Day Date

Day Date

by Sabrina G. Langton


My wife went out with the girls for brunch every Sunday, which left me home alone to indulge in my hobby. I was a twenty-seven-year-old crossdresser and have been dressing for over twenty years.

Loni and I have been married for a little more than two years. We met in her waiting area at a clinic where she has been a psychiatrist since college. I had an appointment with a counselor in the same building that I see sporadically. In actuality, I just needed someone professional to talk to, I was fairly well adjusted in my life and I considered cross-dressing my only outlet. I had to tell her about my dressing on our third date just in case she asked me why I needed to go to the clinic, or if she stumbled upon my high-heeled pumps in my apartment.

I owned my own business, which supplied designers and artists to various Hotel and Restaurant chains. I had an assistant Mick, who would take care of day-to-day issues if I needed a day or more to become ‘Sabrina.’ Work kept me busy, but more importantly, I made a lot of money to indulge in my dressing. Before I got married to Loni, I had a big house and a huge bedroom filled with designer outfits and shoes, now everything is sort of hidden in a big closet in the basement.

I missed my old place but at least with Loni, I wasn’t lonely. She wanted to start from scratch she said. “I think we should have a place to call our own.” She told me. It was fine being out of the way in the basement, at least for now. I had floor-to-ceiling glass doors which led to the backyard, so I could enjoy sunny Los Angeles, hidden from the neighbors by a big fence and strategically placed bushes. I loved trying on everything and sashaying in front of the mirrors, in my bathroom and closet, or wandering out in the yard. I would also practice my makeup for hours, even my hair was long, down past my shoulders, and I would set it in hot rollers and blow dry it until perfect, though most times I wore a wig.

Loni and I ended up getting married after about a year of dating. Part of me didn’t want to give up my privacy to dress when I wanted, but Loni was insistent that, that part of my life wouldn’t change. “You can still dress up,” She told me. “I don’t care. But I’m not washing your clothes, ha. Especially not all your pantyhose.”

She also figured being married would be good for both of our careers. It was good for hers. I think she took me on as a case study for her practice, though she never told me. After we were married she had a couple of transgendered women and a man as clients, and she would ask me questions which frankly made me uncomfortable. She would get cross with me if I didn’t answer right away, or answer clearly. I used to be on low doses of estrogen before I met her, and I still didn’t know if I came to the right decision or not, and I was always afraid I would blurt it out.

I didn’t take all of my clothes with me, I had a storage unit near my office which I could access whenever I needed something special. I didn’t want my wife to see how indulgent I was with my dressing. I had so many costumes and toys, it was better to keep that stuff private. I don’t know how I would explain two Playboy bunny outfits, a stewardess, a maid, and a couple of nurse costumes. I even had a Supergirl outfit that I would wear from time to time.

Loni seemed okay about everything, she even used to buy me dresses and different items on occasion, but always very conservative. Sometimes she would tease me and say the Mailman saw a cute blonde in the house the other day, or her brother stopped by and saw me in purple lipstick. She loved to get my heartbeat racing. I stayed mostly in the closet now, literally. The room in the basement was one big closet, with lots of shelves and even a comfy chair and a twin bed. I also squeezed a vanity in there to practice my makeup. As long as I could slip downstairs and become a girl when I wanted, I was happy, and Loni not being home too much gave me lots of occasions to do that, along with cleaning the house and the cooking. Loni was only interested in coffee anyway, and as long as the coffee machine was plugged in she was fine.

My wife and her friends went to a place called Sandalwoods, for brunch. They have met there for years and today was the day they were going to say goodbye to Linda who was moving with her husband to Tahoe. “You know,” She told me. “There will be an empty place at the table next week, maybe Sabrina would like to join us ladies.” She smiled. “She could wear that new beige dress she just bought. Show off her legs to all the patrons.” I thought she was teasing me again, but it turned out she was quite serious. When she came home later from brunch, a little tipsy, she told me the other girls couldn’t wait to meet me.

“What?” I said startled. “You told them about me?”

“Not really,” Loni said. “I just told them about Sabrina, ha, they can’t wait to see how hot and sexy you look. They said we need to up our game at the table, we need better service, ha ha. With your legs and boobs, we would get so much more attention, ha ha.”

She went on to tell me that they all knew about my crossdressing, even before we were married. “The girls don’t care.” She told me. “They are quite progressive in their thinking. It would be good for you to get some good female role models in your life.”

“I have you.” I answered.

“Well, whatever.” She finished. “Amber and Liz are very stylish and maybe they can help you with your appearance, or something like that. Whenever you show me Sabrina she tends to dress a little too slutty.” A little slutty, she should see me when she is not home, and I am in the mood. I loved nothing more than getting dressed in my shortest skirts and highest heels, showing off my big boobs. I had breast forms that ranged from C to D to Double D. And being 5’8″ I had perfect long legs. I tended to go more glamourous than conservative and I was quite good at it. I never had problems maneuvering on six-inch heels or putting on my makeup. I learned all the basics from YouTube.

She then went into my room, in the basement and started to look for an outfit for next Sunday. She hardly ever came down here to rummage ’round my room.

“I don’t know,” I begged. “This doesn’t sound like a good idea. You go there all the time. What will happen if we run into someone we know, or worse, what if one of the husbands sees me?”

“Oh stop” She scolded. “Noone is going to recognize you. You look like a woman, you even act and talk like a woman, sometimes I’m so jealous, your voice is so cutesy.” She mentioned this while flipping through my dresses. “What are you so worried about, don’t be such a wuss.”

I guess she was right, I hoped she was right, and I did love the idea of getting dressed up and going out once a week. Usually, I would make an all too seldom shopping trip all dressed up. It was always quick and it made me anxious to be alone. Sometimes Loni would come with me if I needed her for advice or ask questions to the staff, but usually, I would just go on my own. She had a habit of making me slightly uncomfortable, always telling me that men were checking out my legs or ass. Or ‘accidentally’ telling the sales clerk her husband wants these pumps in a size eight. I have even walked out of a store when she didn’t use my femme name. I hated when she did that, but she said it kept me on my toes and made me a better woman. I didn’t think so. She got off putting me in all those embarrassing spots.

“If I go to brunch, you have to tone down the teasing,” I begged. “Promise me you will just treat me like another one of your friends.”

She then came over and hugged me and said. “You got it, starting Sunday you are just another one of my gorgeous friends with big boobs, ha ha.” She laughed, threw her outfit pick on the chair, and went off to her room.



On Sunday we got ready together, me and my wife. We did our makeup together, which was a first. “God, you are so girly.” She told me as I adjusted my wig. I really didn’t care now, I was going out I wanted to look great. I wore my shorter blonde wig, it matched my hair perfectly and it came just below my shoulders. Most of my other wigs were very long, some coming down to my butt. My wig was always the first thing I put on, I wanted to look at a woman in my mirror as I put on my makeup. It got me in the mood faster.

I glued on my false lashes, another thing I would never go without. I then filled in my eyebrows and put just a touch of eyeliner, shadow, and mascara. Loni also poked fun of me when I was using my eyelash curler. “I can’t believe you have one of those.” She teased. “Only whores use them, ha. Do you have one of those lips plumpers too?” Loni’s only item of make-up was mascara and she was done in minutes.

She laughed as I brushed my hair and posed in the mirror. My hair was very light so I always needed to darken my eyebrows and lashes to a light brown. A little mauve lipstick and blush and my makeup was finished. I slipped off my robe when Loni left the room. Underneath it, I had on nude pantyhose and my beige body briefer. The briefer made my ass much more shapely and gave me a nicer waistline. It had a built-in 36C bra which covered my breast forms perfectly. The only thing was that I usually got so horny as I got dressed. A quick little view of me posing in the mirror was usually enough to get me off, but today I had to calm down. I didn’t need Loni knowing how excited wearing women’s clothes made me.

In my briefer, I had to make sure I was totally tucked, which usually wasn’t a problem. The body briefer helped, but I always had a perfect smooth crotch even in just panties. No one would ever imagine there was anything but a ‘pussy’ hiding behind the silk. Loni always reminded me that my little cock was perfect for crossdressing. “It’s an asset having a tiny dick, you don’t have to worry about trying to hide anything, it’s already hidden. Ha.”

Slipping on my beige flowered dress I started to get butterflies in my stomach. Was I really going to go out with the girls? My wife’s nosy friends. This was a mild fantasy that I carried with me forever. Just another woman out with her besties. I envied my wife so much, though I could never tell her that. She could wear little dresses and heels, though she never did. She could carry her pocketbooks and smile and flirt with men if she wanted to. I wish the life of a crossdresser was a little easier, maybe it was for some but not for me.

I was looking in the mirror, I loved showing off. My dress had a quarter sleeve showing my feminine arms. I had hardly any hair on my body. Years ago before I was married I had hair removal, I have a perfect hair-free feminine body, just a triangle of hair in my panties. This is the one thing the wife didn’t like. She wished I had more hair on my body. I lied and told her I was naturally hairless. She would argue that “Noone has legs like that, obviously, you do nothing but wax and lotion them constantly.” Well maybe I lotioned, but I couldn’t tell her that, I was obsessed with my legs and feet. They were the most girlish things about me, except maybe my imagination.

Loni came back into the room when I was ready to do my nails. I decided on pink to match some of the flowers in my dress. I loved long nails and never had any problems with them. They made every gesture so much more feminine. I had plastic ones in all different sizes. I loved playing with my hair or fixing my makeup with my nails showing up in the surrounding mirrors.

Loni didn’t even paint her nails. “I don’t want anyone focusing on my hands.” She would tell me. “My clients have to concentrate on what I say, not what I wear or what color my freakin’ nails are.” I slipped into four-inch simply gorgeous Bow Embellished Pink Wedge shoes. They had little ankle straps and the bow on the toes was so perfectly sissy. “Don’t tell me your toes are painted too?” She asked.

