Fur Fucks Sake

Counter-intuitive as it may sound, closing time was Al’s favorite time of the day . Though not for any of the obvious reasons. Not because he was eager to finish work and head home, nor because he was looking forward to throw back a few beers with colleagues or friends after hours. No, it was the silence.

The Fox And The Hare

The fox casually strolled through the forest enjoying the warm sun on his back as he scanned the trees around him. His nose twitched as he caught the sent of his prey. A sly grin crept across his face. He began to crouch and push through the underbrush creeping towards the clearing. That was when he saw him. The rabbit […]

Trick or Treat

It was a normal suburban cul-de-sac. A mix of houses, detached and semis, lined most of the road. The exception was towards the far end, where a play area stood in front of a patch of woodland. Most had lived there since the road had been built, some twenty or so years back, tending to their picture-postcard front gardens. If […]

Solo Play

“No, I love you,” Olivia said, wrinkling her button nose at her husband. She held her phone directly in her hands. Her legs were crossed and her thick comforter covered her lap. Beneath the blanket she wore only her white panties. She’d stolen her husband’s Captain America t-shirt and her nipples pressed against the cotton fabric. “I should be home […]

Under a Red Moon

Currain jogged down the windswept Newfoundland beach. He hated this time of year. Halloween was coming up. Despite his desire to be a human, Currian had to turn into his demonic form on Halloween. It was the price he had to pay. Currian had been a demon for many millennia. He knew he was immortal and had powers but he […]

A Nicer Breed of Vampire

Hey guys! Been reading up on vamps and found so much contradiction I just had to write a nice story I would enjoy experiencing. Forget what you heard about mirrors and huge fangs and black costumes and just enjoy a work of pure fiction about a guy and lady that rocked each other! Well My divorce was finally history. I […]

The She-Wolf’s Human Mate

It’s a warm Friday afternoon as Jake lies down on the couch, hands clasped behind his head. Staring up at the ceiling, the 20 years old mulls over whether his decision to stay in the dorm room doing nothing but lying on the couch is the right one. He sighs, realizing how boring his life must seem to an observer, […]

Defeating the Alpha

When their eyes met and Thoron heard his blood howl, he knew he’d have to bend her over the table. Judging by the widening of her eyes and the rising blush in her cheeks, Ilya knew it too. The quill pen slipped from her trembling hands. When his hands enclosed her waist, her body melted into him with relief. The […]


Without warning, the perfect, sunny afternoon suddenly gave way to a violent, torrential downpour. Thunder rolled and lightning crashed as Atheia tried to make her way back to the small, worn path she’d come on. It was difficult to see in the rain that came down in hard sheets and she was soaked through her cloak and clothes in no […]


The high pitched whine noise invaded the darkness of his dreams like an electric drill boring into his skull, as always it was followed by a voice that to him was the vocal equivalent of nails being dragged down a chalkboard and had the same effect of setting his teeth on edge. “Rise and shine number seven its the start […]