Caught Being The Teachers Pet

“Your late Zachery! I’m going to have to write you up.” was what I heard from Mrs. Gordon when I walked into her class only four minutes late. “I’m glad you showed up today Mr. Jones!” was what my best friend Benjamin received when he walked into class twenty minutes late. “I swear I don’t understand.” I whispered shaking my […]

Three Bears

It was another Friday night with me sitting at the far end of Gleason’s Grocery Store parking lot eating salted in the shell peanuts throwing the shucks into a bucket on the passenger side floor. The “cool” kids of our small Appalachian town all drove trucks jacked up with big tires and names like Ram or Silverado with 3″ tailpipes […]

Photos for Ken & Toni (and Myself)

After I got divorced about 6 years ago, I moved to another California city and bought a home in a nice neighborhood. I’m a software consultant, and I work from home most days. I try to run several days a week, and I have a home gym that I use to keep myself in shape. I’m into photography of all […]

Purpose, The Beginnings and Tina

She is a bottle blonde but you could never tell. She has no carpet to compare to the drapes. She is a tall 5′ 10″, 146 lbs 38D chest with large areola and dime sized permanently erect nipples, the perfect ass not J Lo but not flat either. Flat tummy, toned body and legs from daily exercise. Pierced navel and […]

Old Man seduces Young Wife

My wife and I were excited to be moving up in life. We finally could afford a house as I had just been promoted at work. It was more responsibility but also a handsome raise. My wife and I had been together since she was 18 and I was 31. I didn’t care what people thought at the time because […]


Alison slipped the cock into her mouth and sucked it like a popsicle. A familiar tremble ran through Darrell’s hips as her soft hand stroked his shaft. He already felt so hard between her lips, and she could feel the warmth as his hardon continued to grow. Her tongue swirled around the head, teasing and covering it in spit. Then […]

Cassy’s Boudoir Photoshoot

I’m riding a freight elevator to a photo studio in a converted warehouse. What kind of crazy cliche is this. Cassy thought to herself, as she reached her stop. She was excited though. Bob had gotten her a boudoir photoshoot for her birthday. A treat for him as much as Cassy; Cassy was still thankful because she liked to show […]

Reliable Reg

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. Most of my friends think I’m a boring nerd, and my girlfriend Clarissa is seen as nearly as bad. We are both junior finance officers working for the local council and […]

In the Backroom

Our story starts 10 years in the past, the year is 2011 with a young man having just graduated from high school. John didn’t have the best go of things during high school due to many poor decisions he had made over the years, ultimately landing himself in rehab at the age of 16. By the time he had graduated […]

Eating Out with the Intern

Jenny had become a friend. A close friend and a colleague. She worked at my consulting firm as my intern last summer. I enjoyed working with her and teaching her. I also enjoyed just talking. She was smart and educated. Very intellectual. She was also beautiful. Jenny had decided to spend some time with us on a small project over […]