Bred & Breakfast

Bred and Breakfast, Ch. 01





This Story involves human females and Furry males engaging in sexual acts, so be aware if that isn’t what you’re looking for. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Jay Naylor’s works, especially his “The Fall of Little Red Riding Hood” series, as well as E.Z. McCain’s “Beastiverse” stories, so you may envision the world of these stories in a similar light. In this world, humans live in conjunction with various Beastman races, among other animals and mythical creatures. However, a curse borne by the ancient Goddess Hera has lived in the hearts of women for millennia, making them crave for Beast Cock and sex with Beastmen, Animals, and Monsters.

In this chapter, the Hostess of a Bed and Breakfast tends to her first Beastman guest, a roguish Alligator who expects her to provide certain ‘services’ she’d never expected.




Charity Connors smiled brightly as she looked at the large and beautifully crafted wooden sign that had just been installed into her front lawn, feeling no small amount of pride as she read over the text; “Best Stay B&B.”

A little less than a year ago, Charity had inherited a sizeable home from her uncle who had passed. With two extra bedrooms besides the master bedroom it was way too much space for Charity and her husband Dillon to inhabit by themselves. So, having received such an unexpected gift, the Connors thought they could put their lovely new home to use by opening up a Bed & Breakfast as a side business. Although Dillon would keep his full-time job, when he first pitched the idea Charity found she was quite excited at the prospect of taking on the role of Hostess.

It’d been about a month since they’d opened for business, and already they’d had a small handful of guests come to stay. All things considered, it was a bit of a slow start, but hey, the couple were still new to the innkeeping business, and all in all things were going well so far. The couple figured they just needed time to get the ball rolling, get the word to spread around, and their business would start to pick up. But neither of the Connors had any clue that news of their little slice of heaven was soon going to spread like wildfire, and that it would almost be entirely thanks to their latest guest. Coincidentally, this guest happened to be the first Beastman they would host… but he wouldn’t be anywhere near the last.




“Ah hello there! You must be Armand, right?” Dillon greeted pleasantly as he opened the door wide for their guest.

“You would be correct, Monsieur.” A low, gravelly yet soothingly calm voice rumbled out in reply.

“Well please, do come right in!” Dillon offered, standing clear of the door to invite his guest inside.

The figure lurking behind the doorframe took a heavy step into the quaint house where he’d be making his stay, and although Dillon and Charity already knew what to expect of their guest, they hadn’t quite been ready for the sheer presence he would give off. Armand was a massive Alligator, having to stoop just a tiny bit to get through the door and looking like he stood almost two full heads taller than Dillon.

“Welcome to our home, Armand. Feel free to call me Dillon, and this of course is my wife, Charity.” Dillon welcomed very cordially, standing proudly beside his wife and holding her around the shoulder.

“We do hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.” Charity spoke, flashing her guest the brightest smile she could muster.

And it seemed that Armand was responding well to their friendliness, as he returned with his own wide grin… although, he did seem to be giving Charity a particularly interested look, and she’d be lying if she said having those bright yellow eyes looking down on her from so high up didn’t leave her feeling just the tiniest bit unnerved.

Merci. I’m sure I’ll be quite happy here.” The Alligator spoke back.

“Perfect! Then why don’t we show you to your room?” Dillon offered as he and Charity turned to lead their guest through their home, the Gator trudging along after them.

The couple led their guest up the stairs and to the first guest bedroom, opening the door and inviting Armand in along with them. The Alligator took a long look around before giving his hosts a very appreciative smile.

“Here we are. Hopefully this is enough space for you to be comfortable.” Dillon said.

“Oh this is plenty for me, Monsieur Dillon. You and the Madame have a truly lovely home.” The scaly Beast rumbled back very politely.

“Thank you, Mister Armand. By the way, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I can’t help wondering about your accent?” Charity asked quite innocently.

Armand cast his unnaturally piercing eyes back towards the tiny little woman and let out a short little chuckle, though from him it sounded more like a sift going through gravel than innocuous laughter.

“It’s no trouble, I know my tongue’s a bit Étrange to a northern ear. I’m a Cajun you see, born and raised way down in New’Alins. But while I love my home, I’ve also enjoyed travelling all across the country, so I’m quite used to my voice sticking out in a crowd. That’s, of course, besides the obvious fact that a big Cocodril like me tends to stand out anywhere outside the bayou.” Armand said, seemingly perfectly happy to explain his accent.

“New Orleans, really? I had no idea you’d come from so far.” Charity said, more than a little surprised.

Oui, but it’s a trip I think will be well worth the effort.” The Gator practically purred back at her.

“Here’s hoping!” Dillon happily agreed, letting out a small little chuckle to help break the ice. “Well, since it sounds like you’ve had a long ride to get here, why don’t we get out of your hair-er, head. You can go ahead and unpack, get yourself comfortable, and in a couple hours Charity here will whip you up a delicious dinner.”

“That’s right. And anything else you need this evening, please don’t hesitate to ask us.” Charity added with her own brilliant smile.

