My Daughter Can See I’m in Need

I had been relatively unhappy for many months now. I lived in a very nice house in a lovely area with my recently turned 18 daughter who was doing really well in school. I couldn’t shake the feeling of being depressed through most of my walking hours. There were short times when I was with my daughter or some friends where I could tolerate life and other days where I would not even leave the bed.

Today was one of the days that I was struggling to leave my room. I had a lot going for me and I couldn’t see why I was feeling so depressed. I had two companies which practically ran themselves. I was in good shape and at 40 I felt like I was still 20. My daughter Natasha was doing well in school and didn’t give me anything to worry about day to day. I worried recently that my mood was going to start to effect Natasha and that just made it worse.

I was in my room watching a documentary on world war 2 when I heard my phone buzz and show a notification that someone was at the front door. Moments later I heard the key in the door and knew it was my daughter. I know she wants to help and when she realises I’m up here she will no doubt try something to make me happy. Most people would have given up long ago and these days I wish she would just ignore me and carry on with her life.

It takes only minutes before Natasha opens the door to my room to find me in my bed. She’s not even got changed and she beams a smile at me like everything is normal. Natasha is a great girl, she’s into her amateur wrestling at school and has never given me cause to worry. She’s got a boyfriend of a few years and he seems really nice too. Natasha jumped into the king size bed and turns to me asking “So what are we watching?”

“You know, the same old” I reply.

“Dad where is the remote? I know something that’s much better” she says.

“No, I like watching this” I say back.

“Not a chance, I’m getting that remote from you” she says back with a little smile.

The remote is on my bed side table and she would have to go all the way around to get it. She lifts the blanket and launches over me with no warning. Her hand grips my wrist pinning me down and her leg somehow ends up pinning my leg with her hips over mine keeping me in place. She looks at me laughing a little to herself a little. I can’t have this girl thinking she can get one over on me. I smile and with my free hand I swing it across my body towards me pinned arm to break her grip on me. She giggles and presses her chest against me and grabs the bed frame and I end up pinned under her hardly able to move. I laugh and realise I’m actually enjoying myself for the first time in ages. I try moving my arm back across my chest to get her hand off the bed frame but I decide I will just try and play dirty and tickle her under the arm. Natasha isn’t slow and she sees this and as my partially free hand moves across my chest and up towards her under arm she presses her chest and pins my hand against my body. This looks like no effort to her because she lets out another little giggle and says “You’ll have to try harder than that dad”.

I decide I really can’t have her winning and I push my hips up to throw her off balance if only to free my hand from under her breast. I push my hips against hers and she immediately lifts her body up to force my hips back down. She giggles again and says “Dad, I’m not on the school team for nothing”.

“I can definitely see that” I reply with a smile.

Her look changed and after staring at me for a moment she looks down towards her chest. I follow her gaze and it’s my hand still holding on to her breast. She’s not pinning my hand, in fact she’s sitting on my hips and her body is not against me anymore. I have no reason to be touching her breast.

“Dad?” she asks.

I have no reply or reason. I can feel the material of her school shirt stretched over her bra. My hand is mostly over her bra cup but my thumb and finger tips can feel her warm soft breast under her shirt. I can see the outline of her bra through her shirt and I can feel a stir stretching the material containing my growing erection.

All I can say to her is “It’s been so long”.

She looks at me and doesn’t move. She lets me carry on softly grope her breast. Natasha was a slim tall girl but with an athletic frame. She had delicate features and straight dark hair. She had maybe C cup breasts which topped off her very attractive look. She was wearing her school uniform which was a grey blazer with purple trim and the school crest on the front. She had her purple and silver tie and crisp white fitted school shirt. She was also wearing her grey pleated school skirt and stocks.

After about a minute or so she looked away from me letting her hair fall a little covering her face. I noticed the smile from her face had gone and I knew I had over stepped the mark. Out of nowhere she started to move her hips, grinding herself over my crotch. In moments I could feel myself getting harder and hear the material of her knickers sliding over my pants.

I was able to bring my hands up over her breasts and up to her shoulders. I then started to slide her blazer off her shoulders as she let me take it off her fully. Her hips were resting on me and her shirt was stretched over her breasts and I could not look away from them. She lifted her hips up and her hand moved down to my waist band and pulled my pants down releasing my erection. She didn’t look down at it, but she did move her underwear aside and I could see her cleanly shaved lips hovering just over my full 7 inch erection. I pulled her tie a little loose and undid a few of her shirt buttons if only to make her look like less of a prefect before her lips took my cock.

She sunk down in one full sweep and all 7 inches were gone into her. As her lips touched the base of my cock she let out a moan of relief. In no time she was moving up and down and letting out soft moans as she well down my shaft taking me fully. My eyes were still fixed on her breasts which I had managed to expose only slightly showing her soft mounds being held in a white bra.

“Baby, I’m going to cum” I said in half breaths.

“Yeah, that’s kind of the point” She replied.

