The Kindling of a Flame

Fifteen years of marriage was over. I didn’t feel sad, it was just what it was. Lots of people divorce. We were no different. Of course I felt the guilt of betrayal but I couldn’t live a lie any longer. Jan was understandably mortified. Then angry. But I’d done it. I’d told her I was leaving. In my mind it […]

Revenge on Video

A chirp from a new text lit up Matt’s phone, from a number he didn’t recognize. His brow knitted in confusion for a moment as he tried to figure out if this was junk or not. “Something wrong?’” Siobhan, lying in bed next to him, noticed his expression. “A text, not sure who it’s from.” “A client?” “No, I keep […]

Another Hot Encounter with Anthony

I was sitting at work not able to concentrate on anything. My mind kept wandering to Anthony. It was Friday and he asked if he could take me out tonight. I couldn’t say no. I was imagining all the dirty things I wanted to do to him when my boss appeared at my desk. “Kitty are you okay? You look […]

Wife’s First Nudist Experience

My wife is of Irish descent and has auburn hair and very attractive with sexy hips and ass. I have always wanted to take her to a nude beach, resort or similar place where I could watch her naked and exposed outdoors. We had previously vacationed down south a few times and she was topless a couple of occasions on […]

The Last Wolves of Ossory

The old man parked his rental car along the side of the road and checked the number on the mailbox in front of him. It matched the one written on the scrap of paper he kept in his pocket. The GPS on his phone had brought him here, but he wanted to be sure. He didn’t completely trust that damnable […]

Crazy post-COVD Weekend – Monday AM

I woke to rustling and movement in the bed. I was on my back, there was an arm across my chest, a head snuggled against my shoulder. Corrine. I lifted my head slightly, seeing someone tiptoeing into the bathroom. Melissa. When she got back into bed Melissa cuddled behind Corrine, the hand she draped across Corrine barely touching my side. […]

The Blue Gown

Margaret had spent the last few nights putting the final details on the dress. It was an elegant, floor-length, medieval gown with bare shoulders. She tried it on, looking at herself in the mirror. She looked like a Fairy Tale Princess! No, better than that–she looked like a Fairy Queen! No, even better that–she looked simply gorgeous. She felt gorgeous […]

TeacherP – The Beginning

My cousin dropped by my house after school. He was in his first year of college while I doing my form 5 secondary school. School has started two weeks ago; he came over to pass me his school notes and revision books. “Thank brother…” I replied. “No problem and I hope these notes will help you,” he said. “So what […]

A Contract that Binds

The pop and crackle of a lone fire split the silence of a cold autumn night. Bare branches clawed at a midnight sky, a clouded sky spanning the deep woods that brooded in ominous darkness as abyssal as the black seas. Cold winds rattled and waved boughs in eerie silence and tugged at the layers of cloak and cape of […]

In Flagrante

Ralph Turner is out walking the dogs when he meets her. He can’t avoid stopping on seeing that Claire has a problem. Her car is blocking the road, enough, to make its presence a hazard. The dogs are soon tied up, by their long leads, at the church gates. He then makes sure there’s no way that they can break […]