Size Queen For A Day

*** Ellen is a faithful wife who hasn’t strayed in almost 20 years of marriage, but she has never been faced by such a large temptation before. Can she resist or will she become a size queen… just for one day? ***

“What the FUCK am I doing???” I ask myself for probably the tenth time, since coming into this shoe store, to find the perfect shoes for the dress I plan to wear for my twentieth anniversary party. Now, I am spreading my thighs suggestively, to give the handsome shoe salesman, a better glimpse under my skirt. “What the fuck is wrong with me???” Ever since that VERY large bulge in his pant started to grow and fill out down his leg, I have been acting like a bitch in heat.

I am not going to pretend to be modest. I am an attractive woman, and I have been all of my life. Even at 45, I still have most guys watching me as I enter a room. I am 5 foot 8 inches, taller in heels. I have legs that I am VERY proud of and an ass that is the product of years of running, balanced with yoga and just the right amount of strength training. My legs and butt ALWAYS get the attention, I enjoy. However, it is my tits, that usually steal the show. I am blessed to have a nice full, round, set of 36DD tits. I almost feel bad that my tits often cause guys to overlook how pretty I am, and how amazing my lush, wavy auburn hair is.

I have never lacked for male attention, female also, but that is a tale for another time. However, I met and married the prefect man, when I was 25, and I have never strayed once, in the soon to be twenty years, that we have been married. I say “perfect” man, but in all honesty, that is not entirely true. He is amazing, though. He is tall, muscular, handsome, he treats me like a queen, and did I mention that he is rich? The only thing keeping him from being perfect, is that I wish his cock was a bit bigger. It is not small. It is an adequate six inches or so, but is adequate really how a woman dreams of her sex life being?

Well, to balance out my husband’s adequate cock, I bought and use, probably WAY too much, a nine inch vibrating dildo. I guess I justify the “cheating” on my husband with my latex lover, by thinking that it vibrates, and that is something no man can do, so it is not really about the size… is it? I don’t want to over think it. All I know is that my latex friend reaches places inside me that my husband can’t touch. If I am completely honest, I have to admit that I have fantasized about real men who can reach those places. However, I love my husband, so I keep those thoughts in the land of fantasy.

Unfortunately, right now, those thoughts are trying to break out of fantasyland, like a three strike felon, trying to break out of prison. As soon as I walked into the shoe store at the mall, I saw the way he was looking at me. I am used to getting that reaction, and I often use it to my advantage, to get WAY better service, than my less blessed women friends get. I would be lying if I said that I don’t enjoy every fucking second, that a guy is bending over backwards to impress me. I am also guilty of maybe giving them a little more hope, than there actually is, that they will get a chance to experience all that is ME. I also love the sensual experiences I get from a good cock teasing.

So, when the handsome salesman, offered to check my feet with the metal measuring thing, I agreed with a playful giggle. Of course I know my size. I am a grown ass woman, who has been buying shoes for a very long time. But there is something so sexy, about a man on his knees, with his hands on my stocking covered feet and calves… and this guy REALLY knows how to touch a woman’s feet and calves. My GOD, the way he is moving his hands over the arches of my feet, and up my calves… he is not quite stroking them, but he is soooo close to that line that I feel myself getting wet, just from this stimulation. Then, when he squeezes my calf ever so slightly, as he places my foot on the measuring thing… WOW… He sends an electric shock STRAIGHT up my leg, which explodes in my pussy.

Maybe it is my natural reaction to the unexpected stimulation, or maybe it is my little reward to him, for his skilled handling of my legs, I am not sure why, but I spread my legs slightly. I don’t spread them too much, but just enough that he notices, and appreciates the better view of my long sexy legs. I can tell that he noticed, because I see the already prominent bulge in his pants, start to grow.

I can’t look away from this growing bulge. I have seen MANY men get hard as I toyed with them, but this guy is different. Instead of bulging in the crotch of his pants, like most guys, his cock starts to thicken and grow down the leg of his pants. I stop myself from laughing, when the thought enters my head, that it looks like a snake inside his pants, pushing down his leg. I know I should look away, but I can’t. It just keeps growing. I am sure it will continue to slither down his leg and out the bottom of his pants. I immediately think of my large latex friend, and realize that this guy’s cock is even bigger than him. Before I can stop the thought, I wonder how a cock that large would feel touching those places deep inside me, that I yearn to have touched.

