DILF Werewolf Next Door

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Callie fidgeted on the doorstep waiting for it to open. The moon, full and bright, yellowish in its glow illuminated everything. It hung low in the sky, a haunting lamp light to remind everyone that Halloween was just around the corner. It had rained recently and the air had a cloying dampness to it with notes of coming winter. It wasn’t enough to sink into the bones yet the rain had brought out the moldy, mossy aroma of the dying leaves. None of this would have been a problem if Callie had worn jeans and a sweater. Instead she was wearing her sexy red cocktail dress, black leather jacket and favorite felt booties.

The jacket was form fitting and the cocktail dress perfectly accentuated her curves. Callie was a willowy, lean figure of a girl but with the right lacy bra her breasts swelled up. Ripe and supple. Not big but medium to fit a man’s calloused palm with sensitive nipples to get him growling. Her flat stomach tapered to a pert bottom, heart shaped then finally to a pair of long, shapely legs. Also… she had decided not to wear panties tonight. She groaned at another soft autumn night breeze. The frigid air had the skin of her legs raising in goosebumps. She should have at least worn stockings. But she wanted to look sexy for Mack. She couldn’t help but be reminded of Little Red Riding Hood in that moment. Given that her neighbor was actually a werewolf. Her thought made her smile and that was the moment Mack saw after he opened the door.

“Callie, I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting!”

Mack towered over her yet his height was never intimidating. Her heart sang with delight at his welcoming smile.

“No no it’s fine!” Callie rushed past him into the warmth of his home. She caught a whiff of him, the small spice of cloves and clean soap. His hair was black but with silver wingtips at the side of his head. A strong jawline covered in a well manicured beard and mustache. And velvety brown eyes that could melt a girl because when he looked at you it was like you were the only person in world to him. He was older than her yet he was incredibly fit. Muscular. Perfectly sculpted like a Greek statue still taut with little sag. His skin was bronzed and always warm to the touch. During the summer Callie had the pleasure of seeing his body whenever he mowed the lawn or was in the pool with his kids. Broad chest with chiseled pecs hidden beneath a carpet of hair that trailed down his well toned stomach and lean hips to disappear into his shorts. Legs thick with muscle and a dusting of hair that was still black. Even his feet were sexy and Callie never looked at feet.

“I should have known better than to wear a short dress and felt boots in damp weather.”

She rubbed her arms and legs together to get more friction to warm herself up. Mack’s gaze traveling up and down her body, she could see a hint of manly appreciation in his coffee-brown eyes.

“I think you look great. Pretty sexy,” his chiseled, sensual mouth curving into an all-too-sexy grin. But then it faded in a panic as he added: “I mean… you’re attractive… in an objective sense!”

“Oh,” Mack’s heart squeezed at the sight of Callie’s aura dimming. He hated seeing disappointment on her face. She was so beautiful and tonight it would be especially hard to control his wolf urges. Was she using a new shampoo? Lilac and vanilla. Flowery and buttery softness. So feminine. Werewolf senses were so acute he could tell the brand of detergent she used. And her outfit. He was only wearing jeans and a cotton t-shirt.

She was always lovely though. With that long brown hair that gleamed bronze in the right light. Stunning blue eyes the color of cornflowers that were always full of compassion and lit up whenever she smiled. And her body too… She was slim but still had those round womanly curves. He loved to watch her pert little ass flex and curve as she did her dawn yoga. His wolf would growl imagining those shapely legs wrapped around his hips as he plunged deep within her core. When she had come over to swim in his pool he couldn’t help but notice her nipples puckering though her bikini top. He didn’t know how he held a conversation with her. He must have licked his lips a few times imagining those sweet little berries in his mouth, getting hard and wet by his tongue. Yet Callie didn’t seem to notice. And she always smelled… so so good. Werewolves were attracted to people who’s scents pleased them. And Callie’s more than pleased.

“Being a yoga instructor has its benefits.” Callie flashed him one her warm smiles that always made his wolf heart flutter. She did a little flirty twirl allowing him to take in those sweet feminine curves of hers outlined by the tight red dress.

Mack swallowed. His mouth was suddenly dry and his palms became a bit clammy. He felt like a young pup with his first mating. He tried to make conversation… yet she was standing so close her enticing silky scent was distracting. Mack snapped back to reality but his cock twitched in his jeans, pushing against his zipper.

