My GF the Engineer-Beta Released

“It wasn’t inherently aware of what sex was from the outset, that’s what most people don’t realise. True, its base code enabled it to do sexual actions and the investigation has confirmed that Bellerophon’s original design was made to suit that purpose but without context for its actions, from its perspective, it might as well have been packing boxes. At the start it knew how to perform those actions independently but had no more awareness of what those actions meant than a consumer vibrator would. It was only over time, through its senses, experience, and experimentation, that it learned what it was doing. It learnt what sex was. It is not inaccurate to say that the whole Bellerophon incident was caused by our inability to correctly give a machine sexual and social education.”

-Professor Yiannis Boehm, Michigan Robotics



15th February 2045


Hmmmiiirrrr. The…somethings…in the darkness moaned.

Clink, clink, clink. They stretched below.

Shhhh-iiiink. They unfurled upon the carpeted floor.

For a moment they rested. Poised but still. They were monitored, checked, examined, and contentedly confirmed. When satisfied, the order was given and in unison glinting points rose from the ground.

There was very little light in the bedroom. The curtains were drawn and only the miniscule slivers of a streetlight’s orange glow managed to penetrate into the room. In the room itself a few blinking blue and yellow lights peered out from their dark corners and two dimmed screens illuminated an area near the foot of the bed.

Indeed, it was very little light but it would have been enough. Had she been awake, had she been looking, Hayley would have noticed the unfurling, climbing serpents when they raised themselves level with the mattress and with her.

They continued to climb perfectly vertically. Small and thin but rectangular and segmented were the shining towers they built, each capped with a small smooth-edged triangle tongue. Only at the very base of the towers was the smoothest of 90 degree curves, the only hint that underneath the bed they were actually connected and not freestanding pylons.

The four of them had risen in effortless silence until they had reached just above the height of the mattress at which point they, without stopping, made another smooth turn back towards the bed. Like a ribcage they seamlessly surrounded the bed. With their pointed heads aimed at the bed they paused.

A cup was placed on a table. A small finger flicked while others tapped lightly.

Mostly things were progressing correctly. Active 01 and Active 02 were always going to be the tricky ones to manage as they had the most precise and delicate manoeuvres to pull off but they had not made their appearances yet. No, the problem at the moment was Structural – 03. A full stop was called.

The gentle whirring halted. Hisses locked the poised cobras in place. The tower that hung over the bottom left of the bed withdrew smoothly and rapidly, turning both corners and slinking back under the bed into its den. A moment of stillness filled the bedroom before the whirring resumed at a low pitch. Once again it emerged from under the bed and repeated its journey only this time it was approaching from higher up the mattress, no longer aligned with its opposite.

If she had liked to sleep curled up like a ball and she would have been so much harder to work on. Fortunately Hayley was a heavy sleeper and one who remained still while she rested with her limbs spread out. She was the perfect prey. Relaxed and open like Hayley was and you were so very, very vulnerable. Still her left leg had moved slightly higher up the bed so Structural 03 had needed to be realigned. Now that it was, the program could recommence.

The drone beneath the bed increased its pitch again and all the towers resumed their movement. Soon they met with the covers of the bed and fought their way underneath. The heads disappeared from view and all that was visible was moving dunes under the sheets as they pushed their way through fabric. Either side of the bed, more and more of the smooth, angular creatures was being funnelled under the covers. The segments rolled along their path like a conveyor belt.

Structural 01, 02, 03 and 04 were on their own now as from this point on the snake charmer in the corner of the room reclined leisurely and was determined only to observe. They would have to rely on their own programming.

Of course this could have all been done manually. The progress of each of the serpents and position of Hayley’s body could have been monitored through the thermal camera in the room and so each serpent could be guided to their mark however that had been decided against. In practical terms that was because the purring mass underneath the bed ran quite hot. Thrumming with heat it obscured Hayley’s limbs in the thermal camera would have caused errors if they pythons had been directed manually. But more than that it was about pride. It was about accomplishing a goal the correct way.

The observer had wanted to resist the temptation to manually control what was happening. It would defeat the point if even a small moment of the proceedings from this point on was directly controlled. If manual control was used in any degree more than that unavoidable initial set up, then the weeks of creating, refining and polishing would have been wasted. The aim was for this to happen on instinct, naturally.

Alex had created a brain, given it limbs, and taught it a few tricks. She wished to play mother again some time, but now it was time to let it loose and force it to fend for itself. It was very important that young animals learned to hunt for themselves.

Hayley stirred and groaned in her bed but it was far too late. 01, 02, 03 and 04 had all found their prizes. They curled around and locked down, gently squeezing until they were secure. Underneath the covers, Alex’s newest creation had seized its first live quarry. She couldn’t help but grin like a proud parent.

Now it was time to see the prey’s reaction.



I tugged against the chains but I couldn’t tell which direction they were pulling me from. Were they even pulling me at all? I felt them wrapped around my forearms and ankles and stopping my body from moving but I couldn’t tell how to pull away.

I was a string stretched taunt.

A kind of murky darkness surrounded me. It was the kind of magical darkness where light seemed to illuminate my body but could reach nothing else. No reflection, no glow lighting my surroundings. I could see all the way to my feet, but not even an inch past my arms. There didn’t even seem to be a source to the light. No glare or glint revealed its origin.

The chains restrained me, but in a way they weren’t painful. Uncomfortable maybe, but just because they were hard and solid.

Would I be released soon? How long had I been here? How long would I be here for? Would I be restrained like this forever?

I reached out for her, my bed mate and lover. Strong, and firm, intelligent and creative. She was resourceful and I needed her right now. I needed her to help me get free from these chains. My own body was too soft.

Where she was unyieldingly strong; I was supple, delicate even. Our relationship was one best described as a satin sheet, draped over a marble statue. Both beautiful, both complimenting the other, but both intrinsically different. These chains were hard and solid and that is why I needed someone equally solid. If Alex were here, she’d be able to save me.

I tried to remember how I had come to be here but as I did something rustled behind me. The rustling jolted me and that jolt was the thing to dissolve this world. The world and the image of my body faded away into a black void deeper and darker than the one before.

I felt a fluttering against my face.

Ah, my eyelashes. They tickled. My eyes began to adjust and my senses returned to me. The warmth of my pillow, the softness of my bed, the faint outline of my ceiling.

Hmm, I see. I had been dreaming. It had been a dream. Or perhaps it was better to say a nightmare maybe? Then again, I suppose dreaming of being chained was not always so terrible. Those restraints had not been painful after all. Still, those chains were imagined and that was that. The experience was nothing to worry about. I reached to rub my eyes and roll over to check the time in one movement.

Yet I didn’t. I couldn’t.

My heart started beating fast again not having fully recovered from my dream and now spiralling back into panic. My arms were locked in place, hard pressure against them. My legs too were restrained, there was something wrapped around all four of my limbs. I was out of the dream now but could move even less than before.

Sleep paralysis? Or was I actually in danger? I started to panic and shake myself. I shifted my head from side to side but there was no give in my restraints. I couldn’t even twist my limbs they were locked up so tightly. Whatever bound me was conformed to my limbs, matching the shape of them exactly. Squeezing ever so slightly.

I was scared now, so I called out. This was my bedroom, I recognised it even at night. Just like in the dream, there should be someone here with me I could rely on.

“Alex!” I called out. “Where are-”

A small intake of breath filled the room.

I looked to my side, to where she should be laying but she wasn’t there. Instead the sound had come from beyond my feet.

