Alexei Iskakov, Bounty Hunter

Alexei Iskakov had had a long night. Sometimes you bring in the head of a bounty, and the client gets pissy about a missing tooth. The resulting ‘negotiation’ only got him 70% of the agreed price, and led to a long night of drinking and ranting at his favorite bartender. He kicked an adbot, blaring promos for “forbidden erotic services” […]

Righting A Wrong

I’m sitting in the living room of my house, having just finished the very sad get together following the funeral of my wife of nearly twenty-six years. My son, Charlie, his pregnant wife and their two year old son just left My daughter, Carol, and her new husband also left. The very close friends and other relatives left, too, leaving […]

After the Caribbean

In the hotel room under the lavender-tinted sky, champagne twilight, violet star-patterned sheets, faintly colored like a fairy tale, lying in bed Akemi face up, her tits peaked to his mouth, her nipples distended, frosted like the daiquiris they’d drunk, by his kisses, having the time of their lives, Mitchell’s thighs bouncing between hers, her brown bush welcoming, fucking on […]

Bath House Submission

I live in a small town in central Arizona. This place is quite homophobic, so as you can probably guess, there isn’t very much happening here for a submissive bi guy like me to do for sexual release. Every once in a while I manage to get down to Phoenix and let my hair down so to speak. This is […]

You Can’t Argue with Cosmopolitan

“You are hopeless.” The last words Gina heard from her roommate, Grace, as she pulled the door closed. The back story was that Grace had been trying for weeks to entice Gina to go to, as she described it, the party of the year. Gina. On the other hand, had no interest in anything involving kegs of beer, loud crowds, […]

More Than an Other

“Lynn. Hey.” It was a question as much as anything. The yawn broke through, screwing open her mouth and causing her to sway forward. She scratched her tummy through her cotton chemise, the thin floral design jumping along the top of her thighs. “Hi Sarah.” Lynn whispered, worry creasing her brow. For some reason it felt rude to speak above […]

The Birthday Party

I’ve decided to share my story, not because I’m proud of it, quite the contrary. I’m ashamed, and I know it’s caused an unspoken rift in my friendship with Kara. I say unspoken because I’m not even certain she notices a change. But it’s certainly a change that I feel, a kind of paranoia, stemming from my guilt. I’ve recently […]

All of the Things

I’m what most people who aren’t extremely wealthy call “rich.” I definitely do well for myself, but no one outside Phoenix considers me a mover and a shaker. Most of the truly wealthy who live in places like New York, Tokyo or London are unlikely to know my name. For the record, that name is Leonidas Puckett. I wasn’t born […]

The Privacy Flights

Kevin has been looking forward to Saturday night and lying next to Jessie on this long flight back to the U.S. Jessie is his wife of two years and, in his opinion, the best thing ever to happen to him. The three weeks with Jessie in Eastern Europe have been special. The cities have been filled with history, the national […]

A Mishap of Circumstance

I am a bloody idiot. That’s what I am. And at my age at that! Forty! Alright, alright, I guess I should explain. Maybe you will understand as no one else is likely to believe me. None of this was planned. It just happened. It all started when my daughter and son, Bonnie and Clyde, decided to have a Halloween […]