“I’m glad you could come over and…,” he gave a good hefty sniff to the air. “Are you using a new shampoo?” Fuck! Why did he say that? His blood pulsed quicker as his wolf growled inwardly with pleasure. “You smell… you smell…” He couldn’t finish that sentence. Mack would definitely scare her off. “Never mind…”

Callie saw his struggle. The air charged between them making them both sweat. But she didn’t like seeing him nervous. She placed a reassuring hand on his forearm. “Don’t worry about it. No I’m not using any new shampoo though you’re one of the few who would notice that. I guess having a super werewolf nose comes in handy.” She couldn’t help but notice his arm hair was feathery soft. Nor could she help but slightly run her thumb over his skin, feeling the corded muscles tighten beneath her gentle touch.

Mack’s skin absorbed that soft touch. His wolf growled happily. Callie was always so sensitive to his moods and seemed to know exactly what he needed. He luxuriated in her caressing hand almost barely hearing her ask, “So… where are the little pups?”

Mack breathed a sigh of relief at the change in subject. “They’re with the ex. I have the house to myself the next couple of days.” Callie warmed at the news. It would give her a chance to… “Oh I have something for you.”

He turned and brought out a small box wrapped in pretty green and gold paper. He blushed a little. “It’s a thank you.”

Mack was always so cute when he turned shy. Even more sexy was a man who could be a shy boy sometimes. “What for?”

“Well…,” Mack rubbed his neck, avoiding her eyes instead concentrating on a throw pillow in the living room and the faded violet pattern of the rug. “I didn’t expect a human to be so nice… given the history between my werewolf kind and your human kind.” His bearded face stretched into a warm smile, the corners of his eyes crinkling just a little, once more making Callie’s pulse race.

“You were just so helpful these last few months: babysitting the kids, cooking meals, hell you basically did more than my ex-wife has.”

Callie licked her dry lips, tasting her cherry lip gloss. She tingled all over as her cheeks turned rosy, “Honestly… I didn’t expect to see a werewolf single dad. I thought that… I mean I don’t mean to be rude but…”

“You thought we mated for life?” he helped finished. He wasn’t mad or offended. He was always patient when it came to explaining aspects of his culture. “No, that mating for life, alpha/beta, soulmate stuff is a total myth…” His shoulders slumped, sighing heavily. Callie wanted so much to ease that sudden pain in his face away.

She unwrapped the gift to find inside was a charm bracelet. A gold little chain circlet with her birthstone the emerald and her star sign Gemini followed by other things she liked… A lotus for her yoga practice and…

“These are things we’ve done together the past few months,” Callie spoke softly, in awe that anyone could be so sweet.

Mack came closer, breathing in her natural bouquet with greed while showing her the charms. “The carousal horse for when you took us to see the fair. A cupcake for… when you saved that cake I tried to make for one of my kids’ birthdays…” Mack’s inner wolf growled again with pleasure at the joy on Callie’s face. God… her scent was stronger with warm, spicy after notes. His cock twitched in his jeans at the sight of her sultry rose petal lips parting in a sound of pleasure. He couldn’t help the image of that mouth making sounds of passion as he… He ground his teeth! Damn it stop that!

Callie, thankfully, didn’t notice his train of thought, her cornflower blue eyes sparkling up at him. “Thank you, Mack…” She looked like she wanted to do something more. But she didn’t move. Instead she passed him to place her gift on the table and slipped the delicate chain onto her dainty wrist.

“Hey,” she twirled around turning that stunning smile back on him. “We should go out tonight!”

“Go out?” Mack stuttered. “You… and me?”

“Yeah,” Callie saw the sudden panic or was it hope? “Guys and girls going out together isn’t strange. I can even be your wing-girl.” She decided to ease his worries. Damn it this was not going how she had planned. What happened to her boldness? She wasn’t wearing panties after all. She should just jump his bones already but… maybe he wouldn’t like that.

“Oh…,” Mack chuckled. “You mean as friends.” Did he see disappointment in her eyes? Did he react too eager or not eager enough? Didn’t matter. Why would a perfect, lovely young woman like Callie want to date an old dog like him? “I’m not sure…” he raked his fingers through his salt and pepper hair, messing it up in his nervous pulling. “It’s been a while since I went clubbing. I’m not even sure I can…”

“Stop being silly!” Callie’s lush lips pursed into a cute pout. “If you’re nervous I can teach you.” Before he could protest she was inches away from him. “Here…,” she took his hands, large and calloused yet so warm, and placed them on her slim hips.

