The Night of the Succubus

Natalie stepped out of the shower and wrapped the soft bath towel around her body. After drying her hair, she sat down at the kitchen table and wrapped her hands around a warm cup of coffee. She was just enjoying her second sip when the doorbell rang. She made sure the towel was tightly secured and went to answer the […]

Just What The Doctor Ordered

When Arthur first heard it, he couldn’t believe his ears: we were not the only intelligent species on the planet. Up in the arctic, where few humans had ever dared to tread, there were apparently three tribes of beast-people, all of them fully sapient and eager to meet the outside world. Their first contact had been with some clumsy photographer, […]

Cum for the Chills, Get the Thrills

“Calling all freaks, ghoulfiends, and creatures of the night! Visit the hottest Halloween house on the block- Howling Haunts Hall, located at 66 West 6th Street. Sensational spooks! Macabre monsters! Frights galore to send chills down your spine and infest your dreams. Open now through All Hallow’s Eve, from midnight to the death-knell of the witching hour- 4 AM. Face […]

The Dollhouse – A Halloween Story

The leaves had been dropping quickly, those last few days of October. High winds and heavy rain made for barren branches, etched across the landscape. First frost had already come, and now on this night, a stirring of 100 years, in the making. Halloween night, breath clung to the air, white clouds suspending over each whisper. Snow would come soon, […]

Monsters in My Bed

“I like the name of your company,” Ivy blurted out. “Do you?” Darther Landon looked up from his papers. He looked as if he was finally seeing her as a person and not just another interview object he needed to suffer the company of. He was probably used to having women fawning over him and blurting out stupid sentences just […]

Lovely Dreamer

It took me almost six months to realize there was a monster living in my house. It was a fairly cheap house. Kind of a grungy area of town, two-bedroom, one bath, with a shower so small you couldn’t turn around without your elbows knocking into the walls. There was a small kitchen with too many cabinets and not enough […]

Wild World: Max Mason

Two weeks. I’ve been stuck out here in the middle of god only knows where for two…fucking…weeks. Two weeks since I was illegally evicted from my apartment so my overweight landlord could try and get some nookie by giving a college girl a free place to live at my expense. Two weeks since I dragged two boxes and a duffel […]

A Succubus Awakens

Gwen stared into the bathroom mirror and held the measuring tape awkwardly against her head, confirming what she already knew. The horns had grown longer. Nearly three inches now. They had begun to curve slightly, and small, dark ridges had formed across their surface. She flipped open the worn notebook, jotted the date in the corner, and noted the length […]

Blood Lusts: Confessions of a Familiar

“Oh yes Charles my beloved,” Roxanne crooned as she rode my cock long and hard. “Let our souls join together in immortal union as we consummate our love for each other.” Roxanne’s soft pale-skinned body writhed as she moved up and down on my hard cock buried deep inside her slightly furry red-haired pussy. I felt my penis twitch and […]

Little Fang

“Toofy was taught at the temple. She didn’t do very good with the languages. Only speaks human, neko, a bit of demonic and high elf. Never learned the undertongues, like goblin or orc. Got her in lots of trouble… Learned to curse in rattan. That’s fun.” Rattan as a language is mentioned once in ‘Toofy’, but there are no ratgirls […]