The Philosophical Club


by Musings of Pan

Author’s note: All students in this story showed ID to prove they are over 18.

Senior year at State University I was part of a group of friends who got together on Friday nights to hang out. Sometimes at the student union, sometimes in the basement room of the pizza place, sometimes other places. It was not anything organized, just a group sitting around telling stories, playing games, or discussing the latest crisis on campus. Just a way to unwind from the pressures of school. Who showed up each varied but was usually about four guys and four girls.

Early on we decided we needed a name to post where we were meeting but it could not be a name which would draw too much attention. Our small group was just fine. After much debate Sally in jest proposed the name The Philosophical Club. We all agreed it was the perfect name so from then on we were The Philosophical Club.

One Friday we were all crammed into the dorm room that Marcie, Sally, Liz, and Cathy shared. Cathy was not a regular part of the group but agreed to sit in because we needed her part of the room. It was tight but by sitting several to a bed and using the study area we all got comfortable. Dan had smuggled in a small keg of beer so we were getting even more comfortable.

We were discussing what to do when Pat suggested that we play dare. Not truth or dare but just dare. We were all to rearrange ourselves so that were sitting boy, girl, etc. Then the person starting would dare the person to their right to do something. Once that person had accomplished the dare they would dare the person on the right to do something. And so on around the room.

With some groaning that this is childish we decided to give it a try. The dares started pretty silly. Hop like a bunny, do ten push ups, rub your tummy while patting your head, etc. We were having a good laugh.

It got to Dan’s turn to dare and he looked at Liz who has very nice sized breasts and dared her to rub her boobs for 30 seconds. It got quiet while we wondered if this was going too far. Then Liz smiled and said, “Why not. This is just between friends.” and proceeded to make quite a show of erotically massaging her ample boobs. When she was done we all applauded and she took a small bow.

Then Liz, with a mischievous smile, dared me to rub my penis for 30 seconds. I knew that doing that would bring forth a very obvious erection but after what Liz did which caused her nipples to poke out I had no choice. So I put on as good a show as I could and sure enough the bulge in the front of my pants appeared. Then, to group applause I gave a small bow.

I turned to Sally who was on my right and dared her to rub my penis. She hesitated, then smiled and began stroking my erection through my pants. It felt great and I was wishing I had made the dare for longer than 30 seconds but too soon she stopped and took her bow.

Ken was on Sally’s right so she dared him to stroke her breasts. Both of them were in heaven by the looks on their faces. Sally’s nipples were obviously responding beneath her t-shirt. We had to call time twice to get them apart.

Ken dared Pat to put her hand down his pants and stroke him. She was happy to comply as to two stood together obviously enjoying it. I thought Ken might cum but he controlled himself. Of course he ended with a very obvious erection.

The dares progressed from there. Feeling the girls breasts under their shirts, feeling each other down pants, head under a girls shirt to lick nipples. Then back to Liz who pulled off her shirt and bra and had me play with her boobs. To stay in the spirit of things, I pulled off my pants and dared Sally to play with me inside my underwear.

Soon all of the girls were topless and the boys in underwear. Then the next dare was to Pat to take off her pants as it was only fair so Ken could stroke her under her panties. I noticed that she had a wet spot in her panties but could not say anything because I had a pre-cum wet spot myself.

Then Pat spoke up, “OK everyone, last round. For this round take off your remaining clothes and each session lasts a full minute.” By we were all too hot to think about objecting. So we pulled off our underwear but instead of waiting for a dare turn we just turned to the girl next to us and went at it. With no one left for time keeping this went on for quite awhile.

Someone shouted 69 and we all found spaces on the beds or floor and took our positions. I was licking Sally’s split while she sucked on my cock. We came quickly and then lay there cuddling and watching the others.