Amy and The Skylines – The Festival

So I’m going to tell some more stories from mine and Kirsty’s life together now.

They won’t necessarily be chronological, and it won’t cover every amazing sexual encounter we’ve enjoyed. We go to Barbara’s three times a month… there are way too many.

This occurred one May, I was 23, so Kirst would have been 24.

The Skylines were going from strength to strength. We had made our own album, writing, recording and producing it ourselves, with Kirsty paying for the studio time.

We had actually made her money back in sales both online, download, through the Hummingbird and at other gigs elsewhere we endlessly hawked the album while we were on stage.

Theo and I ran the Facebook page, and Aaron Twitter and Instagram, and we had quite a following.

Andy was the creative force so we left him to write, although I wrote lyrics to his melodies, and sometimes we’d sit hours into the night with our guitars chasing an idea until we were too tired, or it blossomed into a verse, or chorus or sometimes a whole song could follow in a matter of minutes.

I loved that process, and Kirsty would sit with us some nights, giving her thoughts and support. She really is the fifth member, she was with us every day in the studio to record the album.

The work into the band was quite time consuming considering we all had full time jobs too.

So, we had been doing OK. Andy had a message from Harry saying that we had attracted the attention of someone and to come and see him.

We were praying for a record deal, but it was quite that good.

We had been asked to join the line up of a festival.

Now we had played local festivals the previous summer in pub car parks, or farmers fields, but this was a big deal.

The line up was international and star studded, bands I had seen, bands I had always wanted to see and thousands of people going.

It was a 3 day event, Friday to Sunday night in the grounds of a stately home.

There were different headliners each night, and the big bands played one set each on one of two stages, or in an acoustic tent.

We went along to The Hummingbird and met Harry and the organisers there, and were shocked to be asked to play 3 sets, Friday night, Saturday afternoon and an acoustic set on the Sunday tea time.

We hadn’t really got an acoustic set, but we had time to work on it.

We were camping all weekend, but had a container for our gear and access to showers and dressing rooms backstage.

I’d recently got myself a lovely Fender Telecaster, in black and white and was itching to play it on stage.

I literally counted down the days to go, and when we arrived on the Friday just after midday I was on cloud 9.

The Friday set was quite a long one. No major acts played on Friday, it was more of entertainment for people who arrived early, and we had a decent crowd in to see us perform, and a good reception.

There was a small merchandise stall set up for all the bands to share, which Kirsty kindly stood behind for us, and shifted about just under 100 copies of our album that first night. At £5 a throw we’d done alright with that.

Saturday was unreal.

The weather was unusually warm for June and the crowds were huge.

We were on at 1:30pm, which, considering the music started at 11, was a decent position.

The band after us had a record deal, and had supported acts on UK tours, and the band after that were pretty huge in the early 2000s, and one of my dad’s favourites.

We wandered around, struck backstage, and had photos with loads of artists.

I got really starstruck and got my backstage pass signed by a singer and saxophone player from another of my dad’s favourites. She was so lovely, especially when I told her it was watching videos of her on stage that got me into music.

The headline act that night were a big deal. I can’t name them, but you would have heard of them. They had arrived and were set up in a trailer.

We passed by on our way to the stage and they were outside having a smoke and relaxing in the sun.

I had gone for quite a grungy look.

My hair was in one long plait, I had a white t shirt tucked into a tartan A line skirt, ripped black tights and doc martens.

As always for on stage my eye make up was dark and heavy, and my lips very red.

I was attracting appreciative glances from bands and crew members, which I had started to love.

I had a last cigarette backstage, and left my phone and cigarettes with the crew, taking a pint of dark fruit cider on with me. We had 40 minutes, and quite an up tempo set, we’d opted for just one cover, opening with Atomic by Blondie, just as a way of drawing a crowd in.

It seemed to work. Theo had led us in with a drum solo to get people’s attention, as he always did, and as the opening riff off the song followed, I could see people coming across the field to see what was going on.

Already a few drinks in I was lost in the music from the start dancing and working the crowd, and loving hearing them singing along.

We were easily playing to the biggest crowd we ever had, and were going down well. I looked across at Andy during our third song, and saw him backstage watching us.

I’m going to call him Gary, as I won’t use his real name. He is the singer of the headline band, and bloody gorgeous, slim and quite tall. And he was watching us… oh my God.

I tried not to let it affect me, but my energy levels were through the roof, so I was even more animated than normal.

We had ripped through the set and had time left on the end, so we covered Stupid Girl by Garbage, which was a bit of a go to we had for such situations.

Again the crowd singing along and dancing was intense. I was actually crying as I thanked them, profusely, and we left the stage, hugging and high fiving and walking straight into… Gary.

“Great set guys, I really enjoyed it.”

I couldn’t speak, Andy stammered a thank you, and we thought that would be it, but he carried on talking to us.

“You’ve got some energy,” He said to me, “the crowd love you, and not just because you look amazing.”

I managed to chip into the conversation now with a thank you and mention of how I loved his band. He spoke to us all praising our performance and individual ability, but lastly said it was our tightness together that made it work the most.

I lit a cigarette and he asked me for one as he had left his in the trailer.

The guys drifted off, and I stayed talking to Gary and we watched the next set from backstage together.

He asked if we were playing again, and I told him about the acoustic set the next day, when he said he would try and make it I thought he was just being nice.

Eventually he had to go, I took a selfie with him and sent is straight to Kirsty, “look who I’m hanging out with!”

Suddently he was back behind me saying; “Listen, come watch us from the backstage later, all of you. You can have a drink with us after.”

He must have been reading ny message over my shoulder as he instantly added; “who’s Kirsty?”

I looked back at my phone and there was Kirsty’s reply;

“Omg babe, permission granted, you gotta suck his dick at least!”

Gary was laughing, as I cringed and blushed.

He said; “it’s OK, I like Kirsty, she has the best ideas.”

I laughed; “she’s my girlfriend.”

