All of the Things

I’m what most people who aren’t extremely wealthy call “rich.” I definitely do well for myself, but no one outside Phoenix considers me a mover and a shaker. Most of the truly wealthy who live in places like New York, Tokyo or London are unlikely to know my name. For the record, that name is Leonidas Puckett. I wasn’t born […]

The Privacy Flights

Kevin has been looking forward to Saturday night and lying next to Jessie on this long flight back to the U.S. Jessie is his wife of two years and, in his opinion, the best thing ever to happen to him. The three weeks with Jessie in Eastern Europe have been special. The cities have been filled with history, the national […]

A Mishap of Circumstance

I am a bloody idiot. That’s what I am. And at my age at that! Forty! Alright, alright, I guess I should explain. Maybe you will understand as no one else is likely to believe me. None of this was planned. It just happened. It all started when my daughter and son, Bonnie and Clyde, decided to have a Halloween […]

Ballad of Jolanda & Fabio

Hello. I am Fabio. The story begins ten years ago when I was 45 years old. But before I begin, a little about me. I am an accountant and financial manager. I’ve been working in this field since before I can remember. I am an Italian native. I have a zest for life and a deep appreciation for beauty and […]

The Love of My Life

I walked along the shoreline, it was past midnight and the moonlight threw it’s light upon the ocean waves. It was cold outside and I felt the chilly wind blow right through my clothes. “Should have put on a jacket.” I thought to myself. But that never crossed my mind as I was lost in other thoughts when I left […]

Rasheed and Serena’s BDSM Service

This was odd. Jonathan had invited me over to his place on a Wednesday evening, which he doesn’t normally do. We both have five-day-a-week jobs, and we usually get together at his place on Friday evenings so we can have a long bondage, pain and fuck session that sometimes spills over to Saturday morning. Sometimes I leave on Saturday afternoon, […]

Love Thy Neighbor

My name is Jim Dolman and I’m here to tell you that college is expensive no matter how you look at it. As a high school graduate just over eighteen years old, with little money, and little hope of a good-paying job, I was desperate to get into college so I could get a deferment. I didn’t want to be […]

Unearthly Halloween

Another October 31 had rolled around on the calendar. I, Carol Robeson, made my final preparations for the annual Robeson All Hallows Eve Scare a Thon. It was the highlight party of the year in our neighborhood. The house was bathed in an eerie orange light that flickered. I had my long hallway blacked out and at the entrance a […]


My wife Amber waited for me as I walked through the door from the garage. Looking around the kitchen I didn’t see any pots or pans on the stove or smell the tell-tale aromas of dinner cooking. I noticed that the oven was cold, dark, and empty. I found it strange that Amber didn’t have dinner started. We never went […]

My Life With Vince

I felt like my world was coming apart. The loss of my intimate relationship with Gianna a month earlier was devastating, but I’d seen that one coming. Even though we’d been together for a year and a half, we’d been subtly drifting apart since her graduation. She’d gotten closer to her boyfriend, Tim, and I went from being a third […]