Caught In the Pasture

A/N: This story takes place in an alternate universe, in which humans have died out, leaving highly intelligent animals as the most advanced species.

Delicate hooves trampled through the forest, sharp teeth nipping at the doe’s ankles as she ran, just a hair faster than her attackers. The two wolves’ combined breaths burned hot on her hind legs as they pursued her through the trees. She was panicking – it was only a matter of time before they would manage to cut her off somehow. Separating her from the rest of her herd had spelled her doom from the start, and now, she would perish as easy prey. “I can’t die like this.” She found herself thinking it over and over. It wasn’t fair, to die so young, as nothing more than food for ravenous predators.

She tried to focus on what was straight ahead of her, but she could see one of the wolves approaching her from the side. She leaped, managing to put some distance between them, but knowing she could not stop. They could make up for however far she’d gotten in a matter of seconds if she slowed. Pandora looked around as she ran, hoping she’d notice something she could use to her advantage. She needed a way to escape.

The answer came in the form of a break in the trees wide enough she could see a pasture full of cows. There was no way the wolves would follow her beyond a fence; it would be too easy for them to get trapped, and she was certain they’d expect a response from the herd. She’d had to jump over the fence – she was already running towards it, it would be easy.

With one impressive jump, Pandora cleared the fence, coming to a skidding halt on the other side of the fence. She turned, watching as the wolves approached. They slowed, growling when they saw the fence. She’d been right: they weren’t willing to risk being trampled by the cows upon being identified as a threat. The two paced back and forth for a moment, then turned, darting back off to their pack. The doe sighed, letting her head hang low, nose brushing over the grass. She’d made it, as close of a call as it had been, and now, once she was certain they would leave her be, she could return to her own herd. Hopefully, the cows would not mind her presence until then.

She looked around, hoping to gauge their reaction to her appearance. Some stole glances at her with unreadable expressions, while some ignored her entirely. She felt as though a few of them were looking at her with… malice? Contempt? They wore unwelcoming smirks, as though they were waiting for something. She looked away quickly, not wanting to invite the heifers over for interaction. She was, after all, in their pasture. She was at a severe disadvantage if anyone confronted her.

Pandora shivered, the feeling of sunlight no longer beating down on her coming unexpectedly as a large shadow crept up behind her. “You’re not a cow.”

The doe let out a panicked scream, leaping forward before turning to face the beast towering behind her. She should have been looking for him… the pasture’s bull. Since humans had died out, the only reason cows remained in fenced in pastures was the protection of a bull. Pandora cowered before the muscular beast. “I- I am a doe. I was running from wolves and, well. I’m sorry. Your pasture was the only way I had to escape. If I had gone anywhere else- um…”

The bull no longer seemed interested in what Pandora had to say. He moved to stand behind her, stomping the ground a few times. The doe cowered slightly, staring at the beast behind her. “Wha- what are you doing?” she whimpered.

“Stay still.”

Pandora was so stunned by the bull’s command that she accidentally did as told, unprepared for the consequences. The bull reared back, landing over her. Fear washed over her, and she tried to slip out from under him. But the bull had her trapped, muscular legs gripping her in place as he angled himself to slip his cock inside her.

She was far too small for him, but he was determined. He drove into her wildly, going deeper and deeper with every thrust. The – previously virgin – doe made frantic, panicked sounds, knowing there was no help coming for her. The only animals she saw anywhere nearby were the cows, who still didn’t seem to pay her any attention. Deep strokes of his cock left Pandora immobilised and panting. “Pl-puh- please, let me go!” She protested, but she found herself being ignored.

The impressive length stretching her beyond her limits was relentless, pumping in and out of her forcefully. She heard the bull snort, felt his hot breath panting against her as he leaned over her. “He’s going to cum inside of me!” she thought, and she began making yet another attempt to buck him away and run. However, even if she’d reacted quickly enough, there was no getting the determined stud out of her pussy. He bellowed aggressively, finding his release deep in her womb. She could feel the slick juices covering her, dripping down the sides of her legs.

At least, Pandora thought, the ordeal was over. She attempted yet again to slip out from under him, but found herself trapped by his grip. She had expected him to let her go when he’d finished with her. She tried moving again; this time, the bull stomped the ground beneath him, driving forward slightly. She whimpered under the pressure. He remained still, but refused to let her go.

A few minutes passed, leaving Pandora wondering when the bull would decide to pull out of her. She no longer tried to move without permission, knowing the result would be the bull forcefully keeping her still. Instead, she let him keep her in place, hoping he’d move soon.

Then, she felt something move within her. The bull’s cock twitched as it started coming back to life. It grew stiff again, filling up her tight hole. Bracing herself, Pandora cowered as she felt the bull start to move again.

He plowed her just as harshly and thoroughly as the first round, thrusting rapidly. But there was something different about this – Pandora felt the head of the impressive penis dragging over her g-spot, and the exposed nerves of her clitoris. There was no way for her to move so these moments of pleasure would end, leaving them blurring together as the bull picked up speed. The feeling built up between her legs, the doe gasping and whimpering.

She shrieked in surprise as orgasm overcame her, making her tighten around the bull’s massive rod. He responded by driving into her more frantically, before he too reached the edge. He filled her again, staying deep inside her until the cum stopped flowing from his head. Resting for a moment as he relaxed, the bull finally pulled out of Pandora, who immediatley fell onto the grass beneath them. She felt the fluids leaking out of her now-gaping hole. Without another word to her, or glance in her direction, the bull who’d left her thoroughly bred walked away, clearly with more important matters to attend to.

Pandora shakily got to her hooves, stumbling across the pasture. She found herself near some of the cows who’d shot her amused looks – they had known what would happen to her. “Hey!” she exclaimed, glaring at them. “Why didn’t you warn me?” The two cows exchanged a glance with each other, before turning back to Pandora, both grinning.

“What idiot expects to come into a bull’s pasture and doesn’t expect to get bred?” One of them answered. They went back to their grazing, and Pandora grunted, galloping away. She swiftly hopped back over the fence, doubting any predators would have waited for her return.

It was, to her relief, a brief walk back to where her herd was settling down. She tensed upon entering the area, noticing one of the herd’s males. She hadn’t been expecting any of them! He noticed her as she turned to exit the clearing, knowing there was a river nearby. She’d wade in it for a while to clean herself.

“Pandora?” The voice startled her, as she’d had her backside turned to the male as he approached her. She quickly stumbled into the water, hoping he hadn’t seen the mess the bull had made of her pussy.

“Uh, yes! Sorry. I walked in some mud,” she lied, hoping the excuse would be sufficient for the buck. He didn’t seem to mind as he approached the riverbank.

“Mhm. I was just thinking… I figured it was about time you had your first breeding. Hopefully you’ll be able to deliver a strong, healthy fawn not long from now.”

“Oh!” The unexpected suggestion left Pandora flustered, especially with her experience minutes ago. She was far from a virgin now, but… would anything come of the substantial amount of bull cum deposited inside her? She didn’t know. She’d never had reason to wonder before.

“So, what do you think?” The buck stretched out to nip at her ear, slowly stepping into the river to join her. “Well… I suppose I can’t exactly say no,” she decided, moving closer to the male. The water hadn’t cleaned out all of the semen still inside her, but hopefully, it would just be written off as her being extra wet.

“Be my guest.”