Escort Encounter

I text messaged when I arrived outside the building and the handler sent me the buzzer code. I buzzed the apartment and was buzzed straight in. I took the elevator up to the 25th floor. I walked down the hall and waited in front of the door (being as quiet as possible). It is always a bit exciting waiting in the hallway outside a strange apartment door waiting to do something naughty.

I waited for a few moments outside the door. I didn’t even need to knock. The door was quietly opened, I walked in, she was behind the door. She smiles, touches my arm, and says hello. She closes the door and leans in, looking deeply into my eyes, and gently kisses me, and she asks “how have you been?” I get my mask and shoes off and finally answer – “I’ve been good, it’s great to see you, and I am excited to be here”. She offers and gets me a glass of water. We sit on the couch, and catch up on what has happened in our lives and the world since our last visit. A few more kisses and some beautiful gentle stroking. She looks amazing today in a short silk robe. I can’t wait to see what is underneath. I excuse myself to take a quick shower. When I come out of the shower, she is kneeling on the bed, the robe is gone, and she is in a beautiful blue bra and panty set.

I get on the bed and can’t stop smiling. Knowing how lucky I am to be with such a beautiful woman. We lie down together intertwined and begin to gently kiss, stroking each other’s faces and shoulders. Some kisses are deeper and some our lips barely touch. The kissing gets more intense as our tongues begin to explore each other’s mouths. Her hands trickle down my stomach and then finds my cock and she gently starts to rub it. Deep french kissing with a beautiful woman stroking your cock is one of my favourite things in life. Hands roam over each other’s bodies, gently stroking shoulders, arms, stomach, hips and legs. Eventually she says “Do you want me to take my bra off?” I smile and quickly reply “yes, please” reaching behind she releases the clasp, the bra falls away, showing me her beautiful breasts – they are spectacular. We kiss more intensely, as my hands move down to touch her breasts for the first time. I start with lightly tracing circles around her breasts and stroking the sides, but avoiding the nipples for now – to tease her a bit. I stop and smile up at her and say “your breasts are so beautiful”. My stroking fingers get replaced with my mouth and I ever so gently kisses in circles around her breasts. She let out some appreciative moans and arches her back slightly as my lips touch a nipple for the first time. Her nipples are beautiful, I kiss them, swirl my tongue around them, gently suck on them, while gently circling and stroking her breasts with my fingers. I switch my mouth to her other breast. Eventually, I gently cup both breasts and smile and look into her eyes.

My kisses move from her breasts and trail off down her stomach. I pull at her panties and she lifts her hips as I take them off. Once they are off, she spreads her legs and smiles while looking me straight in the eyes. I spend some time stroking and kissing her inner thighs, while gently stroking her outer thighs and hips. She has the smoothest skin on the inside of her thighs. I gently kiss her inner thighs. My kisses move up her thighs and then I gently run my tongue up the beautiful crease between her thigh and the lips of her outer labia. My tongue slowly, gently moves from the bottom of her labia to the top over and over again. I switch to the other side starting with gentle kisses up her inner thigh eventually reaching the edge of her labia. My tongue gently slides up and down the lips of her outer labia. I switch from my tongue to gentle kisses. I am going slow, she is already getting very wet. My tongue starts to explore the outside of her pussy lips, that wonderful area between the outer labia and her inner labia. I look up at her and look into her eyes and tell her “I love your beautiful pussy”. My tongue gently and slowly traces her inner lips from near her vaginal opening up towards her clit – but stops short of the clit – not yet – she needs to wait. I switch to the other side, gently tracing the edge of those beautiful inner pussy lips. This time when I get to the top of her pussy lips and I circle her clit with my tongue – trying to not touch the clit yet and being so gentle. My tongue traces gentle circles around her clit for a few minutes, while my fingers gently stroke up and down her outer lips.

It is such a beautiful place to be, down between a woman’s thighs looking up across her body to a face lost in ecstasy – if there is heaven for a man this is what it looks like.

It’s time – my tongue gently, gently touches her clit – I rest it there for a moment – not moving – just savouring. I start to move my tongue gently side to side, not losing touch but using a gentle wiggle of my tongue. She is moaning more and starting to arch her back and close her eyes. Every once in a while to build her anticipation, I take my tongue away and pause so close that she can feel my hot breath on her pussy. My tongue comes back and I gently use long slow licks up her pussy to her clit. I stop again at her clit, reach out with my tongue and touch her clit and begin to pick up my pace while still trying to be oh so gentle.

She is moaning more and I think we might be close. She is getting very aroused and grabs my hand and pushes one of my fingers into her pussy. I start to gently stroke the top inside her pussy with my finger while gently touching her clit with my thumb. I can really feel her G spot start to swell. In a few more minutes she grabs my hand and closes her thigh around my hand and makes a beautiful murmur as she orgasms. There is a beautiful pause as she catches her breath, smiling, and savouring with her eyes closed. She is lost in bliss. A few moments later she leans over and kisses me on the lips – saying “thank you” and gently pushing me down on the bed on my back. She tells me “relax and enjoy this” – as a mischievous smile crosses her face.

Her hands gently trace down my stomach till she grasps my cock and then she looks up at me and smiles. She lowers her head and kisses the tip of my cock. I close my eyes and softly moan. Her tongue licks down my cock and she pauses to kiss and lick my balls while massaging my cock with her hand. Her tongue licks back up my cock and at the top her mouth engulfs my cock for the first time. The feeling of her warm mouth around my cock is amazing. She begins to rock her head up and down my cock taking me deep and rising to barely have the tip of my cock in her mouth. She looks and smiles as she swallows my cock again. She picks up the pace and I bliss out in a flood of wonderful seasations. I am getting close and ask her to slow down and eventually tell her “I am desperate, I need to be inside you”.

She crawls back up my body and we kiss again. I lie on top of her my cock pressed against her clit and her mons. We kiss and she starts to grind away. She holds me tighter and tighter. She gets even wetter. She begins to tense as her orgasm nears. As we grind, she finally rises up a little higher and lets my cock slide inside her. We pause to savour the wonderful feeling. Slowly I begin to do shallow slow thrusts, barely inside her. Finally, I push slowly and deeply into her. Again pausing to savour the wonderful feeling. I begin to thrust in earnest – some shallow – some deep – our pace picks up. She begins to push back to meet my thrusts. I moan. She moans.

We switch position to doggy – I rub her wet clit for a while with the tip of my cock and then slowly re-enter her. Some slow shallow thrusts and longer faster deeper thrusts. As we both get aroused and the pace picks up. I put my knees outside her and have her sink from her knee’s to lying doggie. This lets me use shallow thrusts that target her G spot. Our arousal builds, she begins to moan more loudly and shake and move as another orgasm nears. The orgasm comes. We collapse onto each other and quietly hold each other savouring the moment.

After catching our breath and resting for a moment, she gently kisses me on the lips and then moves back down my body and engulfs my cock with her mouth. She uses lots of spit and gives me lots of eye contact and speeds up as I get ready to cum. My orgasm comes. I tense my back, arching, grunting, and finally watch as a torrent of my cum fills her open mouth. She makes a wonderful appreciative murmur and finally rises up, wiping her lips and giving me a beautiful gentle kiss.

We lie together in each other’s arms savouring and talking for a few blissful minutes in that wonderful shared post-coitus glow.

Another beautiful encounter – wonderful sense of connection, making intimate moments together, intensely wonderful sex, and being so at ease with someone else.