Without thinking, I spread my legs apart a little more. This time, I feel that my spreading thighs are starting to make my skirt slide up slightly. I also realize that I am tracing the fingers of my right hand, down my neck and along the neck line of my silk blouse. I love the feel of silk on my skin, I think, as I glide my fingers over the smooth material. I don’t realize that I am now tracing my fingers along my ample cleavage. If I could rip my eyes away from that big fucking cock, I would see the look of pure lust on his face, as he looks up at me, watching my fingers trace into the deep cleavage of my tits. I would have seen the shocked look on his face, as my fingers POP open the top button of my blouse. In fact, I don’t even realize that I am doing it.

I feel his fingers cup and squeeze my leg and calf more sensually. I realize that he is still holding my leg up, but the measuring thing is long forgotten. Now his other hand is stroking and massaging the sensitive arches of my feet. I suddenly wonder how long we have been like this. I also wonder why I have just spread my legs even further apart. I look down and see that my legs are not “spread suggestively” any more. They are full on, spread open in an inviting, “Hey sailor, this pussy is open for business,” kind of way.

I realize that I should SLAM my thighs shut, and let him know that “this pussy is NOT open for business”, but just then, he slides his hand ever so slowly and ever so sensually up to my knee, and then up my thigh. When I feel his hand touch my thigh, I GASP out loud, and I fail to stop the moan that follows it. He gives me one of those knowing grins, and SQUEEZES my upper thigh. When did his hand get all the way up THERE??? I wonder. At this same time, I also realize that he has leaned in, and is a lot closer to me, than a shoe salesman should be. In fact, I can feel his hot breath on my exposed cleavage.

I look down, to see that his face is now right in front of my big tits. I feel my trembling fingers POP open another button. I have GOT to stop those treacherous fingers. It is like they have a mind of their own. Now I feel them tracing over the silk edges of my blouse, pulling it open more, and giving the salesman a much better view of my full round tits. I glance down and realize that my white lace bra is now fully visible, as well as the swell of my breasts, as they spill out the top of the cups. I feel and see simultaneously, my nipples getting big and hard, pushing through my sheer bra VERY noticeably. I think to myself, that I should stop this RIGHT now. I should close my blouse, pull his hand from under my skirt, and get the fuck out of here. That is what I SHOULD do. It is NOT what I do.

As I am thinking that I should stop this, I suddenly feel his hand reach my pussy. I have many thoughts fly around my head, but they all seem to be less significant, than the intense wave of pleasure that starts in my pussy and explodes in my head. As my random thoughts start to make sense to my brain, one thought stands out. I find myself wondering, “Why the HELL did I wear pantyhose today???” I can feel his insistent fingers and palm pressing against my now VERY wet and VERY sensitive pussy, but the crotch of my pantyhose, is keeping him from getting any closer.

I am at a critical junction in my life. I have never seriously considered cheating before, but here I am resenting my pantyhose, for preventing this man’s fingers from getting better access to my needy pussy. He looks up at my face, to get some kind of sign, whether to stop or push forward. I am sure I have a confused and conflicted expression on my face. I am sure there is also a healthy does of desperation and need. The tie is broken, when I suddenly feel the biggest cock I have ever felt, press through his pants and against my knee and lower thigh. This opens the flood gates, emotionally, and in a VERY physical way also.

I look down to him and say in a shaky desperate voice, “Tear them… just fucking rip my pantyhose… PLEASE…”

As I wonder if he understands what I am saying, he TEARS the crotch of my pantyhose open. His strong hands rip the material open in a brutal, almost violent way. The sound and feel of the nylon ripping, accompanied by a sudden rush of cool air on my VERY hot and wet pussy, is completely overwhelming. I am about to beg him to put his fingers in me, when I feel him push two into my pussy. He clearly wants his fingers inside me as much as I need them in me. I lift my butt enough, so that I can lift my constricting skirt enough, to spread my legs more.

I look around, to see if anyone can see or will notice what we are doing. There is no one else in the store, and we are toward the back. I also see that my skirt sufficiently covers my crotch, so that even if someone comes in, they can not see what his fingers are doing to me. And my GOD… what his fingers are doing to me. He is fucking into me with two fingers, as his thumb is pressing and rubbing on my erect and VERY sensitive clit. He has me on edge… desperate… I need to cum so fucking bad I will do ANYTHING for it right now. Sensing this, he stops and pulls his fingers from my overstimulated pussy.

