Dead Girl

Don opened his eyes and stared at the spinning ceiling fan. He’d been awake for a while, but was finally conceding to the inevitable truth: he wasn’t going back to sleep. It was still dark out and the blades of the fan spun silently, the edges illuminated by some unknown light source. It had been a week since his wife […]

You Forgot Something

When he saw her for the first time, he made sure he spoke to her. He could remember after the fact the number of buttons that were not latched into their holes at the top of her shirt. Today it was two. Her chest was exposed, and you could see the straps of a harness through a mesh top that […]

DILF Werewolf Next Door

Callie fidgeted on the doorstep waiting for it to open. The moon, full and bright, yellowish in its glow illuminated everything. It hung low in the sky, a haunting lamp light to remind everyone that Halloween was just around the corner. It had rained recently and the air had a cloying dampness to it with notes of coming winter. It […]

Graduation Ceremony – Katie’s POV

‘Damn, I look good,’ Katie thought to herself, admiring her features in the mirror of the bathroom. She’d stepped out of the auditorium to check on her makeup before the ceremony officially began. It was her college graduation, the final waste of time college had in store for her before she could get the hell out of there. The last […]

Future’s Past – Past Perfect

Throwing away one’s past was a prerequisite of joining a team of problem solvers. Especially ones involved in black operations that could never be made public. Plausible deniability was key. That was one of the reasons Kate had done everything she could to expunge her history. She was far more interested in discovering the dirty secrets of others than having […]

The Photographer

Dan, a young photographer of 35 years old who shoots consumer electronics prototypes in his studio and sometimes also nature and landscape photography in the field. He lives in a town in southern California, a few hundred kilometers from Los Angeles. He makes good business, hence he could afford new gear like an EOS R6 and shortly later an EOS […]

Diane Leaves For College

Diane is a beautiful girl, yet she is not the most outgoing person and primarily keeps to herself. At 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and just 95 pounds with 28A breasts, her body frame is small. But her smooth fair-colored skin, silky brunette hair, deep hazel eyes, and big smile makes her a striking woman. With only brothers as siblings, […]

Puss in Boots

Ash continued to work cases as a detective in the Orlando area with her partner Erin. One day while Ash was checking her messages, she had received another one from Marvin, one of the old men who gangbanged her at the Golden Years assisted living home. He had called and left messages at HQ for several weeks but she was […]

Steps Together

To Josh, running was life. He loved to wake up at 4am, when it was cool outside and the sun was just a glow on the horizon of the Arizona town where he lived. He loved to strap on his weathered shoes, turn on his music and hit the pavement. He had started in high school and never lost the […]

Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod’s Works and Days. He reported that curiosity led her to open a container left in care of her husband, thus releasing physical and emotional curses upon mankind. Later depictions of the story have been varied, while some literary and artistic treatments have focused more […]