My Perfectly Made Girlfriend

My first story, hopefully you like it. Thank you for reading.


My Perfectly Made Girlfriend.

She was standing, all five foot six hundred and ten pounds of exotic beauty, at the bar, jeans so tight I could tell her religion. The only thing that made me think they weren’t body paint was the zipper that went down the top of tights to top of the ass. Her sequin top was dazzling, totally hiding her small chest as she tetter on spiked four-inch heels. She was sipping a light beer and fending off guys who admired her sexy assets as much as I did.

I ran my hand over her ass as she spun to slap me. Her eyes full of shock softened when she realized who was caressing her back side. Her little heart-shaped locket collar, on full display. She wrapped her arms around my neck, burying her tongue deep in my mouth. She pulled me close, her leg wrapped around mine as if to tell everyone she has her man go away.

I sucked her tongue till she finally came up for air, her arms locked around my neck. “About damn time you got here. I have been waiting for an hour.” She plopped her cute ass on the barstool.

“Bite me, work had me stay over. Not like you would answer your phone, anyway.” I winked, looking over her shoulder, asking for my usual. “So, who is the band tonight?”

I had met Sonaya at an old job that I had been contacted to do.  Though she was Sonaya then, we were working on server racks and I saw this cute ass bent over with lacey underwear.  I took a chance and grabbed it. Hard and held it, he back then went stiff. I said u hate these clothes don’t you. He was too stunned to breathe.  As I groped his ass harder, “if you like this, nod your head.” He nodded.  “You wish you were a woman, don’t you?” There was a pause, then a nod. “You want me to let go?”  He shook his head no.  “You want to explore this further?” He nodded.

By the end of the contract, time was up Sam had become Sonaya full time, and my permanent arm piece. He became her, within a week. By the time we started our next contract, Sonaya was unrecognizable as a guy, she was totally in girl mode 24 7. She introduced me as her boyfriend and her family disowned her. One she was from Iran and while a very thin framed girl with long black hair. Her very religious family went crazy. Needless to say, she went from a coworker to my roommate and lover in a week. To be honest, I was a private contractor who had a ton of work and was going all across the country. Sonaya sold all her stuff and lives with me out of our suitcases as we bounce between contracts.

I leaned in and nuzzled her ear as she melted against me. While we were in a crowded room, she made me feel like we were the only ppl in the world. We had been at this site for about two days, setting up a server system. She was happy to be getting out of the hotel room. As Sonaya became more and more confident, she loved being shown off. Her shyness was becoming less and less of an issue. She loved to flaunt her sexy ass and almost danced around me.

She was in her first month of hormone therapy and while she was moody; she was totally focused on completely killing off her male side. As I finished my beer, she drug me out on the dance floor, I was a horrible dancer, Soraya was not. She was brilliant at programming and engineering, but damn, she was master at making her femininity work her magic. She bounced her ass on me, grinding on me, teasing me, and winking at me.  Several guys tried to cut in, but she would grab my tie and pull me closer.

“Sora, you’re on fire” we found a spot to stand. “What has you worked up?”

“I have my man.” She leaned and kissed my neck as she moved my hand and squeezed my hand with her thighs. “Can we go to the room?”  She looked around, making sure few were watching, and kissed my neck, biting it lightly.  Then half drag me out of the hotel bar. While we always got double adjoined rooms, we seldom left mine or hers.

As soon as the door closed, I grabbed her ass, smacking it hard as she squirmed, lacing her arms as she moaned. I unzipped her back, so I could kneed her sexy full ass. Her legs spread, teetering on her heels.  “Please, daddy” she moaned as I pushed her tights and panties down. My jeans cover cock strained against her. I smacked her bare ass.

“What do you need, Sona?” I groped her as I lifted her up and carried her to the bed.

“I need your cock, daddy.”  She moaned and dropped her ass on the bed, shoving her back as I yanked her tights down as she kicked off her heels. The cold air of the room made her shiver as I looked at her tiny soft cock glistening wet, smooth and shiny. I smiled.

“Daddy, don’t look at it, I hate my cock.. I wish I was born a real girl.” She turned her head as I grabbed her chin and turned her to face me.

“Princess, if you had a pussy you would not be mine.” I unzipped my pants as my 8 inch uncut cock popped up right, swollen, and purple. Laying on her olive-skinned crotch, her wetness felt so good as I ran my hands up under her sexy shirt and groped her small A cups. She moaned as I played with her tits. I could tell she was already on cloud nine.

Her tiny feet lifting her ass. Looking up at her man. I rocked back and teased her anal entrance.  She spread wide as I pushed in. As I pushed, she inhaled and her body tensed up as I pushed deep inside, once I bottomed out, she sighed.  Her eyes fluttered as I moved my hands to her shoulders and long thrusts deep into her pussy.

Her body felt amazing as I took my time to fully enjoy fucking her amazing tight body. The sequin tops scratching my bare chest. As I pushed harder, deeper, rocking her whole body with each thrust till she shuttered and gasped, I felt her squirting on tummy and I pounded her even harder.  Her moans turned into screams as her nails tore my shirt felt so feral, so full of lust. I needed her more and my mouth found her neck as a bite and fucked her hard, making the bed and box springs sing. Her cunt flooded my thighs as I marked her sexy neck.

