A Year of the Perfect Wife

“Do you want to cum in your little wifey’s mouth? Come on baby, cum in my mouth, I’ll swallow like a good wife should.”

Not your typical banter between a mid thirties married couple, but one that has become SOP in our home since my wife lost her job and decided to focus on… Well, being the ultimate wife, I guess.

Let’s back this up six months, so you understand how we got here. We were a career oriented power couple, both totally focused on our jobs and both wildly competitive. The result is we’ve driven each other to be better, go harder and earn more since getting together a decade ago.

Lana is blonde, 5’6″, in excellent shape and sporting 34 D’s that have little understanding of gravity. She’s been a cut throat sales manager for the last few years and made a fair amount of money with a winner take all attitude and a smile that has made more than a few grown men forget they were married. Our sex life is sporadic and has gone from multi hour fuck fests in our twenties to the occassional missionary romp on the rare weekend we are both in town. We weren’t really complaining, but I suspect we both missed the days of less responsibility and more, wild sex.

I’m 6′ dark hair, clean shaven, work out three times a week and run a division of a large company in the North East. We live in a lovely suburban neighborhood, but work usually takes precedence and the house is unkept at best.

Things changed dramatically about six months ago when Lana came home in tears. The company she was working for was in financial trouble and they had shut down her division. With no notice she was on the street and jobless, albeit with a healthy severance package.

I had little concern she’d find a new gig and we were not hurting for money, so this seemed like a paid vacation to me, but Lana took it as a personal hit and spent a month eating ice cream in her pajamas in a state of mild depression.

About the thirty day period she seemed to be coming out of it and I had left town for a week of work travel. Upon arriving back I pulled up and immediately noticed the lawn was mowed, flower beds cleaned up and the front door painted. Maybe she hired a handyman? Odd, but not alarming.

I walked in and was greeted by a woman in a tiny sundress, substantial cleavage showing, very tall heels and a massive smile. She handed me a drink, took my bag and walked back into the kitchen “Hi honey, welcome home, I hope you like what I’ve done with the place” said Lana as I watched the dress sway from her curvy hips. What the hell? Had my wife been brainwashed? Abducted by aliens? Fallen into a fifties sitcom? I followed with a quizzical look and an underlying concern the Stepford Wives may be a real thing.

“I figured you might be hungry, so I made dinner, I hope you like it.” Lana trailed off as she taste tested a sauce. We have not made a legitimate sit down dinner in months, so this moment could not be more out of character.

“Do you like my dress? I figured as long as I’m a stay at home wife, I should dress and act the part.” And with that she thrust out her chest showing enough cleavage that a nipple should have popped out as well. She teasingly flipped up the hem revealing she had also foregone underwear. I had forgotten how hot this woman was and now in full makeup and dressed as the risque version of a fifties wife, replete with 5″ heels I could think of little else.

Lana saw me eyeing her ass and wiggled up to me, pushed up on her toes and kissed me with a passion I have not seen in years. Meanwhile her hand rubbed across my growing hard on and let out an approving moan.

“I hope you like what you see, why don’t you take your drink and go sit down in the living room, I’ll bring dinner to you.” Serving me a meal as well? I made a mental note to research the Stepford Wives thing. I headed to the other room and made myself comfortable, half wondering if this was a weird dream or cruel hoax.

Within minutes Lana came in with a plate and handed it off to me. She bent over at the waist, showing her chest at the best possible angle and flashed me a sexy smile. I could see the dress slide up and expose her ass in the mirror on the other side of the room. I also caught the glint of something shiny between her curvy butt cheeks that I could not even begin to get my head around. Yeh, this was clearly some sort of fever dream. It had to be.

“Enjoy your dinner honey, I’m going to go clean up.” Lana pivoted on her heels and sashayed out of the room. I enjoyed a lovely meal, although slightly distracted by what appeared to be a failing grip on reality.

Lana appeared about twenty minutes later, dropped to her knees in front of me, pushed my legs apart and placed herself squarely at my crotch. “As long as I’m going to be a stay at home wifey, I thought I should be the very best at it, would you like a blow job for desert?”

Not that I was even capable of answering, but she was already pulling my pants off before I could so much as nod my head. Besides, who would refuse that request anyway?

Oral had been hit or miss across our marriage and it was definitely not something she asked to do. In fact, she rarely even let me go down on her.

