Mega Pizza Dare

Mega Pizza Dare


“It’s Friday, pizza day, again. You ready to go for it, Sue?”

“Go for what, Al? I haven’t the slightest idea what you mean.”

“Right. When I dared you to strip before answering the door for the pizza guy three weeks ago, you got all giddy like. After saying NO until the last minute, you stripped down to your tiny panties and even changed your bra to one of your demis with your nipples half out and pushed up. Not only did you enjoy it, but we had cold pizza after crazy sex. Wanna see the video again?”

Grinning, she said, “No. He was so fixated on my nipples he nearly dropped the pizza.”

“He could have intercepted it with the hardon tenting his slacks. Let’s have some fun. You thought he was ‘cute,’ or so you said often enough since then.”

“I plead the fifth. Then, last week, you dared me to lose the bra before I opened the door and bet me I wouldn’t. When our friendly neighbor, Ned, dropped off our wayward mail, he surprised me and I surprised and rewarded him with my bared boobs and tiny shorts. He kept licking his lips while staring at my tits. Though I tried to stay casual, our long conversation got my nipples, and his dick, hard. Stepping between his legs while ‘reading’ the envelopes was fun. Squeezing his impressively hard cock with my thigh made me horny and I nearly came when I saw his wet spot grow. I bet more mail will get diverted to his mailbox.”

“I recall, you naughty girl, and caught most of the growth on vid. You tore my clothes off and left me naked when the door bell rang minutes later. You whipped the door open topless when Salvatore showed up, and argued about the 20-minute guarantee. Nice ploy. Your still hard, sweaty, perfect nipples got his dick hard instantly. The flirty arguing stretched his slacks to the breaking point and I saw him thrusting his hips at you in invitation to grab him as his eyes followed your bouncing nipples.

“Though I stayed on the sofa, I think he knew I was naked too. In your state, I’m surprised you didn’t jump him. This will be your third date with Salvatore. Maybe we should do something special for him. Offer him a couple of tits, um tips?”

“Well, Al, it was generous of him to grant us a free pizza and refuse a tip. He saw my deep breaths and flushed chest, but I’m sure he didn’t believe I was exercising. I was tempted to let him lick my tips. You think he noticed my wet spot?”

“I’m sure of it. You can see him subtly sniffing you in the vid. More cold pizza and hot pussy resulted. It was worth it.”

“Well, when we’re hot, we’re hot. You think he’s working tonight? I’m horny, um hungry, I mean.”

“I’m sure of it, Sue. I passed by the pizza place on the way home and saw him. Maybe I should have stopped for takeout?”

“As if. Sometimes I wonder if you enjoy watching me tease him half dressed more than I do. Let’s call in an order for last delivery now. So what can we do for the next hour or so?”

“Why don’t I prepare you to greet him naked this time? You can make him wet his slacks then offer to wash them while he waits.” Wordlessly, Sue sauntered to me as she stripped off her striped shirt. I tossed mine aside. She released her bra and held it against her for seconds before releasing her diamond tipped B-cups. As I stared at her perfect nipples, I wondered how Sal would react to her strip tease.

Her hips swayed as she extended her arms slowly, tauntingly over her head. When she caressed her firm tits, my dick began twitching. She slid her hands to her waist and unhooked her shorts then unzipped them before raising her hands and swaying to encourage her shorts to slip. Her pink panties seemed to grow until her shorts fell to the floor.

Swaying in just her tiny panties, she pulled the legs of my slacks until the waist passed my hips. They pulled my boxers across my hips until she pulled my slacks off and tossed them aside. My cock stood obscenely tall and hard, barely hidden. Sue gyrated provocatively. Spinning, she urged my boxers past my balls and off. My throbbing cock paid tribute to her and she finally turned her back and slowly slid her panties down. Her cute ass, pink rear hole, and especially the sultry, shaped rear view of her wet pussy drives me to frenzy.

A slight, sweaty blush and musky scent were the only things covering her. She was as breathless as I was as she backed toward me. Finally reaching my bobbing cock, she slid sideways on it. Still teasing me, she guided it between her legs, under and against her soaked pussy. The heat and moisture were divine. As I began to angle my rod to dip into her wet well, the doorbell rang.

A familiar voice rang out from the porch, “Pizza’s here. Come and get it.” The air from our ragged breaths hissed out of our lungs and we stared silently a moment. Her shoulders drooped, but her eyes glistened. “Pizza’s here.”

“He’s early, but this is your chance, Sue. I dare you to answer the door with both of us sweaty and naked. Go. Do it. I’ll start recording.” The video began with naked Sue facing me, mouth open in shock. After a moment of doubt, she turned and slowly approached the door. “Be right there,” I shouted to remove an option. Her slow, bareassed wiggle made my mouth water as I anticipated sharing her naked pleasure with a stranger.

