A very Interesting Summer with Dad

My name is Dylan Cooper. I´m nineteen years old and in my second year of college. I love reading gay erotica. In fact I’m kind of obsessed with it. Maybe that’s why I started wondering about my dad. His name is Stephen and he’s pretty cool. He’s a very successful lawyer, works out every morning, plays video games with me […]

Building my Way to Mom

“You’re useless,” dad shouted as he waved my transcript in my face. I stood there silently as he scolded me, my eyes fixed on the floor. I felt both angry and ashamed as I stood there clasping my hands. I looked up at him to say something, but mom gestured that I remain silent from behind him. “He’ll do better […]

Is she real?

I had hit a wall with my writing, so there I was, a 40-year-old bloke sat at home reading through online stories. I was hoping to find inspiration for a new story of my own. That’s when I came across a new writer, their 1st story I read was gangbang based, and it had all the tags I liked. I […]

Steve & Sara

Steve and Sara were fuck buddies. They were both married but the difference was that Sara’s husband got off on watching Sara fuck Big Black Cocks but Steve’s wife was not aware of Sara at all. However, Sara was trusted to maintain confidentiality. So when Steve showed up at Sara’s place her husband was expecting him and invited him in. […]

We Were Going to Lose The House

I was so upset. I had no idea what to do. I was up all night talking with my husband. We were desperately trying to think of a way for us to get the bank to work with us. Just two months ago, my husband had a great job downtown in the big city and I was working at one […]

Click and Collect: Amie’s Present

Mondays are always hard, and this one especially. No-one wants bookshelves or washing machines way after five o’clock on a Monday afternoon, we’ve all got better places to be. Except Amie. She was milling around in aisle seven looking at big-box household appliances as I did the usual sweep through the store for customers. Milly was already packing up the […]

Bob & Claire’s Sub

Before I left that Sunday, Aunt Claire whispered in my ear to call her sometime on Tuesday. Well, all that night and the next day, she had me thinking and day dreaming about her, and worryingly all through lessons. I couldn’t help it. I wondered, but already guessed what she wanted to talk to me about, but I had to […]

My Brilliant Life

I had just graduated high school and was staring my future directly in the eye. I had an opportunity to attend a university that seemed out of my reach, both financially and scholastically. I was legally an adult, but hardly felt that way. I was tall, shy and modest. My virginity shown all over me. I had dated a couple […]

Just Fuck Me

The whistle pierced the air, as if the guard were trying to break us apart with the sound. Reluctantly, Eric slid his tongue out of my mouth, drew his finger from my pussy and his hand out of my short skirt, and stepped back. “Sorry babe, I really do have to go.” I pouted, brought my arms forward to press […]

The Rockstar Who Stole My Wife

I met the girl who later would become my wife at a rock concert when we were both nineteen. I remember that she looked totally amazing in her Dr. Martens and short leather skirt. She was taller than most other girls, and she stood out from the concert crowd with a magnetism I couldn’t resist. Luckily, I picked up my […]