That mirror was again doing its job and now on her knees and bent over revealed the flash I had seen earlier was a butt plug. Although previous girlfriends where happy to take it in the ass, anal stuff has never been in our repertoire. Was this a preview of coming attractions? My god I hoped so.

“Do you want to cum in your little wifey’s mouth? Come on baby, cum in my mouth, I’ll swallow like a good wife should.”

A whisky in one hand and a handful of blond hair in the other as my lovely wife begged me to cum in her mouth was certainly a wonderful way to come home to after a long week on the road and combined with the sexy view of her scantily clad body had me getting close to cumming.

“This is hot baby, I love being in your mouth and the view of your ass is amazing, I’m getting close.” Lana doubled her efforts, my cock hitting the back of her throat with each pump and my eyes now rolling back in my head.

“You like what you see baby? You can fuck my face if you want, I’m here to make you feel good…” Lana’s diatribe ended abruptly as I put my drink down, grabbed two handfuls of hair and pushed my cock down her throat, cumming in a mind bending orgasm.

Lana didn’t miss a beat, swallowed my load as promised and carefully licked me clean before buttoning my pants up and heading into the kitchen to refill my drink.

I remained in my chair dazed and almost afraid to say anything in fear of breaking whatever spell my beautiful wife was under.

“You see dear, I spent the last few days thinking about my predicament and realized, I’d really like to take some time off, but I still need to be the best at something. Wifeing seemed like the obvious answer. From now until the end of the year, I’d like to focus my energy on being the best spouse possible, is that OK with you?” Asked Lana as she returned with a fresh drink and sans the sundress and bra.

Nude, apparently shaven smooth and offering me a drink is most certainly the best method to get a yes answer out of any man. I slowly nodded, still not sure how real this was.

“Oh, and I bought some toys you might like.” Lana turned around and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“I know you like anal, but I need to work up to having a big cock up there, so I’m starting with this plug and then I have a few larger ones. I really like the way it feels and am looking forward to feeling you fuck my ass soon.” Shared a very excited wife.

Yeh, this was Stepford for sure, she had been swatting my hands away from her ass for a decade and was now using plugs to stretch herself out. My dick approved, though and I started getting hard again.

“Let’s go to bed and talk about the new you.” I recommended and watched the sway of her hips as she rotated on her heels towards our bedroom.

“Did you like using my mouth? I think a good wifey probably does that a lot, right?” Asked Lana with a wink before our lips met and we fell into bed.

It wasn’t long before I had shed my clothes and was enjoying my first shaved pussy. I could lick her for days like this. Everything was so exposed and so beautiful. Lana was thrashing about and had easily cum a half dozen times before she begged me to stop.

“Oh fuck, I can’t take anymore, please baby, if I cum again, I’m pretty sure my brain will short circuit, oh fuuuuuuck… ” I thought she might have one more in there.

I wiped my face off and crawled up next to my heavy breathing wife. “Would you like to fuck me from behnd? You can play with my plug, it feels really good when you push on it a little.” Lana rolled onto her stomach and slid her legs under her while demonstrating the plug movement.

I moved in behind her and momentarily enjoyed the view. Still in her heels and with the jeweled plug now fully exposed above a glistening wet pussy, she was a sight to behold.

“Fuck me baby, let me make your dick feel good. Grab my hips and pound your cock into my shaved pussy.” I liked the dirty talk and did exactly as requested.

“You’re so wet baby, I love how hot you feel wrapped around my dick. I want to cum inside you so bad.”

She was indeed wet and moaned louder than I’d ever heard her before. It wasn’t long before I was balls deep and could feel the plug bumping into my pubic bone causing her to groan each time I bumped it.

“Cum inside me, fill up my wet pussy, I want to feel you cum” begged Lana as she was rubbing her clit and my balls through her slightly spread legs.

That was all I could take and I slammed my hips into hers as I came with a roar. I could feel Lana’s pussy convulsing as well as her orgasm joining the party. Pretty sure I left handprints on her hips.

We passed out shortly after and I awoke to the sun pushing through the shades and a hot mouth on my cock. “Good morning honey, I made some breakfast and came to wake you up, but it looked like some of you was already up.” Said Lana as her mouth dropped back onto my morning wood.