“Of course,” I said. “I’m always completely feminine, right down to my toes.” A line I wish I didn’t say since she shook her head and probably wished her husband was a Baseball fan instead.

I turned toward the mirror and started putting on my earrings. I had a multitude of clip-on hoops, one for every occasion, small to huge. I had a whole jewelry box full of them. I begged my wife to let me get my ears pierced but she said that was a line too far. “It’s one thing being girly,” She would tell me. “It’s another thing being a girl.” I put on big gold hoops for my outing with the girls and a couple of bangles. I loved how my hoops dangled below my hair, it was so sexy. I was mesmerized in the mirror as Loni pulled me out of my daydream. “Let me look at you.” She asked. I did a nice twirl and lifted the hem of my dress. “Oh my God, you look so fem. A little too sexy for the table but that’s what the ladies asked for. God, I can’t believe I’m married to a model. A female model.” She laughed as I smoothed down my dress.

She looked at me. “Mmm, you know what? If anyone asks how we know each other we are going to have to tell them something.”

I started to think. “We could say I work with you.”

“No,” Loni concluded. “If anyone even asks, let’s just say you are my friend from college, nothing complicated.”

Then checking my look in the mirror I did my favorite thing. I splashed on my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume. I love wearing perfume, when I was younger I couldn’t because I felt it never came off. I could always smell it. I used to feel when I was in High School and College that everyone knew I still had on perfume no matter how much I washed. All the jocks glancing at me as if they knew, it was so uncomfortable. Every look I got I just assumed they smelled my scent. My mother once noticed when I was a teenager, I told her it was because of a girl who sat behind me in Math. She called the school and got my seat changed.

Now, I loved a little spray, and the more expensive the better.

Loni didn’t seem to mind, though her perfume was always much more reasonable than mine. “You smell like Macy’s perfume department.” She told me when I was done.

“Thank you.” I laughed and we went out on our first adventure together.

By the time the Uber reached the restaurant, I was having a little panic attack. “Don’t worry.” She told me. “Just close your eyes and breathe slowly.” I did and I felt better. You always get good support from someone in her field. “Come on let’s introduce Sabrina to the world, or at least to a couple of sangrias and Sagittarians.”

We walked in and I felt like all the customers were watching me. It could have been my heels that were clicking on the tiled floors or it could have been the whiff of my perfume that made the heads turn. I suddenly didn’t care and made my way to the table to get nervous about something else.

I knew the other two women at the table for years, I was friends with their husbands. “Hello, ladies,” Loni said. “This is Sabrina. Sabrina I would like you to meet Amber and Liz.” It was funny that Loni was playing this game, but I was loving it. I was the new girl.

The initial look I got from the two women was astonishment. They said, under their breath, if they didn’t know who I was they would assume I was a real woman. “I love your dress,” Amber mentioned, and they both complimented me on my nails. Laughing with me when I had no problems with them at all. We had a nice relaxing brunch and the waiter was so attentive to me, the girls were so jealous. We even had him take a group picture of us. I couldn’t wait until next week to do this all over again.

Just before we were done one of Amber’s neighbors stopped by to say hello. She introduced herself as Gloria Marler, I heard her name before but we have never met. She was telling us about her son who just got divorced. He was depressed and Loni offered up her services at the clinic.

Gloria said. “I think he just needs a day out with a nice woman. Take his mind off the crabby ex.” She then looked at me and then at my hands. “Sabrina, I see you are the only one not taken. Would you consider spending some time with a reluctant bachelor?”

To say I was surprised was an understatement. I lost all speech, thank God Loni came to my rescue. “Oh, I’m sure Sabrina would LOVE to spend some time with your son.” I looked at her surprisingly. “Give her your number dear.” She said with an evil smile I was all too familiar with.

Gloria beamed. “That’s so nice, I will send him RIGHT over. He is having brunch with me.”

Loni was surprised that the man was here and coming over. “Um, he’s here?” she squawked. That was a turn of events we never foresaw.

Amber and Liz were trying to hold in their laughter at my predicament until a tall nice looking man walked up with Gloria to the table. He was a little older than us and was very well dressed. “Well girls, this is my son Ross.” We all gave him our hands. I was last and as he held my hand, Gloria said, “And this lovely young lady is Sabrina. She said she might be able to spend time with you if you are nice to her.”

He laughed. “I think that could be arranged.” I felt one of the girls kick me under the table, as I was mesmerized by his gaze. “There is no time like the present, I see you are done, would you like to take a walk through the gardens across the way?”

Oh my, that was fast, I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t even tell from Loni’s face what the appropriate comment would be. “Okay.” I stammered, and then he helped me out of my chair.

“Wait.” Loni chimed in. “Let’s just take a quick trip to the little girls’ room before you two go.” She smiled and took my arm leading me to the back of the restaurant. I was thinking she was going to come up with an excuse to get me out of this date.

Once in the ladies’ room, I pleaded, “I can’t go out with a man.”

“Well,” She snarled. “You are gonna have to now. I didn’t know he was here, I figured he would call and you could of let him down easy. At least it’s a day date, you should be fine. You still look amazing.” I spun around and looked in the mirror. I did look nice. I’m sure he loved my hair and eyelashes, I also noticed him glance down at my chest. “Believe me,” She said. “He never expected to meet such a stunner at his Mother’s local, that’s for sure. Now go out and be the girl you always wanted to be.”

“Really?” I asked. “Could I really go through with this?”

“You are going to have to. Touch yourself up and let’s go out to hand you off to your date. I can’t believe out of all our brunch friends I’m the one whose husband dates men.” She shook her head as a woman entered the washroom.

I started brushing my hair and adjusting my bra and I asked her. “I’m so nervous, are you really okay with this?”

“Sure, I guess. What am I gonna do? We can’t back out now.” she giggled. “Plus no one ever got married after a day date. But next time maybe we should get you a wedding ring just to be safe. We can say you are taken.” She giggled again as we went back to the table so I could go out with a man.

I couldn’t imagine what Liz and Amber were thinking when Ross took my hand and led me out of the restaurant. I’m sure they assumed I had done this before. And I’m sure they thought I was Bi, which I probably was, though when I was Sabrina, I always considered myself all woman.

My first time out with them and I met a man, a good looking man I might add, I hoped they didn’t say anything to their husbands.

We did cross the street and walk through the gardens in the park. He was very courteous to me. He opened the gates and held my arm as we crossed the six-lane Avenue. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, was this really a date? I always fantasized about being with a man. Just a little dream that I have carried with me since I was a teenager. I had three major fantasies, dating a man was of course first. Being on a catwalk was second and being a bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day was third. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a little something to keep me hard at night. I would have never told this to Loni. I also could never tell her how much I was going to enjoy this.

“Let’s sit here.” He said, as we sat very close together on a bench, I had my legs crossed showing off my stockings and knees. Next to me was Ross in a nice pair of pants and jacket, he was so much bigger than me. I felt so dainty and feminine especially with my wedges on. I was a woman out with a man, no big deal. When people would look at us as they passed, they saw nothing but a young couple. When we got up he took my hand and something happened to me. I was enjoying this way too much, there was a stirring in my panties. I had such a warm feeling running through my entire body, I looked up at this gorgeous man as he talked to me, and then he mentioned he had a daughter.

“She’s seventeen now, she works in the mall. I had to help her find a job to give her something to do, to try and not think about my wife leaving. It’s working.” He told me. She was seventeen? I was wondering how old Ross was and then he told me. “I’m thirty-three, but the math doesn’t work out.” He laughed. “Rose is adopted, her mother was my ex-wife’s older sister, she died five years ago.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said. He smiled at me. “Actually I think Rose has it so much better now, her mother was on Oxycodone for years, it just became too much for her. Now, you know this…”

I felt very empathetic as I grabbed his arm and moved closer to him. “Thank you for telling me. I would like to meet her one day.” I smiled at him. I loved how his eyes looked at my lips then my eyes, it was a wonderful moment.

“She works a couple of blocks away, I was going to pick her up at six anyway. Let’s walk over now. She is going to love you.”

What a day I was having, I had never met so many people as Sabrina, now I was about to meet my date’s daughter. Soon we were in a place called Piercing Plaza inside the mall. “Let me see if she’s ready.” He told me. I looked at all the items. It was very nice, I could see myself shopping here.

I saw him at the other end of the store. “She will be done in a couple of minutes, come on back let me introduce you.” Out of a door walked a tall blonde girl. She was wearing a pink and white dress, she looked beautiful. I felt her take me in. I knew teenage girls were the ones to clock crossdressers and I was very nervous.

“Hi! I’m Rose. I love your dress. And those shoes are so posh.” I sort of turned my ankle for her to get a better look, for some reason. I wasn’t used to compliments like this. She was very bubbly and friendly, we hugged and I complimented her on her outfit too. “I wish I could wear heels at work, especially ones like that.” She told us. “Only flats or sneakers.” She showed me her pink Converse and laughed.

We walked around the store and we met the rest of the staff. Everyone knew Ross here and he seemed to be very popular and I could tell they loved Rose. “Oh. My. God.” She said looking at me. “You don’t have your ears pierced?” She pushed my hair to the side and shook her head. “You have to let me do it for you, please.”

I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t even have an excuse. All women had their ears pierced by the time they were my age, didn’t they? “Um.” I choked. “Okay.” Both Rose and Ross were smiling as they brought me to a chair up front, right in the window, on view. I would be on display to all the shoppers that passed by. She sat me down and I crossed my legs. Looking out the window I was being watched by a man and his small child.

“There will only be a little pinch.” She said as a device went on my earlobe. In seconds I had two newly pierced ears with ‘Pink Daisy Flower studs’ in them, in solid gold. “You will love these,” Rose said as she showed me her ears. “All the girls at the store are starting with them now, and they match your dress perfectly. Thank you for letting me do this. You will always remember me.” She then hugged me in the window. When I looked in the mirror she gave me, they looked very nice, it was such a girly moment that I felt myself start to get a little excited. A little more time on display and I would definitely have an orgasm. I had to stop making eye contact with men that were sneaking looks at my legs.