She started going harder and I could see her breasts now bouncing while my hips were pushing back up and meeting her motion.

“But I’m not wearing a condom” I begged.

“Yeah, I know. I can feel you in me and I want you to cum. It’s okay, I’m on birth control” She said between moans.

I rolled her on my back and with a few quick pumps I finished inside her. I painted her walls fully and filled her up. She layed on her back silent with her legs still spread and my cock inside her starting to soften. I pulled out and lay next to her. She didn’t move, her legs were still apart and I could see her freshly fucked pussy leaking with my cum.

“That’s the first time I’ve let anyone finish inside me without a condom on, and now I can feel it on my arse hole” she giggled.

I was a little shocked at her language but I was in no position to tell her off in any way. Bedsides I found it a little funny. I passed her an old top as a cum rag so she could clean herself up. I went and got a shower and left Natasha in my room.

When I got out she had already left and was in the kitchen cooking something with her back turned away from me. She was still wearing her shirt and grey skirt but had taken off her blazer and tie.

“Food won’t be too long, it’s in the oven.”

I noticed she had a glass of wine on the counter next to her. I don’t think I ever noticed her becoming a woman until now. She took herself over to the sofa and I followed.

“Look, what we just did. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you like that, I don’t think it was right” I said as we both sat down.

“Dad, do you really think it was you who took advantage of me?” She replied with a smile on her face.

“I’ll let you into a little secret which I’m sure you won’t get mad at me for. I have an account on a website where I sell my pictures and videos with men from all over the world. Some of them even suggest stuff for me to film and for the right price I often do it” She went on.

I was shocked at everything I was hearing. I had no idea who Natasha was at this point so I just let her continue.

“Under my bed I have a laptop, camera, circle light and two boxes, one for dressing up and the other is for toys. Also there’s one side of my wardrobe just for dressing up in costumes. I make a lot of money and let’s just say I rarely want for anything” She said.

She went on to tell me that this laptop was special as it made her look like she was from another location so that she was anonymous. She said while dinner was in the oven I could go take a look while she waited downstairs.

I thought for a moment but since she was offering I couldn’t say no. Her room was very girly mostly a lilac colour with a built in wardrobe on one side which had mirrored sliding doors. I decided to take a look firstly at the box under the bed ignoring the lights and the laptop. It wasn’t a large box and when I opened it up it was neatly arranged. There were a few dildos and vibrators with some smaller remote control vibrators, nothing I hadn’t seen before until I got to some underwear which was new. It was like a thong but where the material for the crotch was it was two beads of pearls like a necklace from front to back. I didn’t really understand what they were for and why they were in this box. I placed the lid back on the box and put it away again. I made my way to the wardrobe and opened it up to reveal a range of costumes. There was everything from a captains uniform to super hero costumes to random outfits. I started to realise the full extent of what she had and how much money she must have been making. This was such a different side to her. It was like I didn’t know her at all and she wasn’t my daughter.

Now some weeks had passed and after my daughter’s new identity revealed itself we would sometimes have sex after she got home and my mood was never better. I actually got myself to the point of getting a dating profile and going out. Things were going well with this one girl who I actually bought home one night where one thing lead to another and she ended up staying very late. Natasha was out with her friends and I took Sian up to my room where we had sex. It felt great to be with a woman again, it was a bit like being young again with a girl sneaking out of my room at 2am. I was in a good place mentally and just after she left there was a knock on my door.

“Sounded like you had fun” Natasha said.

I was mortified. I thought she was still out with her mates and had no idea when she got back.

“Yeah that was Sian and I guess you could say we had some fun, she’s really nice” I said.

Natasha came into my room and sat on my bed. She was wearing an old white t-shirt and some black joggers and I had assumed she was going to bed. I had not even been to the shower yet after Sian had left and I didn’t even know where my underwear was.

“Was she better than me then?” she asked in an abrupt tone.

I didn’t know what to say. I told her that Sian couldn’t compare but that it was the next best thing if I wanted a relationship.

“You could have anything if you dated me you know” She said looking me straight in the eyes. With that she moved the sheets aside revealing my limp dick slumped against my own thigh. Natasha bent forward to take me in her mouth and I put my hand out to stop her.

“I haven’t washed and I’ve just been intimate with Sian” I told her. She looked at me and told me she already knew but that she would do anything like she promised. With that she took my cock which was still wet from Sian into her mouth and started to suck me hard. She seemed to be getting off on me tasting like another woman. I leant back and put my hand on the back of her head pushing down just a little letting her tongue work her magic. I started to harden in her mouth and soon she was gagging on me as I held her down with my cock in her mouth. She was surprising me daily with how she was acting. She was acting like a prostitute just because I started to see someone. I let go of her head as I started to cum and she swallowed every last drop.

“I think I’ll sleep in your room tonight” She said to me. With that she did, she snuggled up to me and we went to sleep.

In the morning I woken up to her bum pressed against my crotch with my morning wood snuggled between her cheeks. This was going to be the start of something amazing.