Old Man seduces Young Wife

Old man seduces young wife


Today’s the day the new neighbours move in down the street. It’s always exciting to meet the new neighbours. I’ve been living in the neighbourhood for 50 years, so I’ve seen my fair share of new neighbours.

I never got married or settled down and with my age that ship has sailed. Never understood wanting to bang the same chick for eternity, I always kept my options open.

Anyways, I see the moving van leave and decide to head over and introduce myself to them.

***** Carl

My wife and I were excited to be moving up in life. We finally could afford a house as I had just been promoted at work. It was more responsibility but also a handsome raise.

My wife and I had been together since she was 18 and I was 31. I didn’t care what people thought at the time because she was incredibly beautiful. I was able to deflower her soon after we started dating and we’ve been together ever since. We got married several years back and have been happily married ever since.

We’ve started to unpack, when we hear on knock on the door, I go answer it and standing there is a writhed old man. He’s of medium height, boney and wrinkly, to be honest he’s quite ugly probably well into his seventies.

“Hi you must be the new neighbours, I’m Vernon, I live several doors down.” He introduces himself.

“Hi, I’m Carl and this is my wife Alexa.” I say introducing the both of us.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He says staring directly at my wife.

I can’t really blame him. My wife is incredibly beautiful with curves in all the right places. She had long straight blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her top was showing plenty of cleavage and her shorts showed off her tight curved ass.

We began to chitchat about this and that. Vernon told us all about the neighbourhood, it seems to be a fun place to live, as they often have parties encompassing the whole neighbourhood.

I give him a tour of the house as Alexa goes and unpacks some more stuff. I catch him checking out Alexa any time she’s around. I don’t blame him, her incredible body is tough to ignore. We sit down in the living room and enjoy a beer together. At one point, Alexa comes into the room, Vernon’s eyes immediately fall on her. When she bends over, giving the both of us an amazing view of her ass, I thought Vernon was going to have a stroke.

We start to talk about our lives, sharing stories. Well actually, he mostly shares as he’s done almost everything.

“How old are you Vernon?” I ask at one point.

“97 years old but still young at heart.” He says.

Wow my estimate was pretty far off.

“Wow I didn’t realize you were that old.” I reply a little shocked. “Well you look great for your age.”

Soon Alexa walks in.

“Hey hon, I’m starving so I’m gonna head to McDonald’s, do you guys want anything?” She asks.

“You shouldn’t be eating McDonald’s, it’s terrible for you.” Vernon quickly answers before I can say anything.

“I know but we don’t have any food in the house.” She replies.

“Well let me cook dinner for you tonight at my house.” He replies back.

“We don’t want to impose.” I said.

“No I insist.” He said getting up. “Be at my house in 30 minutes, just down 3 houses to the left of here.” He says before quickly leaving.

I look at my wife and shrug. Guess we’re going to his place.

***** Vernon

I was just about finished with preparing the dinner, when Alexa and Carl came by. I took in Alexa’s beauty, damn is she fine. I invite them in and watch Alexa’s ass giggle, still in the jean shorts from earlier.

I had the table set and set the dish I had prepared for the night.

“Mmm… smells good, what is it?” Alexa asks.

“Curried roasted eggplant with smoked cardamom and coconut milk.” I reply. “Use to be one of my favourite meals to prepare when I was a chef.”

“Oh. My. God. This is delicious.” Alexa says after one bite.

I see Alexa and Carl devour the food I prepared. We talk over dinner and I get to know the young couple. They seem to genuinely enjoy my company.

Later on after dinner, I show them around my house. I had a lot of work done on it to make it more modern looking. I show them my giant backyard, with a pool and beautiful garden.

“You guys can come use the pool anytime you want, I don’t mind.” I tell them looking right at Alexa. Man I would love to see her in a bikini.

Alexa starts asking me about my garden.

“I’ve always lived in an apartment so I’ve never really tended to a garden before.” She says.

“Well let me show you some stuff.” I reply.

“I think I’ll take off.” Carl says. “Bye honey.”

“See ya at home.” Alexa replies as we walk to the shed. I place my hand on the small of her back mere inches from her ass. I know Carl saw me, which only makes it hotter. That evening I show Alexa a ton of stuff on how to garden.

