A Contract that Binds

The pop and crackle of a lone fire split the silence of a cold autumn night. Bare branches clawed at a midnight sky, a clouded sky spanning the deep woods that brooded in ominous darkness as abyssal as the black seas. Cold winds rattled and waved boughs in eerie silence and tugged at the layers of cloak and cape of the hooded figure.

She sat over a circle drawn into the dirt. A book with its pages held by small stones bore the blasphemous visage of one cast from the heavens, of a demon whose name cast a black ice through the veins of those who spoke it. Hood down, ember-red hair was tied back with keen green eyes surveying her work, a nick of a scar at her chin with thick robes warming her leaner frame. Murmuring an incantation, a palm filled with salt poured it along the etchings in the dirt, the fire cracking with a golden pop and plume of smoke.

Then came the objects of her demon’s request. She could feel his whisper against her neck like a lover’s caress as she cracked a raven’s foot over a sigil of blood. Wind tousled loose dirt with harsher gusts that flickered the flames, casting contrasting lights over her hands as they poured sap from a hangman’s tree into the sigil of defilement. The ground chilled, leaves tossed, her heart pounded hard as the last piece of the ritual would be in its place: the blood of want. A knife slit her own palm, letting it drip unholy treasure onto the sigil of lust.

The fire exploded in a red fury. It cast a wrathful heat into the clearing and a great plume of smoke into the sky, one that choked the light from the stars until only the full moon remained. She shuddered at the new warmth, goosebumps on her skin as she subtly bit her lower lip in anticipation, wrapping her wounded hand tight. Then the ground shook.

From the pillar of fire stepped an immense form. Heavy cloven hooves seared dead leaves and blackened dry earth. The sooty black fur gave way to skin that gleamed like black iron, hot from the forge with the detail and chiseled features rivaling great works of cathedrals. Ring pierced nipples were lined in that red heat, broad pectorals thick and defined, a forceful impression of abs leading downwards, and the being’s arms. The arms were dense, toned, corded muscle shown, each thicker than the woman’s torso. His face seemed mostly human, with imposing features and sharpened fangs. He was clean shaven, and his head was adorned with two massive horns bearing a flame between them. Those eyes bore into her, hotter than any flame yet did so with a deep chill, fully black save for a brilliant red-hot iris. Wings behind him opened, great and terrifying with a deep blackness that threatened to engulf her.

As he stepped forward, very nearly twice the woman’s height, it was clear he was not alone. From the fire stepped other beings. Beings with those same hooves, sooty fur, those defined muscles and broad set shoulders, then a distinct bullish head with blunt snouts and horns bearing their own fire, the devil’s sigil etched into each of their foreheads. As they stepped out they moved to encircle her, rougher bovine snorts breaking the silence as they all eyed her.

“What purpose have you called upon my name. Speak.” The devil commanded, his voice carrying darkly handsome tones enhanced by the depth of it, the force of it. The woman did her best to hide her smirk as the others towered over her, standing tall before him.

“I, Evelyn Barlowe, call upon the name of Beshalar the Iron-Brand, and make a plea for power. I ask that you give me the profane, give me skill and knowledge, and potency in the black arts and what is unholy. In return, I offer a gift of the flesh.”

Beshalar scratched his chin in thought with black-iron claws, raising his brow to the human who stood before him. Impatient horned demons tossed their heads with snorts and his hand lifted to silence them. The authority he imposed cast a dry heat over the clearing, details of his body giving a subtle flare as he spoke. “The contract is accepted, and drafted. Now, you sign.”

With a snap of his fingers golden parchment unfurled before her. Evelyn’s eyes gleamed as she read over the boons of their deal, her black arts to learn for a gift of flesh. Taking a shimmering quill she hastily signed her own name, and with another snap of his fingers the scroll rolled up and disappeared.

“It is done.”

A deep breath caused Evelyn’s shoulders to rise and fall, then she held the knife to her uncut hand, held up for the devil to see in the pillar of red firelight that made the trees dance.