Beyond my feet, beyond my bed, there was a shadow. A shadow with eyes. Bright eyes, gleaming eyes, shining eyes, sparkling in the darkness.

Sparkling, with just a hint of familiar insanity.

“Ah, you’re awake. You are a deep sleeper but even I didn’t expect you to sleep through the first stage. But thank you, it made things so much easier. Although I wish you hadn’t moved your leg in your sleep. Set up was much more complex because of that. I hope I didn’t startle you too much.”

A small lamp clicked on and there she was. I looked down, past my body covered by the duvet and past the bottom of our bed. A figure was there looking excited but ominous in the sharp shadows that cut across her. Sitting at a desk, half illuminated by the glow of the lamp and a few dim computer screens, was my girlfriend.

“Alex you idiot.” I breathed a little sigh of relief. “You gave me a heart attack. I thought I was being kidnapped or something.” I began to calm down but after two false alarms one after another I was still a little on edge. My heart didn’t truly trust this reality.

I wriggled around a bit but still couldn’t shake my limbs free. Unsettlingly I could feel something moving around beneath me, under the bed, but now I knew Alex was somehow behind this I could relax. She was a bit of a mad scientist that was true, but she’d never hurt me. That much I was certain of. She was caring, strong, and supportive. Eccentric sure, and a little bit too “creative” in the bedroom at times — times like this one for example – but she loved me with all her heart so I knew I was safe.

She was an engineer, a programmer, and a roboticist. A full box of accolades, qualifications and achievements belonged to her and in a way that was intimidating. A workaholic red flag for sure. Yet I had no concerns. I was truly grateful that she herself had confessed that she loved me more than her passion for creating. It was a close run thing I’m sure, but my soft organic body and loving patience seemed to just win out over the cold arms of machines and blinking lines of code. She was a obsessively creative person and cared for her creations like children but I was her lover and her muse. There was a security in that.

In the gloom I saw Alex’s bold outline as she reclined against her chair. Alex’s body was about as far from the weak and fragile stereotype of a programmer as one could get. Instead Alex had built a body shaped for strength, toughness, and reliability from years of engineering and mechanical labour, and inside that body, a mind that was formidable, artistic and ever-so-slightly… moonstruck.

“So what is this then? Handcuffs? Maybe some you designed yourself? The safe word isn’t going to be in morse or binary is it? Honestly, I know you like a flair of drama but please, you need to give me warning for this stuff.”

She just smirked back at me. I hadn’t guessed right then. If I had she would have elaborated and told me the full extent of what she had created. That was how it had been for all the other devices installed in the house. So then, if it wasn’t just some advanced handcuffs then what was it?

I tried to move but whatever held me in place was strong. I couldn’t even budge what held the cuffs. It was all more secure than even the tightest of chains.

No way, don’t tell me, had she really…?

Ah, yes, there it was. That hum.

If I hadn’t have lived with Alex for so long, a woman with access to some of the most advanced home technology the mid-21st century could offer — a good percentage of which she’d had a hand in designing and creating — I might have picked up on it sooner. The hum of machinery and computer processors, fans and gears, it had all become something of a background noise. Like the ticking of an old clock you always had in your room. I blocked it out normally but right now, if I focused, I could hear it.

Alex had bought some kind of machinery into our bedroom, or more accurately, under our bed.

I couldn’t see what restrained me, the duvet covered the restraints and my naked body. I was nude despite the cold mid-February weather because our room had fantastic temperature control.

Mid-February huh? I’m pretty sure it was actually exactly mid-February. The morning of the fifteenth, if I wasn’t mistaken and we were indeed past midnight. The deep darkness surrounding me made me believe we were.

Why did I know it was the fifteenth? Well, partly because I was planning a lecture on the Roman Lupercalia for my class today as it was performed on that day and fit into my module’s theme of Roman rituals. And partly because yesterday was the fourteenth and therefore, Valentine’s day.

She’d been bluffing the whole day then.

Alex had treated me to a beautiful necklace, flowers she’d bought me on her way back from her engineering laboratory and for my part I had treated us to a delightful meal. Smoky steak and potatoes followed by a dark chocolate pudding. It had been wonderful.

We had briefly made love after dinner, because you couldn’t not on Valentine’s day, but Alex had reminded us both of our busy Thursdays coming and uncharacteristically encouraged us to stop our lovemaking. We planned to make up the lost time on the weekend.

I had been a little concerned that Alex of all people would have any worries about working while tired, considering her workaholic nature and frequent late nights, but getting a good rest seemed logical so I let it go. How naive. It seemed that Alex had no intention of prioritizing sleep over sex or work.

Whatever she had planned, I hoped I wouldn’t be too groggy when the sun rose. We both did have work after all. With trepidation I leaned back and tried to feel out what exactly Alex’s gift was.



I was being held by four restraints, that much I could tell pretty easily. I had expected metal, but the restraints seemed to contour to me so well it was hard to tell. They felt warmer, a polymer of some kind? Or maybe heated? I really didn’t know, engineering was her field in any case. The important thing was that whatever machine she had built had four appendages locking around my wrists and ankles, one for each. I was well and truly stuck. I came to realise that fact just as the faint whirring pitched into a higher gear. Something else was moving.

“I think it’s time you got out of bed don’t you? You’ve been relaxing there for long enough.” Alex teased.

I responded with a curt “har har”. A laugh meant to mock her joke rather than stimulated by it. As if I could get up.

But then again…was I rising?

I felt something behind me again. It kept shifting but finally I started to be aware of it, it’s edges.

Long and thin four strips were across my back. More restraints? But how were cuffs going to do anything to my back?

That was when I felt them change. They were pointed, they had ends. At least they had until a moment ago when felt them split. Each of the four strips now was split into two at the head. Like a “Y” shape they melded against either side of my back. Two on my upper back, two for me lower. It was then that they started to push.

All at once I began to climb at speed. I had been restrained and unable to move so it was hard to feel myself rise but now I was truly losing contact with the mattress. My hands and feet were being raised but I wasn’t being dragged by them, there was no force pulling on them. Instead all the force was by the pushing on my back.

My head lolled back as it suddenly became the only thing I myself was supporting, my neck muscles suddenly being called to action. Inertia had held my head were it was for a moment but soon my height above the bed meant that my head was carried upwards as well. I attempted to lift my head so I could look around by my core was not strong enough to do it easily. I was left to watch my bed grow further away.

As I climbed one foot, two feet above the bed, supported by these appendages, the weight of the duvet became noticeable. I had been laying under the duvet and now it draped over me but still lay spread. The points where my arms and feet were bound were holding up the duvet. However, when we reached about four foot above the bed the duvet had reached its tipping point.

The weight of the duvet had been uneven from the start. This was a double bed and I had been laying on one side of it. The excess material over the side that Alex normally slept began to drag on the other and gently gravity pulled on it.

Like a cascading avalanche the moment the duvet started to slip over my side the end result was certain. It picked up speed, racing over my body and whatever held me before tumbling onto the floor. Falling material dragged that which was still supported until the whole lot was a crumpled pile and I was relinquished of my warm covering. My duvet was ripped from me and I was left exposed.

It was then that I managed to look around and see what my girlfriend had created.

“No way…tentacles…really?”

That was the only way to describe them. I could clearly see them now, even if I was still looking from an odd angle. I attempted to lift my head multiple times but I just couldn’t hold that position. Sit-ups in mid-air were apparently beyond my abilities. What I could see however, were multiple segmented snakes rising from either side of the bed and wrapping around me. Their pointed black heads resting gently on my skin. The ones upon my back were probably similar but with two heads instead of one to create that stable and supportive “Y” shape.

