm of […]

The Milking Table

Melissa was having a slow week. Her one and only client had just left and it was only 2pm. Her photography studio had been so slow since this fucking Covid business had started. Really she was glad of any work – but just wished there was more. After about 10 minutes of staring into space – her mobile began to […]

Day Date

My wife went out with the girls for brunch every Sunday, which left me home alone to indulge in my hobby. I was a twenty-seven-year-old crossdresser and have been dressing for over twenty years. Loni and I have been married for a little more than two years. We met in her waiting area at a clinic where she has been […]

Bob’s Dinner with Sex

“Well, Hugo, I’m stuffed but this food is so damn good I don’t wanna stop. With meals like this, still don’t understand how you haven’t turned into one fat pig in all these years. I gained 2 lbs from the last few meals that I haven’t been able to burn off yet.” I wasn’t lying. “Oink, oink.” Hugo was always […]

At The Bar

On the deck outside the bar, a lamp flickers and hums with a low-pitched whine, flocked by several moths. You are standing in a quiet corner of the deck. The wooden fence skirting around it smells of spattered alcohol and cigarette stubs. Leant against it with your ass in the air, you and your companion are shrouded in shadow away […]

The Witch’s Brew

“I hear that if you walk across the Witch’s Graveyard at midnight, her spectre will come and show you the worst, most horrifying, scariest thing of your life. I can’t believe I listened to them,” Darla, 23, said as she stepped over the gnarled root of a nearby tree. She waved her phone around, the flashlight shining the light around […]

Amy and The Skylines – The Festival

So I’m going to tell some more stories from mine and Kirsty’s life together now. They won’t necessarily be chronological, and it won’t cover every amazing sexual encounter we’ve enjoyed. We go to Barbara’s three times a month… there are way too many. This occurred one May, I was 23, so Kirst would have been 24. The Skylines were going […]


Friends Phil lined up his shot on the nine ball, stroked the cue stick, and sent the cue ball down the felt. The nine-ball hit the cushion and rolled away from the hole. Phil stepped back, “Well shit. I can’t seem to hit the hole.” I couldn’t help but comment, “Maybe if there was a little hair around it?” Phil […]

Midsummer Night of Passion

We sat next to each other on the couch, neither of us caring what was on, but we had to put on something. Something to drown out the noise, something to claim we were watching, something…anything. “Well I’ve never watched that,” he says. “What? Well, I guess it’ll work then,” I respond and put the remote down and lean into […]

Queenbee: Birth of a Dominatrix

To fans of my previous work, Miss A’s New Play Thing, thank you for your support, sorry for my absence. I felt the story spiralled too far from reality and didn’t know what direction to take things. So I wanted to share a new mostly true story of how my wife became my Mistress. To all the closet submissives out […]