Although I was enjoying another enthusiastic blowjob, I wasn’t going to be able to cum with a full bladder and regretfully pushed her off as I stood up to take care of business. “Let me know if you need to finish that later baby.” Said Lana with a wry smile, wiggling off to the kitchen.

Goddamn, I really liked this and was actually more relaxed than I had been in years. We spent the day together, did a little shopping and a few house projects. Lana had done a ton of work and the place was really shaping up. I could already sense her competitive nature was driving her efforts as comparisons were made to neighboring homes. I loved it.

By dinner time, I was wiped and had showered and changed only to find Lana clad in only a frilly apron. Fuck, I love side boob and she as all about it, not to mention leaving her ass fully exposed. “Sit down honey, I’ll bring your dinner over.”

I’m not even sure I remember what she made, I was staring at her body through the entire meal. When Lana did something, she did it 110% and being sexy was no exception. Watching her clean up was borderline porn as she wiggled back and forth and let’s face it guys, as sexist as it sounds, a scantily clad woman in the kitchen is infinitely hotter than the same woman in other rooms of the house.

Once cleaned up, Lana excused herself and suggested I get comfortable on the couch and find us a movie. It had been a while since we had a relaxing evening, so I put up little resistance, in spite of an insistent hard on telling me to fuck her over the kitchen island.

Lana reappeared twenty minutes later in skimpy lingerie and thigh highs “I’m ready, did you pick a movie?” As if her boobs weren’t bursting through the fabric of her minimal attire.

I stripped most of my clothes off and we got comfortable under a blanket as the movie played. “Can you help me put in the bigger plug, I want my ass to be ready for you before the end of the weekend.” Whispered Lana into my ear.

I nodded and she slid down and across the coffee table, ass now in the air and the plug I had seen last night again lodged up her pert butt. “Pull that one out and use the lube and the bigger one on the end table.” Instructed Lana as she wiggled her ass at me.

I eased out the smaller plug, eliciting a soft moan from Lana as her asshole gripped it’s stainless steel girth. The new plug was easily 50% bigger and made of similar material. I smoothed lube around the rim and pushed a bit into Lana’s ass as she moaned and pushed back. Fuck that was sexy. Taking the new plug, I placed it at her opening and gave it a slight twist as the first inch entered her tight ass. Lana groaned and pleaded for me to continue.

“That feels so good, push more of it up my ass baby, make me take it like a good wife.” And I did just that as she grew louder with more of the toy entered her. The plug was easily an inch and a half across at the widest area and stretched her to the max before it tapered back down to its flat base.

“Fuck, I’m so full, I can’t wait until your cock can fit inside me, this feels so dirty, please fuck me, baby, fuck your horny wife.” Pleaded Lana as she thrust her ass back at me.

Grabbing her hips, I pushed my now very hard cock into her wet pussy and held it full depth, just enjoying the heat.

“That’s so good, I like it in both holes, I’m already close to cumming, please fuck me really hard, just pound me honey, I’m your little slut.” Begged Lana as she writhed against my cock.

We slammed into each other for another fifteen minutes before she had a violent orgasm that had me concerned we’d break the coffee table.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh that’s so good, it’s like my ass is cumming too, this is so good.” Lana shuddered though another orgasm before pulling away and laying on the coffee table panting

“I can’t take anymore, do you want to cum in my mouth? Maybe on my tits?” Begged Lana as she slid off the table and pivoted around. I sat back up on the couch as she licked her juices off my cock while stroking me at the same time. I really, really needed to cum.

Lana sucked with a heretofore unknown level of enthusiasm, begging me to cum in her mouth between strokes and dragging her nails across my taint.

“Come on baby, cum in my mouth, I promise it’ll be my ass soon, but for now my pretty little mouth will have to do..”

That was it for me and I let loose, pumping cum down her throat and all over her face. Lana cleaned me up and thanked me for using her mouth before sashaying off to tidy up. I layed there in a mist of realized dreams wondering why we had not done all of this sooner.

I was again woken up Sunday morning with a mouth on my cock and Lana spent a fair portion of the day with a plug in her ass, occasionally whispering her desire to feel my cock there and telling me how full she felt. I was hard for most of the day.

Dinner was again served in a lacey apron and little else, the larger plug peeking out from between her cheeks and her tits struggling to stay contained by the small garment.