“A gift of flesh-”

Deep, throaty laughter of the demons sounded in the forest. They began to step closer, each one’s body heat piercing the layers of her cloak. Beshalar himself crossed his arms with an amused chuckle of his own, leering down at her. “Human, that is not the gift of flesh you have signed for.”

Her heart skipped in her chest as she cleared her throat before asking, “and what is, the gift of flesh, that I’ve signed for?”

The sound of her own heartbeat in her throat made it hard to hear anything else as the circle of demons loomed closer. Massive hands reached out with rough palms and fingertips, grasping at her clothes and tugging at them. Beshalar sat back in an iron bramble throne that rose from the deep red flames. “Must I waste words to tell you?”

Evelyn let herself smirk earnestly for the first time, allowing herself a giddy laugh as her eyes drew between the towering horned demons and the great devil throned before her.

Massive hands tore at her clothing, shredding it with ease as a startled gasp choked in her throat. Thick robes were torn away to reveal her lithe frame, her small, pert breasts, the gradual shape of her hips, and that soft pale skin the demons craved. She was shared between them, hands dragging down her skin. Each one was hot, rough palms that teased her skin, broad as she made a dreamy sigh under all the attention.

Taking her body, they lifted her among them, lifted her horizontal as she felt them caress her entire form. Up her legs, along her back, over her chest to grasp at her breasts, over her throat as no single part of her went unwarmed. Reaching out she touched the cheek of one of the demons. He made a bovine grunt before capturing her thumb between his lips, blunted teeth pressing down as an impressively thick tongue brushed back against her. Her eyes rolled back at the heated snort one made against her thigh, gripping horns of two different demons as her ankles went over shoulders.

Beshalar sat back in his throne as he watched, taking his imposing member in hand. Sleek and black as iron he stroked himself, enjoying the sounds Evelyn made as his demons shared her. Those eyes watched as his bulls groped her, devoured her in kisses, and took part in her. A leisurely sigh issues from his lips as he awaited her, letting his demons prepare her for him. Already half hard, his length was well over a foot and she would need thorough preparation for all of him to fit inside her.

One of the horned demons pulled her thighs apart as they reflexively tensed against his grip. They quivered, she could feel his breath against her dripping sex as the others continued handling her, continued feeling every inch of her body. Without pause his lips pressed to hers, Evelyn’s back straightening with a joyous cry of pleasure as she tried to squeeze his head between her thighs. That cry choked and became even louder at the feel of that thick tongue piercing her.

It was hot, just before the point of pain as it lolled in forceful circles. He snorted against her skin earning another desperate squirm as she rode against his blunted snout. The others closed on her, their own lips joining their hands as they kissed along her body. Kept aloft by their strength her body shuddered in their collective grip, eyes rolling back with the deep plunge of the demon’s tongue.

Another took her by the face, kissing her deeply, filling her throat with that same heat. She moaned longingly with that tongue down her throat as she bucked against and clenched the tongue filling her sex, his lips rubbing her clit just as forcefully. She huffed, writhing in their arms, feeling their lips along her sides, down her legs, over her nipples where she gripped their horns tightly. It was too much, all too much as she huffed into the kiss.

Her cheeks flushed red, choking on the demon’s tongue as the other forced deeper, eyes rolling back as her innermost depths were teased and stroked. Each breath shook her body as the other demons kissed every inch of her, roughly handled every inch of her. She suckled harder, causing the minotaur to kiss her harder as the one between her legs stroked her clit even faster. Her body flushed between their heat, pushed into heights of pleasure as her head swam between the unholy sensations.

She screamed as loud she could against that tongue, muffled by it as her sex clenched that tongue with a rush of fluids. Her body writhed, Evelyn’s skin touched and groped and kissed, back arching and thighs tightening as the onslaught only continued. That thick tongue between her thighs thrust deep, pushed hard, the one in her throat filling her mouth with a delicious charred taste as the deeper rumbles only intensified the infernal spitroasting. Even as her climax began to come down there was no pause, no reprieve as she was passed around.