Sue hesitated, then yanked the door open with confident pretense. She flattened herself, palms pressed, against the open door giving Sal a full body, spread-leg view. His mouth and the pizza dropped as he took in the goose bumps surrounding her small, rounded tits and perfect nipples as enticing as I’d ever seen them. He slowly scanned her and I followed, zooming in on her glistening, treasure trail and damp pubic runway. With bald, swollen labia, her horny pussy was his to admire. I filled the screen with her lusty vulva, her small tongue of wet inner lips protruding, her swollen and exposed clit, and her dark blond patch.

Sal gasped, froze and instantly tented his slacks. “Holy shit!” came from the porch. Ned was behind Sal with his phone recording my naked wife and probably me. My stiff cock began to wilt as I stood and moved to the door. When I later saw the 2nd video, I saw my dick swing heavily from leg to leg and Sal watching it before returning to stare at Sue.

“Hi, S-s-sal. You’re early,” said Sue. “Y-y-you caught us by surprise. We were just exercising. Yes, that’s it, exercising. You brought us another free pizza since this one is damaged. Oh, hi Ned. Back so soon? S-s-sal, we were planning on giving you a special tip for the pizza.” She swelled her chest and closed her eyes. He reached out, but looked at me for permission. With two cameras recording, my approval was obvious. Sal latched onto a hard nipple and rolled it. Sue groaned and all three cocks swelled — none of us made any effort to hide them.

Sal leaned in and lapped then sucked the free nipple and I heard Ned moan. My cock was ready to burst and I knew Sue was frustrated by getting so close to cumming before Sal arrived. He reached into his slacks and adjusted his cock to point up; Ned saw and did the same. When Sue pressed and squeezed it, he took it as permission to proceed.

His fingers trailed down her side then across to her patch. He hesitated, looked at my cock, then circled her pussy. When she thrust her hips forward, he spread her lips and let her juices cover his fingers before circling her swollen clit. She sucked in a full lung of air and grabbed his cock with one hand as the other swung out and found Ned’s cock. She squeezed both, but only Sal got his fingers deep inside her. He gently rubbed her then used his thumb to lean on her clit. She gasped, convulsed, and shuddered in an intense orgasm. I recorded all the details up close including her flushed cum face.

As she shuddered, she held a tight grip on the two excited cock and vibrated them with her. Both strangers groaned and soaked their slacks in several spasms. Their wet spots grew quickly. When Sue calmed a bit, she noted that her hands were warm and damp. “Oh, I’m so sorry, guys. Come in before we give the neighbors anything more to gawk at. Let’s have some fun. Bring the pizza.” Finally closing the door, my wife ignored her nudity and asked the big questions, “Are you both disease free and vaccinated? If not, I’ll make your lives hell. Let me see your cards.” They were both cleared. “We are clean and I have an IUD so we’re safe.”

“Ok. Get your clothes off and put them in the washer while the four of us think of something fun to do.” As they stripped, they looked at my wilting cock. Sal pointed at it and Sue’s pussy saying it looked like he interrupted something and would like to see what that was. Sue gripped both their cocks. “Maybe we can even do better than that,” she boldly hinted.

Ned reached for her pussy and slipped two fingers inside. Sal sucked and bit her nipple and between them brought her to another climax. I handed Sal my camera and kissed Sue passionately. “I’m for finishing what we started and letting our new best friends both record it.”

Sue hopped onto my hips and guided my stiff cock into her pussy as both strangers recorded her inverted spit roast. She leaned back, held by her hips and gripped Sal’s big cock. He recorded her tits shifting, her grip on him, and ultimately her sucking his cock into her mouth and throat. Both men caught me pushing my cock fully into her wet chasm as she sucked Sal and soon swallowed all he released between gasps. His convulsions and relief were a new sight for us. When I saw her throat bulging with cock, I filled her pussy with several thick ropes of cum.

Ned’s cock was throbbing. “What about me? Do I get to taste my beautiful neighbor?” As we caught our breaths, I pondered how best to record our upcoming four-way. I put Sal on the floor, Sue on top with him pumping her pussy. Ned, with the thinnest cock, got her ass from behind, and I got her tight, wet throat. Honestly, I knew well that all her holes were tight and wet. Ned got one camera and I got the other. As Sal began to kiss her and slide his salami into her, Ned wet his finger in her pussy then slicked her rear hold and his cock. As he slowly worked his way in, her mouth opened wide and she relaxed everything as I filled her mouth then throat.

In just a minute or two, we were all pumping together, filling every lusty hole in Sue. Humping, grunting, gasping noises filled the room. Sal was first to cum in my wife, in her velvety pussy. His strokes then thrusts set off Ned with his frottage. Their coming set Sue off in a screaming orgasm, muted by my cock. Her throat convulsions, set me off and I filled her belly. She lapped my cock clean. Ned took Sal’s cock and sucked it dry and clean. Though Sal avoided ATM, he slid under Sue and drained my cum from her pussy and Ned’s from her ass.

All satisfied and gasping, Sue said, “NEXT time, we save some of our cum for the pizza topping. We already have the hot sausages. Bring on the cold pizza — I’m getting to like it. Ned, you can bring over my mail anytime. Sal, would you like to make this a standing Friday pizza order for your last delivery?”

Still gasping, he smiled wide and proffered two thumbs up.