Camilla woke just after sunset and immediately felt the violent pangs of hunger. She had delayed as long as possible but knew she would now have to feed or suffer excruciating withdrawal. She rose and drew back the curtains to savour the last light of the day. There was no danger with the sun already dipped below the ridgeline. That […]

Camping Night

Recently, in the warm spring and summer full moon nights, they went out to camp in the woods near the city. They really had to be careful, not to bump into other campers, but still, these were amazing times: playing some hide-and seek, walking in the starlight or just sitting under the moon, holding hands and talking about things not […]

Cannibal City

He ran his fangs against the side of her neck drawing a ruby red line of blood before slowly licking the wound clean. She shivered involuntarily at the contact clutching him closer to her body. He lowered his blood stained lips to hers for a kiss that was equal parts lust and disdain all wrapped into one. Such was the […]

Catgirl on the Prowl

It was a glorious early spring Sunday morning in the park and I was enjoying it by sitting on a park bench dressed in a black silk sheath dress, an outsized black brimmed hat with a yellow bird feather accent, nylon stockings attached to the garters of my black girdle, my favorite black satin pumps, with a copy of Cosmo […]

Bard’s Quest: Arcana Erotica

“I want to fuck a dragon!” Eliza declared as she slammed her hand down on the Archmagi’s desk. The balding elderly elf looked up from his reading and adjusted his glasses. “It’s been done, Eliza. You will have to find a different topic of research.” Calmly he lowered his gaze and turned the page. She narrowed her eyes and smiled. […]

How Much is That Fae in the Window?

Edivette say quietly as water flowed over and around her feet. The hot rays beating down on her were beginning to make her sweat, and the damp moss around her only seemed to make the humidity worse. She fluttered her clear wings behind her, attempting to create a breeze, but gave up rather quickly. The heat made her lazy, and […]

The Heat of Summer

Birds chirping and singing marked the rise of a beautiful morning. James arched his back, nestling his head into the yielding coils of his lovers. A gentle coo and a kiss met James’ lips as he dreamily returned the gesture. “Mmm morning. *Yawn* Selania you…” James opened his eyes a bit more to see her eyes still shut, but a […]


Selene groaned, staring up through a circular hole in the ceiling at a starry sky. Cool air swirled throughout the chamber, giving her nude body the chills. The candles flickering around her didn’t provide much warmth, casting strange shadows on the stone dome far above her head. She had discovered to her detriment that they were hazards. If she tried […]

Being Emily: A Vampire Threesome

Two needles with suction cups, a Y shaped tube, a pump, and a bag: every 56 days, per the Red Cross donation guidelines, Helen spiced up her masturbation sessions by climbing in bed, getting naked, and hooking her neck up to her homemade machinery. Maybe it was safe, maybe not; she never bothered to check.


It was a typical mid-June Sunday in Tucson, the temperature in the desert exceeding one hundred degrees Fahrenheit with all-too-familiar ease. The tiny studio apartment was not far from becoming a sauna, since the building’s construction made it overly prone to retaining heat extremely well. The lack of electricity meant a lack of air conditioning; even the large fan on […]