New lips kissed hers as the old kissed her neck. That tongue left only to be replaced by the blunt fingers of another, stretching her with their demanding thrusts. The thick tongue that had filled her now slathered over her clit in hard strokes, growling with impatience. Evelyn’s gratified moans turned sexually anguished, brutally overstimulated. She tried to pull her hips away but was firmly held in place by hands that squeezed her ass, her words choked by the demon tongue in her throat that muffled her whines and moans. Huffing again, her passage squeezed their fingers in a second climax, barely off the first as her eyes rolled back with another joyous moan, even further detached from the hell on earth reality she set in.

Turned hot mess by the messy kisses and brutal first loving, Evelyn was finally given pause to catch her breath. Her sensitive passage squeezed needily against the retreating digit and with overstimulated moans she was gently settled down on the leafswept clearing between the circle of those towering figures. Desperately trying to catch her breath as a subtle drip of drool trickled along her neck, her new master’s words rose through the chaos.

“Mmm…” he sighed, enjoying the distraught sight of her, “I do hope you understand in serving me you aren’t only serving me.”

Evelyn’s vision focused enough to realize the intent of the demons surrounding her. Between their legs hung their heavy manhoods, immense girths with blunted tips, hard from the night’s excitement with a pair of swollens, heavy balls swaying against their muscular thighs. The length of each one was just under a foot long with teases of pre at their tips. Each demon captured their hardness in a hand, idly stroking their own paces with their tips kept trained on the human. She shuddered with delight as she watched them pump, a thrill traveling down her spine at the excitement she induced.

Without hesitation she knelt before one of the demons, sliding both hands around his cock. Slowly she stroked down his girth, all the way down to the base when he gripped her head in one large hand and shoved her face into his balls. With a happy moan she kissed all over, each testicle larger than her fist. Taking the hefty sack in both hands she gave a deeper squeeze, the demon making a low moan as a surge of hot pre spilled over her back. The sensation set a deep fire in her, shuddering breath against his mighty balls as she could hardly wait to claim her prize.

Another demon pulled her over to his shaft, the tip smearing more pre onto her cheeks. With a soft moan she took him between her lips. She struggled at first with the sheer size of the demon, struggled to accept the tip, and looked up with those green eyes as he took the back of her head in both hands and shoved the rest of his girth into her throat. Evelyn made a delightful squeal as he did, swallowing and choking along the intrusion before calming herself, getting herself under control. Lips kissing the base, one hand reached out to grasp and fondle the heavy sack of another demon, squeezing and rolling his heavy set of balls as another wandering hand gripped a free shaft, squeezing its girth as best she could and teasing the head with circular swipes and rolls of her wrist.

Her throat squeezed and gulped around the demon’s throbbing shaft, feeling a glut of hot pre empty into her with a delicious shudder down her back. Their moans surrounded her, reaching for different shafts, fondling different balls as they stroked themselves. The demon with his cock sheathed down her throat groaned, luxuriating in the sensations her throat gave him as she struggled with his girth. Another behind her gripped Evelyn roughly, pulling the fat member from between her lips only to have another pushed into her throat with a zealous hum against his shaft. She squeezed, swallowed as her hands busied themselves with the two cocks to either side of her head, their hot pre dripping onto her shoulders as the one before her gripped her head, and pulled back.

Inch after inch of thick demon shaft pulled from between her lips, Evelyn finally catching a breath as squeezes to the cocks she handled earned deeper moans. The heat of their bodies was overwhelming, like standing in the hot summer sun. Abruptly her head was shoved down the horned demon’s dick as he began his brutal thrusts, fucking her face, fucking her throat. Her dazed vision was filled by those toned abs, those heavy balls batting her chin with every push as the full length of that shaft pinned her tongue and delved into her throat. Her eyes rolled back, moaning over his shaft as he bucked.