The earrings were very feminine-looking. “We match,” Rose said as we gazed in the mirror together and took a selfie of us. “These starters don’t come out for a couple of weeks.” Rose said, “But when they do you can come in and we will find you something you will love.” How was I going to explain this to Loni? She didn’t like when I did anything too drastic. I guess I could take them out when I got home, but getting my ears pierced has always been on my girlie bucket list… like forever.

We left the mall and walked back to the restaurant to get the car. I looked at every passing reflective surface to see if my ears were noticeable, but I was even more interested in seeing me walking with a man. Looking at Ross and me in the windows of the shops made me feel so much like a woman. I was enjoying myself, who would have guessed brunch would turn into such an exciting date. Rose talked the entire time as her adopted father kept on giving me sly smiles and squeezing my hand. I checked the time on my phone and figured if we left now I wouldn’t get home until after seven and Loni would possibly be in bed. She tended to drink during her brunches, albeit the need for an Uber. That would be good news, this way I could keep the earrings on until tomorrow when she got home from work, or even longer if I could come up with something. I couldn’t wait to take some pictures.

I sat in the passenger seat as Rose climbed in the back, she was talking non-stop. I thought it was cute and Ross seemed quite happy she had a sensitive woman to talk to. “Dad, do you think I could ask Sabrina about the concert?”

I looked at Ross wondering where the conversation was going. “Sure, I guess.” He said. “Keep in mind she’s a busy woman.” He smiled at me, and I thought that’s right I am a busy woman. He’s treating me like he would a woman, busy or not.

Rose took off her seat belt and moved closer to the front seats. “Sabrina? I have a concert this week, both Wednesday and Thursday, an Easter concert for school. Would you like to come? It’s not long, maybe an hour and a half.”

I looked in my visor mirror to catch her eyes. She was such a nice pleasant child, how could I ever say no to her. “Um, Wednesday and Thursday?”

“Or either.” Rose jumped in. I wanted to go, I wanted to spend more time with Ross and Rose. It felt like a family.

“Okay, that sounds like fun, I will clear out my schedule, ha ha.” We laughed and Rose rubbed my shoulder.

Ross mouthed ‘Thank You’ to me and I felt so pleased with the way things were turning out.


They dropped me off and Ross walked me to the door. “Thank you for this perfect day. I never would have imagined things would turn out like this when I woke up this morning. Meeting such a beautiful woman.”

I smiled at him and told him. “I had such a wonderful time too, meeting you and Rose. I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday.”

“Or before.” He said. I just smiled again as he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. We exchanged phone numbers and I noticed for the first time, there were people out, neighbors. They were probably wondering who we were. I didn’t care as I gave him another hug goodbye and he promised to call. I watched them drive away. I then closed the door and leaned against the back of it. This day was unreal and I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to take care of myself and relive the entire afternoon.

Loni wasn’t much of a drinker and Sunday nights after brunch always meant an early night. I slipped in and went downstairs to my girly spot. I took several pictures of my outfit and so many more of my new earrings. I loved that he called me beautiful, a man never said that to me before. I was so excited as I slipped off my dress then the body briefer and pantyhose. I kissed the image in the mirror as I stood naked. I was still tucked tight even though I was ready for some sexual release, and my breast forms looked fantastic. I loved looking like a woman, even when I wasn’t wearing any clothes. I took off my makeup and then wig. Looking at the earrings again, I imagined being with the two R’s, Ross and Rose. They treated me great, I didn’t get teased once.

I then headed to the shower, with my silicone friend. I placed my realistic dildo on the tiled wall and let the water run over my hair and breasts. Slowly pushing against the hardness, I let it slip along my bottom as I washed my hair and face. Taking some lotion I slicked up the phallus and played with it with my feminine hands and long pink nails. I couldn’t take anymore so I turned around and placed it towards the rosebud of my ass. It didn’t take long until the next six inches made their way inside me. I imagined it was Ross making love to me in the shower. I could still feel him against me, holding my hands, and his scent was still rushing through my mind. All too soon the cock was completely inside of me and I was rocking like a whore. I tried to keep quiet as a huge orgasm came over me, letting the water drain away. I dried and slept in my small bed and dreamed of my next date.


Ross texted me the next day and asked when he could call. I decided to tell him tonight after ten. Loni would definitely be in bed by then and it would give me time to get even more dressed up. I don’t think I would be able to talk to him in anything but complete female mode. Plus my girlie voice comes naturally when I am wearing a dress and lipstick.

I was wearing a denim skirt with a white t-shirt and I had my hair over my ears when Loni got home from work. I stayed home all day, telling my assistant that I might be working from home for a while. I mentioned that I had to take care of something so the wife wouldn’t be mad at me. When Loni came home she said, “Oooh I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight, you look nice, casual workday I see.” I didn’t want to be too dressed up for when she saw me, though I still had on four-inch black chunky heels. I tried to stay further away from her than usual telling her I was going to be busy that night working.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” She said, walking over a little too close for my comfort. “Amber took some pictures yesterday, besides the group shot.” She started scrolling through her phone. There were a number of food and drink pictures and a couple of each of us. I had to admit I looked very good. “And here is you, looking so cute with your date. God, look at him looking at you, he couldn’t take his eyes of your tits. I will send you all these pix.” I didn’t even notice anyone taking pictures while Ross was with us, but I bet it was when I got kicked under the table. Amber probably wanted me to look.

“So how was it, what did you do? Did he get fresh? ha.” I so did not want to talk about it. I knew she would sense how much I enjoyed it and I couldn’t let that happen. Wait until she found out I was going to see him again.

“It was fine,” I said. She looked at me. “Just fine? Well, I see you are still in girl mode, do you plan on changing, or is Sabrina going to stay for the week, ha, ha.” She was cracking herself up tonight and making me so anxious.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I had such a good time being out yesterday, do you mind if I dress a little longer, I don’t have to go to work until sometime next week.”

She pulled some leftovers from the fridge. “I don’t know if you have to stay Sabrina until next week, any longer and you will probably start getting your period, ha. But why don’t you stay dressed up until after brunch next Sunday.”

“Really?” I was quite amazed. My time as a girl was always quite short and hidden.

“Yeah, you might as well. I’m sure being with a man yesterday got your girly juices flowing, ha.” She started to get dinner ready. “We can’t stop it cold turkey can we? I will let you come down from your cloud slowly.” Now she was starting to sound like the Doctor she was. I didn’t care, I said thank you and went downstairs to try to put together a couple of outfits for the concerts.


I went a little bit overboard with my choice of clothes for tonight, like I usually do, for when Ross called. I was wearing a short tight leather dress, which landed just below my crotch. Tan sheer to the waist pantyhose and I had on blue six-inch heels that were laced up the front. I had on full makeup including blue-purple lips and my long eyelashes. Longer than the ones I wore yesterday. I had on my longer wig and held up one side with a clip so I could see my pierced ear. I sat on the chair, with a view of myself in the mirror, crossing my legs and ready to flirt.

“Hi,” I said to my phone.

“Hi yourself.” I heard Ross coming through. We talked for over an hour, I loved it. Watching me converse with a man while gazing in the mirror, was making me feel all warm and squishy.

“Can I see you tomorrow night?” He asked. I was wondering if I could get out without Loni knowing, but then decided I didn’t care. I wanted to spend more time with this man.

“Of course,” I whispered. “Where would you take me?”

He decided we were going to a small Tiki bar near Calabasas, The Hula Lounge. “You will love it, you can get dressed up if you like. I can send you the website so you can see what the clientele looks like.” I was suddenly quite interested, I could get dressed up? Love that. “I have a friend that has a booth there with his wife we can have drinks with them after dinner.” He told me.

“Okay, I can’t wait.”

He then asked if he could facetime me, he wanted to see me. I turned on the camera and backed up so he could see my entire outfit. I knew I looked stunning in my short dress and heels so I struck a pose. “Holy… That’s what you have been wearing this whole time?” He asked.

“Yes, why you don’t like it?” I nervously asked.

“Not that, if I knew you were dressed like that I don’t think I would have gotten through this phone call. You are so beautiful.” I thanked him and said goodnight. He made me feel fantastic.

Once again my plastic friend made an appearance. This time I attached it to the mirror and watched as it entered my mouth. I wanted to see my new earrings as I sucked on the hard cock.


I had the perfect dress for the Tiki bar. First I fixed my wig with my hot rollers giving me curls down to the tops of my boobs. I had dark eye shadow and darker eyebrows with my false lashes. I looked very retro. Then bright red lipstick to match my bombshell dress. It was sexy, strapless, and came down just below my knees. I paired it with green six-inch sandals that matched some of the flowers on my dress. I was perfect, I looked like I walked off an Exotica LP.

I made Ross come before six so we didn’t run into Loni. I showed him around the house telling him I was staying in the basement apartment. “So I guess you checked the website? You look perfect.” And so did he, with his bright toucan printed shirt. “I go here all the time.” He told me. “I can’t wait to show you off.” With my tight dress and incredible legs, I couldn’t wait myself.

The bar was a quick twenty-minute drive. I loved twirling my hair and glancing in the mirror at my reflection, and I loved being on a date. I also loved how Ross kept touching my hand or leg when he was making a point. I found out he was a major shareholder in several restaurants in the area, including The Hula Lounge. Some of the places were clients of mine, though I didn’t mention it.

We even talked about his ex-wife. They have been separated for almost a year. He caught her cheating on him with two men from her office. “If that is what she needed, then I was fine with it. She was my wife. I had known her for eight years. I didn’t know what to do.” He went on. “I figured it would end soon but…. She wasn’t the most pleasant person before the affair and then after, she was unbearable.”

I looked up at him. “So you stayed together?”