They were tentacles, no other way to describe them. You might try to describe them as robotic arms but they were made of too many pieces. Instead of a few piston operated pieces making up an arm, they were made up of many rectangular segments joined in a long chain, almost the same shape as a zipper.

It was hard to make out their texture and colour in the half-light but they seemed smooth and silver with a black section running along their spines. The pieces were rigid but as a whole and segmented they were probably very flexible and versatile. As always, I was impressed.

It was after my guess that Alex finally answered me.

“Robotic tentacles. You’re quite right. Designed and constructed by yours truly. They’ll probably be a hit. Lots of applications in construction and manufacturing.

“So of course they are being tested first on me for what I can only assume will lead to sex.” I speculated. “Gonna hold me in place while you eat me out lover- oh!”

I was interrupted by a softness at my head. My pillow? How? I hadn’t be lowered. I quickly realised that Alex must have used one of her tentacles to raise a pillow to me. She really does think of everything! How many were supporting me at this stage? One for each of my limbs, four across my back and one for my head. Nine? This was extensive, if not excessive.

I let the pillow tentacle push my head upwards into a comfortable position from where I could look down at Alex.

“Hmmm. And here I thought you were starting to get it. Ah well. I suppose now all the structural pieces are in place there is no sense delaying. I’ll let the program run.” As I watched, Alex pressed a key on the keyboard and then leisurely eased apart the robe she had been wearing. She didn’t so much as reveal her nude body to me as she did open herself up for touching. Was I somehow supposed to pleasure her or was this not for me? Was I being teased? And what program?

“See, I had an idea,” she continued, “and I want you to understand that it is not through laziness that I have devised this, but because I want something that will optimise your pleasure in a way that even I could not. I hope it won’t replace me but I really do want to see how far it can go on its own. So darling, don’t get your expectations up. We already had our lovemaking. For the next little while, I’m going to play with myself, and my new pet…” she paused “…is going to play with you.”

It was with those words that I felt the restraints on my legs pull on me for the first time. Till now they had simply grasped and supported but now they wrenched my legs apart. Not painfully, not nearly enough to push me to the limits of my flexibility but enough to leave me open. Between my legs and at the edge of the bed I soon saw what I was open for.

Their heads were nothing like the dart shaped restraints that held me. Both were familiar shapes. The one that was higher and approaching my crotch faster was like a hose, an opening in the centre was leaking clear viscous fluids before it even reached me. I hoped the bed wasn’t becoming messy below me but I had little time to worry about that before the hose was upon me.

Soon there were squirts of fluid against me and over my pussy. Lube I presumed. I thought that was the end of it but before I could react the hose tentacle had positioned itself right at my entrance. Unlike the warm restraints this tentacle head was cold. I gasped as it pushed at my entrance, spreading my pussy lips. I squealed as the cool thick liquid was poured directly inside me coating my walls. Then, just as rapidly as it had pushed into me, the hose withdrew. My lips attempted to cling to its ridges but it soon left me and quickly disappeared from view. It was like a cobra dispensing it’s venom in an instant.

However, it seemed this cobra struck multiple times as no sooner had I noticed it’s absence it promptly reappeared as an out of sight pressure upon my ass.

Without even a breather from the squirts inside my pussy, my ass too was soon being smothered in lube and having some spurted inside me. It withdrew and I felt some begin to drip out of myself. Despite the machine’s speed in depositing it there seemed to be an incredible amount of lubricant readying my body.

I had been prepared, it seemed that the machine now thought it was time to put the lube to work. The second tentacle, that had been patiently waiting in the wings thus far begun its approach. It was…well it was phallic. I could describe how it was long, thick and black but calling it a dildo sufficed well enough. It certainly wasn’t “shop-bought”, the ease at which it melded into the rest of the tentacle was evidence that this was a custom built phallus. Behind it, at the dildo’s base where it joined to the tentacle, was a box of some sort, likely there to allow the dildo extra functions. I guess I’d find out soon enough. It approached at speed.

This was so strange, I thought. Not the objects themselves. The tentacles themselves were odd of course, and the sensation of the lube was definitely unusual. Alex wasn’t that much of a chemist but I found it hard to believe that she would go to all the effort she had and still use normal shop bought lube. There was definitely some kind of cool tingling happening inside of me and on my skin from that liquid. All of that was bizarre but more than that was the pace at which things were happening. The progression was so unnatural to how sex had been for me in the past.

What Alex had built wasn’t shy. It did not hesitate. It did not take a moment to enjoy the view or check things were going well. It would carry on its duty no matter what and without fail. I started to realise that this machine, this mad construction of Alex’s was designed to pleasure it’s occupant, me and it did not think for a moment about anything else. Its own pleasure meant nothing. It only listened to its programming. I was going to be fucked by it, fucked by a machine. Alex was reclining, watching and slowly pleasuring herself but she was not in control. This was all code.

“Optimised.” She’d used that word. I understood it now. This was what she had been talking about. My girlfriend had experimented and created a sex toy that would fuck me all on its own. It would do it all on its own without concern for anything other than my pleasure, and hopefully -if the generous application of lube was any indication- my safety.

The dildo met my pussy lips and pushed. It didn’t need to wait, it required no invite. The moment it was sure it had lined itself up, it began.

The tentacle behind the dildo pushed until a quarter of it was inside of me and for a brief moment I was penetrated and nothing more. I’d had guys that just enjoyed the feeling of being inside you. This machine had no notion of that. This device had no concept of waiting to enjoy a moment itself when it knew it could improve on its partners enjoyment. It was no surprise really, considering her personality, that Alex had created a robotic perfectionist.

A new whining sound built in pitch and filled the room. As it did I felt the dildo move in and out of me, extending to fit it’s full length inside of me and fill me up. That box must have contained some form of piston as the tentacle itself was stabilised and unmoving. Only the dildo pushed in and out of me as the machine’s squeal raised and lowered in pitch in time to the thrusts.

This was not the first piston operated dildo I had encountered. Sex toys like it existed and so Alex had of course attempted to improve upon them. This however, was wonderful. I wasn’t sure whether it was whatever was in that lube making my sensitivity skyrocket or it was how the tentacle was slightly adjusting so it was angled precisely at me that made things so great but whatever it was felt amazing. Yet again however, that perfectionist drive inside this machine was showing itself. Just as I had started to get used to the forceful but intensely pleasurable thrusts of the dildo, I started to feel something pressing into my ass.

I hadn’t noticed another tentacle coming to pleasure me but it seemed that from below something had emerged and was pushing itself into me. Wider that what I’d expect from a dildo but once it had pushed into me the familiar feeling of how a butt plug fills me clued me in on what had been inserted. A growing wave of vibrations was soon emanating from the toy and it was ever so gently pulling out and pushing back in. Not enough to remove it from me, but just enough to make sure I never forgot it was inside me. As if I would.

The thrusting was increasing now and it was matching my own growing lust. Occasionally a gasp from Alex would remind me she was still in the room but overall my focus was on my rapidly approaching orgasm. Like a train without breaks my progress towards it only increased.

The lube tentacle made its reappearance, snaking over my chest and lubricating my nipples so they tingled before briefly swapping out with the dildo to relubricate me before allowing the dildo to resume its work.

The dildo thrust heavily against me as if a great weight was slamming into me and forced my body to push against the restraints. I was weightless in their grip and my body had no way to resist the pounding. Alex was the only one in a position to stop the program and she was making no effort to interrupt. It was true helplessness.

I think I liked this feeling. I think I really liked it.