We cleaned up from another lovely meal and I grabbed a drink on our deck overlooking the woods. I heard clicking behind me as Lana walked out in heels and lingerie with bright red lips and a wicked smile. I pulled her in and we kissed like teenagers, against a music bed of chirping crickets.

“I’m so horny baby, I can’t wait to feel you fuck me.” Without missing a beat, she dropped to her knees, pulled my cock out and started sucking. Holy hell, I loved fifties housewife Lana.

I pulled us inside to the bedroom and pushed her into the bed before diving face first between her legs. Gently rotating the plug, I sucked her hard bud until she came screaming and shaking. My god, I love a smooth pussy.

Laying still for a few minutes it was Lana that broke the silence. “Do you want to fuck my ass now? I’ve been thinking about having your cock in me all day, I’m so ready to get ass fucked.”

Lana rolled over and presented herself. I eased the large plug out and added more lube. Swirling two fingers around her sensitive asshole before placing my cock at the entrance.

“Are you ready baby? Are you ready to have a cock in your ass?”

“Fuck, please go slow, I promise I’ll make it good for you, but you’re so big.” Begged Lana as she pushed back on my cock.

With the first inch or so in her, Lana froze. “Oh god, your cock is in my ass, I’m such a slut, I’m so wet, push a little more in, I think I can take it.”

I eased in, now maybe halfway as she pushed her own hands between her legs to feel the action.

“So big, so good, oh fuck,more please baby, push it all in, make me take it all.”

I eased in and was balls deep in no time as Lana begged and moaned and made sounds I’d never heard from her before. Her ass clamped down on my cock and I could feel her playing with her pussy as I enjoyed the new to me sensation of being in my wife’s ass.

The buzzing of a vibrator pulled me out of my momentary inflection and was soon followed by the near screams of Lana cumming as she held it against her clit. I poured a little more lube on my cock and firmed up my grip on her hips and began a slow and steady rhythm in and out of her ass. She came again and her ass clamped down on my cock, the sensation was out of this world.

“Fuck baby, cum in my ass, please, cum inside my ass, I want to make you feel so good…” She trailed off as the vibe went back to her pussy.

A few more strokes and I was ready for the orgasm of my life.

“I’m going to cum in your butt honey, are you ready for that? Are you ready to take a load of cum up your tight little ass?”

Lana just moaned as I bottomed out and slammed short strokes up her now distended ass. My orgasm started somewhere in last Thursday and seemed to wash over every part of my body, culminating in the base of my cock and balls as I groaned and dumped my cum up Lana’s ass.

We both plopped to the bed, my cock still partially up her ass and the both of us panting.

“My god, why have we not done that before? I’ve never felt so used and so turned on in my life.” Asked Lana between gasping breaths.

“You may very well be the best wife ever”

Her antics continued for the next six months, sometimes I’d come home from work to find her in fetish maid outfits, sometimes it was heels and an apron. The house was spectacular and thanks to her newfound time she was also working out nearly everyday. I had to start a new workout regimen to keep up!

By month seven she was a fit goddess and was modeling part time. She had also perfected throat fucking and could get my entire cock in her mouth without gagging. Lana took it in the ass at least once a week and I was now ball gagging her to manage the screaming and not alarm our neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, she opened the door last month wearing a tiny apron and pink heels. The garment covered nothing in the back and revealed ample side boob. She was thinking it was me and it turned out to be our neighbor Bob. Lana recovered well and told him I’d be back later in the day. Bob stammered, red faced and retreated to the sidewalk. He later shared how hot my wife was and how lucky I was to come home to that every day. I absolutely agreed.

Around the year mark Lana was in the happiest and healthiest state of her life. The gym had done amazing things to her body and the time off, the same to her emotional state. Our sex life has escalated to the point of converting our basement into a play room replete with a bed, spanking bench and extensive toy collection as well as ample sound deadening.

Then came the fateful day she got a six figure job offer and an invitation to return to the industry she had been a big part of twelve months prior.

It was my birthday and she said she had a very special gift. I was sitting on the couch in our basement when we walked in, strutting in 5″ heels, stockings and leather looking lingerie giving her quite the air of a dom. Even more interesting was the nearly nude redhead in tow, connected to Lana by a collar and leash. We had both openly fantasized about a third and used it in our dirty talk, but I had never thought she’d make it happen.