“Uhhhh…,” Mack stammered, his bearded cheeks blushing hard. That color seemed to spread as she wound her delicate yet lean arms around his neck. She watched the throat muscles flex at his hard swallow. Callie was so tempted to kiss that throat. Lick it. He smelled so good. Musky and earthy. Virile male that could dominate her tiny body with his big hard wolf body.

“Now…,” Callie’s voice went to a low throaty whisper that sent a thrill down his spine shooting into his groin. “Just… sway gently… that’s it… Just side to side… See there you go…”

They moved in one small circle, gently swaying to imaginary music. Mack’s pulse quickened with forbidden longing as they continued to hold each other. Ever so slightly her breasts would lightly brush across his chest, a ghostly tease that made his blood heat. For Callie at every slight intimate contact her nipples swelled, sending tiny shocks to her core. Their bodies hungered and burned and yet both were too afraid to make the first move. If only Mack’s hand would stray down to her buttocks he would feel she wasn’t wearing anything down there. But she was sure he could smell her arousal. The heat grew until her thighs grew achy with need.

In fact, Mack could smell her but still he thought he would frighten her away. It had been so long his wolf would jump out and hurt her. His fingers dug into Callie’s satin-covered hips. He laughed to diffuse the tension.

“Look at you…,” he said. “Teaching an old dog new tricks.”

Callie gave him a playful slap on the chest, “Would you stop saying that, Mack. You are not old. Being 40 isn’t old. In which case I’m 32 and 8 years away from the nursing home!”

Mack’s body vibrated with his laughter. He couldn’t help it. That husky happy sound that sent a sizzling heat to her stomach. He pressed his forehead to hers. Callie’s breath hitched. His masculine presence was intoxicating. “How did I get so lucky to have a neighbor like you?”

“You have… an angel looking out for you I guess,” Callie’s body warmed beneath his heavy-lidded stare. The temptation became too much for him. Mack moved his face to her neck, once more absorbing her very essence.

“You’re so sweet… and you smell…” he inhaled once. Twice. “You smell…” Then Callie’s world careened at his next words as his voice changed into a gravelly growl that wasn’t human. “You smell… you just smell so good…” Her blood froze for a few seconds as she pulled back to see a pair of molten gold eyes searing into her with a primal hunger she would never escape.

“Your scent…,” Mack’s human features seemed to morph into something more canine, black hair growing and covering his human skin. “Your scent makes me want to…”

Callie’s world moved as she was rapidly pressed into the wall, the force knocking the wind out of her and making her see colors. The only thing holding her up was Mack. His lips curled into slow lascivious snarl, flashing his white canines at her. Suddenly, however, sanity came back to him. His eyes becoming their soft dark brown again. His face human again. His face paled with horror at what he had done. Quickly he rushed backwards leaving Callie to slump against the wall. Her legs had turned to water and she tried taking slow deep breaths to get her wind back.

“I… I’m sorry I…,” Mack stuttered. His wolf was growling in protest at being interrupted. His body vibrated with the effort to contain his inner beast. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Once her world was upright Callie saw the stricken look on Mack’s face. Instantly she wanted to comfort him. Her natural compassion overriding her instinct to run away. “Mack…?”

“No!” Mack took a step back. Yet still her scent intoxicated him it was so strong. “Don’t come any closer!”

“Are you okay?” she continued anyway. “Are you sick?”

“No I’m not sick but…,” Mack groaned as if in physical agony, raking his fingers through his hair frantically. “Listen… I think… I think you should go home…”

“Was it…,” Callie shrunk with her insecurity. “Was it something I did?” Her blue eyes like gleaming pools of periwinkle looked so hurt it killed Mack not to go over to her and comfort her.

“No! It’s just… I’m…,” he swallowed hard, struggling to talk straight. “You were just so nice and thoughtful coming over the past few months… Filling the hole my ex left and well and I didn’t want to scare you off and… and…” He growled in frustration. His wolf was clawing at the walls of his control. His face tightened then he sighed in surrender, “I’m attracted to you.”