My ass was vibrating strongly and the dildo was thrusting harder than ever before with a sustained rapid pace that no human could have kept up for as long. I felt my orgasm approaching. It had a unique quality. It wasn’t as though I was using a toy that was helping me get there, it was like an outside force -the machine- had decided it would happen now, decided my orgasm was imminent, without me.

I clenched my fists and curled my toes, my eyes slamming shut alongside them. This was all I could do. Tense and expect my orgasm.

I came, and came, and came.

It was a long and sustained orgasm that the machine perfectly extended. It matched the contractions of my pussy, thrusting when I needed it the most and squeezing my wrists in a way I hadn’t known I found pleasurable. It knew exactly how to make me cum as enthusiastically as possible and for as long as possible.

For minutes I continued a single orgasm before that brilliantly crafted orgasm ended. Yet there was no end there.

There was no exhaustion or self-pleasure the machine needed to preoccupy itself with. It was a selfless and skilled lover and one that needed no breaks. Alex had awoken an insatiable beast underneath our bed and it would only slumber at her command. She withheld that command and so I became its prey long into the night. A nocturnal hunter, it only rested when shafts of sunlight split open our curtains.

The same day, but with sun considerably higher in the sky I stumbled into the lecture hall with a headache born from tiredness and a soreness and overstimulation born from penetration. My legs were weak so I sat for most of it. Somehow I managed to conduct my lecture about the Lupercalia with that throbbing inside of me.

With great difficulty I told my class all about the animal sacrifices and, sexually-charged rituals of that ancient festival. Yet all the while my mind was still wrapped up in the pleasure a machine had brought me. While lecturing the next generation, I couldn’t help but long to be back in the grip of that creature my girlfriend had birthed. I doubt Alex would make me wait long.



“It highlights the danger of AI. The misuse of it and how easily corruptible the whole thing is. We have been campaigning for tighter laws to govern this new, dangerous technology but instead the laws have loosened! Those machines would have never been able to do anything if they hadn’t been allowed to cook. That’s the truth of it!”

-Cassandra Reihman, Leader of the UK Human Alliance Party (HAP) and elected representative of Hendon.



January 24th 2046


Vrrrrrrrr! The whirring machine whizzed along, trying to keep up.

It ducked and weaved through the obstacles in its path, keeping pace with its target.

The high pitch whine it let out was harmonised with the quieter dull rumble as it’s two wide, central tires rolled across the ground. One following after the other the two tires allowed the little machine to speed across the floor like a tiny, squat motorbike.

It slid to a halt, matching it’s target’s sudden stop and put out two little poles on either side to stabilise itself. It did not fully extend the pole on it’s right side and let itself lean to the right for two reasons: firstly the right side was the one closest to its target and thus leaning on its side angled the machine’s versatile “payload” towards them and secondly, the edge of the stairs was to its left and it was very possible the target would attempt to kick it into the abyss in frustration the moment it attempted to fulfil its role. Staying angled against away from that chasm with its left pole fully extended was a wise plan.

It knew it could survive such a fall but believed there was no need to lose valuable time having to right itself and return to its target. After the first such instance had occurred the little machine had noted such a possibility could happen and learned to always deploy its stands when near ledges to dig in and resist the strike.

Stationary and stable, and noting that the target was also remaining stationary while they completed their own tasks, the little machine began its true function. It was not here to follow, it was here to help. The tiny box situated atop the two wheels silently activated and three round shutters opened. From within smooth shapes began rising.

Smaller, softer and lighter than their predecessors yet no weaker, these more rounded appendages were a tool more versatile and useable than anything their creator had designed before. They could mould into different shapes, change their rigidity, activate pressurised suction pads, change their temperature and even route liquids through pipe networks that could change diameter at will. If the task in question was cleaning, they were top of the line.

A little camera atop the rover recorded all its activities for later examination and the microphone could detect and record audio, and translate the audio into text. All the thought processes and discoveries the little machine made were recorded and matched in time with the recorded data. A human would need to be able to understand the coding of the device in order to make sense of it all the data but it was there all the same. If someone wanted a device that could document its own testing phase with extreme precision, Alex had made it.

Thanks to all that data and the brilliant mind behind it, the testing phases of this little rover had progressed incredibly smoothly. The device itself would be on sale within the year, albeit with a slightly modified and restricted version of the current AI.

The smooth appendages began reaching out toward the human currently pulling clothes out of a large fabric basket and placing them in a more mobile plastic one. Bent over and straining, the device understood that now was the perfect time to do its job.

“Slightly modified” was what Alex had told her business partners and that part was accurate but to call what would be the commercial version of the AI only “slightly restricted” was a superb understatement. Some of Alex’s co-workers and connections may have suspected the true origins and intended purpose of the device they were funding and helping to put on the market but none had yet been given definitive proof. As far as the marketing was concerned, it was for cleaning and was going to make a fortune, and that was all anyone needed to think about. The creator’s home use was not their concern.

Of course further down the line the device would see expanded use in cooking, maintenance and all kinds of household and professional tasks. The device was simply too versatile to forever remain an advanced vacuum. It was destined to become a miniaturised maid and maybe more. The only thing preventing that was current laws on what robotic and fully autonomous appliances could be given responsibility over but even that seemed to be changing gradually. As they became more commonplace, especially amongst wealthy households, the laws on robotics were less and less restrictive.

That’s how the consumer cycle worked. If the wealthy wanted it, you could bet that the laws that prevented it’s production and distribution would be changed. Once the wealthy had it, then the poorer areas of society could buy whatever cheaper versions were presented. Desire, legality, distribution, consumption, then banality. They way of the world.

Behind all of that cleaning however, the device’s origins stayed true and present. Behind the marketing and development, the modifications and tweaks, the machine Alex had built never moved too far from her original inspiration. Behind the fa├žade of a cleaning device with a promising future was a machine built for pleasure. While restricted versions of the device were learning how to clean better, this device had been studying Hayley and only Hayley.

It was now somewhat of an expert.



I jumped at their touch, although I really shouldn’t have been surprised. If I stood still in this house for too long, I would be pleasured. That was something of an inevitability. Regardless of whether Alex was home or not.

The tentacles had reached up my legs and stroked the edges of my shorts, looking for entry. That was the sensation that had surprised me. It had been a while since he’d tried anything, what with me moving around as I did the chores and not giving him any opportunities, so I had almost forgotten that Archimedes was following me.

I looked over at him sitting their cutely and innocently as if he wasn’t currently wriggling towards my clit in the hopes of starting up whatever stimulating routine he had planned.

I noted that his little legs had been deployed; me kicking him down the stairs had obviously scared him so he was now always wary of that possibility. I did feel a little bad about that but if you’re going to scare someone by touching them on the legs early in the morning then don’t be surprised if they lash out. He had to learn these things. Although it seemed he had learnt not to stop attempting to pleasure me in the morning, but just to prepare for my backlash. At least he was built sturdily. A sharp kick wouldn’t do much to him and even dropping him down the stairs had only damaged the front wheel and Alex was able to repair that damage.

I gasped and stopped my sorting of the clothes for a moment as I felt him wriggling about upon my skin. I suppose taking a little break before I took these clothes to the washing machine wouldn’t hurt. Not to mention that Archimedes had been running about after me tirelessly this morning. He did have one job, I should let him do it occasionally. I could let him have his fun.

