Young and Dumb

I remember how it started like it was yesterday. I was on a date with a girl named Amanda. We went down to the river where there was a fire going and drank some beers. We were laughing and joking and having a great time. Then the sun started to come up and she was getting feisty. We started kissing. […]

Meeting Old ‘Friends’

“ohh those look like some extra efforts.. special for today?” I asked her while she was applying finishing touches to her carefully done makeup which made her beautiful face glow even more. Me and my gf Saniya were in live-in relationship since two years. We both had set our career on secured path and now enjoying our life as young […]

Party Girl

When I reached the grim milestone of my 30th birthday, my wife and I decided to break the tradition of us spending birthdays together, just the two of us, and instead have a proper party. With some planning, we managed to get most of our friends, a bit of music and a lot of alcohol into the house on the […]

Jennifer’s Crime and Punishment

Another nice morning for another low down shopping area. A few eateries, a bail bond, and furniture store were open as normal. However, a small time clothing store is going to have to a lovely encounter with Jennifer. Back at Jennifer’s apartment. “Look if you don’t have any underwear anymore, then…” Jennifer’s roommate continues, “Well just go steal some of […]

David and Becky’s Risky Game

It was one of the happiest days of my life. I had just spent the last four and a half weeks in prison for a minor driving offence, which would have been a fine if I had managed to keep my mouth shut and refrained from disrespecting the court when I stood before Judge Morris. She decided on a custodial […]

Slaves to Their Desires

After Fort Sumter, John Ed Roebuck left his wife and two daughters to join his Confederate regiment. His older brother Lucas, who had lost his hand in a threshing accident and thus couldn’t serve, brought his wife to live with Jane Roebuck so there would be a male presence at the sprawling estate. However, in the spring of 1862, Lucas […]

The Bully

“I hate her! I fucking hate the bitch!” Carolyn cried. “She’s so fucking evil I could kill her,” she spat out. Ashley hugged her friend, “I know. Why does she hate us so much? I mean, we’ve never done a single thing to her, ever. I still can’t believe what she did to you, though,” she said softly as she […]

Taken for a Ride

“Come back here and get this stuff off of me!” Emmy squirmed in her seat at the back of the minibus, straining against the heavy-duty duct tape holding her limbs in place. Not only were her wrists bound tightly behind her back, but several loops around her chest pinned her arms against her body, and more kept her ankles and […]

The Mandarin Lessons

It had seemed such a good idea at the time. Katherine had decided to learn Mandarin in her spare time. She thought it would give her a leg up in the increasingly competitive job market when she graduated in the future. She tried learning through apps like Duolingo but she didn’t really have the self-discipline to keep at it day […]

My GF the Engineer-Beta Released

For a moment they rested. Poised but still. They were monitored, checked, examined, and contentedly confirmed. When satisfied, the order was given and in unison glinting points rose from the ground. There was very little light in the bedroom. The curtains were drawn and only the miniscule slivers of a streetlight’s orange glow managed to penetrate into the room. In […]