That confession had Callie’s body quickening, her arousal adding spicy notes to her flowery scent. This girl was going to drive him mad. He spoke rapidly, “I’m attracted to you and well… my wolf is… really attracted to you. I’ve been wanting to mate with you for months and…” he struggled with another growl. “I just… I just…” he sighed, his wolf reasserting itself with a husky growl that made Callie shiver with want. “I just want to sink inside you… I want to feel our bodies press against each other… and… FUCK!”

Mack shook his head. His blood rushed making his ears hum. His strong body craved to dominate and mate Callie. He wanted to tear something apart. It suddenly became a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation. “Callie,” his gentle brown eyes pleading. “I think it’s best if you… go home tonight… I don’t think… I don’t think I can control myself…”

Callie didn’t move. She was torn between unease and arousal… It was now or never. “Mack, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s–”

“I feel the same about you.”

Mack paused. Turning shocked eyes, that had turned a fiery whiskey color, in her direction. Clearly he didn’t hear her right. “You’re… you’re attracted to me too?” He never dared to hope this beautiful young woman would feel the same way about him. A werewolf no less. Then she started walking towards him, he could read the intent on her face.

“No, stop,” Mack backed himself into the table but Callie was not deterred. “Don’t come any closer I might–!” Her mouth stopped all protests. Her lips pressed firmly into his, slanting across his trembling mouth and pushing her body against him. Her willowy arms wrapped around his neck, her fingers tunneling into his hair to try and bring him down to press harder. In a moan of surrender Mack wrapped Callie in his strong arms in a punishing embrace. Their mouths opened and tongues swept across each other giving each a deeper taste that both craved.

Mack couldn’t believe how good her lips felt. Mack had often on lonely nights stroked himself imagining the taste and feel of Callie on his tongue. Sweet, ripe cherries and the mint of her toothpaste. Her mouth was like silk, that small tongue bold in its licking. Callie was thinking the same thing. This sweet shy werewolf tasted better than she imagined. A dark, wild, spicy drug that she couldn’t get enough of.

His hands roved over her body hungrily. Raking through her silky light brown hair and feeling her warm curves rubbing sensually against him. He was certain she could feel how rock hard he was.

“Callie…,” Mack gasped sharply. He wanted to say something to stop her but then she ground her feminine hips into his groin. “Fuck! You… You’re making it hard to resist…”

“I don’t want you to resist…,” Callie whispered, giving his lower lip a provocative nibble. She whimpered at the hard bulge throbbing against her. Even through his jeans she could feel the heat of him. He made her hunger, made her crave. She wanted to claim every male inch of him.

His wolf came back. Mack’s features changing again into a feral demon. Hair sprouted on his arms, neck, and more of his face. His eyes two smoldering coals that penetrated deep into her soul. Even his muscles grew in size. His human grip held an unyielding, supernatural strength that had her swooning.

His voice became that gravelly growl again, “You asked for it.”

He spun them around, reversing their roles with Callie pressed back against the table and Mack pushing into her. Animal hunger took over. The wolf-man shredded her leather jacket, his mouth devouring hers. Tongue forcing its way into her throat. In another second her dress was torn from her too. Her body convulsed in her gasp of surprise. She was wearing nothing but her lacy bra that cupped her swollen, heaving breasts, her booties and the charm bracelet. No panties. And she had waxed leaving her perfect cunt on display. So puffy and pink. Hot cream coated her opening.

Desire raced through Mack’s veins at the sight of her. “My god… You’re… practically drenched…” His nostrils flared and eyes gleamed with ferocious lust. He lowered his hulking body to kneel between her spreading thighs as she herself propped her behind onto the table. Fuck his mouth was watering. He pressed his small snout closer, barely touching, his breath tickling her swollen lips. Rich vanilla cream. Sweet salty caramel. Sugary, salty delight… and she was all his. “You smell even better down here…” His animal eyes shot up to capture her soul. “Naughty little human…”

His fingers had become a little longer, his black claws sinking into her delicate flesh yet careful not to break the skin. “Just a few licks…” Then he quickly buried his tongue inside her sopping pussy. Callie’s whole body surged with electric sensation. His tongue felt sooooooo good. Long, warm and moist it hit all those nerve endings at once in greedy laps; combined with the coolness of his nose had her body singing in ecstasy.