I moaned as the floodgates of my balls broke and I erupted like geyser inside her anal cavity. Long breeding strokes were fully focused on my orgasm into her shuttering body.  Relaxing, I collapsed on top of her, catching my breath. Her ankles rested on my ass, and she smelt of cum, sweat, and cherry petals. I didn’t want to move because she felt so close to me; I knew she could feel my heart pounding.

I finally rolled off her and lay beside her on the bed. She took off her shirt and laid her head on my chest, blissfully enjoying her post sexual weariness. I ran my hand through her soft hair. Once it was barely pixie now halfway down her neck. She wanted it down her back. I always felt good after our nightly breeding, mainly because of her glow.

Our first night, she cried. She had met me for drinks; she was still him, mostly. I asked him if had ever cross-dressed, he nodded, and blushed so hard. I asked if he ever thought about coming out as a woman. But after a few beers, he told me of his strict family; they were old school Muslims. So much guilt he had already, he told me if he did it might cost him his life. After a third beer, he kissed me. I was not into guys per se, but he, even in guy mode, looked like a lesbian butch. I asked if he would like to come to my room, no hesitation.

I paid for the drinks and led him up; he asked me to stop calling him Sam and said to call her Soraya. I smiled and kissed Soraya for the first time. Once the door closed, she tore open her shirt, exposing her white lacy bra, and I fumbled with her pants, she stepped out of them and her cute lace thong and garter and thigh highs were all white. I tugged at them hard. Her cock was strained so against them, it was a caged four inch olive colored pencil that had totally soaked her panty.

I felt her awkwardly fumble with my belt and jeans. Kissing my neck. She finally in her drunk frustration looked down and undid my pants and pulled them to my ankles. My aching cock popped out and hit her in the face. I grabbed her head, making her look me in the eye.

“Sonaya once you do this there is no…oh fuckkkk.” She dove on my cock like a starved animal. Licking and sucking and what she didn’t know from practice, she made up for in eagerness.

Grabbing her head, I fucked her virgin face. She had no reservations, no questioning of what she wanted. She worshipped my cock like she was born to do this. She was crying as she looked up and sucked so tight on my cock. I saw her tears and stopped her. I had to pry her off.

“Please…I need it.. please” She pushed as hard as she could to get it back in her mouth. I let her go, and she choked on my 8 inches gagging trying to swallow it all. I smiled and realized she had repressed it for so long.

“I am going to enjoy molding you.” As I pulled her head back. “Sonaya. I am going to fuck your ass. Nod if you understand.” She nodded. “You should know it’s going to hurt, nod if you still want it.” She nodded. “You realize there is no going back once I do this.” She nodded.  “Ok, then take off your panties and wait right here till I get ready.” She slipped them off and sat on her heels, watching silently and obediently.

I arranged the pillows on the side of the bed. Wondering how much I wanted to test her. I had some lube, but I smirked. I laid it just in front of the pillow.  I patted the bed for her to get up there. She smiled and got on her knees, ass up, face in the pillow in front of her. I place a pillow under her belly. I smiled as I noticed very little hair except for her most private tent.

“Soraya, are you a woman or sissy faggot?” I slapped her ass hard. Rubbing it as she yelped. “See sissy, faggots snd men will want that lube right now.” She pushed across the bed out of her reach. I ran my hand over her cock and coated my shaft with her pre. Gave it a few strokes as then thumped her crown hard, she yelped. “Women don’t get erections” I smirked, and I teased her ass with my cock.

I pushed in gently; I slapped her bare ass cheek again. “Relax and accept it.” She was shivering as I forced my tip inside. She was tight and felt like I was trying to fuck a key hole. I smacked her ass as hard as I could, as she jumped I shoved past her ring.  She screamed into the pillow.

“Fuccckkkkkkkk it is too big!!!!” She tried to pull away. I grabbed her shoulders like a vise. I was twice her size in muscle and I kept pushing deeper and deeper into her dry, resisting ass. “Please, it hurts… fuck it’s ripping,” she said between gasps and sobs. I was only halfway in. I pulled back almost to the entrance.

“Ok I will stop.” I paused at her entrance.

“No..” she whimpered, pushing back on me. I had to admit she was no quitter. The pause she had figured out to relax her body, and I was able to plow her to six inches. I would give her small thrusts, nothing forced and pulled out. I reached and grabbed more of her pre and coated my dry shaft. Then slide back in. I could feel the change immediately as I bottomed out. She was trembling and biting the pillow as it used her virgin ass. I felt bad for dry fucking her but she was this beautiful olive-skinned trooper and right now I had to have her. I had to break her. Each thrust drove deeper and finally her manly grunts melted to softer moans. As I got a rhythm, her swinging cock slapping her tummy drove me crazy.

I had never fucked a guy, and honestly, I still hadn’t, because any masculinity was being pounded out of her. She looked up at a full-length mirror showing the porno of her being deflowered, breaking and becoming Sonaya forever. She was sweating, face puffy and proud as a peacock as she rocked back and really started enjoying herself. I saw it when it happened… her body squeezed my cock so tightly and her eyes rolled back as her first analgasm ripped through her body. Her elbows gave out first, then I slid her face back and forth over the pillows as I rammed her mercilessly.

I could feel my damn breaking as I painted her pussy walls with my huge load of baby batter. I slapped her limp ass as I pulled out, leaving her to enjoy her post orgasm. Needless to say, Sonaya didn’t go home that night.