With a demanding roar the one dominating her was pushed, his shaft leaving her throat in a disorienting turn as another pushed into her lips, his pre coating her tongue in that burnt flavor as a new demon began fucking her, the one she had just been stroking. That hand atop his dick fell to his nuts, squeezing with a taken moan as she felt his pre gush inside her, drip down her lips, along her neck. The demon snarled heat and smoke, suddenly she was lifted. Legs parted, another thrust their shaft deep into her passage stretching her beyond anything she’d felt before. She cried out immediately onto the demon who fucked her throat, held between them as both cocks worked in a maddening rhythm pistoning inside her and subjecting her to their immense girth over and over.

Beshalar gave his own hardness a firmer squeeze as he watched his demons prepare the human for him. Lip subtly bit, an entertained hum sat in his chest as he stayed reclined like some marble statue. Fingertips drummed the underside of his heavy shaft, danced along its surface as a sigh lifted in his muscular chest. Those wings fanned to either side, the firelight enhancing those curves and details of his muscles as he watched the needs of his demons begin to reach their peaks.

Evelyn was shared between the horned demons in a great lustful frenzy. Their hands groped her body, the thick cock parting her lips was replaced by the lips of another demon in a heated kiss, fingers plunged into her sex as another hot member forced into her ass. Blunted teeth captured her nipple with a hot snort, fingers at her vent were replaced with a other thick cock as the lips left hers only to see the sideways head of another cock. Turned on her side, two demons fucked her from behind with her leg up between them, another at her throat as three dicks pushed inside her over and over. Their hot, throbbing skin parted her sensitive walls over and over, spreading her harshly, teasing her inner sensitivities and giving her such a deep stretch.

Eveyln was utterly overwhelmed as she cried out against the shaft in her throat, squeezing both that penetrated her from below as her wetness gave a subtle squirt in her ecstasy. Her hips rocked back, needing more, wanting more as her eyes flicked to the other waiting, hard shafts in the hands of impatient demons demanding their turns. She took one in each hand as her whole body was bucked between their muscular forms, very quickly getting worked up to another climax as they shared her again. Cocks left her only for new ones to plunge deep, thicker ones, longer ones, messier ones as she reached out to tease and stroke where she could.

The warmth of their bodies dramatically increased, she could feel their shafts swelling inside her, their paces doubling in a brutal lay as she bounced between them. Their idle stroking picked up, moans louder and fuller, Evelyn’s breath hitched as she realized what it was all coming to, and bucked harder against them to get there faster in her excitement. It was the horned demon who filled her throat who bellowed first, watching his sack tense as a surge of his hot seed poured down her throat, face shoved against his abdomen as his cock forcefully unloaded a thick stream of demonic seed into her.

That was all it took, as a chain reaction cascaded through the group. A cock in her hand throbbed hard before splashing her chest in cum, another being stroked by a demon erupting in a white hot geyser that splattered over her back. Both fucking her holes hilted as they filled her with cum, each throb a hard release into her depths that lit her senses on fire. More splashed her naked body, splattered from all angles as she was filled. The demon in front of her pulled back and jerked into her face, plastering her in his heat with a triumphant bellow that shook the dry earth. Their moans were a cacophony of dark desires, throaty and deep as they unloaded onto every inch of her body. Evelyn’s throat free, she joined them with her own cries of pleasure as she squeezed hard against those cocks, seed gushing down her thighs as her back arched, she came again between them.

Finally the two piercing her withdrew, she was gently set down as the demons stroked out the last loads of their climax onto the human. Evelyn was covered, barely an inch of her was unstained by their thorough release. Their own moans began to temper as did their body heat, their seed remaining hot as she felt its taste on her tongue, her heat in all her passages as she mewled contentedly between them. The devil leading the debauchery lifted a hand and spoke a command. “She is ready. Bring her to me.”

The demons began to fade, the biggest of them scooping the occultist up into his arms with ease. As he strode towards his master Evelyn bore no look of shame, regret, or pain. She glowed, her joy in receiving so much so evident as she was brought to the devil. So much larger than she, he extended his hand to her. “You have been prepared for me, I will accept your gift of flesh.”

Evelyn reached out with a messy, shaky hand. As she took his the mess dissolved from her, and as she climbed onto his lap the rest disappeared as did the horned demon holding her. She desperately tried to catch her breath as she leaned her head against the thick muscles of his chest, earning a chuckle of amusement from Beshalar as his black claws pulled her hair behind her ear.