“It was over right away, she became too nasty and once she started ignoring and then complaining about Rose, I made her leave. I gave her money and she moved to the Valley with one of the guys she was sleeping with.” He shrugged and I touched his shoulder. “Me and Rose haven’t seen her since. When the divorce came through five weeks ago, we had a party with the family. I’m way over it now.” He smiled at me, then chuckled at the moving traffic.

The Hula Lounge was pretty happening for a Tuesday night, everyone was dressed up and everyone looked like they were having a great time. I knew I was the moment Ross grabbed my hand and we headed to a table. I had never been the center of anyone’s attention before, but here I was, loving every minute of it. He wanted to know all about me, and I told him the truth. Well, most of the truth.

“How long are you staying in LA?”

“Um.” I didn’t know what to tell him. I gave him the 100 Watt smile, and we clinked our glass of rum and fruit juice. “I have been here a while, I will probably stay forever. I love it here.” I did. Once his smile matched mine, we ate, then headed off to see his friends.

Marilyn and Henry were sitting in front of their booth when we walked to the back of the bar. They were dressed a little more authentic than Ross and I. There was a tattoo station set up. Next door was a little gift shop, filled with tourists and a small ice cream parlor at the end.

“Ross!” They said in unison. Henry grabbed his hand. “Ready to finish up?”

“I am, and I brought some company this time. This is Sabrina.” I shook both of their hands and we headed into their shop.

I told them how much I liked the way they looked. “The best thing about the location,” Marilyn remarked.

Ross showed me his tattoo. It was on his lower calve and it was a thorny Rose, with the name Rose Harley. “That’s Rose’s full name, we only call her that when she doesn’t finish all her vegetables,” Ross said and we laughed.

Marilyn asked if I wanted to get one. “Free to a friend of Mr. Marler.” She winked at Ross, and Henry told me to look over the designs to see if there was anything I liked. Actually, I always wanted a small tattoo on my ankle but how would I ever explain that to Loni. I would definitely want something feminine, and it would be impossible to hide.

I felt the alcohol flow through me as I said. “I would love an Om design one day, maybe on my neck below my hair,” I told Marilyn. But I wasn’t going to try to keep my wig on while that was happening. “But I think closer to my ankle is better,” I told her.

She walked over to the wall. “How about something like this?” and she pointed to several flower designs. I found a couple I loved.

“How would it look with high heels on? Will the strap be in the way?” I sat in a reclining chair and she held my foot in the heels. Of course, I was more interested in how it would look in my pumps than anything else.

I picked a design of two roses with leaves and a stem, and Marilyn measured and showed how it would look with a stencil. “We will put it above the ankle on the outside of the left leg like this.” Oh my God, it was so sexy looking, and it wasn’t going to come off. I was immediately hard in my panties. I was going to love it. I couldn’t believe I said this but I did. “Okay let’s do it.”

“We can always color it in later.” Marilyn said, “like Ross over here.” He smiled when we mentioned his name. Ninety minutes later, after two more ‘Mai Tais’, Ross was done and I had the start of a beautiful pair of flowers.

“We match.” He said just like Rose did the other day. He held my hand, and Marilyn put tape over the design.

“We can finish whenever you come back.”

I was still feeling the warmth of the rum, and the idea of becoming more feminine with the tattoo, while Ross was driving me home. He pulled over to a quiet part of the Avenue. “I just realized.” He said. “We should make a plan for the rest of the week. Do you really want to come to both of Roses concerts?”

“Of course,” I whispered. I wanted to spend more time as a woman with a man. I have never felt like this ever and I was enjoying this situation more than I could have ever imagined. And being with him AND his daughter was wonderful.

He grabbed my hand. “I’m so happy that Rose finally has a female role model in her life. She loved meeting you.”

I told him that the feeling was mutual. “I can’t wait until tomorrow, what time do you want to get me?”

“Well,” he apologizingly said. “Rose would like you to come to get your nails done with her, but I said you were probably busy.”

“No,” I said a little too quickly. “I would love that, anytime would be fine.” We settled on 4:30 which was perfect, I would cook them both dinner, and Loni wouldn’t be home for hours. I could sneak out very easily. As he went to take off, I touched his arm. “We don’t have to leave so fast, do we? It’s so nice and quiet here.” It was and then he kissed me.

It was my first kiss from a man. I felt his rough cheek rub against me, as his tongue entered my mouth. It was slow and felt wonderful. This is a moment I will remember forever. “You taste wonderful.” He said in my ear as he kissed his way back down to my lips.

“Mmm.” That was all I could manage. The last couple of days pushed all of my girlie feelings to the fore. The dressing up for lunch, meeting a man, piercing my ears, and getting a tattoo was nothing compared to this simple kiss.

My arms went around his neck as I pulled him into me. His hands slid from my waist up to my back where my dress started. His bare hands on my bare body cause some kind of electric current because I suddenly felt myself orgasm in my silky panties. “Oh, Ross.” I moaned as I came down from the ejaculation in my tight panties. I sometimes cum without touching myself with the dildo. Just wearing high heels could even do that to me but a man holding me I’m sure was too much for my new female ego to take. He smiled and I hoped he didn’t know what happened. I pulled back a little, I wanted him to play with my breasts. I wasn’t wearing the breast forms since the dress was strapless, but what I had underneath glued to my chest was definitely boobs and they needed attention. He smiled at me as both of his hands cupped my 36 C’s. He then leaned into me again and we kissed some more.

I was loving how he looked down at me while we kissed. I was now the center of his universe. He pulled back and smiled and then started to kiss my neck and shoulders. I took this opportunity to do something I have dreamed about since I was young. I was now a twenty-seven-year-old ‘woman’ and it was about time I had a real cock in my hands. His manhood was so hard and it was making its way down his pant leg. I started to massage it through the thinness of his khakis. “You are so hard.” I cooed. “I am going to have to remedy this situation.” I tried to sound sexy in my breathy voice. It was definitely working because I felt him get even harder as he adjusted himself as he sat.

His lips were all over me but I had to control him before he realized my boobs were silicone. I moved closer and started to unbutton his pants. I looked into his eyes, he was so happy and excited. “I haven’t been with a woman for a long time.” He announced.

I just smiled as I fished his hard dick out of his pants. “Well,” I whispered as he looked at my red lips. “This is what you have been missing.” And I started pumping his cock, he was hard and so excited that his breathing was becoming ragged. I wanted to watch the face of the first man I ever jerked off. I wanted to see him enjoy my soft hands and long nails.

He lay back on the seat. “Oh Sabrina, your hands feel incredible.” I kissed him for that, and I felt myself start to get excited again. I pushed and pulled his cock. “Sabrina, I’m gonna cum… God Sabrina this feels amazing.”

When I felt he was ready to shoot I did something that still amazes me when I think about it. I moved down and put my lips around his manhood. I wanted to taste him. I also didn’t want him shooting jism all over my dress, this would keep his spunk under control. I could imagine that conversation with my wife, ‘Honey what should I use to get a cum stain out of my dress?’ I felt the first squirt hit me on the chin as I swallowed the rest of him. Just as I felt his dick hit the back of my throat I had another incredible orgasm. The second time of the night and again I didn’t even touch myself. I felt all of his cum trickle down my throat. I didn’t take him too far into my mouth I wanted to save that for another day. I wanted to practice a little more with my dildo so I could swallow his entire eight-inch cock. I licked his manhood clean as his fingers felt their way through my hair and I prayed my wig would hold tight.

When he was spent I nuzzled his cock and slipped it back into his pants. Ross would never know he was my first and I loved every moment of it. He then pulled me close and I enjoyed another kiss while he gazed into my blue eyes. “Sabrina, thank you. Can I take care of you?”

I just grinned. “Baby I had an unbelievable orgasm while you were in my mouth,” I said and gave him a kiss he would never forget. He moaned again and I thought he was going to cum for the second time. I leaned on his chest and we listened to music, I didn’t want the night to end.

Once again we were on my steps, inches from the front door. Neighbors were walking their dogs, and parking their cars and I was kissing a man goodnight. I had one hand on his cheek and one around his back. He was holding me around the waist pulling me against him. Once in the house I had to take care of myself for the third time, I was so over the moon with the outcome of the night. I went to bed and dreamt about Ross’s hands all over my body.


Once again missing Loni completely, both last night and this morning. I finished work and then started to get dressed for the Easter concert. Loni texted me and I told her I was done working but I was going to go out later. I would make us dinner and leave hers in the fridge for when she got home around 6:30, 7:00 PM. She was amazed I was going out as a woman. I’m glad she didn’t speculate what I was actually doing.

I was so proud of myself for my first sexual experience as a female, that I wanted to be extra sexy tonight. I wanted Ross to see he was dating a beautiful woman, I wanted everyone to see. I had been working on my body for so long, with dance and exercise. I wasn’t skinny but I did have nice curves, a round ass, and a flat stomach. As a woman, I was a medium with size eight feet. My feet were two sizes smaller than Loni’s. I rummaged through my closets and found the perfect dress for the date. I had a short and flared little black dress. It was sleeveless and had a ballerina front. In it, I was all legs, nothing but nude color pantyhose and a tiny black panty under my hem. I paired it with six-inch black sandals with a nice ankle strap. The heels showcased my new tattoo. When I crossed my left leg over my right, everyone would be able to see it. I put on a big fancy bracelet and big gold hoop earrings to go with my pierced ones. A little black clutch and I was ready, simple but effective.

I took a few pictures while playing with my hair and posing in front of the mirror. I loved making videos of me putting on lipstick and now I was wearing light plum. “Sabrina,” I said to my reflection. “Ross is going to love you in this outfit. Mwah!” When the bell rang I stood a couple of feet in front of the door. “Come in.” I sang in my breathy voice. The look on Ross’s face when the door swung wide, made my entire life. I watched him take in my whole appearance. My female persona had completely taken over and my confidence was at an all-time high. I started to realize that all a crossdresser needed was a man. Well, maybe all I needed was a man to make me feel like a woman.