He looked, “girlfriend? Shouldn’t she be telling you not to suck people’s dicks?”

I laughed, how to explain this.

“We’re both somewhere on the bi scale, and we both like to sleep with guys, and other girls too. We have a sort of open, sometimes swinging, relationship.”

His mouth was open, and he said; “Kirsty can come later too if you want?”

“You couldn’t stop her, trust me!” I laughed.

He looked at me; “so, our trailer’s pretty busy, fancy a drink at your place?”

My head was screaming, ‘this is happening,’ I texted Kirsty and said she should come back, but she was off on an adventure. I knew Sophie and the other girls had come to the festival, and obviously Sophie and Kirsty had history. It wouldn’t surprise me if she came back telling me all about an epic fuck her and Sophie had had.

Gary walked me back to the tent, and I got us both a cider.

He ducked inside and said, “you gonna give me the tour, I love what youve done with the place.”

I sat in the tent having kicked off my dms in the entrance, and he sat down, straight on a little rucksack Kirsty had brought as a surprise for me.

“What’s this?” He asked, “nearly went all the way…. Oh.”

He’d peered into the bag and found it full of our strap on, lube, condoms and a couple of other toys.

He took the strap on out as I died of embarrassment.

“This is nice,” he said, “been a while since I saw one. Is it wrong the thought of you two using this turns me on so much?”

“No,” I said, “it does the same to me.”

He smiled, “so you’re turned on right now?”

I crawled over to him, “Kirsty did give me permission…”

He took my face and kissed me, my body in full overdrive.

I zipped the tent shut, and moved backwards, lying down and drawing him on top of me as I did.

My legs were open and he lay pressed against me, his hardness pushing against my hot wetness through the thin layers of my tights and pants.

He felt big and I knew this was going to be good.

He dry humped against me as we kissed, driving me wild, and my hands were up his t-shirt, scratching his back, as I bit his lip.

He moaned with pleasure, and nibbled my neck, the delicious nips of pain driving me wild.

I fumbled my tights and pants down, and kicked them off into the corner, while he opened his jeans, kneeling above me.

I pulled him back down, and his hard cock pushed against me, he felt big, and as he rocked his hips he managed to move into the right position, his bare cock head parting my lips and dipping just inside me.

I gasped, and meeting his questioning gaze, whispered; “Yes, fuck me.”

He entered me, his large cock slowly parting and filling me until our bodies were pressed together.

I was whispering my pleasure and kissing and biting his neck.

He ripped off his t-shirt, and got properly on top of me, giving my mouth access to his shoulder collar bone with his height.

As he drove into me, I sucked and bit on his shoulder, largely to stop me screaming out as the first orgasm overtook me, my body convulsing as I wrapped my legs around him.

I pulled off my top and bra, and let his surprisingly smooth hands caress my breasts, twisting and teasing my nipples, as I whispered my desire to him, telling him how big he was and how good he felt fucking me.

He withdrew his cock, and reminded me; “Kirsty said you had to suck me.”

As he sat back I threw myself onto him, sucking him straight into my mouth, fast and deep, tasting my thick juices that coated him, and helped him slide into my throat.

A quick, fifty blow job, with deep throat, eye contact and me playing with his balls had him gasping and telling me to slow down before he exploded.

He grabbed me and practically threw me onto all fours, entering me in one thrust as he got behind me and knocking me off balance.

We fell forwards, me onto my face, him still inside me, his weight pinning me down.

I arched my back, my ass up, and my hands out above my head.

He pounded my pussy furiously, holding my arms down by my wrists.

In my head I imagined he was just taking me without asking, and the thought drove me into another orgasm. This time I couldn’t help but scream, especially when his mouth found my shoulder, right where I love it, and bit the join with my neck.

It was a rough, hard bite, and just how I like it. I realised he would have seen the matching mark from Kirsty on the other shoulder from last night.

As he bit and sucked he grunted and moaned and I clenched on to him on the throws of my orgasm, he slammed into me with deep thrusts, and then buried himself deep inside me, his cock pulsing.

I felt his explosion, his heat inside me, reignited my orgasm to fever pitch again, as our bodies shivered together.

He pulled out and held up the strap on;

“Would you fuck me?” He asked.

“With pleasure,” I replied.

I pulled the harness on and inserted the wearer’s dildo into my pussy, slick with both of our juices, as I reached for a condom for his end, he leaned in and sucked the strap on. He gave an amazing blow job, and I wished I’d had the nerve endings in the strap on to feel it. It pulled and teased my end inside me, and I activated the vibrator in my side loving the sensations.

When he pulled away he smiled, and I rolled the condom onto the strap on.

He got into position, and moved his legs wide, as his height made it difficult for me to reach him.

I rubbed lube into his ass, watching him squirm as I inserted a finger, then placed the strap on against his tiny hole.

I expected to have to work it in, but all 7 inches slid easily inside him, with little resistance.

He gasped, “Oh fuck that feels good.”

I pulled out to the tip, pulling my end out too, just the tip being held in me by the harness.

I held it there for a second then drove back into him, my end slamming inside me and making me gasp.

Again I pulled out, held, then went back in harder, and a third time.

He growled with pleasure; “just fuck me! Please just fuck me Amy.”

I grabbed his hips, nails digging into his skin and pounded him, gasping as my end fucked in and out of me, both ends vibrating now and the harness buzzing on my clit.

I would cum like this, and cum hard. I imagined if I could shoot deep inside him, like I always wished Kirsty and I could do to each other.

The thought made me cum, and I fell forward, biting at his back.

I moved him onto his side, raising his upper leg, and kneeling behind him, fucking him, rolling my hips, and reaching through his legs to grip and stroke his cock, rock hard again, working it at the same pace my hips were working him.

“You’re such a good fuck Amy, do you like this?”

“I love it, I love fucking you,” I gasped back, “your sexy ass is mine.”

He laughed, and said, “Let me ride you then.”

