Study Date

Study date

Summary: Indian boy fucks for the first time on his study date.


1) Utkarsha (pronounced as Ut-kuh-shaa)

2) Mohak (pronounced as Moh-uk)

The characters are entirely fictional.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Utkarsha was a new student in our school when I met her. She had black hair, blue eyes that looked like crystals and skin as soft as water.

“Namaskar, Mohak! Can you, um, help me with Mathematics?” Utkarsha asked me.

“Okay. We can have a study date at my home. You can come at 4 pm.” I immediately replied.


We met again at our study date at 4 pm. I was masturbating in my room when she arrived. As I am an 18 years old teenager, I love to masturbate. I wore my pants really fast and went to open the door. It was November so the air was a bit cold. “Hi!” said Utkarsha. She looked gorgeous in her white and violet top and pants. When I saw her, time froze like it freezes in a Bollywood movie and everything around me vanished and I could only see her. “Hello dear. I am Mohak’s mother.” I felt really embarrassed when my mom greeted her. “Bye Mohak. I’m leaving for bazaar.” I and Utkarsha were then alone at home. We started studying and I was explaining her formulas and stuff. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits and her perfect ass. “Mohak, my head is up here.” She sometimes teased me by moving her medium-sized tits.

“I’m bored. Math is so boring.”

“Utkarsha, if you understand Math then you may start to like it.”

“You have said this 10 times, Mohak!”

“Then let’s talk about something else for some time.”

“What is your favorite genre in literature?”

“Sci-fi. And also Fantasy. I really love to read romantic fantasy stories.”

I could feel that I had some sort of bond with her. We talked and talked. I realized that she and I liked the same things.

“Do you have a crush? Who do you like?” I whispered.

“You tell first!”

“Okay. The person I like, um, is you. You’re so gorgeous and sweet.”

And then she’s kissing me. It felt warm and comforting. My tongue was licking hers. I started touching her soft body. I touched her tits to realize that she wasn’t wearing a bra. We were hugging so tightly that she could feel my erection against her pussy. I stood up and signaled her to stand up, and we ran to my bedroom. She kneeled down and undid my pants and then touched my dick.

“Your little brother is so big, Mohak.” She said after she removed my underwear.

“Don’t you think it’s too fast? I mean, first time I made a girlfriend and first time I am going to have sex with her. It’s too fast!” I said.

My heart was beating really fast.

“Do you want to feel the pleasure of a female’s mouth?”

“Oh fuck yes”

She started sucking my cock. “Mmm. Tasty” she said after I released my jizz on her face and boobs. We lay down on my bed. I gently squeezed her tits gently rubbing my dick on her rear end. She was wearing pants but I could feel her wet pussy on my dick. She signaled me to remove her top which I did to reveal her brown tits and pink areolas. I started sucking her nipple.

“Fuck yaar that feels so good!” (‘yaar’ means friend.)

I went down and removed her pant with her panties. I slapped her ass cheeks. She moaned when started I licking her labia. It was warm and tasty. I started licking every part of her thighs. She got up as I laid on my back, and sat on my cock.

“I want your big, hard cock inside me.”

“Let me give you a ride on my little cock.”

My cock slid in her tight and warm vagina. And we started French kissing again as I hugged her. Then, I thrusted her cunt and she started moving faster. Her jiggling boobs accompanied by slapping noises and moaning encouraged me to go faster.

“Oh fuck yes. Fuck me Mohak.” she moaned.

“Should I cum inside?”

“Oh you can! I have pills.”

“Okay Utkarsha!”

I held her ass tightly and thrusted in and out of her. She panted and moaned as I put my dick in her tight little vagina.

“Oh fuck.”

“I’m going to cum,” I warned her after some time.

My cock erupted inside her vaginal canal. She sighed as I filled her up. I felt incredible pleasure as my dick was emptied inside her cunt.

“Oh fuck. That was awesome!” Utkarsha said, rubbing her cunt. “I love you, Mohak!”

“I love you too, Utkarsha!”

“Let me help you clean this mess up before your mom arrives.”

I gave her top as we heard a voice from hall.

“Honey, I’m back from bazaar!”