I can’t help but stare at her beautiful body as I teach her. Without her husband around I see Alexa check out my crotch, my pants are a little tight so you can kind of see an outline of my penis. I see her eyes twinkle just a little bit and I know it’s over. Soon I’ll be in Alexa’s pants and there’s nothing her husband can do about it.

***** Carl

I couldn’t shake the image of Vernon placing his hand mere inches from my wife’s ass. She didn’t stop him either which I thought was strange. Usually Alexa is very bullish about other men placing their hands on her. But not Vernon. Was I reading too far into this?

Probably right, I mean he’s nearly a century old. Probably just misses the company of a women. Poor guy. And my wife doesn’t mind cause he’s super old probably can’t get his dick hard anymore anyways. Plus there’s no way Alexa would cheat on me, much more handsome men have tried and failed.

I continue to empty more boxes about an hour later, Alexa finally comes home. She begins to tell me about how helpful Vernon is being.

“He’s coming over tomorrow to help me with the garden.” She says. “Oh and he invited us to a wine mixer on Sunday.”

“How nice of him.” I reply.

I don’t know what it is but something’s bothering me about Vernon. I push it down, he’s just a friendly neighbour who likes to look at my wife. I can’t blame him for that.

I have to head into work the next day. Before I leave Vernon shows up and goes out back with Alexa.

Work is super busy, my new position is definitely a step up in responsibility. When I get back, Alexa is preparing dinner for us.

“How was your day babe?” She asks.

“Busy as hell, what about you?” I ask back.

“Oh it was great, Vernon really helped with the garden.” She says. “He’s going to help me build a little gazebo outside. I’m so excited.”

“Hmm.” I grunt respond.

“Is something wrong hon?” She asks.

“It’s nothing really.” I say but Alexa gives me a look like she knows I’m lying. “Ok fine it’s just he looks at you a lot and now he’s going to be coming over often, I don’t like it.”

“I mean plenty of guys look, what’s the problem?” She asks.

“I guess he’s the first guy friend you’re gonna be hanging out with without me.” I answer. “I guess I’m worried he might try something.”

“He’s 98 years old what could he possibly do?” Alexa says and she absolutely right. “He’s just being friendly, nothing to worry about.”

“Your right, I’m sorry don’t know where these thoughts come from.” I reply.

***** Vernon

Over the next week, I’m over at Alexa’s house everyday helping in the garden. She always wearing something that shows off her fantastic body.

While helping her outside, I watch her move that body. Especially that ass, it’s incredible, so large yet firm.

“You must workout a lot to get a body like yours.” I compliment her.

She blushes just a bit. “Oh Vernon, you’re too nice.” She says.

Alexa and I get along real well as we work in the garden together. I make her laugh constantly. I again see in her eyes that she’s falling for me, as she looks at my crotch often. I usually wear grey sweatpants, so she can definitely see the outline of my penis through my pants.

Working on the garden in the hot sun, gets us all sweaty one day. Her skin glows from the sweat, her big tits look perfect all wet like that. I suggest she comes over and enjoys my pool.

“You just want to see me in a bikini.” She teases.

“Maybe just a little.” We laugh together.

Alexa goes gets change and I walk home and change myself. Alexa comes over in a skimpy little bikini.

“Wow.” I say when I first lay eyes on her in that little bikini. “You did not disappoint.”

Alexa giggles a little. “Well thank you, can you maybe put some sunscreen on my back.”

“Absolutely.” I say grabbing some sunscreen.

Alexa lies down on one of the sun lounger near my pool. I squirt some sunscreen on her back. I start to rub it in, her skin is so soft, my hands rubbing all over her. My hands rub lower and lower, closer to her fat ass. I finally go in and start to rub her ass. It’s very firm.

“That’s not exactly my back now is it.” Alexa says.

“Sorry it seemed like it could use some sunscreen too though.” I reply and Alexa giggles a little.

“Maybe we should get in the pool.” She suggest.

We spend the rest of the afternoon in the pool just enjoying each other’s company.