I lay on my back and he straddled me, lowering himself easily onto the strap on until it bottomed out in him, he threw his head back, the vibrations on his prostate, and moaned loudly..

He began to ride me, bucking his hips expertly, and working me with the dildo my end, drawing me ever closer again.

He was grabbing and squeezing my tits, and I begged him to go harder.

“Harder?” He said, “I’m being quite rough, do you like it rough?”

“Yes,” I growled, raking my nails down his chest, I reached up and grabbed his throat, squeezing hard.

“Harder” I urged as he groaned, “be rough!”

His hand came from nowhere and slapped me across the face, the beautiful pain sending electricity through my body.

I pulled him down by his throat, and slapped him back with my left hand, while my right gripped his cock, wanking him as he bucked up and down.

He held my throat down with his hand, making me gasp and choke, until I slapped his face again, gripping it in my palm, telling him to; “ride my dick harder.”

He threw himself back onto me, his head back and let out a series of loud grunts, his cock bucked in my hand and a rope of cum hit my left cheek, landing in a line from my stomach to my face.

The second drew a line from my nose to my belly and the third my right cheek.

I came with him, my body exploding with pleasure as he fired his cum all over me.

When he had finished he pulled off me and offered me his cock, which I happily sucked clean, swallowing him as I did and savouring his taste.

He turned and I snapped a quick selfie of his facial on me.

I still had the strap on, both on and in me, the condom crinkled on its shift.

It bobbed backwards and forwards as I said; “that was amazing.”

As he looked at me I spooned up his cum from my belly with his fingers and sucked them clean.

He moaned; “Oh you are fucking filthy.”

He knelt alongside me, rubbed his softening cock though a line of his cum, and offered it to my mouth.

I sucked him clean again, watching his eyes flicker as I teased his sensitive head.

He then leaned forward and sucked his cum from my breasts, before moving to my face.

I opened my mouth and he let it trail down onto my waiting tongue, following it down with a kiss, sharing his taste.

As we kissed his face rubbed what was left of his load into my cheeks.

It was deliciously filthy.

As we dressed I saw I had a reply from the cum selfie I’d sent Kirsty.

She had sent me her view down her body of Sophie eating her out. I always had a hint of jealousy, but only because we hadn’t yet shared Sophie, friendship and sex being a difficult mix.

She had also sent a message;

“Dirty girl, I love you. You look so hot. Tell him I want him later. Will he meet us both? You gotta make this happen.”

I told Gary Kirsty wanted to join us to play later and his face was a picture.

“Really? I mean, how can I say no to that?”

It was shaping to be an amazing day.

After Gary left, I changed into wellies and went and checked out some bands.

The guys from the band came with me and we met up with Kirsty, Sophie and the girls.

We drank and danced, and drank more.

I noticed Aaron slipping away with Priya, who was normally so quiet and reserved, and Theo was being hit on by at least three of them. He was remaining surprisingly uninterested, although I started to have a funny feeling I knew why.

Andy was with Sarah, and that was unshakeable. Had been for all time it seemed, I couldn’t remember before they were together.

Every love song he wrote was for her, and every thought he had was either music, Sarah or both.

It was so sweet, Kirsty said sickening, but you probably guessed I’m the romantic.

The bands were amazing, and as it got dark the light shows mind blowing.

I loved this, lived for this.

As the main stage was cleared for the headline band, I headed backstage with the guys and Kirsty. Holding Kirsty’s hand and feeling like a couple was a nice feeling.

We gathered with the crew backstage, and Gary came over; “These guys are with me,” was enough to get us onto the side of the stage.

We sat with him, and he handed me his acoustic and said; “play any of my songs you know.”

I thought for a second and started to play one of their hits, an anthem with a huge chorus. He sang along, Theo tapping the rhythm out on the table.

He stopped, saying; “do you know this one?”

I can’t say the name, it would give the whole thing away, but suffice to say it’s a romantic duet, with pretty much all of it sung by both leads.

We did. I had practiced it with Andy, but we hadn’t thought it edgy enough for our set.

We ran through it just on the guitar and vocals, and he said; “practice it for your set tomorrow, play it for me.”

We agreed, how the hell could we refuse?

He had a smoke with me, then headed on stage to rapturous applause and cheers, the energy on the stage was unreal, intoxicating. I stood peering out from the wings wishing it was me up there for this crowd.

They were amazing. Watching live acts helps you refine your own, and develop your stage presence.

I watched in awe, and danced like I was on stage and it was my gig, Gary looking back and winking between a couple of songs.

About 5 songs in, he had a chat with the audience. The usual; “So have you guys all had a good day?” 20,000 screams in response meaning probably yeah, but who knew?

He went on, “I’ve loved every minute some of the acts here today have been top class, genuinely it’s an honour to be on the stage they were on. Did anyone catch The Skylines earlier?” A cheer went up, from us backstage, as well as from the crowd.

Gary continued; “I did, I was really impressed. Listen, they’re doing an acoustic set tomorrow in the acoustic tent, it’s at… one, what time is it Amy?” Looking back.

“One thirty” I shouted.

He waved; “One thirty, I’m going, and you should check them out, they have an album too, 5 quid, it’s a bargain, go see them, buy their album, follow them on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, my space if you’re old enough, although they’re not. The Skylines people, this one’s for them.”

They ripped into the next song, one so up tempo we could have covered it.

We all hugged and cried backstage, I was weeping, absolutely weeping with joy, hugging Kirsty who picked me up and span me round, before kissing me.

This was unreal. I kept expecting to wake up at any point.

They finished their main set, coming off stage before the encore, and not really having time for us, quick toilet trip, cigarette, run through the set list, then back on to the demanding crowd.

The encore was amazing, 5 songs instead of the scheduled 3, overrunning their time, and pissing the stage manager off royally.

As they came off I ran at Gary, jumping onto him and he grabbed me in a huge hug.

“Thank you so so much” I screamed at him and he laughed heartily.

“I meant every word” He said, come on let’s drink.