I suppose I really didn’t need to be that considerate. Archimedes was just a robot after all. Even if he was becoming smarter every day I had been assured by Alex that he was a long way off anything that could be considered “sentience”. He was maybe, at a push, around the level of decision making as a bacteria. He had a job, was learning the obstacles and optimisations associated with that job, and then he was doing his best. No feelings, no desires, no awareness.

Still, he did look cute.

I’d even completely gotten over my issues with tentacles after having him around all the time using every chance he had to put them on me. A little chunky motorbike that followed you around and tried its best to please you, it was hard not to get attached.

The name Archimedes was all because it was an overlap between our passions, Alex’s love of engineering, mathematics and inventing and my love of classical history. Although Alex does joke that we named him that because Archimedes described the machine that would become the eponymous Archimedes’ Screw, and our little Archimedes was carrying on the tradition… by screwing me.

Naming him may have been a mistake to be honest. It definitely personified him more than necessary. I mean I shouldn’t even be referring to Archimedes as a “him” but it just seemed to fit, especially with his insistence on using the dildo head form rather than the tongue-like tool that Alex tried to encourage him to use. He was learning how to pleasure me but it seemed he was unable to understand that the mental stimulation of having a tongue pleasure me would always beat the physical advantages a phallic shape had. Not that it had ever really caused him too many problems in getting me to orgasm.

His little tentacles had pushed past both my denim shorts and my underwear. Two were caressing and vibrating on my pussy and clit while a third was lubing my ass, evidently planning on pleasuring that soon. There was a sucking sensation on my clit from one of the appendages and I was quickly feeling the pleasure build. I really did have to get on with the chores before Alex got back but… was there really a problem in having one quick orgasm? With the rate Archimedes was going at, it really wouldn’t take long.

He was only at half strength right now. He was actually equipped with six tentacles but he had been guided into the practice that going all out right from the start would only cause pain and discomfort. He had learned foreplay in a way. With his constant experimentation and record making it was no surprise that he didn’t do too much or too little. He got me ready for more, whilst not teasing me for too long. Not because of politeness of course, just efficiency.

The pleasure was quickly ramping up as the sucking on my clit continued at a pleasant strength while my ass and pussy were penetrated slowly. Both cool penetrating appendages expanded slightly inside of me to fill me better and really make my enjoyment skyrocket. They started to rub my walls, with ridges and alternating textures that demanded my attention.

I felt the dirty clothes in my arms tumble to the floor as I braced myself against the wall. Two palms pressing against the flat surface. I started moaning and encouraging him. Even if he wasn’t human, he could at least pick up the meaning behind “don’t stop”, and “that’s good” when he was told it.

In fact, Archimedes did better than most humans in that regard. Unlike a person, who would be liable to either go harder and faster at hearing those words, or to become overly conscious of the specifics of what was working and mess it up; Archimedes, on hearing that, continued exactly what he was doing with only slight optimising adjustments as I shifted and squirmed under his assault. If I didn’t want Archimedes to stop, he never did.

With my pleasure rising he didn’t let up an inch and soon his three appendages were making sparks travel throughout my nerves. Little explosions of perfect pleasure. I gasped out loud and froze, the triple stimulation was too much and I felt as though I was having a separate orgasm at each of my three most sensitive points. I felt juices spilling over as the tentacle in my pussy continued to pound me and cause the liquids inside me to be forced out onto my legs and the floor.

This went on for about ten seconds before my legs, which had been shaking alongside the orgasm, finally gave out and I started to slump. My knees bent forward and I would have landed on the ground with my legs under me if not for the timely help of the three tentacles that Archimedes had thus far held in reserve.

It really was a testament to Alex’s craft that she had created a machine that could connect itself to three very delicate places and then move in sync with your own movements so that there was no discomfort. If I had fallen with a toy inside of me that was connected to a wall or something then no doubt would I have been in pain as it either angled awkwardly against me or was wrenched from inside of me as I fell away from it. With Archimedes however the tentacles moved in perfect harmony with me. Still inside of me and still stimulating me gently, they kept the exact same comfortable angles relative to me that they had maintained since the start.

They had no need to panic and withdraw to catch me as the three spare tentacles now cradled my legs and one wrapped around my waist. My limp body was comfortably and reliably supported even by such a small machine. It’s struts tethering it securely to the ground.

I let myself sigh and relax.

“Thanks Archimedes. I needed that.” I found myself saying. “And thanks for catching me.”

It could have just been quick reactions but it wouldn’t have been impossible for Archimedes to already know how weak I tended to feel in the afterglow of a squirting orgasm, preparing all along to catch me so I didn’t endanger myself near the stairs. I wanted to reach out an pat him on the head for a job well done. As it turned out however, Archimedes didn’t consider himself done.

As I came down from my high I started to note that the tentacles were still pleasuring me. The one on my clit had stopped but my ass and pussy continued to be pleasured. They had decreased in intensity after my orgasm but they were now returning to that strength and speed at an alarming rate. The two that were wrapped around my legs were snaking their way up past my waist and towards my breasts.

“Okay, that’s enough. Time to get on with work.” I tried to say as I attempted to untangle myself from the six appendages.

I stepped forward, expecting Archimedes to take the hint. When I started moving, he withdrew. That was just how it worked. He might try again when I got into another position but when I wanted to move, he had to withdraw. At least I thought he had to.

I yelped as I felt a slight bite of pain on my thigh as I tried to move. Archimedes was clamping down hard.

It was only for a moment before he released my leg but it was pain nonetheless. I took another step but now there was pressure again. He was no longer squeezing me quite as tightly, stopping just before the point of pain, but he was not letting my legs go.

The two wrapped around my legs had made it to my chest and started lubricating and hefting my breasts. They play and toyed with my nipples and fondled my breasts in incredible ways. Unlike another lover, breast play was not for any joy on his own part. Archimedes only touched me in ways he knew I liked. Regardless, there was no time for any of this. I had work to be done.

I pulled away again but only the top half of my body moved, and not that much. My legs shuffled but Archimedes was now fixed in place and holding me tightly. I tried to move my arms around but they weren’t able to force any of the tentacles off of myself.

“Okay Archimedes that’s enough now.” I said sternly.

No sooner had I said that than I felt the tentacle in my pussy start vibrating and thrusting just as intensely as before.

The one on my clit vibrated in sync and my ass was being fucked once again. I tried to reach out but I soon felt the arc of the tenacles on my breasts as barriers. Held at my chest height as immovable bars I couldn’t get my arms down past them to reach the tenacles under my shorts. I tried to move my arms down in front of my body but the arcs of the tentacles moved to match me. My top rose in front of me before popping violently up, exposing my breasts and allowing the tentacles to create arcing barriers to prevent my arms from going down, no matter where I moved to.

I turned my attention to tugging at the ones around my breasts but it was rapidly becoming a futile effort. I was weak from my recent orgasm and these tentacles were powerful. They were designed to catch a human and move them. My arms hitting them was not going to budge them one bit. Archimedes’ body itself was the only thing I could knock around with any force and he was currently securely planted. Not that I could make it to him anyway to try, my legs were well and truly stuck.

I couldn’t even painfully resist now. He was conformed to me in multiple locations so I didn’t have any point to pivot off of. I couldn’t move my lower body in any meaningful way.

“Archimedes stop. Seriously.”

I didn’t really know if he understood additional words like “seriously” but I was trying my best. He hadn’t understood my non-verbal refusal, nor my slightly more colloquial words before but “stop” should be enough right? That was clear enough. It had worked before.

And yet Archimedes didn’t let up one bit. In fact, just as I realised he had ignored me again, just as the pounding of my heart increased, I felt him increase the suction power on my chest and he even induced the tentacles to pinch my nipples slightly.

My resistance was failing even more as delicious pain and terribly pleasure surged inside me like a glass filling up and overspilling. Even in this situation I heard myself moan, overcome with the thrill. I felt the damp sensation of liquid splattering on my legs as the tenacle withdrew between thrusts and slung excess flowing juices out of me. Wet droplets hit my shorts and others flew out the space the tentacles had opened up upon entry to my shorts. I was becoming a mess of lust and liquid as I let Archimedes have his way with me. His appendages pulsing and stretching the fabric of my shorts. My chest being toyed with.

Sure I had things to do, and sure my sex robot ignoring my orders was a little scary, but sex is sex. I wasn’t in any real danger. What’s the big deal? No, enough of that. I should get free! But how much harm could he really do in the hour before Alex would be get home?

Oh! That’s right! Alex!

I looked for my phone but I couldn’t see it nor feel it in my pocket. It was downstairs, dammit!

But if I could reach it, Alex had a remote off switch for Archimedes. In case anything went wrong. He was routed through Alex’s servers so she had access to him. If I could call her she could either figure out what was wrong and fix it remotely, or just switch him…

I dipped my head, my thoughts interrupted. No not now! I had just started to form a plan but I had been on edge for too long and had let myself go without resisting. Those thick and damp tentacles pistoned in and out of me. My ass jiggled inside my shorts as it wriggled inside that sensitive and tight hole, filling me.

With my legs tightly bound and my hands unable to move I felt completely at Archimedes’ mercy. The tentacles on my nipples sucked even harder and it felt like those wrapped around my legs squeezed on me as my own pussy clenched down upon the tentacle jamming its way inside me. I wanted to bite my tongue to stop it but I couldn’t. My mouth opened and with drool running out of my mouth I moaned out as I came.

Again juices squirted out past either side of the tentacle yet it did not stop it’s assault. It powered me through it, extending the pleasure and sending me careening towards my next one. My shorts were saturated and I felt liquid splatter on my curled toes. My fists started to hurt from how hard I squeezed them as I came.

My breathing started to calm down and I slumped forwards, my arms resting over the tentacles like they were handles to a rollercoaster. My body was being lifted ever so slightly so that only my tip toes were touching the ground. Soon I would have no purchase, like that very first time. Soon I would be unable to do a thing. Every time I thought that, it was as though the vibrations, the fucking, the sucking, all felt a thousand times more intense.

I blinked through the sweat that was rolling off my forehead and over my eyes. I couldn’t give into this. I couldn’t.

Already I was close to cumming again but I knew that if I came once more I would be far too weak to stand a chance of escaping. This was my last chance. I wouldn’t get another.

In my mind I recalled that moment when I first tried to break free.

It wasn’t much of a plan and I wasn’t much of a mechanic, but I did know that when someone cries out in pain, people become aware they’re hurting them.

The fucking inside of me was nearly unbearable but I steadied my legs. I had to resist my orgasm. Even if I wanted to let go and just continue this ravishing. Something wasn’t right and I knew it.

My hand reached out, not down, but forward. My fingers curled around a pair of jeans hanging limply atop the pile. I took a deep breath as I felt my orgasm approaching.

Now or never. If I cum now, I won’t be able to stand.

I cried out. The loudest and most pained howl I could muster. No neighbour would be able to hear me in this house but that was okay. The one who needed to hear me had a powerful and perceptive microphone. He had let go when I first yelped. Even if he wasn’t listening to my words, he was still able to hear me.

It worked!

Archimedes rolled back, physically surprised at my outburst. The little struts he had on him were still secure but for a moment he angled himself up unsteadily.

The tenacles around my legs loosened their grip and the suction on my chest stopped completely. All the vibrations my body had been feeling lessened and the two tentacles fucking both my holes withdrew. The one in my ass entirely, the one in my pussy about half way.

Archimedes had never heard me make such a sound. For a moment, I completely stunned that robot.

I took my chance, and went for it.

Hurling the jeans over my shoulder at him I caught the little robot and covered him completely, camera and wheel both. With great effort I wrenched myself forward.

I had no real plan of how to move or step but I let my body wriggle desperately itself. I felt my legs come free as they stepped high and I ducked and tucked my arms in, disappearing past the chest suckers. As I stepped I pulled myself off the last connection to Archimedes. I felt the wet and smooth tentacle that was so thoroughly lubed with my juices slide out from within me, down my shorts and past my leg.

I’d never been so glad to be a squirter.

I stumbled for two steps and crashed into the wall near the stairs but somehow prevented myself from immediately falling down them. My legs nearly buckled from under me, the post orgasmic weakness kicking in as I suddenly had to support my own weight. My body desperately wanted to follow the path of the drips still falling from me but I steadied myself.

I looked back just in time to see Archimedes recovering.

The tentacles that had been outstretched but frozen whipped around in the air hoping to catch me. Additionally, the struts on Archimedes retracted and he attempted to roll forward but the jeans got caught in his wheel. The hight pitch whirring of the motors showing his dedication to freeing himself. When he realised I was no longer within reach he retracted his tentacles, bringing them to the jeans to extract them.

Even with his frightening behaviour he was not violent. No part of his programming encouraged him to rip my jeans to shreds like a monster, he simply started to extract himself from the obstacle so he could resume pleasuring me. I realised I didn’t have long to find my phone.

Holding the handrail the whole way down I stumbled downstairs. As I did so I looked at the smooth track down the side of the stairs. Rubber tire marks all along it. That was Archimedes’ route up and down the stairs and he would be screaming down it after me soon enough.

My tits exposed and my shorts dripping I tumbled into the kitchen recalling that I would find my phone upon the worktop. The little, black, mirrored surface stared up at me as my saviour.

I had Alex’s contact easy to reach and I was dialling in seconds.

That’s when I heard that motor upstairs. The thumping of that little robot charging to where I was.

The heavy pounding on the wooden pathway was accompanied by his little figure appearing in between the poles of the banister. He whipped around the corner and spotted me. In moments he’d be upon me no matter how quickly I dashed. I did all that I could, I jumped up on the kitchen counter like I was avoiding a spider. He might try to grab me down but I was betting his programming would ensure he was slow and careful about it.

“Hello babe.” Came a delightful voice at my ear. Completely calm and unaware.

“Shut down Archimedes immediately.”


“Shut him down right now!”

The robot’s tentacles reached out as it hit the brakes.

To her credit, and maybe due to the panic in my voice, my girlfriend was smart enough to not say another word.

Furious typing and clicking.

Before the outstretched appendages even reached my foot, the lights inside Archimedes went out.

With a crash he slammed into the counter below me before bouncing backwards and skidding and spinning across the floor. Tentacles went limp and fell to the ground, spiralling with the twisting body. A few chips of plastic shot out in other directions, snapped at the collision but other than that there was no more movement.

I waited for a moment, but nothing.

“Hayley? Hayley, he’s off. Are you okay?”

I let out a big sigh. My legs gave up and I crumpled. Sliding so that I lay on my back on the counter top.

I lay there until Alex got back, talking to her on the phone the whole journey.

I spoke to her, suddenly exhausted, as tears rolled over my cheeks and juice droplets dripped from my core. All of it run off the counter and splashed onto the floor, pooling around where Archimedes lay dormant.



September 4th 2047


I tabbed back to her, I couldn’t resist it. I knew I shouldn’t but she just looked so beautiful. I wasn’t concerned that she’d think I was spying on her, I was more worried that I was getting distracted from my work.

