Penny’s Weekend Adventure

This erotic story is a work of fiction. There are elements of erotic man and woman sex, light bondage, voyeurism, interracial sex, lesbian sex, incest, and wife sharing. All characters are over 18 and of consensual age. If any of these subject matters offend you, please exit now. “One more thing Penny, did you get the email about our upcoming […]

Adventures of a Private Eye

I’m Lew Carver. I’m a Private Detective, recently retired from the Chicago Police Department, and recently divorced. My former wife got just about half of everything I had before the divorce, and now she gets half of my retirement pay. That’s not enough for me to live on – at least not how I want to live, so I’ve started […]

Racing Home

I was rooted in the driver’s seat, my right hand, ready on the ignition key, the other holding the steering wheel tight. In anticipation, I waited for Nick to give me the go-ahead to fire up the engine. He was seated alongside me; his seat slid back as far as possible to accommodate him and the laptop on his legs. […]

The Special Room

Friday, I left for work at my normal time and things started to go wrong. I nearly had a crash. When I arrive at work, I always go to the loo. I walked into the ladies, and they all laughed at me. As the day went on, I was talking to a customer. I was talking to the wrong one. […]

Morning Glory

The first time I met Lisa (name changed) was when we were grouped together for the interview in Bangalore. Being two Malayalee girls fresh out of engineering college in an unknown city was reason enough for us to bond together. But that’s where the similarities ended. I was a brought up in a small village in Kottayam, studied in a […]

Well You Asked For It

“Why, Marius? Is it that I am not enough for you?” “No, Ros, it’s not like that. I just thought it might just be a bit of fun. Gerard from accounting is involved with a group. He told me it was the most incredible experience. He and his wife Barbara, both really enjoy it.” I could do nothing but stare […]

Mustang Sally

It was early in the morning as I was driving down the road. The sun was just starting to rise above the horizon in front of me. It was quiet with very few cars on the road and I was enjoying the peaceful drive. And then I noticed a silver Mustang convertible in the mirror coming up behind me, getting […]


I am standing in the middle of a second floor studio apartment in the center of town while it’s occupant, Nelly, a 19-year old student of mine, is down on her knees sucking my cock. Amber light from the street outside glows through the front window and falls over her angelic face. The flowery scent of shampoo rolls off her […]

Dinah Does the Decoration

I received a text from a woman by the name of Marguerite wishing to hire me for her husband’s birthday, his 50th. When I asked how many in attendance she said, “Just my husband and me.” I always needed to know that in case I was being passed around like a candy dish. But, no, she assured me that it […]

Sinners Haven: Angela

The year is 2005 and the world is at peace. Life for humans is rather boring and mundane. Many new advancements in technology have been discovered but it was something unexpected that would spell doom for humans. Deep in the heart of Las Vegas a massive construction starts to take place. Millions of jobs are made as a brand new […]