He set me down, and I said; “this is Kirsty.” He looked at her, his mouth open. “Hi Kirsty, Amy said you were beautiful, but she undersold it… massively, I’d dump her, right now…” He broke off into laughter, as did we.

We joined the after party, already half drunk, and amazed at the sheer amount of drugs being openly used.

Kirsty and I stuck to the alcohol, which seemed to be free and in endless supply.

Everyone mingled. Andy and Sarah were talking to the guitarist from a band, Theo was in close, very close conversation with one of the crew, and I had cornered the saxophone player I’d met earlier in the day.

She was so so lovely, and I told her, repeatedly.

Aaron had managed to sneak Priya in. I’d never seen her drink before, but she was smoking, drunk, and her eyes told me probably rolling like crazy on E.

It was pure hedonism. We loved it.

As it started to break up in the early hours Kirsty found Gary and said; “Fancy walking two young girls back to their tent? We need a big strong man.” My girl is many things, but subtlety passes her by.

We walked out, and it was clear people were passed out, or fucking, all over. I could see someone bent over the steps to the back of the stage, and giggling, we ran over to look.

It was the stage hand, with Theo behind him, fucking him with his usual rhythm and power.

Me and Kirsty, being keen lovers of anal, watched mouths open at the power of the pummelling the guy was taking. Kirsty, eventually saying; “Jesus, I think you’d actually kill me.”

Theo turned round and said, “fuck off will you,” without breaking his stride.

We wandered back to our tent, passing Aaron’s where I could hear Priya gasping and moaning inside, shaking it with a little cheer as we passed.

We got inside ours, and zipped it up, space at a premium inside.

Instantly Kirsty was kissing Gary, while he grabbed and rubbed her breasts.

I watched, and then when she turned in, kissed her too, deeply and passionately, letting her feel my love and full approval.

Kirsty took Gary’s cock out, and as he leaned back she gave him her full pornstar blowjob, complete with lip smacking, fake gagging noises (she has no gag reflex) and little moans of pleasure to let them know how much she is enjoying pleasuring them.

Gary was gasping and moaning and begged her to stop before he came.

She took him right to the edge, before pulling off and kissing me deeply, pushing herself onto me and groping my breasts roughly.

She raised up, slapped me round the face and smiled. “Open wide,” She said.

I smiled opening my mouth, and she dribbled and trail of saliva onto my tongue, Gary’s cry of; “Oh my fucking Christ,” making us both giggle.

Kirsty stripped me out of my clothes and lay me down, Gary watching.

She stripped herself, then lay on me kissing me deeply and tenderly.

She kissed down my body, sucking, biting and nibbling, making me gasp and shiver.

I opened my thighs, as she kissed and licked my stomach, moving downwards until she was between my thighs.

She hovered over my lips, and whispered; “What should I do Gary?”

“Oooohhh, eat her,” He said in a low voice, ” eat her pussy.”

Kirsty licked me bottom to top, then kissed me firmly on my lips.

I gasped as shock waves of pleasure ran through me, gasping; “again baby, fuck yes.”

Gary moved round behind Kirsty, he too was naked now, and he buried his face into her ass, making her squeal and moan into me.

Kirsty lost control, and her smooth teasing turned into a frantic devouring of me, her tongue deep inside me, as Gary delved his into her ass.

She raised her hips, and pulled her tongue from me long enough to say; “Fuck me!” Then she was back on me, licking and kissing and taking me right to the edge.

I closed my eyes, and as her face was shoved into me she whimpered into my pussy and pushed me over the edge of a whole body, shuddering orgasm, my juices coating her face.

Gary pounded her with deep, hard strokes, Kirsty cumming hard as he fucked her face into my wetness.

I played with my clit, and rubbed my nipples as I watched my girlfriend cum again and again on his cock.

When she finally pulled away from him I moved in to suck him, tasting her on his bare cock, letting her juices ease him into my throat until I gagged on his length.

When he pulled out Kirstys mouth was waiting, her kiss furious and urgent and her hands all over my body.

We had edged Gary so far, taking him close but breaking away before his final release, and his eyes were crazed, as precum leaked from his beautiful cock and he groped and grabbed us both.

Kirsty pulled my face down to her pussy, gripping my hair, and told Gary; “Fuck her ass.”

I felt him position behind me, and pause for a second, applying some lube I imagined.

I licked Kirsty like our lives depended on it, the most furious oral I have ever delivered to a girl, my face coated in her wetness, and me driving my tongue deeper, swirling it harder, desperately trying to find her release.

I heard myself growl with the stab of pain as Gary pushed his head inside my tight ass. There was little resistance and no gentle pressure from him, just a forceful thrust.

He slid pretty much all the way in, and held there as I twisted and bucked, trying to accommodate him and relieve the pain of his entry.

As it subsided I relaxed and pushed backwards taking him all the way in, his cock feeling like it was in my stomach.

He pulled away almost to the tip, then slowly slid into me, then again, repeating this as I moaned and the sheer pleasure of the feeling, empty then full, hollow then the pressure of his cock against my bowels.

It was bliss, I felt so filthy, so slutty, I was growling “Fuck me, fuck my ass” into Kirsty’s pussy.

She was gripping my hair, holding my face firmly into her, and we came almost simultaneously, swallowing as much of her as I could, while my hips bucked and shuddered.

Gary pulled away, and Kirsty moved in, sucking his cock.

I’d never seen her do anything like that before, never seen her go ass to mouth, but she had eaten my ass before, so; ‘what’s the difference?’ I thought.

She bent over in front of Gary and told him to fuck her ass, he did, without adding any more lube, and she took it rough and hard, screaming with pleasure as he pounded her. I kissed her and sucked on her beautiful breasts as they swung with ghe violence of the fuck.

Then moved my head beneath her to lick her clit, my face inches from where Gary’s cock buried itself deep into her ass.

I could tell he was close, and as he started to groan she pulled away, sliding off his cock, and jumping to the side, grabbing him and wanking him towards my face.

