Pierce Me

At the end of a crowded bar, Sly enjoyed a packed Halloween setting next to his friends. It was a balanced enjoyment, as he’d been reduced to dressing as a doctor, a boring choice since it was his profession. That was balanced out by another friend’s absence, the one he’d lost a bet to, that made him lazily wear generic […]

Why Were The Two Twink’s Outed?

I was sitting at a pool complex in my hotel on day one of a seven day holiday and the sun was beating down out of the forest of parasols my look alike who I had never met in person before, only online, waved as he walked over to me. We were both engineering students at twined Universities in Glasgow […]

Time for a Change

After several years making regular visits to our favourite swingers club in Manchester, Liz and I had built up a select group of regulars who understood the things that turn us both on. The people we knew were great and we would often play together, but the stream of new single men seemed to be drying up. One of the […]

Birthday Spankings

I put the last of the dirty dishes in the sink and allowed myself a semi-smirk as I turned around. “Well, I told you it wasn’t going to be much, but I halfway surprised myself how that turned out. Wasn’t this better than staying at home and watching Dancing with the Stars or going out with your vapid girl friends?” […]

A Housewife Owned

Madison’s eyes lingered on the picture of her – naked, bent over, trapped in what she now knew was called a pillory. The older man had his cock deep inside her. Off to the side were Randy and Tessa, the couple who owned the establishment where the picture was taken. The thing that her eyes kept returning to over and […]

She Loves Him And Me Pequel

Claire Is At A Low Point Claire had lost her job and the social contacts that it bought. Not one of her work “friends” bothered to visit her. Her house was 2 miles from the nearest village. Despite its remoteness she could hear trains pass as they sped to Salisbury or Bath. She could hear lorries going along the busy […]

Once you go Black..

I’d been with Amy for almost two years. When we met, she knew I liked to occasionally dress in female clothes, she said she didn’t really understand why, but in time she became more interested, and actually began to encourage me. She’s a great help, and I’ve learned so much about being a woman from her, and I know this […]

The Festival of Autumn

On the first day of fall, cool and bright, Arcor laced up his boots and hiked up the hill to the old stone temple overlooking the town. Far older than the town itself, people said. Great statues stood in niches all around the temple’s facade, marble figures, tangled in marble vines, which in turn were wrapped in growing green vines. […]

The Proxy

I twist my hair into a loose knot at the nape of my neck, let the ice melt against my skin, stiffening when it drips down my back. I can’t believe how warm my apartment is right now. I feel a pang of sympathy for every short-sighted, easily-swindled Disney princess when I remember how willingly I agreed to exchange the […]

The Cold Forest

It’s been a harsh weekend. The snowstorm has been raging over the entire town for the last two days. Electricity has been gone since morning. The last news on the radio was that it will get back to normal. ‘Old Town’, like its name, was an old town situated in the northern part of Estonia, near Pohja-Korvemaa nature reserve, which […]