For showing such hospitality, the big Gator boy flashed them another toothy grin, something that was unfortunately just naturally a little frightening. And as he kept his big eyes focusing down quite clearly on Charity, she once again felt a slight sense of concern run down her back.

Très bien. It sounds like I’ll be in quite good care.”




A few hours later in the evening, Armand was graciously sitting down to the big meal Charity had prepared. The massive Alligator absolutely devoured her food with gusto, and although they were both perfectly aware of how rude it was to stare, neither Charity nor Dillon could ignore just how ravenously their guest had taken to her cooking.

“Ahhh, Ça C’est Bon! Your cooking is exquisite, Madame!” Armand energetically expressed as he polished off the last of the food he’d been offered (which was most of everything Charity had actually cooked.)

“Ha! Glad to have someone who appreciates my wife’s cooking as much as I do! And she might act modest, but Charity loves the praise!” Dillon said happily, genuinely appreciating his guest’s enthusiasm. “Oh, and remember. If you need anything else tonight, just ask Charity and she’ll get you set up.”

“I’ll be sure to remember.” Armand said back as he gave Dillon a bit of a chilling smile.

But Dillon either didn’t notice or ignored the look, and simply stood himself up from the table. Moving over to the sink where his wife was standing, Dillon leaned in for a short kiss that Charity was happy to reciprocate.

“Thanks hun, dinner was great. Sorry I can’t help clean up, but I’ve got a conference call I’ve got to make.”

“No worry Dillon. Go on ahead, I’ll man the fort and try not to make too much of a racket. Love you!” Charity flashed her husband a warming smile.

“Love you too babe.” Dillon spoke quick before heading upstairs towards his home office.

Charity turned around back towards the sink for just a moment to continue dealing with some of the mess, but when she turned back around to grab more dishes from the table she was startled to find the big Beastman had apparently been towering right behind her back. She couldn’t help letting out the tiniest ‘oh!’ and wound up backing her butt right against the kitchen counter.

“Thank you once again for the meal. That’s the kind of home cooking I don’t get too often on the road.” The Alligator grumbled down at her as he gave her another unflattering smile.

“R-Right, thank you Armand. I’m just glad you so obviously enjoyed it.” Charity spoke back, quickly putting on a smile though struggling not to falter after that little scare and the Reptile’s generally nerve-inducing presence.

“Anyways, I was going to take care of the cleanup here, so you’re free to do what you want. But like my husband said, just come find me if there’s anything you need.” The Hostess managed to collect herself and speak again in her professionally pleasant manner.

“That’s quite kind. Thank you, Cher.” Armand’s voice seemed to drop an octave even lower, letting that last word practically drool off of his tongue.

The name had quite an odd ring to Charity’s ears, but she tried to brush it off by just nervously giggling a bit. “Of course, but it’s Charity actually.”

Somehow, Armand’s razor-toothed grin seemed to grow even wider as he matched her giggle with his own low, grating laughter.

“As you say. Bonne Nuit… Cher.” Armand teased one last time before he too turned and started to head back towards his guest room for the night.

It was only after his bulky frame had fully disappeared from her sight that Charity let out a deep breath she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding, her heart beating harder than it should’ve had any right to. She fought to calm herself, mentally chastising herself.

‘Get a grip! There’s no reason I have to be this nervous around him. I mean… just because we’ve never hosted a Beast person before is no reason to feel intimidated. He just happens to be a really big guy with a weird accent, but that’s no reason to treat him different than any other guest.’

Charity hammered those thoughts into her head. She was not going to let any natural reservation of hers ruin Armand’s stay. She was going to be as good a Hostess to him as any of her other guests!





The Next Morning





After seeing what type of appetite Armand was capable of last night, Charity was sure to make an even bigger breakfast, and the Gator was obviously appreciative of her efforts. Though after happily guzzling her food, Armand didn’t stay long to chat and quickly disappeared back to the guest room. Not that Charity was complaining, and in fact her own husband wasn’t much different, leaving for work as soon as he was done with his own meal. But a short while after Dillon had left, Charity was busy cleaning the living room when Armand approached her silently from behind again.

Bonjour, Cher.” The dark, simmering voice suddenly broke the silence.

Charity squealed a bit from the sudden interruption and jumped up before turning around to find the huge Cajun Cocodril leaning on the doorframe with his arms crossed, apparently just watching her clean with that toothy grin of his.

“Goddess above Armand… you really don’t need to sneak up on me like that.” Charity spoke, still catching her breath a bit and obviously shaken.

Pardon. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Armand replied, putting his hands up in an apologetic gesture.

“That’s alright. I could just do without so many scares in a day is all.” Charity said, friendlier now as she set aside her feather duster and turned to fully face him.

The Hostess had an easier time putting on her smile for him now, somewhat anyway, though she still had to try her damnedest to not actually let his presence disturb her. Although, when it occurred to her that it was currently just her and the Gator in this house alone, it was impossible to ignore a resurging sense of foreboding.