I opened my mouth, and with loud groans he fired spurt after spurt on my face, coating it, his cum sliding off me.

When he had finished Kirsty was there, kissing and licking me. Licking up his cum and spitting it into my open mouth, until I was clean.

Gary watched as she finished cleaning me and I swallowed it all, sharing a kiss with her afterwards.

He sat naked and gasping, saying; “You are the dirtiest little fuckers I’ve ever met.”

Kirsty handed him some cleaning wipes we had and he cleaned his cock thoroughly.

He leaned in and kissed me, and I was shocked to see Kirsty strapping herself into the strap on harness behind him.

I pulled him in for a deeper kiss leaning back so he raised up on his knees, kissing me deeply, until he gasped and stopped.

I pulled away laughing, his face frozen in a look of shock as Kirsty slid into him.

“You don’t think I was letting you get away that easily do you?” Kirsty laughed, pulling out of him slowly.

“Oh no…” She thrust back into him. “You need your fucking too.”

He gasped, his face screwed up. It must have been uncomfortable, and Kirsty wasn’t really giving him the time to settle.

“Babe…” I started, she shut me up with a shake of her head.

“He can take it, he’s loving this. Look how hard he is?”

I looked underneath him, and his cock was rock hard again, bouncing as she thrust back into him.

She started to move her hips with more rhythm, thrusting the toy in and out of him, and in doing so, her end in and out of her.

I could tell she was loving this. When she got in this mood she was unstoppable, her dominant side taking over.

She raked her nails along his back, and slapped his ass before gripping his hips as her pace increased further.

Gary’s head was in my breasts, and I pulled his face close, letting him suck on my nipples as I watched him get pounded by my beautiful girlfriend.

She looked so sexy, her hips moving frantically and sweat pouring down her face, her hair already wet from earlier exertions and orgasms.

I lay back and pulled Gary’s face down to my pussy, him eating me as she fucked him, and drawing me into another orgasm within a few minutes.

He was good with his tongue, but the whole scene had my body in overdrive, and Kirsty being dominant turned me on more than I can ever explain. I loved it when she was like this with me. Some people are shocked when I say that, or describe how I get pleasure from being slapped and choked, but naturally I am submissive and crave being dominated. Kirsty can switch, and does between being me and being with Barbara for example, where Barbara is always dominant, with everyone.

Kirsty was staring at me; “are you enjoying that baby, is he eating you well?”

My reply was strained; “Oh yes baby, so fucking well.”

Kirsty said; “what do you really want?”

I didn’t want him to stop, not now, not ever.

“I want him to make me cum,” I groaned.

“How? How do you want him to make you cum?”

God she knew me better than myself.

“I want him to fuck me,” I replied.

She grabbed Gary’s hair and pulled his head up from me, his face was slick with my juices, and he gasped breathing hard.

I slid underneath him, spreading my legs.

Kirsty said to him, “my girl wants you to fuck her, and she gets what she wants.”

She suddenly pulled out of him, making him gasp and shake.

Gary quickly got onto me and drove his cock deep inside my wet pussy, kissing me and making me taste myself, my juices smeared onto my own face.

His cock felt amazing, it was filling me perfectly and driving ripples of pleasure through me each time it drove inside me.

I saw Kirsty squat behind him, placing the strap on against him again, and as he backed out of me, she penetrated him with it, driving it deep to keep it inside.

This made his fucking mess rhythmic as we struggled to find each others rhythm, but his moans of pleasure were beautiful and were exciting me, drawing pleasure from me, my submissive satisfaction at his pleasure building.

Kirsty was choking Gary from behind, both hands round his neck as she fucked him, and in turn he me.

She said; “what do you want babe? To me.

I said; “I need to cum, so bad, I’m getting so close.”

She grinned and said; “You want his cum inside you, don’t you?”

“Yes” I gasped, “Oh fuck yes I want him to cum in me so bad.”

She yanked Gary’s hair again, “you hear that? She said what she wants, and what does my baby get?”

Gary smiled; “she gets what she wants.”

“Good boy,” Kirsty said, “now Amy you keep telling him what you want, and Gary you give my girl that cum.”

I started to beg and plead;

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me. Fuck me and cum inside me please. I need it so bad, I need it so fucking bad, cum in me, please cum inside me.”

I barely finished the last part when Gary started to grunt, his hips spasming back and forward driving him into me, then onto Kirsty’s strap on, his whole body shaking like he had a fever.

With a loud grunt he buried himself deep, deep inside me, Kirsty slamming into him from behind.

His cock twitched and throbbed as he groaned over and over, as I felt the heat spill from him and spread inside me, filling me with his cum.

My body responded, with a blinding pleasure flowing from my core, making my whole body shake and feel like it was glowing. I couldn’t describe anything else in that moment of pure pleasure, building and intensifying when I heard Kirstys scream of pleasure in the distance of reality, and felt a warm flow down my thighs and ass.

When I landed back on planet earth, I felt wet, and the liquid cooling.

Kirsty had had a huge gushing orgasm and had soaked our tent, and her sleeping back, as well as me and Gary in the process.

We cleaned up as best as we could and Gary left, quickly breezing past a few people who had stood around outside clearly enjoying the vocal display they had heard from us.

Kirsty zipped up the tent.

She had dressed in a t- shirt and shirts again, I had just pulled on some pants, and sat topless looking at her.

She kicked the towel we had used to clean up aside and lay back, her back propped up against her rucksack.

She beckoned me over and laid me down against her, my shoulders against her breasts, leaning into her, but my head against her left arm.

She cradled my head.

I looked up at her, she was so beautiful.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” She replied, my heart jumping with pleasure at the words every time I heard them.

She cradled my head, and kissed my cheek, leaning further forward to my neck, kissing and teasing me.

Her right hand gently stroked my breasts, then ran down my belly dipping into my underwear.

She began to lightly circle my clit with her finger, using my wetness to lubricate it, and to tease and pleasure me.