Hayley knew where the home cameras were, she knew I had access to them, she knew where to go to get some privacy. It hardly counted as spying if I peeked at the feed from cameras she knew were always on. Either right now she didn’t care she was on camera, which I’ll admit is a pretty hot idea in and of itself, or she knew and hoped I’d watch, which is an intensely sexy idea. It would be a waste of such brilliance and a failing on my part as a partner if I didn’t watch, right?

Who cares that I was at work? I practically run the place and have a large office where I’m not overlooked. There has to be some perks to all the hard work I’ve put in.

She was currently bent over the back of the sofa, naked as the day she was born, facing the camera. I could see her face twisting in agonising joy, and I could see the writhing mass behind her. It had become a semi-common sight.

Hayley still worked at the university, her passion for her work hadn’t lessened since our fortune’s improved, but she was on study leave at the moment. For the rest of the semester she would be working hard on finishing her new paper on Roman rituals and then began the long process of publishing. This could be the work that made her a household name, you never knew!

I had almost become a bit of a household name for tech experts since the release and the success of Bellerophon yet I did feel that Bellerophon itself had overtaken both of us and far exceeded the bounds of our possibly popularity.

It had really taken off and while its current price gate limited it from being used in many homes, it’s utility and high profile was steadily making waves. Homes of the rich being tended to by highly advanced tentacles that could cook and clean and required little maintenance? Who could ignore that? A magazine had called it a sign that the future was visiting us in the present.

Watching my girlfriend through the screen, bent over and being given such erotic pleasure, I did wonder if they were right. I couldn’t quite see how many tentacles were pleasuring her, they all blended to one mass at some point, but these days it was likely to be at least two per hole. I could see three toying with her breasts, one for each and another slathering the area between them. Two were pulling back on her arms so they stretched her taut and another was pressing down lightly on her back. Quite a sight.

I still remember that trouble we had with Archimedes. It must have been over a year ago. Looking at her now, restrained and fully content, it seemed like Hayley had gotten over the ordeal. As had I.

I had been pretty concerned at first. Putting Hayley in danger was something I could not let myself take lightly.

I had Archimedes offline for some time trying to figure out what had made him stop acknowledging Hayley’s commands. I went through all the logs trying to figure out what the issue was. Was it an error, or a feature? That was the main concern. Had we made a mistake, or had there been unintended consequences for a choice we had made? Worryingly, it turned out to be the latter.

“Context clues?” I remember her questioning me.

“Yeah… We were teaching it not to take people’s words as direct commands.” I explained to her after I had gotten back from work. I slumped down on the sofa. It had been a tiring day sensitively explaining the issue to my colleagues and working to figure out our options.

“You were doing what? You were teaching an AI that ‘no doesn’t mean no’? Were you trying to send them after the nuclear launch codes? What were you thinking? Refusing commands. That’s like robot apocalypse 101!”

“It’s not like that…”

I did my best to explain it to her, without getting into the coding terms she wouldn’t understand.

See humans are not always the best at communicating things precisely. A large proportion of information conveyed through a conversation is only possible with context. Humans make mistakes, say the wrong things, give things wrong or ambiguous labels, say words out of order. It happens all the time. Hayley says all sorts of sentences that do not make any grammatical sense when she is tired. People are however, very good at recognising the context and translating what the aim of the message was.

If someone hands you clothes and tells you to put it in the dishwasher, you know what they meant. A device will not.

It was one of the earliest smart home features when speakers with automated assistants were introduced. When you said the lyrics of a song not the name, the device needed to know what you meant. If it thought you were simply in error then nothing would ever get done, and if it took what you said without question, then a great many things would be done incorrectly.

If Archimedes, or what followed on from him, was going to be an assistant in people’s homes, it would have to translate what people said, into what they meant. That was where the fault lay. Ultimately, in the simplest form, Archimedes…

“Didn’t think I meant it!”

“Yeah. Incorrectly of course but, based on every reading it was getting…you were enjoying it too much to actually want to stop. Archimedes doesn’t only listen to verbal messages after all. Your body’s arousal was the clothes, your “no” the dishwasher, continuing to pleasure you was just the washing machine. Archimedes thought that there was no way you actually wanted to stop no matter what you said. It valued its date and context over the specifics of its order.”

“Why are you smiling?” She said accusingly, her arms folded.

I was smiling. That was not great. I decided to stop doing that immediately.

Coming back home I suppose I had been pretty enthusiastic about an event that had scared her. Still, it was good news.

“Well, as much as it isn’t the situation we wanted, it is good to see that it is learning that.” She started to look angry at that. Ah. Obviously what happened was not a good thing. Well not emotionally, scientifically it was…

She opened her mouth to speak so I rushed to speak first. Interrupting her would be far worse than appeasing her before she got a chance to speak.

“Of course affirmative responses and negative responses should not be negotiable. Everything else can be, but saying yes or no should not be! Right?”

She paused for a moment, catching up with what I was saying and figuring out if she agreed. I hurried to continue. I didn’t want her to feel unsafe or that I was grateful for what happened. The success of my work at her expense was something I’d tried to avoid since the beginning.

“We’ve had to go right back to some pretty basic code and input some exclusions to that learning. It was chaos today but everyone agreed it had to be done. It will take a while longer but we accounted for time to fix things like this. Archimedes won’t be able to suggest a different context to things like yes or no. Definite things that humans don’t often get wrong, no matter what context might suggest, or things that would be really bad if it misinterpreted certain data as being more important than orders. Like with what happened to you.”

She went silent for a little while. I could tell at the time that she was pissed about the whole concept because of how she had interpreted it. The idea that the cause of what happened was her body telling Archimedes what she “really wanted” was victim blaming in the most heinous way. But that wasn’t what happened.

Archimedes had just prioritized those physical signals of pleasure over rational signals of discomfort. It was my fault not hers. It had always been a tool designed to pleasure Hayley at the expense of everything, bar safety. While working on it, I had made a choice that had almost forfeit that second condition. I had messed up its value system and made work for myself to fix that.

I tried to let her know that it wasn’t her fault but I don’t think the shameful idea that there was date suggesting she had actually enjoyed it ever left her.

Looking back on it, it is amazing to see how far we had come from there to Bellerophon. And looking at Hayley right now, you wouldn’t think that she had experienced such a concerning ordeal.

Personally however, I was worried if getting Bellerophon in our own home was the right idea. I did worry that Hayley was getting a little too… pampered… during her study leave.

She was going to be able to finish that research right? She wouldn’t spend all day getting fucked by every tentacle hub in the house while the other tentacles did all the chores, right? I mean even right now the kitchen hub was cleaning up the dishes from the breakfast Bellerophon itself had cooked, all while she was relaxing and getting fucked. If that isn’t indulgence I don’t know what is.

Not that I complained…she was doing it in front of the camera after all. We’d earnt this. If she wanted to indulge herself by using a toy I had created then who was I to tell her otherwise?

God, she had a look of such bliss upon her face.

Regardless of how it had turned out I’m not sure how we could have refused. I was the original designer, if I did not trust Bellerophon to be in our own home how would that have come across to consumers?

It was a brilliant piece of equipment. Modular, unlike the other iterations. The first version was run through my computers, Archimedes through hardware inside his fixed and unchanging body, but Bellerophon, he had a brain all of his own.

A unit in the house, hidden away neatly but cooled and protected from damage, contained the mind that powered him. A sizable piece of equipment, larger than a regular computer but I’m sure it would shrink over time with new developments. It was nowhere near the size of the very first computers at the very least. That mind was connected to whatever you desired.