Megan was maybe mid 20’s, curvy as hell with a massive chest and freckles all over her fair skinned body. Lana had apparently found her on a kink dating site and her fantasy was to be dominated by a couple, she explained as the girl knelt in front of me, eyes downcast and waiting for instructions.

“Suck his cock Megan, I want to see my husband cum down your little throat, you have fifteen minutes to make him cum with your mouth or I’ll let him finish in that virgin ass of yours.”

Megan lacked the skill and familiarity Lana had, but having a fresh mouth wrapped around your hard dick was hella exciting. Lana bent down and kissed me hard, the combined sensation of a warm mouth on my cock while kissing my hot wife was a mind bender. She whispered in my ear.

“I said yes to that recruiter and go back to an office next week, it’s time, but I hope this little slut slobbering on your cock will help ease the pain of my going back to work”

I knew she was considering several offers, but this was one hell of a way to tell me. I kissed her back and congratulated her on landing the gig, while Megan simultaneously stroked and sucked my cock. We explored each others mouths like teenagers for what seemed like forever.

“Are you ready to cum? I want to have my mouth on yours when you shoot your load down her throat, that sounds so hot, come on, you know you want to cum in our little slut, don’t you baby?”

She was dead right, I had held back long enough, my moans of pleasure went directly into Lana’s mouth as my cum went into Megans. Both women doing their damndest to please me.

As I finished, Lana dropped to her knees next to Megan and kissed her as well, I’m sure trading cum and spit in the process. I watched them fondle each other as the tingle of my orgasm still engulfed my body.

“That was beautiful Megan, now I need you to do that to me.” Explained Lana as she got back up and sat on the couch next to me. Megan dutifully scooted over and pushed her face between Lana’s legs.

Fuck, that feels good, I’ve always wanted a woman to lick me, oh god baby, I’m going to cum already.” moaned Lana as Meagan sucked on her clit like it was a tiny cock.

Lana’s hips arched off the couch and she put both of her hands in Meagans hair as she screamed through a violent orgasm..She lightly licked her pussy as Lana fell back into the couch panting. Each touch of her delicate tongue triggered a twitch in Lana’s body.

“Happy birthday baby, I hope you like your present as much as I do”

“Oh I do and that little scene has me hard again.” And with that I slid to the floor, placed myself behind the prone Megan and slid into her very wet pussy. That also pushed her face hard between Lana’s legs, prompting Meagan to return to licking duties.

Lana and I looked each other dead in the eye, I loved this woman more than anyone can ever love another human and without saying a word we both knew tonight opened up another chapter in an amazing union.

We wrapped up my birthday night around 2:30 am and a third load blown all over Meagan’s freckled tits and Lana easily pushing ten orgasms. The three of us passed out in the king bed in our playroom and did not wake up until 11:00 the next day.

“Do you have one more for me sir?” Came from under the covers as Meagan sucked me to a full hard on. I laid back and enjoyed the perfect sensation of waking up to a hot twenty something sucking my cock.

Just then, Lana walked back into the room in a skimpy robe carrying two cups of coffee. “She just can’t get enough cock, can she?”

Lana handed me a cup as Meagan continued her efforts on my cock. The surreal nature of the interaction did not escape me.

“I hope you had a nice birthday and enjoyed my present. Shared Lana as if it were a tie and a curvy twenty something redhead was not bringing me close to orgasm.

My head tilted back and I moaned as I shot what little cum I had left down Meagan’s throat. Lana watched with wild eyes, ignoring her coffee.

The covers soon flew off and Meagan extracted herself from my body, announcing she was starving and we should make breakfast. Lana and I looked at each other and nodded. Sure, I guess that’s what you do after a wild evening of fucking a unicorn.

Meagan ate and kissed us both goodbye, thanked us for helping fulfil her fantasy and offered herself up for future kinkiness. I probably needed a nap.

Lana eventually returned to work and the year of the perfect fifties/porn wife wound down. We again shared household duties and our sex life returned to a somewhat normal pace. It still makes me hard to think back to the times she greeted me in nothing more than an apron and heels or begged me to cum in her ass, but I’m also very proud of her achievements in corporate life.

Oh, and Megan moved into our basement as she worked through her final year of college. More than a few times I’ve found the two of them down there faces buried in pussies and toys scattered around the room. Stay tuned for more on that chapter of our lives.