As she did she gently bit my shoulder and sucked hard, drawing blood to the surface. I loved being bitten and her marking me and whispered my appreciation to her.

Between the biting and her rubbing my clit I didn’t last long and came with a gentle shuddering orgasm, sinking into her body as she relaxed her bite.

I was asleep within seconds.

The following morning we woke late.

We were onstage at 1:30, which meant being there at 12 to set up.

It was 10:45 and Kirsty was hung over.

I don’t get them, so I was up and at them.

I quickly showered, dragging Kirsty in with me, and we didn’t even have a little fumble as we normally would showering together, just washed and got out.

I wore the Debbie Harry look again: tight black jeans, tight white motif t shirt, no bra, and converse went into my bag, with wellies for the walk over.

I met up with the guys and we headed over to the acoustic tent, having loaded our gear into a site minibus.

We unloaded at the other end, and set up ready to take the stuff onto the stage when the act before finished.

We tuned the guitars and set them into the stands.

The stage manager came over in a panic.

“Listen, the act after you have cancelled, the singer went to hospital last night and isn’t back. Can you stretch yours out?”

“By how much?” Andy asked.

“Do me an hour and a quarter if you can? If not, then at least an hour, and we’ll have a longer gap between you and the next act.”

We had a quick chat. We were set for 45 minutes, but added another 7 songs to the set list, which were good to go, but a little unpracticed acoustically.

We ran through a couple out the back, and were joined by Gary.

“So is it in the set list?” He asked, a little wink for me as he looked across.

“Yes, Andy said, “fourth song.”

“OK,” Gary said; “any objection to me coming out and singing it?”

We all looked at each other shocked and smiling. Andy said; “we’d love it!”

We ran through the song twice with him, me tense and nervous throughout.

The sax player was also backstage and I had another chat with her as the act before us left the stage.

Then we were setting up and before we knew it we were on.

It felt a little unusual. The stage was low, and very close to the front row.

The cheer in the tent was huge and I waved at them as I settled onto a stool at the front, my acoustic slung around my neck.

“Hello, everyone. How are we doing?”

A cheer in response, “We’re The Skylines, as endorsed by (band name) last night. Were you there?”

A cheer again, “weren’t they amazing? And they gave us lots of free advertising, so welcome, we’ll try to live up to their words.”

Theo counted us in for the first song and I glanced around, seeing Kirsty waving at the back, and a front row containing Craig, Barbara, Daz, Sophie, Priya and the others and a mixed race lad, a little older muscular. I recognised him but couldn’t place it.

Too late to worry, into the song.

It was so different, my voice was in good form and the band were tight and perfect as always. The set was intimate, being so close to the crowd and hearing people singing our songs back to us was amazing.

I teared up slightly, and as the third song ended I was so excited.

As the applause faded I said; “thank you, thank you all so much. You’re lovely. A little surprise for you now, Mr Gary….” I said his real, full name as he entered the stage to a stunning noise.

He took Andy’s mic, and thanked everyone, and we were in it.

I didn’t play guitar on that track, I stood raising the mic stand, and sang it from there.

The reception was unreal, and Craig was snapping photo after photo.

Later in the set the sax player joined us and sang backing vocals and harmonies on a cover of her band’s song, having seen it on the set list, that surprised everyone but was welcome and just wonderful.

All too soon it was over, we had opted for an acoustic version of Bowie’s Heroes as the last song, and as we were about to start I placed the man in the front row.

“Sorry before we start, I’ve just realised,” I looked at him, “just realised who you are. Thank you, I won’t say why here but please go see Kirsty after, she will love that, and thank you. This is for you.”

He cried as we played.

I felt tremendous sadness as we stood together to take a bow and leave the stage, it was over, I loved every second, and I cried as we bowed and left the stage, walking straight out for a smoke before joining the others to clear the gear.

When we had packed, I went round to find Kirsty.

He was with her, the Police Officer who talked her off the roof, and his name is Wayne.

Wayne had a copy of our CD, typical Kirsty, selling him something while she thanked him, and asked me to sign it, which when we found a pen, I did with pleasure, signing my name on the cover of us on stage at the Hummingbird. The photo had me blurred, dancing wildly about 10 minutes before I collapsed as a result of my accidental overdose.

He sat with us for a while and talked about that night, how scared he had been and how glad he was that we were together and Kirsty was doing OK.

He stayed with us when we joined with the whole group, Barbara, Daz and Craig too, and we went off in search of music and alcohol, the party being about to start.

We drank, we watched some great bands, we drank some more, we danced. It was amazing and as we were gathering up to watch the headline band, Kirsty took my arm.

“Fancy a free night?” She said.

A free night was where we could go off and do as we pleased, within reason.

Sleep with whoever we wanted, although our rules were still that outside the group it was protected, and generally act as young, free single people, with the acceptance and blessing of the other.

We had only done it a couple of times, and it was fun, especially knowing we were going back to the comfort of our relationship afterwards. It was like legal cheating.

I thought about it, and replied; “Yeah OK, that sounds fun.”

We hadn’t been safe with Gary, and would end up going to get a test again at some point soon, so I thought I’d be a little naughty and get me some more bareback fun.

The headliners started and we danced, mingling into the crowd.

I pushed my way forwards, losing everyone, and let myself go completely dancing, singing along and enjoying the moment.

I was groped several times on my way through the crowd, which while I love attention, pissed me off a little.

I was so near to the front, moving with the throng of people, dancing, jumping and singing.

I was continually pushed against a guy behind me, a tall guy, late 20’s, strong build.

My body was shoved against his by the crowd, and he was clearly torn between trying not to move up against me, and trying not to let me fall over.

I glanced back at him a couple of times, his dark hair and ice blue eyes framing a cute, almost nervous smile.

His face was lean and handsome, and when I smiled at him his face glowed and his eyes melted.

As the crowd moved away, I treated him to some ass wiggling as I danced, glancing back again.

When the song had finished he came up behind me, shouting over the noise of the crowd.