The next day I’m over at Alexa’s house helping in the garden like usual. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I notice in the bathroom a skimpy pair of Alexa’s panties sitting on the ground. I grab them and begin to sniff them. I pull my cock out and start jerking off, my cock almost immediately getting hard. The bathroom door is open just a crack and I hear Alexa come inside. But I want her to see me doing this. I see her looking through the crack in the door, her eyes going wide at the sight of my dick. I see her bite her lower lip, clearly getting turned on looking at my big dick.

She soon snaps out of her trance and leaves but I know pretty soon we’ll be fucking.


It’s Saturday so I’m home for the day. Vernon and Alexa our outside working on the garden. I’m down in the basement watching college football.

I go upstairs to get drink, when I hear an odd sound coming from the laundry room. I look in and see Vernon, sniffing my wife’s panties. I’m horrified when I see him jerking his dick off. Not only can he get it hard, it’s definitely the largest dick I’ve ever seen, including from porn. It was like a foot long and thick like a Pringle’s can with a red coloured mushroom shaped head.

I walked away quickly but the imaged was burned into my mind. I couldn’t think of anything the rest of the day. How does he haul that thing around?

I started getting worried. I always knew I was well below average size wise, but it never seem to bother Alexa. I was the only person she’s ever had sex with. What if she saw that thing, would she… cheat? I mean Vernon is clearly into her, he probably flirts and touches her when I’m not around.

No there’s no way Alexa would ever cheat, plus he’s still got a wrinkled covered face that she’d never go for. I’m just paranoid for no reason.

The next day we’re headed over to Vernon’s house for the wine mixer. Alexa is looking amazing like usual in a light blue dress without a bra, you can see her nipples poking through just a bit.

“Maybe we should just stay home and get busy.” I say to Alexa with a mischievous smile. It had been awhile since we had sex, with the move and work, things just got in the way.

Alexa giggles “we should really meet some of our new neighbours. But… maybe tonight you’ll get lucky.” She says with a seductive smile.

We head over and Vernon answers the door. I can’t help but think of his massive dong but I push it to the back of my mind.

He introduces us to so many of our new neighbours. Soon we’re caught up in conversation.

Alexa stays close at first but as the wine continues to flow eventually both of us get over our nerves and start to split up a little.

I see many of the other husband’s looking at Alexa’s ass or breast. I can’t blame them. Of course, I see Vernon looking all the time. He doesn’t so much look as devour Alexa with his eyes, you can see him imagining what he would do with her. I think that’s why it makes me uncomfortable when he looks at Alexa.

If Alexa notices, she doesn’t seem to mind. She can usually pick up when a guy is hitting on her, maybe it’s just causes he’s old.

At one point, upon returning from a trip to the bathroom, I’m looking for my wife when I see her talking off to the side with Vernon alone.

I decide to stay back and watch as they talk alone. Vernon is standing very close to Alexa and I notice him touching her arms and rubbing her back as they laugh together. He’s definitely getting bolder and Alexa doesn’t seem to mind.

I decide to butt in.

“Hey guys what’s up?” I say trying to make my smile as natural as possible.

“Vernon was just telling me some stories about the block parties they have here. They sound wild.” Alexa explains.

“That’s awesome, when’s the next one?” I ask.

“Halloween, so two weeks from today.” Vernon explains. “There’s a couple’s costume contest which is ton of fun.”

“Halloween, oh shoot I’ll be in Chicago on a business trip.” I reply.

The rest of the party is great. I keep near Alexa so that Vernon has to keep his distance. I just don’t trust that old bastard.

***** Vernon

After a successful wine mixer, I invite Carl and Alexa back again next week, as I have them almost every week. My seduction of Alexa is going to plan.

I stop by her house everyday this week. We mostly work in the garden but we start to do other stuff as well. We have tea or lunch together, we watch our favourite soap opera and we start to take walks together. I’m constantly putting my hands on her arms, back or shoulders.

Alexa for her part seems to love the attention. Clearly Carl hasn’t fucked her in months but I digress. Alexa constantly is wearing very revealing tops and tight pants or shorts. She does touch me back almost as often and those big brown eyes can’t disguise her lust, as I catch them looking at my crotch all the time.

On Wednesday, Alexa and I had just finished working on the garden.

“My neck is kind of bothering me.” Alexa mentions holding her neck after we’ve been working on her garden.

“I could give you a little neck message.” I suggest.