“Sabrina you look incredible,” Ross said without taking his eyes off my legs.

“Hi, Sabrina!” Rose was a few steps behind him. “Love, love, love that dress. Oh let me see your tattoo.” She ran over and studied my heels and artwork on my ankle. “Very nice.”

“Okay,” I said. “everyone in the kitchen. Dinner is ready.”

They both loved what I cooked and after dinner, we walked out the door into the late afternoon sunshine. It was so nice out, everyone was enjoying LA in May. Rose and I were dropped off at The Golden Salon and Ross was going to go back to see Henry, so he could do some more work on his tattoo. We had over an hour until Rose was needed at the school for the concert.

The both of us were shuffled into the salon and told to pick out a color. I chose plum to match my lipstick and Rose had a light pink. When I gave the girl my color she lifted my hand. “A pretty woman wearing plastic nails, we have to change this,” she said in a Cantonese accent. Rose laughed. “You have to get tips, Sabrina, everyone knows that. That’s what I have.” And she showed me her five fingers. I shrugged my shoulders and sat back and let the girl do what she wanted.

When I was finished and all painted I was surprised at how long the new tips were. They were very shiny and the most perfect reddish-purple I could imagine. Even my cuticles were done. Watching in the mirror, I loved how they looked roaming through my blonde hair. They were at least twice as long as I was used to. I don’t know how I was going to hide these from Loni. They looked so feminine, and I loved them immediately. “When you come back in on Saturday, We can change color to match your dress.” The salon girl said.

Rose grabbed my arm. “Saturday is my birthday, we are all going out to lunch. But of course, we have to come here first. Will you come?”

I was surprised again. I was very popular this week. “Um. Sure. Do you think Ross will mind?”

“Mind?” She chuckled. “He will ask you himself soon I bet. Don’t tell him I asked you already, okay? Let him think you want to hang out with him. Ha.” I said sure and then the salon girl brought me to another station.

Rose was on her phone when the girl told me to lean back and close my eyes. She then hovered over me. “We clean up your eyebrows and eyelashes. You did not do such a good job. I make them perfect.” She told me. She was above me with some kind of device, I had no other choice. It took about forty-five minutes, whatever she did, but when she was done she had a huge smile on her face. “Now look how beautiful.” She pulled up the back of my recliner and I looked in the mirror.

“Oh my!” I said to the girl. “Is that me?”

She still had her smile and she called Rose over. “Wow what a difference.” And it was. I think my eyebrows were thicker and definitely darker. They gave my eyes so much definition, I looked completely different. And my eyelashes were so thick and long.

“No need for false lashes. Just a little mascara.” The girl said. “You be like a model now. Next time I do your hair, no arguments.” She and Rose laughed again as I gave them my credit card. I was stunned, my hair is next? I looked so good, I immediately took pictures then posed some more with the salon girl and Rose.

I sent one to Ross to tell him we were done. “Wow.” He texted. “I will be right there.”

The three of us walked into the auditorium and met up with Gloria, Rose’s Grandmother. The three of us had seats upfront and Rose made her way to the back of the stage. Gloria commented on my dress. “You are stunning my dear, and look at those nails. Mmm Mmm.” She took my hand and gave Ross an impressed look. To think she was the one that started this avalanche. I wanted to hug her. I sat between them and we enjoyed the concert.

The show was very nice and Ross held my hand or rubbed my thigh the entire time. Gloria seemed very pleased with the way things have turned out. Rose was on within twenty minutes and sang with the choral group until the halfway point. Everyone got up and had beverages.

I met many people including Roses’ school friends and family. Ross introduced me to everyone, It felt nice to be in the middle of all these people. One of the mothers asked; “You seem so young to have a child in high school.” I just smiled and said thank you. I thought it was cute the way they talked about me. Ross was by me the whole time, his hands never left mine. I couldn’t imagine a woman like his ex-wife, would be treating him so bad. He seemed like a perfect man, a very attentive, attractive boyfriend. I was enjoying myself and wishing this could be my life. When the second half started we said good luck to Rose and made our way back.

Ross led me towards a doorway instead of the seats. We went through and he put me against the wall. As he looked into my eyes and leaned his body on mine he told me, “Sabrina you look incredible tonight. You know your legs are driving me crazy.” He then put his face against my neck and kissed me. “Sorry I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“Hmm,” I said. As I pulled him in for a kiss. My arms went instantly around his neck and his hands roamed down to my ass.

I felt him slide up the hem and rub my bottom with his rough fingers. “You feel so good.” He pushed his crotch into mine as I raised my leg and pressed my thigh against his hard cock. “Ross we can’t be doing this in a school.” I scolded him.

“We have to baby.” He teased. “Otherwise I’m not going to be able to make it through the rest of the program.” I put my hands on the side of his head and kissed him full on the mouth, I wanted him to taste me. I wanted to do nothing but make out with this man who was driving me insane with desire. His hands played with my nylon panties that was covered in my sheer pantyhose and he slipped inside. I felt him cup my bare ass. “My God Sabrina you are so soft and you smell so good.” His face was in my hair and I started to feel his hard cock against me again and then I started to grind. His dick was pushing against my smooth crotch. Soon he was grunting and I dropped my hands so my nails could tease his hard dick. As I started to play with his cock his breathing became even more ragged. It didn’t take long ’til he started to come. When he grabbed my bottom again and pulled my ‘pussy’ into him I also started to have an orgasm of my own. My panties were filling up with cum and I lost my breath. I was hoping nobody could hear us. I had a vision that the Principal was standing behind Ross with their arms crossed, disapproving. When I opened my eyes, Ross was smiling at me and I felt his hard body hold me until my orgasm subsided.

We both came down from our high at about the same time. I hung to his neck as he leaned me against the wall. “We better go back, baby.” He whispered. “Rose will be on soon. She will be looking for us.” I smiled, kissed him again, and then headed into the ladies’ room to check the damage to my outfit.

After the show, we mingled a little more with the parents. A nice couple who knew Rose invited us over to their house for dinner next week. I was so hoping I was able to make it. Gloria offered to take Rose home with her so Ross and I could be alone. We kissed her goodbye and told her we would see them tomorrow night.

It was 9:00 PM when we got into the car. My phone started to ring and it was Loni. I didn’t want to talk to her while sitting next to a man that just had his tongue in my mouth, but I had to pick it up. I said, “Excuse me” to Ross and then, “Hello.” into my Apple. I was hoping he couldn’t hear her.

“I can’t believe you’re still out. When are you coming home I haven’t seen you. If you are not home soon I’m burning all your bras.” Shit, I was getting so nervous. She would see me and right away notice my eyebrows and lashes, not to mention my nails. The girls said I wouldn’t be able to take them off for two weeks.

“I should be home later, don’t wait up for me, we can talk tomorrow,” I told her.

“I guess,” she answered. “I got that fake wedding ring we were talking about to stop the boys from sniffin’ around, heh. I will leave it on the kitchen counter.”

“Okay,” I finished, “thank you, good night.” I closed my eyes as I hung up with her. It’s crazy but I didn’t miss her at all. I didn’t miss the teasing or even any of the conversations we would have. I was enjoying my time as a woman too much. Ross grabbed my hand as my thoughts slipped away. “Sorry, it was Loni, nothing important.” He then kissed me again and I realized I would have to kill some time before I went home.

We drove around LA which was still up and still so bright. I loved when Ross would laugh at something I said or would smile when he thought I was being cute. I loved when he talked about his mother and Rose, he loved them so much. He asked, “Tomorrow before the concert why don’t you come over to MY house.” He took my hand. “I can try to cook for you, but my mother would probably be mad at me and cook something herself, ha.”

I giggled and said, “Okay, I would love to.”

We hit the freeway and he told me, “Rose is loving having a woman around to hang out with. She loves her grandmother, but I think she is enjoying your company so much more.”

I smirked and told him, “I’m enjoying myself more than you could guess.” I giggled. “Look at these nails,” I said, “not to mention my ears, being with Rose is turning me into a supermodel.”

“Supermodel and Supergirl, you have been quite busy this week with us. I’m sorry we have been monopolizing your time.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said and kissed him after we got off the freeway. “I am having the time of my life. The wet spot in my panties was proof of that.”

We parked a couple of blocks away from the house and he moved over and we cuddled. “I missed this so much,” He stated, “just hanging, driving around listening to music.” He looked at me. “Just being with a pretty woman.” And we kissed again. I was starting to have feelings for this man. I have never felt like this in my life. I felt every inch of masculinity seep out of my body. Being with him was making me a better woman, a better person. I don’t know how I was going to tell him I was transgender.

Suddenly I didn’t care as he placed my hand on his now enlarging cock. “You are getting hard again?” I asked. “I have learned a couple of things, see if you like this.” I said as I unzipped his pants and watched my long nails pull on his cock. I bent down and sucked him. All my practice was coming in handy. I took as much of him inside me as I could until he came. My first blow job to completion.

I made him park on the corner, I didn’t want to take any chances and wake Loni. I walked clicking down the block, snuck inside, and closed the door of my room. I saw myself walk toward the mirror. Oh my God, I could not believe how good I still looked. The afterglow of our encounter was still fresh in my mind and I felt so melancholy. I looked so different, so much better and sexier. There was no way I was going to be able to stay hidden much longer, from Loni or the world.


The next morning Loni woke me up. “Are you awake yet? I’m heading to work.”

I didn’t want to look up from the covers. “I’m still so tired,” I lied, in a voice an octave higher that the night before. “call me later.”

I got up late and mainly just hung around the house. I found the ring Loni bought and put it in my clutch bag. I was deciding on an outfit to wear when Rose called. “Hi, Sabrina. What time ya comin’ over?”

“Ooh,” I said. “What time ya want me?” She laughed and asked if I would come over early she wanted to show me something.

“Whenever you want. We can get dressed together.”

“Okay,” I said I’ll be there at 5:00. Click.