I look at him, desperate, pleading… my mind can’t comprehend why he would stop and leave my like THIS??? I look into his eyes and beg, “Please… Please don’t stop… PLEASE.”

He stands. That HUGE bulge is now at my eye level. He takes my hand and places it on that large cock snaking down his leg. He runs my hand up and down its impressive length. He SQUEEZES my hand around it. My desperate, horny brain can’t even comprehend how long and thick it is.

“Stay here,” he tells me, and then walks to the front of the store. I hear the thunderous grating sound, as he pulls down the security gate thing. I see him hang some kind of sign on the gate and walk back to me. As he gets back to me he looks down, and I realize that I am still holding my hand in a cupping shape, as if I was still holding his impressive cock in it. I blush and hide my hand behind my back. He shakes his head laughing, and without any words, grabs my hand and pulls me through a door, into the storage area.

As son as we are through the door, he spins me to face him, presses my hand back around his big cock, and smothers my mouth with his. He kisses me passionately, as my treacherous fingers try to memorize every inch of his cock. He breaks our kiss only long enough to tell me, “Take it out.”

I never even think about saying no. My fingers are fumbling with his belt and fly before his mouth even returns to mine. Not being used to such a large cock, I am finding it very difficult to pull this very long and very hard cock out of the leg of his pants. It is like a puzzle my sex addled mind can’t figure out. The cock is just too long to pull out of his tight pants leg, but I keep trying to pull it anyway.

He actually laughs into my mouth as he keeps kissing me, while using his hands to push his pants off his butt and down his legs. I want to face palm myself, as I wonder why that never occurred to me. Then all other thoughts disappear, as I get my first real feel of his amazing cock, in the flesh, so to speak. As if I can speak. I mean this thing literally has me speechless. I stack my two small hands on it and there is so much cock still left over. I can’t even get my hands all the way around it. It is such an impressive club of a cock. I think of my latex friend and the wonderful places he touches me. I want this cock to touch those places. I NEED this cock to touch those places.

Knowing that he has complete control over me by now, he breaks our kiss, and silently pushes down on the top of my head. I kneel obediently and willingly. I want his big cock in my mouth so bad… well, I can taste it.

As I get settled on my knees, he kicks his shoes off and steps out of his pants. As He does that, his big long cock flops and bounces in front of my face. All I can think is, “It is SO fucking big… How can I get all of THAT inside me?”

He sees me just kneeling there, staring at his flopping cock. He grabs it with one hand and SLAPS it across my face. I am not prepared for the sheer weight and force of the damn thing, as it clubs me. I laugh, wondering if this is what a baby seal feels like?

He then THUMPS me on the top of my head with it, and I swear I can feel the THUD all the way to my knees. He tells me, “As long as you are going to just kneel there admiring it, why don’t you give me something to look at also? Take off that damn blouse.”

Without taking my eyes off that hypnotic cock, I unbutton the few remaining buttons, and pull my blouse out of my skirt. As I drop it to the floor, I reach back to unclasp my bra. He stops me and tells me, “No, leave it on for now. I love the way it pushes your big tits up and out. I want to see my big cock sliding between them.”

I take his big cock and lay it along the deep valley of my tits. It looks like the biggest hotdog ever, in the comfiest, plumpest bun ever. He presses his cock deeper into the groove of my cleavage, as he begins to saw up and down. As his cock slides up toward my mouth, I catch it, and suck on the large head. I lick and kiss it, as he pulls it back out. Each time he fucks up between my full tits, I catch more of his cock in my mouth. I can feel my saliva start to make his cock slide more easily between my tits.

I see him getting frustrated that my bra keeps him from getting as deep between my tits as he wants. I grab his cock with one hand, as I lift the cups of my bra from the bottom, and slide his cock under the band. His cock is now fully between my tits, and my bra is holding them tightly around it. He starts to really fuck my tits now. Unfortunately for me, his cock no longer reaches as far up into my mouth. However, I can still get a good mouthful. Apparently it is enough for him, because without warning, I feel hot cum splash against my lips and chin, then it continues to spurt between my tits. He keeps fucking and the slick, slimy cum makes his cock slurp and squelch obscenely between my tits.