“That would be nice.” She replies.

We sit down on the coach and I begin to message around her neck. Alexa’s wearing a low cut top, which I can see down from my vantage point.

“You know I was thinking because Carl is gonna be out of town, and I don’t have a partner, we could couple up for the costume contest on Halloween.” I mention.

“That’s a great idea.” Alexa replies. “I was thinking of going as Tinker Bell.”

“Well I think I could find a Peter Pan costume.” I say.

“Oh Vernon, your hands are magic, I feel my neck really loosening up.” She moans.

“That’s what all the girls say, that my hands loosen their tight spots right up.” I reply and Alexa gives me a sly smile. “You know what though, this shirt is stopping me from getting in there real deep. Here let’s take it off.”

Without any resistance I pull Alexa’s shirt right off her leaving only a flimsy bra left between me and Alexa’s perfect chest. I continue to rub Alexa’s shoulders slowly moving my hands down her back.

“You just wanted to see me in my bra, didn’t you?” Alexa teases.

“Maybe…” I say reaching around and groping her big breast as I go down and kiss her neck.

“Oh Vernon…” She moans as my hands feel those perfect tits.

I’m just about to pull her bra down when Alexa’s phone goes off, pulling her out of the moment.

“Wait, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Alexa says as she pushes me away and puts her shirt back on. Damn phone I was about to get some!

She takes the phone call for a minute then returns.

“I’m so sorry, Alexa, I got carried away, I shouldn’t be putting you in those situations.” I apologize to her.

“Thank you, I’m not blameless here, let’s just avoid these situations.” She says.

“Agreed. I think I’ll head out. Your still coming to my wine mixer Sunday, ya?” I ask.

“Of course, I still cherish our friendship.” She says.

Good, very good…

***** Carl

It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re heading over to Vernon’s for the wine mixer. While I was home yesterday, I kept a watchful eye when Vernon came over.

I don’t know what I was worried about cause Vernon seemed to change. He was keeping his distance and not touching my wife at all. He never even looked at her how he usually did. I must have made it all up in my mind.

Alexa’s wearing a sexy black dress today, really shows off her ample cleavage.

Everything is going great. We’re getting along well with our neighbours. Vernon doesn’t seem to be flirting with my wife.

Vernon this time bought 2 crates of some expensive bourbon for everyone to try. It’s amazing, so smooth and flavourful. Everyone has multiple drinks and soon everyone’s pretty drunk.

Late that night, I really have to pee so I head to the bathroom but the door is locked.

“Sorry man I’m gonna be in here awhile yet but there’s a bathroom downstairs next to the guest bedroom.” One of our neighbours say.

“Ok thanks bro.” I say back.

I head downstairs about to head onto the bathroom when I hear Vernon’s voice coming from the bedroom.

“…just this one time.” I hear him whisper.

I immediately recognize the second voice as my wife’s.

“I don’t know Vernon, my husband is right upstairs.” She whispers back.

What the fuck are they talking about. I peak in through the crack in the door and see them sitting on the bed, Vernon’s hand is on my wife’s leg. What the fuck are they about to do.

“He’ll never know, and it’s just your boobs, I’ll never ask for more. Please it’s been so long since I’ve seen a pair of tits and yours truly are perfect.” He says.

“Just a quick peek, okay…” She replies. What the fuck is she giving in to him.

Alexa pulls her top down revealing her big tits. Vernon immediately grabs them without any resistance from my wife and he starts to suck on her nipple.

“Oh, Vernon… yes!” She moans.

I was shocked, my wife was letting an old man suck on her breast. I ran upstairs before I saw anymore.

I should have bursted in and knocked the old bastard out. But by the time I thought of doing that, Alexa and Vernon were already back upstairs acting as if nothing happened.

Soon the party was over, as Alexa and I left to walk home, I began to quiz her on Vernon. She gives pretty basic answers about how nice he is. She isn’t telling me about what just happened. I decide not to bring it up with her.

“Oh shoot, I think I left my phone at Vernon’s, I’ll be right back babe.” I tell Alexa. Of course I had my phone I just wanted to talk with Vernon alone.

I knock on the door and Vernon answers, “hey Carl, everything alright?”

“Cut the crap, I saw what you did to my wife downstairs. You need to back off.” I answer.