I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was making it out of the door, in the middle of the day. Children were playing and mothers were walking their carriages. I even decided to wear jeans. With so much positive reinforcement in my life, I felt indestructible but never invisible. Was anyone going to question the woman in jeans making her way to her car? I don’t know, and for the first time, I didn’t care. I had on such a casual outfit to wear over to see Rose. I had on ripped jeans with black pantyhose underneath. I had on a red sweater and two-inch white heels. I had a bag of makeup and a new dress on a hanger for the concert tonight, plus my nude heels. I also had a garter belt and stockings, I wanted my legs and panties accessible for some extracurricular activities with Ross.

“Good afternoon Sabrina, come on in Rose is waiting for you.” Gloria let me in and she served lattes to us, two girls.

We found our way to Rose’s room where she showed me a bunch of clothes on a metal rack, mostly in dry cleaner bags. “These are my mother’s clothes.” She said flipping through the garments.

“Your mother? That’s so nice. Not Ross’ ex-wife?” I asked.

“Oh no, she was awful. She never liked me, and she had terrible taste, she dressed like a mime. All these clothes were Moms. She never wore anything after a while, she stayed in bed most of the time, but before she got sick she was so pretty.” I smiled as she showed me each dress. “I was thinking,” she told me. “We could wear matching outfits tonight. Dad let me get some clothes that match my Mom’s old ones. We can be like twins.”

“Um,” I hesitated, “If you like. Will they fit me?”

She pulled one off the rack. “Yes, definitely.” We spent most of the late afternoon trying on the different styles, most of the dresses had to be over ten years old. Rose said she took very good care of them.

Gloria made us dinner when Ross came home so we all moved into the kitchen. It was such a nice open space. We were surrounded by glass and it felt like we were in a forest. “Nothing like the great outdoors,” I said as I glanced from side to side. Dinner was wonderful but I couldn’t wait to get ready for the concert. I couldn’t wait to see Ross’s eyes when he first saw me. I also couldn’t wait to try on another woman’s clothes.

We settled on short pink dresses, very similar to the black one I wore last night, but it was double layered with some more sheer nylon, pink with polka dots, and it was shorter. It was sleeveless and high cut on the back and front. I wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with it. I had to wear my glue on falsies. Good thing I brought them. I put on my garter belt and nude stockings while Rose found some opaque beige tights for herself. The only shoes I had were my nude heels and the matching clutch which went perfectly with the dress. We fixed our hair with the curling iron and we both looked so girly and feminine. I couldn’t believe I was going to wear this out, in front of people. I took a deep breath and we went to show the others.

My stocking tops were visible when I did a twirl. Gloria told us we were so cute, we looked like sisters. She then took some pictures. Ross kissed Rose and then came and hugged me. I loved feeling his body against mine. “You look wonderful,” He told me. “Thank you for doing this.” I kissed his chest and told him I was having so much fun.

Before we left we checked ourselves in the mirror by the door. “You know what we need?” I asked Rose. “Hoops, big golden hoops. I wonder if your Dad will drive me home to get a couple of pairs.” “I’m sure he will Sabrina. Anything for you.”

The concert was a little more crowded today and Gloria decided to stay home. Our earrings were big, they almost came down to our shoulders, I loved how hoops peaked through my long hair. We got to our seats and once again Rose went to the back of the stage. She ran out back to us. “The chorus teacher said my earrings are too distracting.” She took them off and I put them in my clutch. We sat down more towards the back this time to watch the concert. During halftime once again we socialized with the parents and teachers. Everyone commented on our matching outfits. We posed for pictures, even one for the school yearbook.

I heard Rose make plans with her friends to do something for her birthday on Sunday. “Sabrina?” Ross held my waist and we went to a quieter section of the hall. “I know we have been taking up most of your time this week. It has been a fantastic time. I never thought I would meet someone.”

I smiled and looked into his eyes, and said, “I never thought I would meet someone who would make me feel so special. The last couple of days have been a dream to me.” And I meant it.

“Well,” He said, “I wonder if you would like to do one more thing with us this week. Rose’s birthday is Saturday and we are just doing a small lunch, nothing fancy.”

I smiled, Rose warned me about this and of course, I had nothing planned, except the Golden Salon appointment. “I would love to.” We kissed and made our way back with the rest of the audience.

Rose was talking to a very tall, striking woman when we returned. “Hello, I’m Lita, Rose’s Photography teacher.” We shook hands and I told her how nice her outfit was. “Not as cute as the two of you.” She said pointing to me and Rose. “I’m having a mother-daughter fashion show tomorrow at the mall since the kids are off for Good Friday. Would you two like to be involved?”

I looked at Rose and the smile on her face meant I should say yes. “Yes of course, what time?” “Around threeish, probably going to be two to three changes each pair. We will be done before five.” I was suddenly excited, a catwalk, a fashion show, I was in. “That sounds like so much fun.” I intoned.

“Plus everyone gets to keep an outfit as a thank you.”

“Even better,” I said. Lita winked and we sat to watch the rest of the concert, my smile was so big it was hurting.

Once Rose’s portion of the show was done, we once again snuck into the hallway. “Have you had any time for yourself this whole week?” He asked.

“Don’t worry about me, hon, I don’t like being alone.” It was my turn to push him against the wall. I stood back and lifted my short dress. I showed him the nude stocking tops and garter belt. “Did your ex-wife ever wear something sexy like this for you?” I enquired.

“Um..” He muttered as he watched me pose. “My ex liked tracksuits, that’s what she wore for everything. And always black, heh” I dropped my hem with a big smile on my face and soon we were making out to the strains of Katy Perry and Arianna Grande coming from the auditorium. “Jesus, Sabrina, you are so sexy, and beautiful, and just… I can’t even think you got me so horny.”

“Shh,” I said as I put my head on his chest and he clutched me to him. I then slipped my fingers down the front of his pants, popped the top button, and played with his massive cock which was getting harder as I rubbed.

He looked at me and smiled a huge smile. “This is the most fun I have ever had in school.” We started to kiss as I jerked him off. I was becoming a pro at making this man excited and orgasm. It didn’t take long until he shot his load all over my hand. I carefully pulled my hand out of his pants, trying to wipe his dick clean, and licked my long fingers while he watched. “Sabrina you are going to make me cum again.”

“Go ahead,” I whispered. “I have another hand.” Showing him my other five fingers as I continued to lick his sperm from my hand and long nails. He watched and he stayed hard.

Once the show was over we moved to the front of the stage to collect Rose. “Do you have my hoops?” I felt for my bag which unfortunately I left on my chair. “Oh, they are in my bag,” I said as Ross went to get them. We were talking to a few of her friends when Ross finally came back with the hoops. Rose immediately put them on and once again we matched. We took a few more pix with her friends and I noticed Ross standing on the side impatiently waiting. This wasn’t like him he was usually so extroverted and friendly.

Ross was extremely quiet the whole ride home. We dropped off Rose and we set off to my house in silence. “Ross is there something wrong, you are so quiet.” He lightly shook his head and we drove a couple of blocks to my house.

The living room lights were still on and I could see Loni’s shadow. I was nervous about going in, but I was more concerned about Ross. “Sabrina we need to talk.”


We passed the house and landed about four blocks away on a deserted corner. He shut the car and turned to me. I said. “What’s the matter baby, did I do something?” I was quite anxious thinking I did something wrong. His mood changed so suddenly.

“I saw your wedding ring in your bag. Let’s not talk about it.” He then started the car up again.

“Wait you saw what, that’s just something my friend gave me to keep the men at bay.” I tried to laugh, I wasn’t lying and I thought the ring was plastic. “Look it’s not real.” I fished it out of my bag to show him, shaking he took it from me.

“It says L and S forever and there is a date. This IS a wedding ring, God you are just like Daisy my ex. But now I’M involved with a cheater.” He started the car and he tore off down the block. He turned to me. “I’m not talking about it, I knew you were too good to be true. All the good women are already married.”

“No,” I begged “please park. Please Ross let me explain.” I didn’t even know if I could explain. “You don’t know everything.” He pulled over again and glared at me.

“It’s not just me, Rose got so involved. She was so happy having another woman around.” I took his hand and he gave it to me reluctantly.

“I’m going to tell you the truth, please dont get angry.” I was starting to tear up, I’m sure I knew this conversation would have happened sooner or later. “I, I am married.” “Goddam,” he said pushing the steering wheel. “But Ross, I’m transgendered, my marriage is not working.”

He sneered. “Now you are going to tell me you’re a man too or a murderer.” I looked at him. “I’m trans, I’m sorry I should of told you, do you know what that means?” I looked up at him. I could tell he was done with me. I told him. “It’s no excuse, its just things were moving so crazy fast. I couldnt keep up with it and I was loving everything about it.” He stopped in front of the house and told me to get out. I watched his car race down the street, away from me. I was alone.

I was crying as I stood on the stoop ready to enter. The door swung open and Loni appeared. “Finally, I haven’t seen you since Monday.” She moved to let me through. “What are you wearing, that dress is so short? I can see your stocking tops.” She shook her head and said. “I thought you might like to know about a little note I got at work today. In front of everyone in reception.” She was mad. She then looked at me. “Are you crying, what happened now?” I shook my head, I didn’t want to start explaining things to her. “And what is up with those nails?” She grabbed my hand. “Why are they so perfect looking, what did you do? When are these going to come off?”

I turned away and started heading to the basement. “Wait.” I stopped and noticed she was looking at my heels then looked up at me again. “You have something on your ankle, what the fuck, that better be temporary. You go out with one man and now you are turning into a woman.” I wanted to tell her, that was exactly what happened, I never felt so feminine before. “And you look so different, I don’t understand what have you been doing all week. God your eyebrows are so fucking girlie-looking.”

“Please. I’m sorry but I don’t want to talk about it.” She laughed and walked over to show me a huge vase of flowers. “Well, we’re gonna talk about this then.”