“So Armand, you have any plans for the day? Gonna see or do anything around town?” She spoke cordially, just trying to make polite conversation and hopefully cover up her own sense of unease.

“Not really. To tell the truth, this is really just a rest stop as I travel. There’s not too much I had wanted to do… well, outside this house, anyway.” Armand admitted, his eyes narrowing more and more on the frail little woman before him.

“Oh I completely understand needing to just get off the road after travelling so long. Well, as long as you’re here I’ll do everything I can to make your stay more comfortable.” Charity replied with a polite smile.

But for some reason, this just caused another unsettling laugh to come from her guest. “I was hoping you’d say that. Because I actually did have a pretty big request, but it would really make my stay much more agréable.”

“Of course. What can I do for you?” The Hostess innocently asked.

Before answering, Armand menacingly stalked right up towards Charity, towering high over her head and looking down right into her eyes with those almost gleaming yellow orbs of his. Now Charity was quickly losing check of the fear she’d struggled so hard to ignore. He was obviously making a point of how much smaller and weaker she was than him.

“You have been so accommodating to me since I arrived. Your home is lovely, your cooking magnifique…” The massive Alligator purred out in a bone-chillingly cool voice, and without a hint of hesitance he raised one of his big, scaly hands towards the woman’s face. Charity could only stare wide eyed up at the behemoth while he delicately brushed along her hair with his claw.

“…But what I’ve really wanted to enjoy was you, Mon Cher. You’re the comfort I desire.”

And just as Armand’s cold fingers started to caress her face, Charity finally managed to take a frightful step back. She was practically shaking in her socks, her eyes revealed the volume of terror she felt, the panic that was so close to taking over. But the Gator boy also noticed the definite blush that had crept over her face, the heightened breaths the made her chest rise and fall. Armand knew that as afraid as she might’ve felt, her body was receptive to his touch, just like he knew it would be.

Realizing now just how badly she’d misjudged the boldness of her guest, Charity in her panic thought the only thing to do was to try and get him out of her house immediately.

“M-Mister Armand!… T-That’s an awful thing to ask!… I really think you should pack your things and lea-”

Madame, did you not say you’d accept any request I made?” But Armand suddenly cut her off before she could finish, and the nonchalant way that he tried to justify himself almost fried Charity’s mind with how absurd the whole scene was.

“T-That hardly means I’d agree to-”

“And is it not your duty as Hostess to ensure my stay is as pleasurable as possible?” Armand again interrupted her, his posture making it clear he didn’t intend to be talked down.

“You can’t actually think I would-” Charity made one last desperate plea, but the insatiable Alligator still would not allow her to reject him.

“I could see it in your eyes the moment we met. You’d do anything to make your guests happy”

Now Armand stepped towards the helpless woman again, and Charity’s stance showed no will to resist him. Armand moved to within inches of her body, stopping down so he could lower his muzzle and grin triumphantly right in her face. He reached out and wrapped both his scaly paws around her slender shoulders, absolutely engulfing them, each one silently telling the other that Charity was going nowhere.

“…I’m a married woman…” Charity murmured one last time as she meekly looked down at the floor.

But Armand just put one of his deadly claws under her chin and tilted her face up, forcing her to look back into his haunting yellow eyes.

Oui. But I know you’re also going to be a good Hostess to your guest.”

With his female completely powerless in his clutches, Armand let his massive tongue teasingly spill out past his teeth, seeing the fear spark again in Charity’s eyes before he slipped it down into her mouth. But the trapped wife made no attempt to resist the inhuman, adulterous kiss, only made small little muffled grunts of submission as the writhing, Reptilian tongue filled and squirmed around her mouth.

Armand broke the kiss, wrenching his rugged tongue from Charity’s lips and looking quite pleased at her flushed face while she struggled to compose herself.

“You taste just as exquis as I imagined.”

The Cajun Cocodril growled down over his submissive Hostess as his monstrous paws started to roam down over her body. Charity squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the big, leathery hands grope all across her. But despite trying to tell herself she should feel disgusted, she wasn’t able to hide the little sighs and groans she couldn’t help making as the Gator’s paws wrapped around her breasts and dug into her ass. As Armand encircled her in his massive arms she almost couldn’t believe how small she felt in them.

“You’re so very lovely, Cher, and so very soft as well.”

Charity felt the Gator’s claws trailing away from her more sensitive regions to her waist, where they easily slipped under the fabric of her shirt and started to pull it up. Charity couldn’t keep her eyes closed any more and looked back up into Armand’s face, just trying to silently plead with her captor as she really started to realize that this was happening. But seeing her worried expression, Armand simply blew a gentle ‘shhh’ down across her nose.

“You have nothing to worry about, Mon Cher. I fully intend to make sure you enjoy this every bit as much as I will.”

Charity still trembled and stared up at the Alligator in quiet desperation, but Armand had fully coerced her body into passive cooperation. He hummed a sinister little happy tune to himself as he slowly stripped away her clothing piece by piece, taking his time and making sure Charity understood that she was the one allowing him to do this.

Once he’d finally stripped his Hostess completely naked Armand took a fraction of a step back, just enough that he could run his eyes all over her body, despite Charity’s half-hearted attempt to cover herself. More than satisfied with the female he was about to have for himself, Armand grinned malevolently at the woman as he pulled his own shirt over his heat, showing off his broad, muscular green chest.

Armand didn’t let his touch linger another second, and stepped back up to put his arms around Charity’s back. The woman was completely submissive, allowing the Beast to gently guide her down onto the carpet. She lay there on her back, staring straight up into the gruesome visage of the Gator as he pinned her down from above.

Armand leaned back onto his knees, situated right between Charity’s legs as he wrapped his thick fingers around her thighs and forced her to spread herself wide open for him. Charity couldn’t’ stand the embarrassment of being exposed like this, so she turned her face to the side, not willing to look at the sin she was about to commit.

But Armand wasn’t insulted, just continued to let out low growls as he undid his pants and finally readied himself to mate with his beautiful Hostess. He let his length drop across the girl’s belly, making her look even smaller in comparison to his savage body.

Charity snapped her face as the shock of his apparent size hit her, just as the vicious Reptile had pulled himself back and was pressing the head of his cock right up against her entrance. The Hostess had to gape in open terror as she saw the unimaginably monstrous size and inhumanly grotesque appearance of his Crocodilian cock. Charity had thought she’d been afraid before, but now she was really fearing for her life; Armand was going to rip her in half if he tried to force that thing inside of her! Desperate beyond all measure, Charity made one last panicked attempt to plead with the ravenous Beast.

“No, no, no wait! Please there’s no way that thing will–AAAHHH!!!”

But every last sense of hers was lost in a single, mind-numbing scream as the ruthless Alligator forcefully drove his Beastly phallus straight into her pussy. Armand gnashed his teeth and hissed in delight as he sunk countless inches of his length deep down into his female’s waiting love channel.

Charity was utterly floored by the massive invader stretching her out. Armand’s cock was so much bigger than her husband’s she almost couldn’t believe this was reality and not some sick dream. It fit her pussy so unnaturally, it’s shape just felt outright wrong inside of her, a sensation that she would not grow used to.

Armand purred contentedly as he wedged himself tight in the human female’s cunt. She might not have been a virgin, but he knew she’d never taken a Beast like him before. Once he’d finally enjoyed his initial taste long enough, the Gator let his greed start to get the better of him. Wrapping his strong fingers around the woman’s slim waist, the Beastman forcibly wrenched Charity’s body into his own, drilling his dick in even deeper until it was practically pounding into her womb.

Charity’s breath left her almost as quickly as her mind did. Armand may have played a gentleman, but he wasted no time in violently thrusting his Gator dick hard into her pussy. He pulled her hips back and forth into his stomach as effortlessly as he would’ve shaken a martini.

The Gator fucked Charity like she’d never been fucked before, and in return her body responded in a way she’d never dreamed of. Her shocked scream of terror quickly turned into a symphony of blissful moans. Her pussy adapted way faster than she ever thought possible, and soon the repulsive size and the relentless pummeling felt so incredibly good.

Armand drove into Charity with all his might over and over; the sensations were so numerous and overwhelming that the woman didn’t even realize how close she was to climax until she was suddenly on the very brink. With one last vicious thrust, the savage Reptile lodged every last millimeter of his phallus hard into his reluctant lover’s slit, and forced Charity to explode in her first, unexpected, but oh so breathtakingly shocking orgasm.

Charity wailed thoughtlessly as her body shook in unbridled pleasure until she was completely spent and left gasping for breath on the carpet, visibly exhausted from such volatile lovemaking.

Armand just remained perched between her legs, and though he’d stopped moving as he saw his precious female writhing in ecstasy, his cock still remained furiously hard and corked tight inside her pussy. Funny enough, Charity seemed so completely fucked out of her mind she didn’t even seem to realize the massive Gator was still locked into her.

As her vision unblurred she tried to focus her eyes, breathing erratically as she cast a desperate look at the Beastman still kneeling over her. She hadn’t expected any of what had just happened to her, but now she was just silently praying that it was all over.

“You-You’re done now… right?” Charity timidly panted out between tired breaths.

Lagniappe.” The Gator whispered down coolly through a devilish grin.

“Does… that mean your happy?” She asked in quiet desperation, just wanting to finally be left alone so she could pull herself together.

But to the Hostess’ absolute disbelief, Armand suddenly flipped the woman over onto her knees and hiked her hips back into him, violently stirring his still engorged cock inside her already bruised pussy. She could only respond with a helpless groan of pained delight. Charity felt the Gator lean over her back, caressing her delicate skin with his rugged scales as he put his muzzle right behind her head.

“That means I could use a little more.”

Charity barely had time to groan in confusion, let alone beg for mercy before she felt his hands grip mercilessly onto her hips again. Armand didn’t grant her a single second more of rest, and began to ravenously buck his hips hard, crashing his scaly pelvis against the woman’s bouncing ass.

Having edged himself so far already, Armand lost all pretense of restraint, growling and foaming like the Beast he was as he mindlessly fucked the wife of his courteous host. And just as the Gator’s Animalistic instinct fully took him over, Charity felt like she too was losing her humanity as she was viciously pounded from behind like a slavering mutt. And as the primal part of her mind took control, there was no way she could deny how good it felt.

Armand dug his claws into the silky skin of his female’s hips, forcing himself into her faster and faster. The unthinkable size of the Beast stretched even deeper into her from behind, and soon enough the only sounds Charity could make were the strained moans of a deeply satisfied woman as she was properly mounted like the bitch she was.

The ravenous Gator thrust into is helpless mate for what felt to the girl like an eternity of blissful torment. Charity could feel his movements and his muscles tensing behind her, and knowing he was on his brink Armand put every last ounce of his strength into giving the gorgeous young housewife the fucking of a lifetime. Snapping his lethal jaws and hissing savagely, Armand finally reached the end of his rope, driving his Crocodilian cock inhumanly deep into his lovely victim and unleashing his potent seed into her aching body.

And feeling the Reptile’s virile cum crash hard into her womb sent an unbelievable spark of euphoria through Charity’s own body. The delightfully abused woman mewled out in utterly helpless pleasure as she succumbed to another unwanted orgasm, this one so much more powerful as she got to experience the raw bliss of having a Beast flood her womb with his monstrous DNA.

The Alligator stayed locked in tight to his unexpecting lover, panting heavily as his massive phallus twitched and pulsed, spraying every last ounce of fluid he had been waiting to give to Charity. Finally though, and with some effort, Armand did manage to pop his cock free from the human girl’s tiny pussy, watching with satisfaction as it winked and twitched in shock from the loss of such an incredible intruder.

Without the support of the Beast, Charity was left to slump lifelessly into the carpet, her energy totally drained by the two consecutive strongest orgasms of her life. The woman breathed heavily, but her eyes were totally glazed over and she was unable even to make the faintest whimper.

As Armand stood himself up he looked over the defeated figure of his mate, and couldn’t help chuckling quietly to himself.

“Awww. Pauvre ti bête. Bet you’ve never experienced what it’s like to truly make love like that, eh?” Armand teased, stroking his cock soothingly as he just grinned over the sight of the woman he’d left fucked well out of her mind.

“Still, just as you promised, the service was fantastique. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the rest of my stay with you, Cher.”




A couple hours passed after that extremely unexpected event, and Charity felt like she was only just barely able to pull herself together before Dillon came home. Somehow she managed to shower, dress herself, and more or less wipe away the lingering aftershocks enough to put on her usual pleasant face just as her husband came into the house.

“Back honey! Hey, dinner smells great!” Dillon came into the kitchen, finding his wife’s back turned to him as she busied herself over the stove.

“Hey babe. Sorry, I got to this a little late so dinner’s still a while off.” Charity managed to speak in nearly her usual demeanor.

“No worries. I’ll just unwind a bit until then. Oh, unless Armand needs something? I can handle guest service while you’re busy.” Dillon offered in total ignorance.

“N-No, I’m sure he’s fine. I just checked on him before I started cooking.” Charity practically had to bite her lip to keep her voice steady.

“Got it hun. I’ll leave you to it then.”

As she heard her husband leave the room, Charity’s mind swirled in turmoil. She knew the consequences of what she’d done were mounting, but she had no clue whether the right thing to do was to tell Dillon or not.

Despite the guilt eating at her, the once loyal wife just couldn’t bring herself to actually tell Dillon about what Armand had done to her. Charity just couldn’t shake the feeling that, ultimately, having sex with their Beast of a guest had been her responsibility. She had told Armand that she was willing to do whatever he wanted for him, she and Dillon both had.

And the more she struggled with it in her mind, the more Charity came to think that she couldn’t avoid her own blame. She could’ve stopped him if she’d really tried, but she didn’t. She could’ve called the police or called her husband at any point, but she didn’t. It was her desire to be the perfect, most welcoming Hostess possible that led her to allow herself to be seduced by Armand.

Now the repulsive Beast invaded her mind just as aggressively as he’d invaded her body. There was no way she could stop thinking about Armand… that thuggish… vile… threatening… manipulating… powerful… masculine… handsome… Alligator.




Much later in the evening, Dillon was just about to head off to bed. Catching his wife in the hall just outside their bedroom wearing only a nightgown, he figured she must be about ready for bed too, so he’d better check in with everything one last time and make sure all was well before hitting the hay.

“We all set for the night? Our guest doing okay?”

“Yeah, h-he’s been fine. Hasn’t asked for much, just mostly kept quietly to himself.” Charity mentioned quietly, doing her best to fight the blush that naturally wanted to creep over her face.

“Oh, well at the very least we should make him a nice, big breakfast to send him off with.” Fortunately, Dillon remained totally oblivious, and just attributed his wife’s quietness to it being late and her being tired.

“Yeah, we should.” Charity just placidly agreed.