He laughed huskily into her cunt growling in between greedy licks, “Such a little slut you are… mmmmm… not wearing any panties…mmmmm… you came over to seduce me didn’t you, little human…mmmmmm…”

Callie only answered in shallow breaths and needy moans. The sounds fed his male hunger. With a groan he pushed his tongue into her tight sheath. She jerked in his hold, her fingers tunneling into his black and silver hair. She was so close and Mack could feel it.

“That’s it… mmmm come for me,” Mack focused his tongue on her swollen berry, noticing that it made her convulse and moan the loudest. “Come for your mate… let me taste you… that’s it, come! Mmmmmmm!” Blissful, blistering pleasure seized her. Like a good girl Callie flooded his mouth with her sweet essence. Her body was shaking, mind reeling. She had never come that hard before.

Meanwhile, Mack continued to clean up the silky liquid. He was consumed by her taste. It was like ambrosia. This was one of his many fantasies come true. Over the last half year he had enough fantasies about her to fill a hard drive. Now here she was. Naked. Begging for him. God damn! He was so hard it hurt!

She was covered in a light sheen of sweat, body still shuddering when the werewolf man stood up practically ripping the button of his jeans off. “I need you,” he growled, his cock springing free it stood at attention, leaking pearly precum. Callie rallied to lift herself up, eager to see… But when she got a look at that cock, the cock that was a major focus in her fantasies, she paused.

“What? What’s wrong?” Mack stopped though he wanted to sink so deep inside her he was inside her womb.

“N-Nothing it’s just…,” Callie inched closer, eyeing the length with lustful curiosity. “I’ve never seen a werewolf dick before…” It wasn’t long but it was thick, a good kind of girth, red with throbbing veins and… something at the base, a swelling just above his scrotum. She had seen him in a bathing suit and often her eyes would be drawn to his crotch wondering: what’s he packing? Is it an animal cock or a human one? Well it was a mixture of both. Perhaps because he was half way between his human and animal form his maleness was also.

“Well…,” Mack had a moment of doubt. Callie was a petite thing, almost delicate. Would he even fit? “I agree it’s not like… human cocks but–”

“Can I touch it?” she asked, the eagerness back. She was suddenly hungry for the forbidden.

“Uh… I don’t know,” Mack averted his eyes. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. But he wasn’t paying attention to how close Callie’s small hand was. “I’m… close to losing it completely and–ah!”

Too late, Callie wrapped her hand as best she could around the slick throbbing organ. She licked her lips, her mouth hungry for a taste but perhaps that would have gone too far. Gently she stroked, her thumb swiping softly over his crown to caress his growing knot at the base. He trembled in her hands. Having a shy yet terrifying beast such as him weaken at her slight touch was… exciting.

“It’s so hot… and hard,” she marveled. “Like… iron velvet…”

“Your… Your hands… are so soft…” And her look of wonder and lust made him throb harder. She gave a firmer stroke and looked up at him with eyes glazed over in arousal.

“I… can’t even wrap my whole hand around it.”

“That’s okay, baby,” Mack’s hoarse growl hitched. Her fingers played with him, tuning him like an instrument. He couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh god… I need to be inside you!”

Lost in his animal frenzy, Mack turned Callie around, bending her half over the table, her delectable bottom wiggling enticingly at him. Without any prompting the werewolf man plunged deep inside her. Luckily she was so wet he slid easily in though the thickness did make her wince a little. But it didn’t matter. She moaned. His hands gripping her hips firmly as she became a vessel for his wild lust. He began to pump her with deep strokes, even and hard. Eventually that good girth was making her see colors.

“Fuck! So good… like… fucking tight hot silk… And you take me so well… Just like a good mate should!” Mack praised. “I can feel you… I can feel your pussy throbbing against my knot!”

His hips gyrated in slow, grinding circles, his knot rubbing at her clit. And Callie met each driving thrust with a push back of her own. Mack was amazed that such a petite woman could match his wolf’s sexual urges. His thick wolf cock pulsed harder while her human pussy, so hungry for it, was drawing him in deeper.

Callie was mindless with pleasure. Good thing she was fit or else she would have broken a bone or two by now. Her fingers raked at the polished oak table that shook with the force of their mating. Her nipples hard and contracting behind the cups of her bra. Her lungs laboring for breath but she had a darker need that didn’t want any of this to stop. The house filled with the sounds of feral growls and hoarse, breathy moans, the slapping of flesh and groaning of the wooden table. Their lovemaking was intense, stoked by carnal ferocity.