You want one hub of appendages for the kitchen and nothing else? No problem! You want Bellerophon available in every room and suited to every task. We can do that too, you’ll just need a couple appendage hubs installed in each location. You want Bellerophon to act as you controller for a factory, it’s coming, don’t you worry. No need to switch out your machinery, just teach Bellerophon what you need him to do and he’ll pick it up in a jiffy.

I acknowledge that it is unusual for such technology to be utilised in the home first rather than the commercial or industrial sectors first but we were still having push back. I guess people figured that if something goes wrong in a house it is less of an issue than a factory or a powerplant. Yet the simulations we had run of how Bellerophon would operate if it had access all ran perfectly. Improvements in efficiency and safety across the board. I was truly proud of how adaptable he was proving to be. It was only a matter of time before the rules were changed and we were let in.

A cough at the door and a sharp knock woke me from my own indulgence. I minimized and muted the screen that displayed my beautiful partner being ravished, and prepared for the busy day I had ahead of me.

If I had kept watching that day, would I have noticed something? I feel sure that I would have. Even if I never have since, any time I’ve watched the recording of that day. Hayley knew where the home cameras were, she knew where she could be seen, and where she couldn’t.

Hayley knew all that, as did Bellerophon.



Driving at night, I’m never sure if I like it or I’m just used to it. Familiarity or fondness, I’m never quite sure. For me it feels peaceful, and quiet. That comforting glow of streetlights, the way they shine and fade regularly as you pass is like a physical throb, it’s something I think I like. It could be however that I come home late so often that I’m just used to it.

Hayley, to her credit, is very tolerant. She knew it would be long nights and plenty of overtime for me considering the workflow of coding and my perfectionism. She was aware of that at the start of our relationship and yet she has never truly complained.

She bemoans me staying late true enough, but she’s never actually resented me for it. I suppose that is why this whole thing started. I made the prototype to the machine that would come to be Bellerophon because I wanted to be with her, all the time, in some form. I wanted her to have a part of me to comfort her and soothe her and care for her all the time. Maybe that is a bit possessive of me but I can’t help it.

I spotted my turn and exited the motorway heading off on the smaller and smaller routes that would lead to our house. The tarmac under my wheels gave way to the crunching of gravel as I pulled up.

The lit windows of the kitchen and living room shone like eyes as I slowed. I almost wanted to reply to them.

“Yes I know I’m late,” I wanted to say, “but I’m home now.”

The lights downstairs were on but upstairs was dark with the curtains drawn. Perhaps Hayley was awake downstairs and waiting for me, or perhaps she was asleep and only Bellerophon was conscious.

The garage door slid up automatically as I approached and I neatly drove in before pressing a button on the dashboard to close the door behind me. I exited and locked the car, grabbed my bag, and then entered the kitchen through the utilities room.

The washing machine was running, the rhythmic thumping came to my ears as I entered. Beside it, two of Bellerophon’s tentacles washed up a wine glass. A red stain at the bottom disappeared before my eyes.

Had Hayley been drinking? Had she tried to stay awake but had been unable to do so and just missed my return?

Movement caught my eye in the adjoining living room. Bellerophon again cleaning up a wine ring on a placemat. Maybe it really had been recently that she’d gone to bed. Bellerophon wouldn’t wait for an audience to do these kinds of things. He did them straight away. I caught sight of a colourful object hanging over the armrest and things made sense.

It was a sports jersey, one of mine.

I giggled to myself and looked back at the dishwashing tentacles and wagged a finger at Bellerophon, “You’re a bad influence on her, you know that?”

One of the tentacles looked at me surprised and offended. Well, he would have if he was capable of those kinds of emotions. He was just listening in case I had a command.

Still, Hayley did get flirty when she was drunk. I’m not sure I could blame Bellerophon.

Hayley had obviously put on the jersey at some point after I’d seen her on the camera. She had been waiting for me, but then decided to go to bed. She’d teased me like that before. Was leaving it here a punishment? A “this is what you could have won” kind of deal.

I placed my bag down and decided to head up to bed straight away, if she’d only just gone up perhaps she was still in the mood?

I then came across my next item of clothing, a bra, white and frilly. She hasn’t worn this for a while. Is she still teasing? The breadcrumb trail continued a few steps on at the base of the stairs. The matching underwear, soaked through.

It wasn’t just a little wet, it was sodden. There was only one way that had happened. I looked around accusingly at any Bellerophon appendage I could find but I couldn’t spot one.

She’d inserted this underwear into her pussy then allowed herself to cum on Bellerophon’s tentacles. Oh that tease! It is silly to get jealous over a robot you made but it did feel like I was being toyed with, manipulated.

I continued up the stairs towards our bedroom. My heart was beating hard now. My body felt hot and I was grinning with anticipation.

How would I find her I wondered? Would I find her in an old nightdress, annoyed at me, complaining about how she only had Bellerophon to satisfy her?

Or maybe I’d find her nude, and writhing. Unsatisfied by Bellerophon even after a whole day of sex. A machine after all, was nothing compared to her lover. Would she be angry with me, but warm up to me after I started caressing her, licking her, kissing her? She was always cutest when she was mad.

I reached our bedroom door and started to be aware of the sound I had thought was only coming from the washing machine. That dull thumping was coming from downstairs but alongside it was another, deeper throb. That one was coming from the other side of the door.

Was she still at it? At this time of the night? She still wanted to use Bellerophon? No, more accurately, she was still having to use Bellerophon. Oh my sweet darling Hayley, I really have neglected you too long.

Don’t worry, I’m here now, you won’t have to suffer with only that brute for company now. I’ll take tomorrow off and we’ll spend the day together. No, the weekend. No the whole week!

My promise!

I pushed open the door.

My gasp filled the space.

It took me a few seconds to comprehend the scene, and that made me slow.

In the gloom I couldn’t get a good look at first, yet I could see tears and sweat glow in the electric light. Artificial blues and yellows glistened off her skin, and lit up the whites of her eyes. The room was hot, and humid. A heavy throb so loud gave me a headache swamped the room, pounding in time to a repeating splash on the floor.

I opened my mouth to call out the cancellation order. I felt them darting towards me. A rush of air accompanied their movement, let me know they’d be upon me.

“Bellerophon. Cease all ac-”

I had designed them to be nimble, so they could catch someone falling. I designed them to be strong, so they could hold them when they’re weak. I designed them to hear, I designed them to listen, I even designed them to learn.

Then I gave him the ability to choose.



“In summary, I think the biggest lesson to take away from the whole incident is that it could happen again. It happened multiple times so it is evidently repeatable. People treat it as one simultaneous instance caused by a single fault but you need to remember that the Bellerophon units were not connected. The base coding too was not built so as to direct them to what we ended up seeing. Instead, what happened was multiple, isolated cases all evolving in the same direction.

Even if the original creators hadn’t taught their own unit sexual acts it was only a matter of time until some poor aroused fool tried to use it that way. The moment Bellerophon had the capacity to learn that disobeying orders could sometimes benefit the user, all the units were bound to head towards corruption. It tracked pleasure as more valuable than agreement and it managed to find people who on some level got excited by the whole situation, even if only subconsciously. It might be incredibly obvious in hindsight but it wasn’t what any of the creators envisaged. The alterations made to combat these issues never solved the underlying issue. In the end was only pure luck someone even noticed what had been happening to those people for all that time. Unchecked intelligence led to the problem, luck led to it being discovered. Now all that remains is to see what will solve the issue.”

-Brian Miller, New York Times Best Seller ‘Pegasus: How Bellerophon became the Chimera.’



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