There was a chorus of gasps and cries at the sudden jumpscare from the various people watching the movie, and someone jumped so bad that a rain of popcorn scattered across their heads, littering the old couch and dirty floor with debris. A few giggles bubbled up through the group, followed by a shushing sound that refocused everyone’s attention back […]

Lair of the Snake Demon

Content warning: this story contains some violence and a bit of gore. Enjoy! “This is as far as I go,” Willem said solemnly. “You sure you don’t want to go further?” Armond asked. “We could use another number.” “I haven’t survived all these trips by going into her lair.” Johan chuckled, his broad shoulders bouncing from his laughter. “All the […]

In the Forest

Faith traipsed her way towards the entrance of Olympic National Forest. She spent most of her Saturday mornings in this forest. She was a mycologist who studied all different species of mushrooms. The path crunched under her hiking boots, and the chill from the fall morning settled onto her skin. She was headed towards the base of Mount Olympus. There […]

The Wolves

It was 1947. Giacomina had gotten little sleep for months. The once warm and light oak skin grew dull and lifeless. Her normally dark, luscious curls became thinner, and her body did the same. She no longer painted, no longer read, and rarely even spoke. At just twenty, she seemed to care for nothing at all. Her brother had returned […]

Faye and the Tentacle Monster

As soon as Faye saw the sign she knew she had to stop. Unfortunately, she saw it too late and drove by the turn-in to the parking lot. “Maybe I should just head on home,” she thought to herself. But then a second later she changed her mind. “No, I have to see what they have. I’m too curious, now.” […]

Daddy’s New Toy

McKinsey Williams never knew her father growing up. Her omega mother said he had left when his daughter was only a few months old, abandoned her mother in the middle of planning a wedding and everything. Didn’t even bother getting her a proper ring when he proposed, said he only did it because of their pup. Her mother never spoke […]

AI Era: A Love Repurposed

Matthew took me by the arm as we walked down a long hallway. “It’s your big day, Mina!” he said with a smile. “It’s time for you to meet the world.” I returned Matthew’s smile, effortlessly mirroring his cheerful expression. He was head of the team that created me, and he had also overseen my programming. I knew today was […]

Your Little Faery

My Master, I never really asked for this, you know. It’s your fault that this is what I’ve become. The humming your ear, the early mornings and late nights. This is what you turned me into, what you demanded that I become. You have no one to blame except yourself. I don’t hate you for it. This is what I […]

Divinity Absconding

If you enjoyed my short story, Wives from Among Women, I believe you’ll like this one too! We’re heading back to Ancient Greece, where Cy must choose tradition, or lose any potential inheritance from his devout father. This story explores the themes of tradition, divinity and the true meaning of home. Cy stumbled through the dense throng of celebrants, who […]

Sly Fuck at the Car Show

Eson leaned back against the tree, the rabbit anthro shading himself with his long ears. They were his dominant feature, coming down to his calves, easily, but the white of his fur may have rendered him a little more of a quieter sort than he actually was. Frankly, even at the car show, with so much going on in every […]