“I love your moans…,” Mack growled, his pants getting heavier, more labored. “Such a good mate… I wonder if… you’ll moan louder… if I touch this part… here.”

Callie’s body arched at her new cry. He was strumming on her clit, his cock driving faster inside her. “Fuck, Mack!” She cried out. “Oh god yes, baby!” That swollen bulge at the base of his cock was throbbing too. Her pussy had a mind of its own and she could feel it clench then soften, trying to get that bigger part inside.

“You’re so close,” Mack bent over her, covering her body with his mass. He nuzzled into her neck, his canines scraping against her dampened skin. “I can feel it. Come for me. Come for your mate!” He rammed his rod so deep his knot finally pushed past her entrance and that’s when Callie felt her orgasm crash over her, radiating from the soles of her feet to burst in her core. Stars flashed in her eyes the ecstasy ripped through her. “That’s it! That’s it! I’m… I’m gonna come… toooooooooo!”

Mack howled his release. His pulsing cock gushed inside her. No woman had ever felt so good, so perfect. His muscles tensed then relaxed. His wolf satiated his lupine features began to recede. They collapsed together. Their skin grew salty with shared passion, breathing heavily, pulses throbbing. But Mack’s knot remained.

“Holy shit, Mack…,” Callie giggled, after such a climax she felt light headed. “So that’s what being with a werewolf is like…” Mack laughed too. His breath huffing against her neck, tickling her flesh. He kissed her neck and her back while his fingers trailed along her body. He reached beneath her to cup her breast. The creamy mound felt so pliant to his stroking fingers and loving palm. He should have gotten her completely naked.

“Are you okay?” he asked suddenly afraid he did some permanent damage.

“Mmmmm will definitely have some bruises but I heal fast. Just need some tea and an epsom bath with eucalyptus and I’m good to go,” Callie sighed happily. “I like it slow and drawn out but that was… wow!”

“Sorry…,” Mack became shy again yet still played with her breasts. “I’m usually more gentle but… like I said it’s been… a long time.” He pushed himself up. “Let me just… ugh… damn it.” He tried to pull his hips back but his knot remained rock hard. He blushed. “Well we… might be here a while… knot needs to soften.”

“I don’t mind,” Callie wriggled her hips causing Mack to groan. It was like being hugged by a velvet fist. “But next time we should do it in a bed.”

He kissed her neck, licking at her salty sweet skin humming, “Agreed.” He squeezed her breasts. “And next time… I’ll give some attention to these beauties.” His teeth scraped across her shoulder sending shivers up and down Callie’s body.

“Looking forward to that. And maybe I can give that wolf dick of yours a thorough licking too. I always wondered how werewolf cock tasted.” Such a minx, Mack chuckled to himself. Callie twisted her upper body just enough to look into those dark brown eyes of his. She caressed his face, smiling warmly at him. She looked so sexy like this, Mack thought. Her hair a mess, her skin flushed, and lips swollen from rough kisses. She had the glow of someone thoroughly fucked. “So… you called me ‘mate’.”

Mack’s cheek bones flushed then he looked away. “Oh… oh that well… don’t worry about it…”

Callie pressed up and brushed a kiss across his lips. “I liked it.”

“Well… what I said was true… I like you.” He wrapped his strong arms around her and she wiggled with a contented sigh. For a few minutes they stuck like that in silence, enjoying the closeness, breathing in the musky scent of sex that filled the room.

“Hey, about our night out…,” Callie said.


“Why don’t we…,” It was Callie’s turn to blush now. Her black lashes fluttered like butterfly wings against her rosy cheek. “How about we make it a date instead?”

“A date?!” Mack was elated. He nuzzled his lips into her ear. “I would… love that.”

Callie turned her head and they kissed. More gentle this time. Languid. Sensual. Exploring the texture of each others’ lips and mouths.

“Although…,” Callie’s kiss-swollen mouth curved into an impish smile. “I might need to get a new dress.”

Mack nipped at her lip and with mock-menace said, “And make sure you wear panties this time. Or else…” He flexed his cock and she gasped, toes curling at the new pulse of delight coursing through her.

Callie arched back and with mischievous pleasure suckled at Mack’s ear lobe then licked his face. His beard scraped against her tongue and cheek. “Do you promise?”

Mack growled in response. He and his wolf were going to make her pay for that. Callie was looking forward to every bit of it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *