Kinky Secretary turns Domme

“What Darla? I can’t hear you. You’ll have to speak up!”

Hardly surprising since I was tightly gagged at the time. I was dressed not in my more usual secretarial attire but as an out and out floozie. I had on a leopard catsuit topped with a tight waist cincher and shiny black skirt that really didn’t cover my ass when I sat. My slut collar was locked on. I had over the top makeup with outrageous long lashes, glittery eyeshadow, extremely generous eyeliner and dramatic brows penciled on. The only constant was my shiny ‘fuck me’ red lipstick. I had on a ‘big hair’ blond wig to complete the look. Mistress lit a Virginia Slim and smiled at my current predicament. She was trying to convert me from my Winstons to a more lady like cigarette. I continued to resist and this was the result.

“This would have been so much better if you were a little more cooperative. You could have dressed in some of the stylish clothes I bought you on our shopping excursion instead the slutty outfit you have on now. The blog post would have been so much better with secretarial clothes but you brought it on yourself. Just be thankful I blur your face before posting it.”

I was in the midst of a gag test requested by some of her fans. With each gag, I tried to talk through it then Mistress would remove it and I would give my impressions for the blog. We had worked our way through a standard size ballgag, a large ballgag, panel gag, harness gag, penis gag, an inflatable gag and now a ring gag. I fought the drool but it was a losing battle. If I hadn’t been tied up, I could have at least used a cloth but Mistress had insisted.

“If you are to be repeatedly gagged, it only seems natural for you to be tied up. I’m sure you agree.”

Whether I did or not, I was tightly tied in my low backed chair as the drool started to flow. To top it off and increase my frustration, Mistress had put in a penis plug that was incredibly stimulating. I stayed erect through the whole series of gags and she had assured me there would be no release today. More punishment.

“Had enough, Darla? Ready for a Virginia Slim?”

I wasn’t about to give in and shook my head no. Mistress sighed, then muttered that I was incorrigible and was about to take the ring gag out for my comments before untying me. Just then, a skype call came through her computer. She grinned as she answered it.

“Jane, how are you?”

Jane was my erstwhile kidnapper along with her accomplices, Joyce and Lynne. They had a very successful fantasy kidnapping business we had become familiar with as I was on the receiving end of their attentions. I had described my adventures at Mistress’ insistence in my Kidnapped Kinky Secretary stories on literotica. They were the subject of a chapter in Mistress’ coffee table kink anthology and business had boomed for them.

“Actually, I was looking for Darla. Is she available?”

Mistress laughed out loud. “She’s tied up right now. You know I have always wanted to say that and it just so happens, she really is tied up. Here, I’ll show you.”

She turned the camera toward me and Jane expoded in laughter.

“What a floozie! What happened to her secretarial outfit?”

“I’ve been after her to switch to Virginia Slims which is much more ladylike but she is being stubborn, hence her current appearance though I think she secretly likes it. So far no luck converting her. You are just as bad. You’re in her pack everytime we get together. Anyway, how’s business?”

“Well Mistress, it’s really good. We’re having trouble meeting the demand which is the reason for my call. Since Darla isn’t talking right now, I’ll ask you. I wonder if I could borrow something for a little while?”

“I’m sure we can work something out Jane. What do you need?”

She paused for a minute before answering.

“Actually, I need to borrow Darla.”

“You have to be kidding. Why do you need Darla?”

“Well, we have a request for a scene from a woman who wants to be kidnapped and used by a pair of burglars. I explained that we were a bit shorthanded right now. Joyce and Lynne have another job the same day. She didn’t have any flexibility for dates but then I thought of Darla. I asked if she would be interested in a crossdresser as the second kidnapper and Mistress, she couldn’t hide her excitement. She practically gushed that she had always wanted that kind of experience. She’s usually with women and wanted female kidnappers so this would be the best of both worlds. So what do you say, a favor for a friend? Can Darla come out and play?”

“Tell me about the scene.”

Jane explained that the client was a successful tech exec with a large secluded house. We would be burglars who would ‘break in’ at night surprising her in her bedroom. We would tie her up while we ‘robbed’ the house then decide to have some fun with our bound and gagged victim before making our escape. We would dress in catsuits, masks and boots. Doesn’t every cat burglar? It sounded so delicious. I preferred being tied but the thought of turning the tables was exciting. I nodded my head enthusiastically. Never mind the drool.

“That could actually be a really good blog post. I could have have the two of you talk about it in your catsuits and masks. Let me think about it and get back to you.”

Mistress disconnected the skype call and took out the ring gag for me to complete the blog with my impressions. She took out the penis plug and untied me. I immediately lit a Winston, much to her chagrin, and begged her to let me do it.

“Please Mistress. It sounds like such fun. On the other hand, you could let me tie you up. That would be even better!”

Mistress laughed at the thought.

“Ok. Call Jane back and tell her you’re in but Darla, don’t go too crazy and be careful where you put ‘my’ clit. Understand?”

I quickly agreed and really, my intentions were good. They really were.