“So you coming to bed?” Dillon the asked as he opened the door to their room.

“No, I’m probably a ways off. I… wasn’t thinking and had a couple cups of coffee after dinner.” Charity excused herself, but again her husband just nodded and leaned in to give her a goodnight kiss before heading into the darkness of their bedroom.

Left alone, Charity sighed wearily to herself. Truth be told she was far from wired on caffeine, she was exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally, but she knew well that these was not the sort of things sleep was going to fix. Likely she’d be up half the night worrying and scrambling to sort out her thoughts and feelings over what had happened between her and their guest.

Having no real idea what she was doing, Charity started to wander down the hall, idly wondering if she should risk waking Dillon by trying to take a shower in their master bath. But as she fretted about the hall, she stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the guest bedroom door slowly creak open. She watched Armand step into the hall with her as though he were a ghost appearing before her very eyes.

Charity just stared silently at the Beast for a long moment, her face going tomato red as she was instantly reminded of how intimately he had violated her just a few short hours ago. And seeing the look on her face, the Cajun Cocodril couldn’t help but blow a quiet snort out of his nose as he gave her another toothy grin.

“Good evening, Mon Cher.” Armand growled lowly, in his far too soothing and pleasant voice.

Charity’s eyes quivered as she looked him over, really getting a good look at him for the first time as she wasn’t otherwise… occupied this time. She easily locked on to his rugged, Reptilian chest, totally bared for her to view as the Gator was clad only in a pair of flimsy flannel pajama pants. She was barely able to stop herself from biting her lips as she ogled over his Beastly body.

Suddenly realizing what a dangerous situation she found herself in, Charity hastily turned on her heel and put her back to the appealing Alligator.

“I-It’s late Armand…you must be tired after… today…” Charity tried her best to speak plainly but completely failed to hide her emotions.

Either way, Armand didn’t intend to listen to her half-hearted rejections. He didn’t allow Charity to take a single step away from him, stepping forward to wrap his muscular, green arms around her frail little figure, making sure to pull her tight against his wide, leathery chest. She couldn’t hold back a weak little murmur as his cool scales pressed into the bare skin behind her shoulders.

“It is late. But I’m feeling a little Envie… hungry… for you, Cher.” The Gator grumbled enticingly, his huge chest rumbling and echoing against her back.

Armand could feel Charity tremble in his embrace, but she made no attempt to struggle. Instead, all she did was raise her hands to clasp down on the arms holding her.

“Armand… please don’t…” The fallen wife squeaked out with no commitment in her voice.

But the Reptile just dropped his muzzle down beside his Hostess’ face, and Charity felt her head go light as his heavy breath rumbled right against her ear.

“And since it looks like Monsieur Dillon’s already gone to sleep, I thought we could have our own private little Fais Do-Do.”

In an instant, she realized how pointless all the inner turmoil and conflict she’d gone through had been. Feeling this voracious Beastman hold her so possessively, feeling the sheer desire he had for her in his voice, Charity now understood she completely belonged the his whims.

Sensing the total submission of his beautiful victim, the big Gator boy started to slowly rub his scaly paw around Charity’s increasingly sensitive breast. The only response the woman could give now was a hushed moan as Armand stoked her lust even further, dragging his fat, jagged tongue along her vulnerable neck.

Charity wasn’t allowed to offer a whisper of resistance, and the next thing the good Hostess knew, Armand was dragging her into the guest bedroom, tossing her to the mattress and easily peeling away her nightgown.

The Reptile left her sighing wantonly on the bed, staring up at his savage appearance as he stood at its’ foot, quietly growling in approval as he looked over her naked and completely powerless figure.

Deiu, but you are beautiful.” Armand’s words seemed to slither right along Charity’s body, sending chills across her skin.

As the Gator hungrily eyed his lover, he shed the little clothing he even bothered to have on. Now Charity was able to really get a good look at the stunning physique of the masculine, monstrous Beast. She let out a quivering groan, finding a strange mix of lingering fear and unnatural arousal from the sight of the looming creature.

Armand crawled into the bed, moving over Charity with a predatory confidence. He growled, and the woman couldn’t help but to gaze down into his yellow eyes, see the terrifying hunger that he held for her.

He hovered above her lap before letting his massive tongue hang out of his mouth and digging it down against her bellybutton. Charity let out a shivering, embarrassed sigh as he dragged the rugged, sticky tendril up along her belly, running it greedily over her heavy breasts, licking higher along her throat and finally dragging it along her pretty little face.

It was an oddly tender moment, in an admittedly somewhat gross way, but Charity was violently shaken from that when Armand grabbed her wrists in his indomitable grip and pinned her arms above her head.

“Would that I could drag you down to the bayou and really show you how we express L’amour. But I suppose I’ll just have you leave you with the sweet Mémoire.”

As his eyes were burning with affection, Armand plunged his tongue back into Charity’s mouth, and she was far more receptive of the rugged flesh this time around. Now the wicked housewife just sighed exquisitely and eagerly embraced the Reptile’s sinful kiss.