He pulls his cock out from my bra and shoves it in my mouth. “Clean me and get me ready again,” he tells me. I relish the opportunity to get more of his large cock into my mouth. Because he has just cum, it is softer and more pliable in my mouth. I am able to suck more of it into my mouth. I swallow and feel his cock slide into my throat like a snake, trying to get into my stomach. As I am enjoying the taste of his cum and the feeling of his almost chewy cock in my mouth and throat, I realize that he is getting hard again… already. His cock thickens in my throat and I can feel it choking off my airway. I start to pull off of him, but he grabs my head and holds me there. It actually feels like his cock is stretching my throat.

Just as I feel like I am getting light headed, he yanks my head back and pulls his hips back. His cock POPS out of my throat and I gasp for air. I feel like I must look like a fish out of water. He stares down at me laughing, and asks me, “Well, do you want to just sit there staring at my cock and gasping, or do you want to finally feel this big cock stretching your pussy and rearranging your guts?”

I wanted to scream out “Yes please… I want ALL of THAT and so much more,” but all I do is blush, and nod my head, yes.

He takes my hand and helps me off my knees. He turns me so that I am facing a table filled with boxes. He leans me forward and I brace myself with my hands. He unbuttons and unzips my skirt, then YANKS it to the floor. I start to reach for the waist band of my pantyhose, but he stops me with his hands. I feel him reach between my legs, grab the edges of the hole he already tore in my pantyhose, and tear it even bigger. Then as I feel that big cock slide through the hole and against my swollen, wet, and VERY ready pussy lips, I feel his hands unclasp my bra and free my tits.

Lucky for me, he doesn’t just SLAM that big cock into me. I have been using my large latex friend, but this cock is significantly bigger. I think he is going slow more because his cock is still very sensitive from just cumming, rather than any concern for me. I suspect that if he had not just cum, he would shove that club into me brutally and take me hard and fast, like the whore, I have been acting like. Well, regardless of why, I get the pleasure of feeling this amazing cock push into me slowly, inch by inch. I feel it pushing me open wide, as it pushes into me deep. I feel like this is the first cock I have ever had in me. It is touching me and moving things around inside me, like I have never had anything at all inside me before.

When he pulls out, I feel like I am empty. I feel like he is actually causing a suction inside me, as he pulls out. I suddenly wonder if he will suck me inside out. Will he pull my uterus out and leave it flopping against my thighs? Then SLAM, he pushes back into me faster than before. Well, if my uterus was being pulled out before, it has DEFINITELY been SLAMMED back into place now. In fact, he may have pushed it even deeper inside me. He definitely pushed deeper inside me than he did the last time. I feel him bump up against, and then shove into my cervix. I am not sure if this hurts or feels better than anything I have ever felt before in my life.

As my mind is trying to decide between euphoria and agony, I feel his big hands cup my full, heavy tits. He SQUEEZES and flops them around. That did it… DEFINITEY euphoria, my mind decides. Then to really drive home the point, he pushes just a little bit deeper into me. I feel him literally bottom out as I feel his hips SLAP against my full round ass. I GASP out loud, and this is apparently his signal to release the hounds, because he pulls out fast, and SLAMS back into me even faster. He starts to fuck into me with real purpose and drive. I can tell that he is not slowing down until he cums or strikes oil. He feels like he is so deep in me, that the chances of striking oil seem quite possible. He DEFINITELY hits a gusher… You know, because he made me cum so hard I squirt like an out of control oil well?

I have NEVER in my life squirted before. In fact, I can’t ever remember cumming so hard before. He either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care, because he is definitely more interested in his cumming, than mine. Men… Oh well, at least his relentless hammering into my pussy, is keeping my orgasm going. I feel like every time he pulls out of me, he is drawing my orgasm out. Does that make sense? Does anything make sense in the middle of a world changing orgasm? My mind drifts from this weighty thought, as I feel him slap and squeeze my tits as they wildly swing and bounce with each of his hard thrusts into me.

Then he grabs my tits so hard that I feel like he is trying to pop them. Then I realize that he is cumming, just as I feel his cum shoot deep inside me. And when I say deep inside me, I mean deeper than I have ever felt before. In fact, because it is so deep, It feels so very different than when my husband cums in me. My HUSBAND??? What have I done??? How did I let this get THIS far??? How could I let THIS happen??? Then I have a startling thought, “Can I give THIS up now that I have felt this indescribable pleasure? Am I irrevocably changed? Am I now officially a size queen or can I just be a size queen for a day?”

*** I hope you enjoyed Ellen’s story and will give me your thoughts on whether she should just dive into the DEEP end of the pool. ***