She pulled a note off of the flowers. And then she started to mockingly read:

‘Dear Loni, thank you so much for introducing my son to your wonderful and beautiful friend Sabrina. She has made such a difference in his life in such a short time. I have never seen him so happy. His daughter Rose has become infatuated with her too. Sabrina even let her pierce her ears. Rose was so excited about having a woman with similar interests as her. Thank you again. Let me take you to lunch sometime to thank you in person. Your friend Gloria’

“What the fuck. Let me see your ears.” I reluctantly pulled my hair up to show her. “And you got the most sissy earrings in the store, what are you kidding me.” She threw the note down. “She said you have the same interests as a teenage girl. I don’t even know what that means. Does he know who you really are? Are you gay now? There are too many fucking questions. And you know they’re friends with Amber and Jake.”

I didn’t know what was happening I was way too upset and over my head. I didn’t care about what Loni was going on about, I was already missing Ross and Rose. “I have to go lie down, I don’t feel good,” I told her. “Go, Go.” She screamed at me. “Shit, you know even the fucking waiter on Sunday asked me for your number, it’s ridiculous like they have never seen a woman in a dress before. And the neighbors. Mrs. Sharrock asked me who was that man and woman on our steps. Shit. Shit.” I heard her slam her bedroom door. I changed and fell under the covers. It took me a long time to fall asleep.


The next afternoon I got a text from Rose about the fashion show. It told her maybe I shouldn’t go with her. She called. “I don’t know what’s the matter with Dad. Yesterday was so much fun.” She told me. I was still feeling crappy and I was hidden under the covers still in my stockings and panties. “Please come with me today, forget about my party but please come today. It will be nice, I know we were both looking forward to it.” She was right, I was looking forward to it. It was number two on my fantasy list. I got up and started to get ready. I was doing this for Rose, and just a little bit for myself.

I put on my denim skirt to show off my bare legs and a short white sweater that showed my stomach. I always wore stockings or pantyhose but today I felt different. Something had changed inside me, I felt very rebellious. I was ready to look people in the eye and dare them to notice me. I added four-inch chunky heels, grabbed my bag, and headed to the mall.

When I saw Gloria and Rose, she ran to me and hugged me. “Thank you for coming. I’m sorry I begged you to come.”

“Stop,” I held her. “Don’t worry about it where is Lita, lets get signed in.”

We spent the next hour and a half on stage in three different matching outfits each. Not only did we get to keep one of the dresses, but they also gave us pictures of everything. We felt like models posing in all stages of dress, even our lingerie, and I admit, it was wonderful being watched as we walked down the long runway.

The three of us went out for coffee, I felt I had to explain to them what happened with me and Ross. I found a nice quiet section of the shop and told them about the fake wedding ring, and the real marriage. Both were surprised when I mentioned I was transgendered. “I have a friend,” Rose said, “Named Alex who is trans. We don’t talk about it too much and he seems okay with it.” I smiled I was glad she was more mature than her father.

When we were done with the lattes we had a pretty good plan. Gloria added. “Get three women together and you could fix anything.” We laughed and we headed out the door, with our sexy new outfits over our shoulders.


I had a busy weekend set up, first stop was to go shopping for Rose’s birthday, and second I went back to visit Marilyn at The Hula Lounge. I brought two Mai Tai’s into the shop with me and kissed her hello. “Everything is better with alcohol,” I said. “I wish they gave out cocktails at the doctors office. Ha” We laughed and she sat me down to get prepared for the sting of the needle. Marilyn added red for the roses and green for the leaves. Once it was all filled in, it was perfect and sexy, and so much more noticeable. The color added another inch to the design.

“Girl, that looks so nice with those heels.” She told me as I lifted them and held up my smooth leg. “One more time and we will be all done.”

It was after seven by the time I got home. I said hello to Mrs. Sharrock and her kids, and I walked around Loni’s car to the front door. “Look at this,” She said as I walked in with my bags. “I don’t see you all week and now two days in a row.” I just smiled, I could sense she was still angry with me. I turned to go down the stairs to hide when she noticed the tattoo. “I see you now have a bit of color on your leg. How does your boyfriend like it?” She was teasing me again, but now I deserved it.

“Well if you must know. He broke up with me last night. Right before my conversation with you.”

“What?” She walked closer to me. “What do you mean? You two were dating? What the fuck?”

I spun around. “Please don’t start,” I begged. “I had a rough night, things are slightly better now.” I took my bags again and went to my sanctuary below. I didn’t need Loni or Ross. I was happy to of met wonderful people this week. I actually made a couple of friends, more than I have had in my time with Loni. She didn’t like socializing and by example, I have hidden away for the last two years. Well not anymore. I looked in the mirror at my perfect nails, lashes, and legs. I had a couple of important things to attend to. Sabrina was going to see the world.


Saturday I took an Uber and met Rose and her Grandmother at the Golden Salon, though I stayed there a lot longer than they did. I brought an attention-seeking outfit and I wanted help to get it on. The Cantonese girl, Asuka, was excited to get started on me again. “You came to the right place. I have been dying to get my hands in your hair since last week. Now take off your wig.” She led me to the back and in two hours, I had long blonde extensions to match my hair. She had to dye it slightly lighter and then pushed it back and draped it over my shoulder. She worked a little more magic on my eyebrows and even gave me fuller lashes, both top, and bottom. My nails were painted fire engine red to match my dress and heels. My lips were a darker red. “We want to show off those sexy lips of yours,” She said, “Men love red lips on a woman.”

Next Asuka put on my new D cup breast forms. They were so sexy and with a little concealer, they blended nicely to my coloring. We slipped on a choker to cover the seam of the forms and then slid my dress over my head. Bright red, leading to a stop right above my knees. I had on tan pantyhose and I slipped into my six-inch pumps. “Now,” She giggled, “You look like you live in LA. Before maybe Fresno…” She wiggled her hands and giggled even more. I sprayed some perfume on the two of us, and then clipped on my big golden hoops, right behind my flowered earrings. Asuka then tousled my hair and straightened my dress. I showed a fair bit of cleavage which I was very excited about. I usually only showed off at home, but now it was time to introduce my breasts to my friends. “All done.” She said. I gave her a hug and a huge tip and made standing appointments for Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I was almost a half-hour late to the party, which was in a restaurant near the Marler house. Amber was the first to notice me as I made my way in. She had eyes like an eagle, and I didn’t even expect to see her here. When people started to turn around I headed to the table of presents to lay mine down. I was a little taken aback by the glances, but a red dress and boobs draw a lot of attention. Rose got up and brought me over to the table. She wanted me to sit between her and the grandmother. Before I sat I met everyone, and hugged both Marilyn and Henry from the tattoo parlor, they were quite happy to see me. “Rose has been talking about you non-stop,” Gloria told me. “We are so glad you could make it. And look at that dress, you are going to have to take me shopping.” She laughed.

I noticed Ross wasn’t here, and I was disappointed he missed my entrance. Rose whispered. “Dad’s not here yet, he ran out to pick something up.” She smiled and then I was given a drink. The table said cheers for Rose’s birthday and we drank and had finger foods.

I knew Ross was here before I saw him. I felt his eyes upon the back of my hair. The table got up as he got closer. Everyone said hello and he put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. He sat at the other end of the table near his friends from work, but I caught him glancing at me from time to time. I could tell men were interested in me, and it made me feel nice. I never would have imagined that I could be a woman in the real world. I figured I would be alone with my mirror. If the attention I was receiving at this party was anything to go by, I would be okay. I could mingle with people and get on with my life.

When I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room a man intercepted me, he was from another party at another table. I did notice him, he was very good looking and I caught his gaze several times. “Hello,” He held out his hand. “This is a nice restaurant.”

“It is.” I agreed. We chit-chatted a little and then I excused myself when Amber walked towards us to go to the ladies’ room. We walked into the room together.

“Look at you Miss Popularity.” She laughed as we entered our individual stalls. When we were done and at the mirror, she told me, “Ross was watching you the whole time you were talking to that man, you know.” I just shrugged. “Is it over between you two already? That was a pretty quick little dalliance you had. Me and Jake were hoping for a new couple to hang out with.”

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I love his family. Rose and Gloria have seemed to of taken me in, I feel like a puppy.” She laughed and we headed back to the party. The man who was talking to me before was now at our table, he must have known some of the party goers. When I reached the table he walked up to me again.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Can I borrow this young lady for a minute?” Ross said to the man, and we walked out to the front of the restaurant. I was still nervous with him, he was so angry the other night. “Hi.” He said.

I slowly looked up to his eyes. “Hi.”

He looked at my hair as we moved out of the way from people entering the restaurant. “You look amazing.” We walked a little more. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry about the other night.” He said. “Can we start over somehow?” I didn’t know how to answer. I wasn’t looking to get back with him, even though that was Rose and Gloria’s goal, subconsciously I wanted him to see what he would miss.

We moved down the street. He went to take my hand but I moved to look in a window of a store to check my hair. “Did you talk to Rose about us?” I asked.

“Kind of…” He returned. “The last couple of days without you were hell. I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again. I’m sorry I didn’t let you explain everything, I’m still confused. I’m not that bright.” I smiled at him. He then said. “I was thinking we should keep your secret between us.”

I turned to look at him. “What? What do you mean? I already told Rose.” He tilted his head. “and, I told your mother.”

He laughed and shook his head. “Well, I guess that’s how it’s going to be then?”

I held his hand, and told him “Let us get back to the party maybe Rose is ready to open her presents and have cake.”

We sang Happy Birthday when we got back, I was wishing I was eighteen again, I would do everything completely different. But I was very glad that chance brought me right here to this moment. We moved all around Rose when she opened her presents. Her friends and family had good taste and she was totally enjoying herself.

Ross got up and pulled up his pant leg in front of the revelers. “Rose this is for you.” He laughed. “It took a lot longer than Henry and Marilyn said it would.” He laughed and showed everyone his tattoo. I could tell Rose loved it, her smile was lighting up the entire room and the bar. He said, “All girls love flowers.”