He flashes me a devilish smile. “It’s already too late, it’s already in motion and it can’t be stopped.”

“What does that mean?”

“Your wife is going to bang me.” He says point blank.

I just laugh. “You’re delusional.”

“Your wife has always been into older men, that’s the only reason she married you. But now that age gap is not enough.

Plus you’ve obviously never satisfied her in bed, that’s why she walks around showing off her body, waiting for a real man like me to take her.”

“You’re so full of crap.”

“Really when was the last time you two banged. I’d say it was five and half months ago.”

He was shockingly accurate with that guest but I wasn’t going to tell him that. “That’s not true.”

“I’m certain it is. And we both know it’s not because Alexa isn’t horny, we both saw what she let me do, clearly she just doesn’t want to bang you.”

“Look just stay away from my wife or else I’ll make sure this is the last face you ever see.” I don’t know where that threat came from but I was so tired of his bullshit.

On the walk back, I start to think back over the pass six months. Every time I tried to get physical with my wife she rebuffed me. Was he right?

When I get back, Alexa’s already getting ready for bed. I go up behind her and start kissing her neck wrapping my arms around her and feeling her tits.

“Sorry honey but not tonight, I think I drank too much.” She says before it goes any farther. Vernon can’t be right.

I decide the next few days to work from home, I want to make sure Vernon is staying away. To my surprise he doesn’t come over at all on Monday. He must have gotten the message. I try again to engage physical with Alexa but she says she’s too hungover.

Tuesday comes and once again no Vernon. My wife heads to the grocery store in the afternoon. When she returns she looks pissed.

“Did you threaten Vernon?!?” She scream asks. “And don’t you dare lie to me.”

This will not end well for me.

“Ya I did.” I bullishly say back.

“Why the hell would you do that?!?” She asks.

“Cause everyone thinks he’s so great but I think he’s a big creep.” I reply.

Alexa and I get in a big fight. She had seen Vernon at the grocery store, and he mentioned our conversation from Sunday night. I don’t mention what I saw the other night or what he said to me as I threaten him. I don’t want to upset Alexa more and I honestly I’m kind of embarrassed by it all, an old man thinking he has a chance to sleep with my wife. The fact that he might be right is just even more embarrassing.

The fights ends but we’re both still pissed. We don’t say another word to each other all night. That night I sleep on the coach.

The next morning, Alexa drives me to the airport still super pissed at me.

“Alexa about last night, I’m sorry.” I finally say hoping I don’t have to leave on bad terms with her.

“I just don’t get why you did it.” She says. “There’s been plenty of guys before who hit on me and you never threaten any of them.”

“I don’t know maybe it’s the way he stares and talks about you, makes me uncomfortable.”

“I always say there needs to be trust in a marriage. I love you and you don’t have to worry I can handle myself.”

“You’re right. And I do trust you. When I get back I’ll apologize to Vernon.”

The rest of drive is much easier as the fight seems to be over. I leave for Chicago on good terms with Alexa. I don’t care what Vernon says I trust my wife.

***** Vernon

With Carl out of town, it was my time to move in with Alexa. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I spend almost the entire day with Alexa.

Wednesday we garden and do some yoga together. While Alexa reaches to touch her toes, I go right behind and dry hump telling her it’s to stimulate her thighs. I hear her moans as her fat ass hits my crotch so nicely.

Thursday Alexa comes over and we enjoy my pool together. I wear a Speedo which you can clearly see my penis in. Alexa of course wears a hot little bikini.

She can’t keep her eyes off my crotch, just as I can’t keep mine off her chest or ass.

Friday we go out shopping together. Alexa tries on tons of different outfits, all of them showing off her sexy body.

Friday afternoon is rainy outside, so we stay in and watch movies together. She snuggles up close to me so I can smell her lovely scent.

Saturday she’s visiting her mom. She comes over and I prepare a dinner for her. We have dinner together by candlelight. Alexa is definitely flirting with me and she rubs my arm sensually.

After dinner, we take a walk through a park and feed some squirrels. We head back to her place for a drink and we talk about her fight with her husband.

“I don’t know what got into him, he’s never been the jealous type.” Alexa says.

