The Trick from the Treat

“Welcome to the world of Monsume! My name is Cherry! People call me the Monster Girl Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Monster Girls! For some people, Monster Girls are lovers. Others serve them as slaves. Myself… I study Monster Girls as a profession…”

That’s how health class began two years ago. An interactive video of an unrealistically hot anime scientist in skimpy clothing. We were off to a good start.

“First, are you a boy or a girl?”


“So, you are a boy. Now that you are 18 you have a fifty-fifty chance of ending up with a Monster Girl. Let’s see which kind. Please select your region.”


“Kuni. How charming. Please select your city.”


“Suraimu City. Step into the Slime Light.”

That damn slogan was everywhere.

“The moist damp nature of the city has made it a haven for slime girls. Besides the classic version, Suraimu City is literally crawling with nearly every known variant the world over from Red Slime to Queen Slime. There are also several regional variants found nowhere else on Monsume.

“The three most common are referred to as the snack slimes. There is the pink bimbo-like Bubble Gum Slime. The soothing Caramel Slime. The most dangerous of all is the Chocolate Slime. This actively predatory slime is highly addictive and highly manipulative. Do NOT trust one under any circumstances.”

That was two years ago. Now I’m wishing I had paid more attention. My parents are out of town this week leaving me to take my little brother trick or treating. Not exactly the ‘cool’ way to spend Halloween. Grumbling to myself I walk him and his little friends from house to house, knocking on door after door. Their pumpkins get filled and my patience gets drained. By the time we reach the last house I’m ready to snap.

That’s before she opens the door. My mind goes slack. My jaw drops. I can’t process what I’m seeing. There’s no way this woman can be real. Her hips are wide and full, very womanly. Her ass is full and plump. Her breasts are massive, J-Cups if I had to guess. Most astonishing of all she was made entirely of melted chocolate!

“Hey there, stud.”


A chocolate slime! I’ve never met one before. We covered them in health class years ago. Or was it sex ed? I can’t remember. What did they say about them? Oh god, why can’t I remember?

“Aren’t you a little old for this?”

As she speaks, she drops candies into the kids’ pumpkins.

“I’m just a chaperone.”

She looks at my dick and licks her lips.

“I could find so many more uses for you.”

The kids step back to count their loot.

“So, how about it?”

“About what?”

“My other uses for you.”

“I don’t follow.”

“God, it’s lucky you’re cute. Come back here at midnight and I’ll fuck you.”

“Oh. Oh!”

I just stare, stupefied.

“I don’t….”

She runs her finger over her tits taking a little of the whipped cream nipple off. It grew right back. She sticks the finger into my mouth and rubs it on my tongue. She makes sure to get her own chocolate on there too. It’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. Strangely, I’m also very horny. She pulls it away.


Smiling dumbly the whole time I take the kids home. No matter what I do the rest of the night I can’t quelch that boner. It’s so hard it hurts. God, I need to fuck so bad! Also, I need chocolate. None of the runt’s candy will do. I need her chocolate again. I need to taste it again. I’ll die if I don’t. Or something.

Midnight comes and I find myself outside her door. funny, I don’t even remember walking here. I knock on the door. She opens with a knowing smile. She says nothing. She just grabs my head and shoves it into her tits. I feel my head sink in. Warm chocolate greets my mouth. Instinct takes over and I lap it up. Oh god it feels so fucking good! I just lick and eat. I feel her drag me inside. I hear her lock the door. I feel her strip me naked. I don’t care. Save for that last one.

She shoves me onto the floor face up and mounts me. I moan in delight as she rides me like the stud she called me earlier. I thrust along with her enjoying the warmth. The boner is somehow bigger and stronger than before. I’m afraid I might literally explode. I finally cum. My body stays intact but God do I feel drained. I’m too weak to move. My legs and hips sink down into her chocolately body. She slides up my body. As she goes, I sink deeper in. It looks like she’s eating me with her pussy. No part of me sticks out. As she reaches my chest she shoves my hands in so she can eat my arms. Soon only my head remains.

“Please… don’t kill me.”

“You really aren’t too smart are you?”

“I guess not.”

“I eat sex not meat. I need you alive for that. I don’t need you free.”

“Let me go.”

“No. Don’t worry. This time next year you won’t remember any of this. You’ll be my brainless himbo stud. All you’ll know is fucking me.”

She swallows me whole.

The chocolate slime smiles as the boy is forced into her ‘womb’. Her belly expanding to hold him. As the year passes she feels his mind fade away as he eats the ever replenishing chocolate around him. Her body fucks him. He cums. The energy makes more chocolate. He eats the chocolate. He gets horny. Her body fucks him. He cums. The energy makes more chocolate…

One year to the day her extended ‘stomach’ hardens into a chocolate egg and falls to the floor, shattering. He looks up at his owner with the eyes of a dumb guy ready to be fucked into submission. And he is.