As the set of warm and cold lips fit so unnaturally together in their depraved kiss, Armand shifted his hips and aligned his gruesome cock with the woman’s desperately dribbling pussy. With a slow, purposeful push the Gator sunk his slimy phallus back down deep into his stolen mate.

Charity let a euphoric groan out into her Beastly lover’s mouth as she was so overwhelmingly filled once again. Armand was intent on taking things slower this time around, making sure she felt every little detail as he made deep, powerful strokes that he knew she’d forever keep burned in her memory.

Finally the Alligator broke his kiss, Charity sucking in a breath just enough to let out a long, intense groan as she felt his massive length thrust deep into her belly.

“Ah, tut-tut…” Armand teased softly as he grinned down and brought one hand up to slip his big, scaly thumb across Charity’s lips. “…Best not to raise our voices. It would be so incredibly impoli to wake the Monsieur now.”

Charity barely even registered the Cajun Croc’s words, just blindly accepted the thumb and hummed in submissive contentment as she sucked the green digit into her mouth. With his ravishing female pacified, Armand lost himself as he continued to buck his hips and drive his Reptilian flesh into her soft human pussy.

The illicit couple rocked quietly together on the bed a short while, Charity’s eyes fluttering as she lost herself in the haze of pure pleasure that she was fast learning could only truly come from welcoming Beastmen into her bed, but eventually the greedy Gator boy felt his own climax starting to approach, and knew it was time to really send the message that this woman would never forget.

Armand took his hand away from Charity’s suckling lips and suddenly grabbed hold of both her legs, forcefully hiking them up above her own shoulders and pinning them down with his own bodyweight.

Charity barely had time to let out a gasp of shock before she managed to grab a pillow and clutch it tightly over her mouth. And it wasn’t a millisecond too soon, as the reckless Reptile began to manically pummel her slit from above, snarling and snapping his deadly teeth while the victimized female went cross-eyed and howled like a bitch into her pillow, holding onto it for dear life.

After fucking his mate the way only a savage from the bayou like him could, Armand let out one last spine-tingling hiss and forced every last inch of his Crocodilian cock into his beautiful Hostess before unleashing his climax right into her womb. And with the Monstrous Beastman dominating her body so completely, Charity’s mind nearly cracked in half as she shrieked into the pillow from the most intense orgasm of her life.

Only after he’d thoroughly seeded every last bit of his Beastly DNA deep inside the girl’s belly did Armand back off from crushing the poor female, going back to kneeling before her as he panted from the exertion. Looking down, the Alligator didn’t even pretend to hide the prideful look he got from the mindless bliss that was written clear in Charity’s eyes.

Armand also made sure that his adulterous lover was no longer screaming into her pillow before he actually bothered to pull his still engorged length free from her twitching pussy, but luckily that only drew a deeply satisfied but tired and quiet groan from her.

“Now that was quite a joie. I just hope it wasn’t too much of a bother for you, Madame Hostess. Alas, as much as I’d love to share the night with you, finding you naked in my bed may be a bit too suspicious of a réveiller for the Monsieur.” Armand growled down softly as his eyes continued to dance over his lover’s sweaty, heaving body.

But hearing him, Charity just barely managed to find her brain after losing it in that soul-shattering orgasm. She lifelessly dragged the pillow off of her face, and for a moment just lay there staring at the wonderful Alligator in love-struck admiration.

“Y-Yeah…” She half-heartedly muttered in obedient agreement.

But despite what the Gator said about caution, as soon as Charity made the slightest effort to sit up in bed, he suddenly put his massive paw on her chest and pressed down, easily keeping her lying there with the faintest bit of his own strength. Charity looked slightly confused, but Armand made sure to give her the widest, most intense (and frightening) smile she’d yet seen cross his crooked-fanged muzzle.

“But please, don’t feel like you have to rush yourself, Mon Cher.”

Charity just let out another breathless sigh as the Beastman fell back over her. It seemed she wasn’t going to be finished with her service quite so soon.



The Next Morning





It was Saturday and Dillon was by the front door, pulling on his boots, work gloves in his back pocket and ready to get some yard work done. It crossed his mind that Armand was scheduled to leave this morning, but he hadn’t yet seen the Alligator come downstairs yet, even for the breakfast his wife had prepared for him. He hadn’t wanted to be too nosy, but he did suggest that Charity take some food to his room and politely ask if he wanted any.

‘Come to think of it, Charity never came downstairs after that. Oh well, maybe he just needed some company to chat with while he packed.’ Dillon thought no more of things than that, and was soon out the door to keep his lawn looking nice and like the presentable business he was trying to grow.




Upstairs, Charity was actually helping Armand prepare to leave… in a manner of speaking. In fact, Armand had coerced the dutiful Hostess into giving him one final blowjob, to make sure he’d be nice and settled for the road, he assured.

And as Charity was no longer one to deny her guest any request, the big Gator boy stood in the guest room, head tilted up to the ceiling with a lazy smile as he sighed in comfort. He had one of his massive, scaly paws wrapped firmly around almost her entire skull, and was gently rocking the woman’s face back and forth over his cock.

