Take Care

“Sir!” I shouldn’t have looked back. I knew better, I knew not to pay attention to people calling after me, and yet… Was it the use of ‘Sir’ instead of the more common ‘Mister’? Her voice, her intonation? “Sir, take him with you!” A girl, a young woman, holding a toddler by her hand. A beautiful young woman. A snotty […]

Size Queen For A Day

“What the FUCK am I doing???” I ask myself for probably the tenth time, since coming into this shoe store, to find the perfect shoes for the dress I plan to wear for my twentieth anniversary party. Now, I am spreading my thighs suggestively, to give the handsome shoe salesman, a better glimpse under my skirt. “What the fuck is […]

A Year of the Perfect Wife

“Do you want to cum in your little wifey’s mouth? Come on baby, cum in my mouth, I’ll swallow like a good wife should.” Not your typical banter between a mid thirties married couple, but one that has become SOP in our home since my wife lost her job and decided to focus on… Well, being the ultimate wife, I […]

My Daughter Can See I’m in Need

I had been relatively unhappy for many months now. I lived in a very nice house in a lovely area with my recently turned 18 daughter who was doing really well in school. I couldn’t shake the feeling of being depressed through most of my walking hours. There were short times when I was with my daughter or some friends […]

The Diary of Professor Mulgrave

I will soon receive a package of utmost interest from a professional peer. In this diary, I shall write down my findings for the good of the scientific community. I shall write down more once I have it in my possession. For now, I do not want to work myself up too much over this, in case it is more […]


“This is the night you get what you have wanted. After months and months of you telling me how lousy I was in every way and how much better the men were in your office were, I found a solution. ‘If only I had _____instead of you’ was a phrase you used time after time, so I decided to do […]

Mega Pizza Dare

“It’s Friday, pizza day, again. You ready to go for it, Sue?” “Go for what, Al? I haven’t the slightest idea what you mean.” “Right. When I dared you to strip before answering the door for the pizza guy three weeks ago, you got all giddy like. After saying NO until the last minute, you stripped down to your tiny […]

Study Date

Utkarsha was a new student in our school when I met her. She had black hair, blue eyes that looked like crystals and skin as soft as water. “Namaskar, Mohak! Can you, um, help me with Mathematics?” Utkarsha asked me. “Okay. We can have a study date at my home. You can come at 4 pm.” I immediately replied. “Thanks!”

Kindred ‘Spirits’ Haunt a Couple

Figured I’d punch out a ‘HolloWeeny’ themed quip. Note the capitalization of SPOOKY words, FYE. They, whoever they may be, say SPIRITS of the departed are of the wind and POSSESS no tangibles of the living realm. I write you here to disSPELL this legend of urbanity and reveal the true power of the SPIRIT world over that of the […]

Young Man in the Morning Light

At 6:18 a.m. on an autumn Sunday morning, it is really very early and the city center is almost deserted when I reach the entrance portal of a large department store, enjoying the unusual silence of our largest shopping street, which is usually crowded with people. On the way there, besides the hardworking men from street cleaning, I hardly met […]