“Are you ok? You’re the singer from The Skylines aren’t you?”

I smiled; “Amy, yeah?”

His face glowed; “I love you guys, saw you at the Hummingbird a few weeks back, and both times here.” He pulled our album from the cargo pocket of his shorts; “Is it cheeky to get an autograph?”

He had a sharpie with him so I signed it saying; “If an autograph is all you want, of course.”

He laughed; “I’m Paul by the way, my mate Matt is at the bar, what are you drinking?”

“Vodka Red bull, make it two, I’ll give you the money back.”

“Don’t be silly,” he said, finishing messaging his friend, he held up the phone, “Would you mind..?”

We moved to face away from the stage and he took a selfie of me and him, the singer of the band in the background as they started the next song.

I danced again, and the crowd moved us closer, me dancing against him, facing the stage, my ass against his thighs and cock, and I felt him harden through my tight jeans.

The air was cooling now, and my nipples were hard through my excitement and the cool air.

His friend came back. Matt was shorter, about 5’9″ to Paul’s 6′, and stockier with a shaved head and twinkling brown eyes. His cheeky grin as he saw me was delightful, and he carried two cardboard holders with 4 pints and 2 vodka Red bulls in.

“I didn’t realise it was her!” He shouted to Paul, and embraced me, “I love you, I love your band, you guys were amazing earlier.”

“Thanks,” I genuinely blushed and lit a cigarette to hide my redness.

I offered the pack to the guys and both took one, dancing and smoking.

I danced with both guys, and danced against them, teasing them, grinding my ass against them, and making it clear what my intentions were.

They shared a few looks and little comments but it was clear they knew they were in luck.

As the set went on I danced with, and teased them both, eventually kissing both of them, kissing Paul while Matt felt my ass, and danced with his crotch against it.

When I felt his hardness pushing against me I turned and kissed him, thrusting my ass back against Paul, who took the hint and ground his hardness against me, his hands squeezing and teasing my braless breasts.

The band finished to huge applause and cheers, and the crowd began to filter away.

I walked hand in hand with the boys, talking, and finding out that they were actually colleagues of Wayne’s who were here with him.

“Last time we saw him he was with your drummer, and they looked quite cosy.”

Good old Theo, hadn’t wasted an opportunity.

We had walked out to the side of a lake in the grounds, near some trees. “Where’s your tent?” Matt asked, “Do you want us to walk you back?”

I laughed, “It’s in a separate section for the acts.”

He stopped and looked at me.

“So why have you walked out here?”

I leaned and kissed him; ” Because I’m having a good night, and it seemed like fun.”

Paul, who still seemed Mr sensible even when he was drunk, said; “You are really too trusting, we could be anyone, and do anything to you out here.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck; “Oh I hope so, I hope you’re gonna do anything you want to me.”

I kissed him. “Now Pauly, I am not a good girl, I am bad, very bad, and very horny. I need to be fucked rough and hard, and I was hoping both of you would help me out with that. Do you think you could?”

His voice was low, showing his desire; “Yeah I think we could.”

“And Matthew,” I said, turning to him, “when I say rough, I mean it. I think you are a dirty boy at heart. You’re both gentlemen, and I love that, but tonight I want you to use me and abuse me. Slap me, choke me, fuck me hard like I’m a little toy, just built for your pleasure. I want you both to do whatever you want to me. Do you think you can take me like that?”

“Oh you dirty little thing, we are going to ruin you,” He growled.

I kissed him hard, biting his bottom lip and gasping as Paul slapped my ass through my jeans.

They pulled me over to a little copse of trees, and I stood kissing them both, while I took out their cocks.

Both were a good size, Paul being longer and thinner, and Matt thick, I could barely wrap my hand around it, and mentally I was sad I had no lube with me, as it would have felt amazing in my ass.

I was quickly on my knees, taking it in turn to suck their cocks, using every little trick I knew to tease, maintaining eye contact with the owner of the cock in my mouth, while I wanted the other until it was his turn.

I was throating them and gagging on them, following Kirsty’s example, and making little noises to show just how much I was enjoying serving them.

It worked, driving them into a frenzy, and my t-shirt was ripped off and hung on a tree branch.

I heard Matt comment to Paul, “Look at the lovebites on her, they’re fresh, and there’s more fading and old.”

I pulled off Paul’s cock to say; “my girlfriend has done most of them for me.”

Paul stammered; “Girlfriend… you’re bi?”

“Sort of,” I replied, “don’t worry, she knows I was going to find some fun tonight, she’s doing the same.” I was wondering where she was and who was fucking her right now, hoping she was having fun.

Matt pulled me to a standing position, bending over still sucking Paul’s cock, I wiggled my ass.

He unbuttoned, then ripped down my jeans, my thong going with them.

He gave me a stinging, hard slap on my right cheek, the noise like a gunshot in the still quiet of the night, and making me squeal onto Paul’s long cock, the cry strangled as he pushed into my throat.

Matt spanked me several times, on both cheeks, and his slaps were going to leave marks.

My ass glowed and felt hot against the cool air. I gasped and moaned and showed how much I loved it.

Paul was roughly grabbing my tits, when Matt’s stubble face pushed against my soaking pussy from behind.

I arched my back and allowed him access and he roughly licked my pussy and clit, making me moan softly, as I still sucked on Paul.

His face then roughly crashed into my ass, his tongue jabbing aggressively inside my tight hole, and his stubble scratching the raw marks where he had spanked me, the pain raw and intense.

Matt grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me off Paul’s dick.

He turned me round to his and I began to suck and deep throat him, glowing with pleasure as he made little comments; “Good girl, aren’t you a good little cock sucker.” Yes I was, and it made me proud.

The pleasure I was getting increased one hundred percent when Paul’s long cock slid into me from behind.

I felt like it just kept doing deeper until I felt his skin against mine, then he pulled out to the tip, held there for a second, his hands gripping my hips.