“Ahhh… Ça c’est bon. Your tongue feels divine.” Armand practically purred out as his fingers idly stroked through the girl’s hair.

Charity for her part just did her best to relax and allow the massive Beastman to ease himself past her lips and down her throat as he desired. She didn’t exactly have a huge amount of practice with blowjobs before, and that was only with her husband, so understandably the human housewife felt pretty overwhelmed having such a massive phallus stretching her throat. But whether sighs of contentment or groans of struggle, the little sounds she made were simply muffled by the Bestial cock pressing past her lips, and were of little consequence to the Gator in question.

So Armand just continued to rock Charity’s head back and forth a while longer, taking great pleasure in sheathing his length down this gorgeous woman’s warm and wet esophagus where he was sure her husband had never come close to reaching. And eventually, the Beastman reached his desired climax, letting out a quiet, rolling growl as he poured his hot, sticky load right into the girl’s stomach, Charity unable to offer so much as a squeak of disagreement.

Armand sighed as if in a tremendous relief and let go the woman’s head. Charity immediately pulled her face away from the Monster cock she’d been forced onto, the bulbous thing popping free of her lips with a sputter of cum-droplets. Free from the terrible invader, Charity immediately sucked in a deep breath, staring down at the floor as she weakly coughed and gasped, a few driblets of the thick Animal seed spilling down from her tongue.

“That was Magnifique. You’ve been such a kind and courteous Hostess to me. Merci Beaucoup.”

As the Alligator finally put his cock away and latched his belt, Charity managed to catch her breath, licking away the lingering strands of his potent sperm still clinging to the inside of her mouth.

“Oh, and by the way…” But before Charity could reply he caught her attention again, kneeling down and pressing one of his terrible claws under her chin, tilting her head up and forcing her to look straight into his savage gaze.

“…I wanted you to know that I’m going to leave a very positive and very detailed review of my stay on your website… as well as a few other sites that I’m sure would be very interested to hear the story. You really deserve my highest praise for the exemplary service, and I’d make a poor excuse for a gentleman if I didn’t tell the world about your home and help attract more business for you and the Monsieur.”

Armand’s words ran through Charity’s head like a razor-blade. He was going to tell the entire world about their affair! Even if it was all subtle suggestion or he buried the real truth deep in the seediest corners of the internet, he was still going to expose her worst secret!

The Gator saw the way Charity’s eyes widened like a rabbit hearing a gunshot, and his grin grew all the more menacing.

“Oh yes, I think that once I spread the word you’re going to be getting a lot more clients in the future. And I’m sure that you’ll be just as warm and welcoming towards them as you’ve been to Moi.”

Armand took his hand away from Charity’s face and moved to actually start packing his belongings, leaving Charity there to tremble over the dire ramifications he was leaving her with.




Finally, the long weekend had come to it’s end. Armand stood just outside the house that had been so inviting and charitable to him, smiling gratefully to his hosts Dillon and Charity, and silently relishing that he could still see a little of his cum on the edge of her lips.

“Thank you so much for staying with us, Armand. We hope we were able to do everything we could to make you feel at home.” Dillon said through a bright smile, one which he believed the Alligator returned wholeheartedly (and completely missing the smug undertone).

Oui, you did indeed, Monsieur. I’ve felt very well taken care of. You know, we have a saying down in New’Alins… well, we have quite a lot of sayings, actually… but the one I’d like to share with you, Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler…that is, let the good times roll.” Armand spoke, giving Charity a subtle, but coy look, and she can barely manage to keep a straight face.

Au Revior, Monsieur Connors…” Armand turned to give one last toothy, Crocodilian grin to Charity, and let his voice drone out in a low, cool growl.

Au Revior, Mon Cher.”

A minute later, Armand’s car was disappearing from sight, and Charity finally turned away and thought of how she was going to put that Creature out of her mind. She should find some work to do, something to keep her body busy and keep her mind blank, but she already knew it wouldn’t possibly be so easy to just forget that horrible Gator.

After all, how could she simply ignore how he had raped her… it was just so brutal, so disgusting… having his way with her so violently… so powerfully… fucking her… so hard… it was so… so incredibly good!

As his wife mulled in her tumultuous and very arousing thoughts, Dillon shut the door and started to head towards the backyard, not for a moment noticing the strained and impassioned look on Charity’s face.

“lay-ZEH leh BAWN taw ROO-leh…” Dillon idly repeated the last phrase Armand had spoken, at least as well as his non-New Orleans tongue could pronounce.

“Heh, maybe we should remember that one. It might make a good slogan.” He half joked as he disappeared.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler…’

But Charity thought that phrase over much more seriously, hearing perfectly in her head the almost poetic tone of Armand’s accent. As Charity would wander the house the remainder of the day she wouldn’t once stop thinking of Armand, or the massive Alligator cock that had so abruptly changed the course of her life.

‘Let the good times roll, huh?’