Ross sat next to me when she opened the gifts I got for her. “And this,” She said. “Is from… my new best friend Sabrina. Thank you for coming Sabrina and thank you for making Grandma and my Dad so happy.” I turned to look at Ross. Did I make him happy? Did I have that power to make anyone happy? I caught Amber’s eye as a tear went down my face and I felt Ross put his arm around me. Loni was going to hear about this. I looked up and Rose had the first present I found for her. It was the Pink Wedge heels in her size. “We can match.” She smiled toward me and held up her new present, and then slipped them on. The next one was a frame. It had four pictures in it; Me and her with my new earrings after she pierced my ears; Me and her at the salon with Asuka; Us together with her grandmother from the fashion show with the entire audience behind us; and finally all of us together. Her grandmother, father, Rose and me at the first concert. We looked so happy in those pix. It was a busy week, I started to cry as she got up and gave me and her father a hug. Rose and I were now completely crying, I felt tears fall onto my legs. I grabbed her and kissed her cheek. Emotionally I was completely wrung out. I wasn’t ready for any of this, but now I hoped I was ready to take anything else on.

Ross and Rose made me stay back with them as we said goodbye to the guests. Amber came up to me and gave me a huge hug. Studying me she looked into my eyes and slightly shook her head with a small smile. I knew exactly what she meant.

“Come home with me,” Ross said in front of the women. I said I would and I smiled as I sat in the passenger seat. I noticed him watching me as I crossed my legs. Once home we helped Rose with her presents and Gloria took off to her section of the house. “You know,” He said. “They love having you here. You have made such an impression on both of them.” I grabbed him around the neck and kissed him. I still wanted him, maybe because he was my first man, or maybe because of the other two women. I didn’t care as he grabbed my waist and pulled me into his strong body.

We went up the stairs and I was now in his bedroom. It was very masculine looking and it was going to be my first time. It was going to be my first everything. I was so nervous I was shaking a little as we kissed a little more, and I felt his rough cheek. He made me turn around. I watched in his dark mirror as he moved my hair off my neck so he could lick it. I had changed so much since this man came into my life. My eyelashes blinked at me as I thought of all the different twists and turns I had this week. The earrings, the rose tattoo, eyebrows, eyelash extensions culminating in my new hair. New and full, so womanly, reaching down below my breasts. He started kissing my neck and a little bit of my shoulder that was showing.

“Can I unwrap MY present now?” He asked.

I caught his eye in the mirror. “How nice will you be to me?” I questioned him. I saw him think.

“I will be very nice to you. Always” He said. “You will be my everything. Sabrina, I need you, being together this week was amazing, we have to try to make this work.”

My dress dropped. “I will make this work,” I told him. His hands then cupped my breasts. I watched as he enjoyed my body. I felt him push against me, but I needed him naked. I turned around but he got too distracted with my big boobs to let me undress him. He was sucking on the silicone nipple as he rubbed them. “Let me undress you,” I whispered. I took off his tie, jacket, and shirt, and marveled at his hard torso. I kissed his hairy chest as he undid his pants and kicked off his shoes and socks. I was only in my pantyhose and heels and his cock was tenting his briefs. I put my arms around him and ground my flat crotch against his.

I hope I was prepared for this, giving myself fully to a man. He leaned down and carried me to the bed. Even in my heels, I was so much smaller than him. I sat down on the edge and looked up at him as I grabbed the waistband of his briefs and pulled him over. I smiled up at him as I playfully rubbed him through his shorts. How many years have I dreamt of this moment, and here I was being playful and feminine. I pulled them down and took his huge hard cock in my hand. Watching my long nails around his manhood was making me warm and fuzzy inside and I looked up at his content face as I jerked him off. I kept teasing him as my mouth got closer and closer to the head of his dick. I kept pulling back and going much closer, even making believe I was going to kiss his stomach.

I gave him a cute smile as he started to whisper to me. “Oh Sabrina, that feels so good.” He ran his hands through my hair. I was glad I didn’t have a wig on now the way he was playing with it. He bent down and kissed the top of my head. “God, you smell so good, baby.” I then let him enter my mouth. That’s how you tease a man, you don’t knock down their confidence, or make fun of them in front of other people, you tease them with sex. I went down as far as I could and then moved back up. He was receiving the most perfect blow job, slowly I made my lips tighter as I slid up his hard cock. I put one hand with my long nails on his chest and I felt him hold my other. The way he caressed my head against his body and the way he held my fingers in his hand told me he had feelings for me. I suddenly felt love for the second time in my life. The first was today when Rose hugged me after she opened her presents.

He told me, “I’m going to cum baby, watch out.”

I laughed, “Watch out, I want it all. I want to swallow every bit of you.” He grabbed the back of my head with two hands as I held his waist.

“You are making me cum…. that feels oh so good.” He moaned as his sperm made its way down my throat. I did want him all. I licked the residual off his cock and my fingers and then we lounged next to each other on his bed. I was so content just thinking about how many times I have taken his cum this week, how many times I made him orgasm.

A couple of minutes passed, while we relaxed in his bed, and I was getting so horny, but also getting so nervous. I was in a man’s bed wearing nothing but pantyhose, heels, and a smile and I needed him to fill me now. “Ross?” I said as I started playing with his dick again. “I need you inside me.”

He looked at me. “Can we, I uh never, you know did it like that before.”

I smiled. “You never made love to a woman before?” I teased. He then looked at my lips and my eyes as he hovered above me.

“Well, I haven’t made love to a woman in a long time, I hope I still remember.” We laughed

“I’m sure somethings you never forget. Make believe I’m a bike.” He laughed as he climbed on top of me. “I am never going to forget our first time.” In my head, I said ‘My First Time.’ He kissed down my entire body starting at my neck and made his way down. Next, my boobs then belly then my ‘pussy’ that was hidden in my pantyhose. He started to kiss me there and I was glad I was so tucked. I was hoping the tape was going to hold because I wanted to be all woman for my first time. For every time hereafter.

I had a naked man on top of me, but then he spun me around and made me lay on my side as he pulled my pantyhose down. I felt my heels touch his legs. I was always clean inside, it always made me feel more feminine. I then felt his tongue enter me. He kissed my backside and cheeks as he started to lick inside me. I had never felt this intimate with anyone before. I reached for my clutch bag and pulled out some KY jelly. He smiled when he took it from me. “Let me get a condom baby.” he said. I turned around to look at him and smiled.

“No condom, I want you to cum inside of me.” I seductively told him. I was playing with my breasts as he started to lube himself and my hole up. I felt his fingers make there way into my hole, as I gave a little yelp.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine don’t stop.” I told him, I didn’t want him to worry about me. I knew it was going to hurt, but I had to have him. He then laid next to me, I was loving the feeling of his body next to mine. He then grabbed his cock and slid it against me. I felt the wetness of the lube and after a couple of strokes, I felt him get harder and he aimed for my ‘pussy.’ He slowly made his way into me, I had toys inside me before so I knew I could take most of him. He started to push as he played with my breast.

“Okay, I think you are ready baby.” He slid off my heels and pantyhose. I begged him to place my heels back on. He positioned himself to look at my crotch. “You are a real woman.” I smiled and glowed inside ’cause I was perfect at tucking. He then kissed me there, I felt him rub me with his chin and nose, driving me crazy with excitement.

He then got on top of me and put a pillow under my ass and my legs over his shoulders. With a smile on his face, he put his cock inside me. He slid in very slow, letting me get used to his girth. Ross’s cock was longer and thicker than my toys and I tried to relax while he was making his entrance into me. I was loving watching my glossy red heels float over his shoulders. He started to push into me and we found a rhythm. We kept eye contact, but I wanted to see his dick entering me so I adjusted myself and watched it disappear inside me. I had a cock in my ‘pussy.’ I then felt a pop and I knew the hardest part was over, it will be fine now… forever.

I felt my eyes tear as he said, “Are you okay, does it hurt?” It did but I wanted him to keep going. It wasn’t until he sighed and I felt his body touching me that I knew I could take his cock completely inside me. I was now his woman. His length of his cock was rubbing against the head of my little tucked one and it was causing a stirring I never felt before. I felt so much like a girl. Here I was on my back with a man’s dick completely inside me, a man I was falling in love with. “How is that baby?” He asked me.

“Fantastic lover, keep pushing.” I didn’t know what was happening to me I was startled and I began to lose focus, as he pumped his cock in and out of me. “Oh my God, I’m ready to cum baby.” I yelped. He held on tight to my waist as he fucked me. The bed was making so much noise I was hoping nobody could hear us make love. The intensity of my orgasm was colossal, but when I felt him starting to shoot inside me I came all over his dick. Not only was he sending his sperm inside me, but he was also putting whatever came out of me in too. He pumped some more as my legs wrapped around his back and tried to pull him in tighter. When he was done he laid on top of me, still keeping his cock in me. I felt him slip out much later as he caressed me and kissed my quivering body.


Easter Sunday

Ross and I were outside Sandalwoods in the car. I was wearing one of Rose’s mothers outfits. A pearl white mini dress, five inch sandals, and a little pearl clutch. “Oh,” he said, “I have something for you.” He pulled something out of his pocket. He held a ring box. I hushed as he opened it. “It was Roses mothers engagement ring.” He told me. “I have to change the inscription. Rose wanted you to have it.”

I slipped it on my finger. “It’s beautiful, and a perfect fit,” I said. “Are you sure its alright that I wear it?”

He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I dont want anyone asking you out on another day date, I hear you are very popular in this place.”

“Thats the rumour.” I laughed and walked into the restaurant.

I felt my white dress flow around me as I walked and clicked in my heels. Amber saw me first, of course as I approached the table. “I’m so sorry I’m late,” I said as I slipped into the chair. I didn’t make eye contact with Loni, but I did show the three of them my new ring.

Liz called over the waiter. “Who’s ready for some champagne?”

The End