“Maybe it’s just how close we’ve gotten in a short period or he’s a little threatened by me.”

“It’s just strange for him to act that way.”

Something else clearly pops into Alexa’s mind as her gloomy demeanour suddenly ease up.

“We’re still going as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan tomorrow right?” Alexa asks.

“Ya I got my costume ready. Can I get a preview of tomorrow’s costume?” I ask expecting something sexy.

“No you’ll have to wait till tomorrow. But trust me it doesn’t disappoint.” She says with a sultry smile.

After, we’ve finished our drinks, Alexa walks me to the door.

“I’ve volunteered to help set up but I’ll be over here around 8 and we can head over” I say.

“Sounds great.”

I go in for what looks like a hug at first but then I move in on Alexa’s lips. After a quick moment of shock, Alexa reciprocates and soon opens her mouth for my tongue to explore. We make out for a brief moment before I pull away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I say leaving Alexa there a shocked look on her face.

***** Carl

Vernon’s full of shit. I’ve been talking to my wife this whole week and nothing has happened. My wife has told me everything they’ve been doing and nothing fishy has come up.

‘How can you know, she didn’t tell you about what happened on Sunday.’ An intrusive thought butts in.

No, she knows I saw, that’s why she forgave me for threatening Vernon. I trust her to tell me everything.

She shows me her costume and it’s hot but more reserved then she usually wears. She’s not interested in Vernon, I have nothing to worry about.

I call my wife early Sunday morning.

“Hey hon, was just calling to check in.”

“Sorry you caught me at a bad time.” She replies.

“Oh ok, well I’m flying out tonight, I won’t be in until 2 tonight. Don’t worry about me though I’ll take a taxi home so you can have fun at the party.”

“Ok babe, I got to go but I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Ok I love you.” I say before she hangs up.

That call felt strange but I pushed it down as I went sightseeing in Chicago.

***** Vernon

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon as I help set up for the party tonight. I’m setting up some tables for tonight when Alexa comes up to me tonight.

“Hey, there stranger.” She says with a big grin on her face.

“Hey beautiful, what are you doing here?” I ask.

“Just came to see if you needed any help.”

“I think we’re good.”

“Ok well then you’ll be at my place around 8.”

“Of course, a hundred men couldn’t stop me from coming.”

Alexa giggles a little. “Well good, because I made some upgrades to my costume, so we’ll definitely win tonight’s contest.”

“I don’t think I’ve even scored a point in a costume contest in forever.”

“Well you’ll definitely score tonight.” Alexa says biting her lower lip, the double entendre a little too on the nose.

“I’ll catch you later.” She says as she walks away. I can’t help but stare at her ass in her tights as she walks away.

A little before 8, I enter Alexa’s house, wearing my Peter Pan costume. I made sure the pants were skin tight so you clearly see an outline of my penis through the pants. I’ve also have a small secret camera in my hat cause if I’m gonna bang Alexa tonight I want to document it all.

“Hey Alexa.” I call.

“Vernon, I’m almost ready, be down in one minute.”

I wait for her at the bottom of the stairs. When I see her at the top of the stair I almost instantly get a boner. Her Tinker Bell costume is basically just lingerie, her tits being pushed together by her top and a thong that doesn’t hid her butt at all. Her hair is back in a ponytail except for a few strands that go off to the side of her face. She has on 6 inch matching light green heels.

I stand there froze, my mouth ajar as this women has broken my brain with her sexiness. Alexa descends the stairs as I regain my composure.

“So what do you think?” She asks giving a little spin.

I give her butt a little spank. “Wow, you definitely are gonna turn heads in that.”

She turns back towards me. “Thank you, you look really cute in yours.” She says getting right up close to me.

I go in and kiss her lips again, as we begin to make out again. I reach down and grab a handful of her ass as her hands go behind my head. We break apart but linger for a second.

“You sure we have to go to this party.” I say.

“Don’t worry we’ll pick this up later.” She says giving me one last peck on the lips.

At the party, all the husbands strain their necks taking a look at Alexa. Hell most of the wife’s seem to check her out too.

We try to act as inconspicuous as possible but after a few drinks that quickly ends. We start touching and kissing all over. I’m kind of surprised we kept our clothes on the entire night.

Some slow jams come on later in the night.