“Catch your breath now. You are going to need. Ride me.”

Evelyn’s heart jumped at it, leaning back enough to let her ass tease the head of his dick. Nails scraped down his chest as it dawned on her how intimidating the task was, and with a hiss she sat back up and steadied herself on those thighs. Eating up his chiseled features, her green eyes looked back into the light of his with sinful want. A hand reached down to encircle his cock best she could and pull it against her slit, her sigh hitching, melting into a moan. The devil’s claws traced along her neck, head tilting against his touch as they danced like sparks down her chest, down her body. Her hips rocked back against his hardness, her own hands holding his wrists as he felt down her body.

A growl of a hum eased from his chest, claws tracing her back, tracing her sides, a delicate touch with sharpness to it that teased her senses. Evelyn’s wetness dripped down his shaft, gripping his wrists tightly and puling herself up. Lips so close to his own, he felt the tremble of her breath as she fit the head of his cock at her entrance. One of her hands wrapped around his broad neck, feeling the intense heat of his skin at her palm, and let her weight help her sink down his cock.

Her eyes shut tight with a high moan, crying out as his stretch was more intense than the onslaught of demons before it. Each inch down earned a tight, lustful impact of a moan as she dug her nails into his skin. The heat of his shaft made her back arch, its hardness deliciously filling as her hips pushed deeper and deeper.

Pleased, Beshalar traced her scalp with a careful touch, helping her ease deeper onto his shaft. A deeper moan, more imposing than the demons, collected with a level of demand for her. As she pushed down harder, as her ass bumped his thighs, she let out a self satisfied huff. Beshalar leaned in, those great bat-like wings unfurling and closing around the two of them making their own profane confessional. Each sinful huff graced his ear in an admittance of her pleasure, a smirk curling over those statuesque lips as his broad arms encircled her, grinding that thick shaft deep into her sensitive folds. It stretched her hard, it throbbed deep with a deep heat. Her face flushed, murmuring against his neck as she began to rock her own hips.

Her motions were slow, their gasps issued beneath the starless sky. The profane heat of his body warmed her skin in the cool fall air, his breath making her moan as his own hips moved in rhythm. A deep hiss pressed to her ear, his hands pulling down her sides in a firm caress along her body, sharp fangs nipping into her neck. She arched back with a pleased cry, lips parted as she began to rock her hips faster atop his shaft. Rested in his throne, a low moan pulsed around her as her chin was captured between finger and thumb.

The small rides she made on his shaft caused a slight bump, slight rhythm as eyes met. She was drawn in, their lips pressing in her insistent riding. His lips were white hot, small moans against him as she felt his tongue for the first time. It was thin, slick, slipping between her lips and past her throat as she pulled him closer, arms snug around his neck. His kiss smoldered like searing embers, sending a tingle through her spine as she bounced down his hard shaft.

There was another sharp moan from her as he squeezed her ass, lifting half up his shaft as she panted into his hear. Squirming as he nipped, bit her ear back, she huffed and continued riding the upper half of his cock. Her moans began to rise, become louder as his began to surface. With a drawn out hum his shaft throbbed with a thicker release of his own precum, his own heat unlike any of the lesser demons before him. It heated her to her core, drew out every throb and pulse of the devil’s heartbeat. Eyes shut tight, squeezing and dropping down the top half of his manhood again and again.

Beshalar guided her lips back for another hot kiss, drawing her down the length of that cock again. She squirmed at the intense stimulation, whining against his kiss. He made another darker chuckle, grinding deep, and a hand fell between her thighs to strum her clit. The heated pad of his thumb stroked firm, stroked slow as the kiss only just began to part, his lips only brushing against hers as she huffed and groaned, body flushed and overstimulated as her slick passage squeezed and tightened around his shaft.

“Tell me you want more,” he spoke into her ear in a dark whisper, biting her earlobe with a teasing suckle as she cried out, words choked by the moans. A hard buck jolted her body with another hard cry, eyes in a daze as she looked back to him.

