Kindred ‘Spirits’ Haunt a Couple

Kindred ‘Spirits’ Haunt an Unsuspecting Couple

Halloween themed tryst with SUPERNATURALS


Everyone’s over 18. ‘Nuff said.


Figured I’d punch out a ‘HolloWeeny’ themed quip. Note the capitalization of SPOOKY words, FYE.

They, whoever they may be, say SPIRITS of the departed are of the wind and POSSESS no tangibles of the living realm. I write you here to disSPELL this legend of urbanity and reveal the true power of the SPIRIT world over that of the corporeal, and it involves that of a lasciviousness nature. So dear reader, if you’re brave enough to continue, be at the ready to pop open your eyes (and fly) at the forthcoming tale.

“Okay. We be officially and permanently separated from the ‘HAUNTED Houses of St. Charles’ tour group, and ‘we’reWOLF’ are lost and on our own,” laments Pandora with her shoulders slumped.

“Maybe we should head back to the MYSTERY van,” chided Tad while mockingly shrugging his shoulders, “… and speaking of ‘head’.

Pandora jokes nervously, “Don’t even think about it, not at least till we get the heck out of this DUNGEON.”

In a SCARY tone Tad says, “I know what we’ll do, head to a safe place like the basement, where they keep the CHAINSAWS.”

“Very funny. You get royalties for spouting GEICO ads?”

“Yeah, I do, and it’s your ass. Or … maybe a tit fuck.”

Panny lifts her eyebrows, grins and says, “Oooo we haven’t done that in a while. You don’t have to be CLAIRVOYANT to know how much I looove doing that, but you’ll get your chance soon enough, that is if we ever get out of this GHOULISH relic.”

Just then the two turn their heads SHARPLY towards the CREAKING staircase where two floating APPARITIONS approach. The human couple are frozen in place, like ZOMBIES. They’re left speechless as the nearly transparent DISEMBODIED heads appear to STALK them as they get closer.

“Not to FEAR sweet ‘FLESHIES’,” declares the apparent female vision, “for all we want is to see and speak to you. It’s been too long since we have been visited by such a handsome pair as yourselves.”

On her last syllable the bodies of the GHOSTLY figures take form. She develops into a buxom hourglass, he a dashing gent of stature with chiseled features. Meanwhile, the chins of Pandora and Tad rebound off the floor from the PRETERNATURAL sight.

“We can see that you are in appreciation of our earthly forms,” suavely states the male SPIRIT.

P and T are too fixated on the REANIMATION of the GHOSTS to be aware that their own clothes are MAGICALLY removed. Pan takes a complete inventory of the DONATELLO of a ‘man’ before her. She admires his dark but soft eyes, broad shoulders, wide and flat muscular plates like pecks and six-pack ‘abs’. And that’s just the top half. Below his waist lays an auburn carpet of curls topping the unmistakable mark of manhood. His girthy cock is of length but not MONSTROUSLY so. It’s crowned by a bulbous dome which no doubt is most capable of reaching the nadir of the deepest of portals.

She begins to drool from her pussy of sufficient copiousness to condense into rivulets flowing down her left leg, then looks down in HORROR at the pooling of her gathered pudenda dewdrops, and at the reveal of her complete epidermal exposure.

She SPOOKED herself by not exhibiting even a fleeting feeling of embarrassment at her bare ass presentation. In fact, the vulnerability of it excited her all the more. She continued her carnal assessment of his thick thighs, sculptured calves and well manicured feet. It was at the conclusion of her auditing that she realized that they were yet to exchange names.

“You may refer to me as George,” he said while sporting a DEVILISH grin, “yes I know they call you Pandora, Pan, Dora and sometimes, P,” he continued smugly.

Pan was too far gone to be phased by how he knew the names only close friends and lovers would. She opened her mute mouth, HYPNOTISED by the site of George’s beautiful appendage. She shuffled over to him in a TRANCE, then started to genuflect. George preempted her by placing his left index finger under her chin and lifting. She looked up at his handsome face in submissive awe. He craned his lips down to hers to give her a full wet kiss.

He trailed his way down her neck, and after a few nibbles at the base, he stopped to view the progress of his mate’s seduction of Tad. Already she had him reduced into sexual servitude. George chuckled at the rapid advancement of her handiwork.

