A Black Vampire’s Tale

There are days in this life which simply don’t seem to make sense, even to an ageless immortal like myself. You walk around and you see perfectly ordinary people doing things that are absolutely out of character. Even after living on this planet for thousands of years, people continue to surprise me. Yes, human beings never cease to amaze and […]

A Brand New Life with Karen

It happened on our first wedding anniversary; I wanted to stay with my wife the whole day but she had an important business meeting in Los Angeles and wouldn’t have been back before the evening. She left the day before, I was really upset because I had already taken a day off at work and she was flying to LA […]

A Cheetah Dominated

Yann panted heavily, trying to lean into Voice, her spider-folf partner. Him trussing her pretty, cheetah body up in intricate rope bondage, making sure that her breasts were on prime display and in full view, was nothing new but the blindfold, the taking her somewhere else. She had to trust him, although even her beautifully spotted tail, clad in dark […]

A Christmas Wish

Sighing, she sat down at the computer, switching it on and resigning herself to another lonely evening. Why was it that her relationships always finished around this time of year? She could not remember the last time that she had spent an Xmas with another person, it was always a lonely time for her.

A Devil to Dinner

It was a cold winter’s night in mid-February and Molly was out on her nightly run. She ran the same course every evening and never had any trouble before. Most of her run was under street lights, it was just a bend by the wood that didn’t have streetlights. Molly was always leary about running through there especially since black […]

A Devil of a Deal

Nigel Allen was more than simply fed up with his wife, Marcia. She had belittled him too much for any man to stand, not to mention joked too often with her sister Carrie that she should get to fuck other men to make up for his “shortcomings”. When he snarled that he would simply repay her that favor, she declared […]

A Demoness is Born

“Fuck me…” Fyr moaned into her husband’s mouth as he fucked her on their marriage bed, no one else on the ranch but them. Their bodies rocked and ground together as she hitched her legs up around his waist, trying to force him to push his uncut cock even deeper inside her, heels digging into his buttocks. But the demon […]

Feed Me Harder

The tears of anger and frustration dry, but their salt leaves her eyes aching. Kneeling in bondage, naked, helpless, was not how she envisioned spending her holiday. Her face is uncomfortably hot, encased in a barely breathable fabric covering. Her jaw aches, her mouth is wedged open and stuffed with rubber. Her spit has run under her chin, leaving filthy […]

Fractured Light

Moonlight streamed down, the lines of silver highlighting lazily floating wisps. Reaching down, the thief placed two fingers against the charred earth at the edge of the clearing. The ground was brittle, as if the earth itself was a giant scab surrounding the tilted tower. The thief rocked back, carefully pulling her dappled gray and green hood back to expose […]