“Tell me you-”

His words were cut off as she gripped his horns just as roughly, tugging his head down to her level with a frustrated huff as she squirmed atop his dick. “-I want more. Give it to me you bitch.”

The devil’s features lit up at her fiery response, and he stood suddenly. With a flash of fire shackles looped around her wrists, chains held by his larger hand keeping her suspended on his cock. With a few powerful thrusts he bucked into her, letting her weight come down to meet his hips and hilt him every bounce. Her fingers balled into fists as she hissed and moaned loudly, hips rocking with each full buck into her.

He moved again. The throne became a cool wall she was thrust against, the iron pinching at her body, and suddenly the iron gave way. She remained pressed against it as if it were still there, now facing the inside of a cage. Only the head of Beshalar’s manhood pierced her, the devil so handsomely lit by the fire contained by the cage. The horned demons reappeared inside the cage, their hands returning to touch her body all over, their lips at her nipples with nips and suckles, rough palms over her neck as the devils claws held her ass.

Without warning he thrust deep, delivering a hard fucking against that iron wall as his demons caressed her body all over. A hand caressed her cheek, Beshalar’s fingers slipping between her lips like a hook as that shaft spread her sensitive folds and plunged into their depths over and over. The heat of his precum slipped down her thighs, his hips slapping into hers over and over as their moans filled the clearing and echoed through the trees. Her body bounced with his rhythm, squirming and moaning louder as one of the horned demons pressed his lips to her clit, suckling hard with harder strokes of his thicker tongue over and over.

Beshalar’s hands gripped her wrists and pinned her to the cage, pumping his hips against hers. The loud clap of their rough sex lay beneath their passionate moans, Beshalar joining her in her pleasure, becoming lost with her in it as his muscular body gleamed. Those white hot outlines cast a glow on her own body, gleaming with sweat as she bucked back into his thrusts and pushed into the demon’s mouth. Gripping the iron cage, she rolled her shoulders back with a louder cry as her sex quivered, on the precipice of her climax.

His pace quickened, sharing her excitement in reaching their peak. That shaft lay her roughly, the devil’s moans raising as Evelyn’s became fuller. The two met a fever pitch in the firelight, the beat of their hearts setting a frenzied tempo. His body quaked behind her, a powerful shudder as her feet left the ground so he could better thrust faster. Again and again that hot cock filled her as the demon’s lips suckled harder at her clit, their thick tongue flicking faster. His shaft so hard and so deep, she gave herself to Beshalar with one more cry as she squeezed, a rush of her arousal splashing his balls as he loosed a deep, commanding moan of his own.

That hot shaft hilted deep, throbbed, and gushed again and again. Like being battered by waves on the surf as she sustained each climax. Evelyn gripped the cage with white knuckles as his seed poured deep, spilled down her quivering thighs as her back pushed into his chest. A second climax bloomed during her first, another loud cry above his own as the devil’s weighty testicles pumped load after load into her womb, decisively unloading thick surges of sin into her depths.

Slowly their pleasure waned. Hugged to his body, Beshalar leaned back into a black iron throne as his cock came free. She lay back against his chest as he sat in that throne. His chest rose and fell, cock messy with a mix of their arousal, her own slit leaking his cum as she luxuriated in his heat. The two lay in the dark night, the stars slowly beginning to reappear.

With one slow, long breath Beshalar caressed her cheek with a large palm. She nuzzled into it, biting at his hand as it circled around her neck like a collar. A low rumble sounded, his eyes falling to her as she lay against him.

“Your offering… has been accepted. These dark arts will be yours. After your offering, I must make one addendum to our contract.”

With his fingers around her neck the contract reappeared, the devil writing along the bottom. Evelyn gave him drowsy attention, curious, watching as the contract was signed and the addendum was lowered for her to view. It made her beam, then she paused to tap her bottom lip. She drew out her time thinking, drew out her time accepting the addendum and left the devil in suspense.

“Every month? Honey. You’re going to want me every week. You should really update that before I sign.”