“… And I am Tara, your SPIRITUAL counselor. Now be so good to lavish upon my bosoms.”

He commenced fervent suckling of Tara’s teets as if his life depended on it. Maybe it had, for he was humming like a starved caged BEAST feasting on the week’s first meal. He rapidly alternated between the left and right as she cooed her approval. While focusing his oral attentiveness on one breast he had also been fondling the other. His clamping digits could not entirely envelop her girl’s ample flesh. It was a lewd sight indeed to have witnessed the uncovered half bulging its escape from his grip.

“Ummm,” Tara gasps, “it feels so nice to once again feel the titillation of the skin. The closest that we GHOSTS get to do with each other is limited to a mere exchange of breath. As nice as that may be ’tis but a pale comparison to that of tactile sensation. Tad, you’ve gotten me sufficiently horny for your mounting. Please indulge me with the vigorous oscillation of your cock within my womb. Doggy is my preferred arrangement.” Tara sighs, “Oh what I would yield for a less BEASTLY analogy of this particularly satisfying act.”

Meanwhile, Pandora is busying herself with her own oral servicing of the ‘Sire of the POLTERGEISTS.’ She vocalizes her affection for fellatio and tightly grips George’s leviathan in one hand, his bollocks in the other and her mouth sloppily sopping the tip. She switches between full engulfment and fluttering flicks of her tongue.

He then interrupts her ministrations, albeit with her whimpering protestation, and raises her curvaceous body to a stand with his strong hands. He roughly pins her back against a wall and picks up her right leg to hold it flush to his torso. Pan then expectantly exposes her glory to the MYSTERIOUS brick house stranger. Without fanfare, he thrusts his LANCE into the heart of her pleasure.

Her eyes close, she bends her head forwards, silently SCREAMS with mouth agape, thus making her appear as one of the UNDEAD. She postulates that maybe that’s their ulterior motive – to have the living join them in the AFTERWORLD. But, she’s so captured by the paralyzing bliss of the moment she’s unconcerned with their potentially nefarious intent

Tad meanwhile has reached a full rutting gallop upon the Lady of Lust. The dual sounds of slapping flesh in stereo becomes intoxicating. He latches onto her hips and repeatedly pulls her backward to further oppose his violent forward thrusts. Just before he hits his peak Tara abruptly spins him to the floor and exacts her gyrations from above.

On his back upon the floor Tad then notices his earthbound counterpart is laying beside him assuming missionary. She is being pummeled by Sir George as her hands keep a DEATH grip on his flexing buttocks and her legs in a vise flanking his hips. Pandora’s dire vocal expletives for mercy belies her true demands for further profound penetration. Tad harbors no jealousy, only happiness at his mate’s enjoyment at the hands of another man. Likewise, Pandora bears no grudge to Tad. She’s happy her mate is getting on so well with a woman bearing such an impressive rack. He always was a tit man. She then felt some remorse at POSSESSING mere dainty A-cuppers for his amusement.

As if hearing her thoughts, Tad cranes his neck to apply a reassuring kiss upon his Pansy. She weakly returns his kiss as her breath becomes shortened and elevated. She arches her back as the waves of bliss flow over her. In mid-orgasm Pandora opens her eyes.

She’s shocked to find that it is Tad himself that’s humping away at her! He then bellows a HOWL of joy. She again shut her eyes as the pleasure waves pitch into whitecaps.

Tad releases himself into her with his rocketing hot and built up love juice. His own wave dissipates into ripples. They mutually reach for the other for an impassioned smooch.

“Dang,” exclaims a smiling Tad, “we MUST play ‘haunted house of the groping GHOULS’ again. It’s hot!”

“Yeah.” replies a windless Pandora, “but next time we’ll be the seductive SPIRITS.”

“I’m so glad you talked me into role-playing. It makes me so want to take you,” says Tad as he returns to the mattress where his beautiful wife lays. They then jointly conspire to hatch their next romantic adventure!

Author’s Note: Mushy wasn’t it? Hope you liked it nevertheless. Don’t eat too much candy this holiday ‘cuz I want some too.

Au revoir pour l’instant,

-The Oogie Boogie Man.