The slam against my body made a delicious slap, echoing through the night, as his body slapped against my wet pussy and ass, his dick filling me fast and forcefully forcefully making me squeal with pleasure as it sent shockwaves through my whole body.

I was moaning onto Matt’s thick cock, while Paul’s pounded me from behind, slamming into me again and again, my juices now running down my thighs.

Matt pulled out of my mouth and lay on his back on the floor, still dressed, just his jeans down.

I ripped off my shoes and jeans, now fully naked, and straddled him, lowering myself onto his thick shaft, feeling myself stretch to accommodate him.

It was like trying to take a coke can, and it took me some time to work him in comfortably.

As I started to ride him properly I felt Paul’s dick against my cheek. I sucked him, cleaning all of myself off him, and he pulled out, slapping himself against my face.

I was close to cumming, and the heat and weight of his cock, delivering stinging slaps to my cheeks felt amazing and mentally took me over the edge into a vicious orgasm, my body jerking as I soaked Matt below me, Paul still beating my face with his dick.

My cries were strangled gasps as Matt had taken my throat in a firm grip, choking me and making me gasp for air.

For a second I started to panic, but was reassured by them being Wayne’s colleagues, and to be honest my absolute lack of care.

This was amazing, I love rough sex, and I love being abused and degraded in it, and they were taking me exactly how I wanted and needed to be taken.

Matt released my throat, allowing me to gasp in some air, then delivered a slap to my face.

He was gentle, and I had to tell him; ” harder.”

He tried again, but not hard enough for what I needed, “harder, if you’re gonna hit me fucking hit me.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to…” I slapped him forcefully across the face, spinning his head.

“Yes,” I screamed.

He responded by slapping my face several times, hard. Stinging my cheeks and spinning my head and making me dizzy.

Paul steadied me, grabbing my hair and forcing himself into my mouth, fucking my throat.

The boys manhandled me round again, onto all fours. Paul’s long cock slid into me again, as I took Matt’s in my mouth, soaked and slick with my creamy white juices. He fucked my mouth, my nose pressed into his tight abs as he held my hair viciously tight.

Paul was using my own juices to lubricate his fingers, and fingering my ass. I was being bounced between a dick each side of me, my body shaking in a near continual orgasm.

The boys had done well and as Paul gripped my hips and slammed into me one last time, I came hard again, feeling his heat explode inside me.

Matt’s thick cock jumped and jerked and forcefully sprayed his cum into my mouth, me struggling to keep up with the size of his load, but not losing a drop.

Paul stayed tightly against me, still deep inside me, as Matt pulled out of my mouth, and I titled my head back and opened my mouth to show him his load.

I then took it all back with an exaggerated swallow, letting him see my throat work as I took his seed to my core.

I was smiling with pleasure and satisfaction at their orgasms, proud again that I had made them cum so hard, and in the process, myself too.

Paul pulled out of me, and I flopped onto my back on the grass, lying naked staring at the stars.

I reached out for my jeans and grabbed a cigarette, lying blowing smoke into the sky.

Paul’s cock appeared next to me, and I sucked him, in between taking long drags on my cigarette, blowing smoke around his cock before I sucked on it.

Matt had also stayed hard, and kneeling between my legs, he pulled my hips onto his lap and entered me again.

He fucked me slowly, pulling me into his strokes, while I alternately smoked and sucked Paul.

I was clenching myself onto Matt, squeezing him tightly as he pulled out, and making him groan. It sent sparks through me, and as I finished my cigarette and tossed it away, I was close to cumming again.

I reached down and flicked my fingers over my clit, as Matt entered me again, my body responding with a shuddering orgasm, my legs jerking and back arching.

A domino effect set in, my orgasm clenching me down onto Matt who groaned and fired a hot load into my spasming pussy.

My screams and his groans combined and took Paul over the edge, him firing several ropes of hot cum into my mouth and across my face, adding to my pleasure as it cooled on my skin.

When I had come down, I wiped Paul’s cum into my mouth, swallowing it and sucking my fingers, the boys dressing as they watched.

I stood up, a load of cum escaping me and running down my thigh as I stood.

I wiped it off my leg with my hand, rubbing some in and sucking my fingers clean, tasting all three of us as I did.

I pulled my clothes back on and lit another cigarette, offering them to the boys.

They walked me back to the entrance to the acts camping area and we said our goodnight there, without even the offer of a phone number, saving any awkwardness.

I wouldn’t call them, I had a girlfriend, and enough access to casual sex to satisfy the horniest of girls, which I pretty much am.

I just loved the feeling of somebody new, a new person to love and please and never see again.

I had broken my promise to Kirsty and not used protection, and I would need to get tested again. I was still on the pill so I should be safe in that regard, but I ran the risk of stds. I couldn’t help the compulsion to fuck bareback. It just felt better.

I got back to our tent, Kirsty wasn’t back and I felt a little lonely without her.

I checked my phone, and she had sent me a selfie with a couple of guys in it. I smiled at her face and fell asleep.

I briefly woke as the tent opened, Kirsty stumbling inside, and cuddling up to my back.

I could smell sex on her, and she was quickly asleep.

When we woke the following morning I could see she had cum in her hair and on her t-shirt.

I couldn’t wait to hear her story and tell her mine, but that was for later at home. We started to pack up, both savouring the moment later when we would describe how we were fucked, making the other jealous and horny, and when we had finished, we would fall upon each other and fuck all night, reinforcing our love.

It’s an unconventional relationship. We swing with a group of friends, we sometimes sleep with strangers. Some people have told us that means we don’t truly love each other, but that isn’t true.

We have separated the physical pleasures of sex from love. Me and Kirsty connect on a level I can’t describe. When we make love, or fuck, however we term it it is different, deeper. When we sleep around we get pleasure and see each other getting that pleasure most of the time.

As I lay her down and tasted her perfect pussy that night it felt like home, and later, as I wrapped my legs around her and held her close, we came together, her thrusts of the strap on inside me taking us to heaven. God I love that girl.