“Come on let’s go dance.” Alexa says grabbing my hand and bringing me to where a makeshift dance floor is.

She turns her back to me, bends at the waist and starts shaking her ass on my crotch. I move with her as my hands go up and down her back feeling her soft skin. Eventually my hands find there way to her ass cheeks, squeezing her fat ass. I hear Alexa moan as we forget that we’re surrounded by other people. Alexa leans back and I whisper in her ear.

“I think we should head back to my place.”

“Lead the way.” She replies.

We’re walking away, once far enough away from the party, Alexa pushes me up against a nearby tree and begins to kiss me.

“Maybe we should get back to my place.” I suggest.

“I can’t wait that long.” Alexa claims.

“Let’s speed up then.” I say going down and lifting Alexa over my shoulder. I begin to run home.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were so strong.” She giggles.

I put her down once we’re at my front door. We enter my house, Alexa goes in first immediately turning around and pushing me up against my front door. She kisses me and sticks her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues play together as her soft lips are pressed up against mine. Without breaking our kiss, I lift her legs off the ground and she wraps them around me. I quickly walk to my bedroom, where I sit down on the edge of the bed.

Alexa finally breaks the kiss and leans back. She grabs her top and pulls it to the side allowing her tits to pop out. My hands each grab a tit and my mouth starts to suck on her nipples. Alexa throws my hat to the side as her hands run through my hair. Her nipples get extra hard and she throws her head back and starts to moan. I make sure to pay attention to both nipples, sucking and licking them both.

“Oh god…your so good at that.” Alexa moans. “You have something I want to suck on.”

Alexa gets off me and goes to her knees as I stand up. Alexa pulls my pants down and I pull my shirt off. My big dick pops out in her face as I’m already hard for her.

“Oh wow, your even bigger then I imagined.” She says grabbing my dick and starting to jerk me off. “Your like 3 times my husband’s length and way thicker.”

Alexa starts to lick my cock, her saliva getting my cock all wet. She spits on my cock and then jerks me off with both hands. She takes another lick then looks me in the eyes and says:

“Mmm… you taste good too.”

“I think you should get that flavour to the back of your throat.” I reply and Alexa giggles.

Her beautiful plump lips then give the head of my cock a kiss before they wrap around my cock. Alexa moves her head down my cock before pulling back slightly then moving forward again, going slightly further then before. Her soft lips feels incredible wrapped around my cock. She finally gags once about 2/3 of my cock is in her mouth. I grab the back of her head and force the rest of my dick down her throat. She gags a bunch as her nose gets pressed against my stomach. I finally release her, as Alexa gasps for air.

“Fuck that was hot.” She says. “Do it again.”

Alexa sticks my dick back in her mouth, once again sucking as much as she can into her mouth. I push her head down once again. Her tongue licks the lower half of my dick as she chocks on my cock. When I release her this time, Alexa goes down and licks my ball before sticking them both in her mouth and sucking on them. While she sucks on my balls, her hands jerk my dick off.

After sucking my balls, Alexa’s lips return to my cock. This time as she moves her head lower and lower on my cock, she doesn’t stop and gag, deepthroating my cock without assistance. Alexa seems very proud of herself to have learned how to deepthroat. I look down at the beautiful wife sucking and deepthroating my dick and can’t help but smile.

“Let me fuck your tits.” I say.

Alexa pulls my dick out of her mouth. She spits in between her tits before I place my saliva covered cock between them. She squeezes her big tits together as I pump my dick between her big tits.

“Oh ya fuck those tits baby!” She moans out.

Alexa looks down at my dick between her tits. She sticks her tongue out, which is just able to lick the head of my penis. Her big tits jiggle perfectly as I thrust my dick between her tits.

“I want to taste that pussy.” I say pulling my dick out of her tits.

Alexa gives my dick one last suck before standing up and kissing me. I pull her top off over her head, going down and licking her nipples before I push Alexa on to my bed. She opens her legs as I get on the bed and go kiss down her supple body. I feel her body shiver as I kiss her panties. She raises her ass just a little so I can take off her panties. Seeing her little pussy for the first time, I can’t help but notice how wet it already is. In fact her panties are completely soaked from her juices.

I go down and begin to lick Alexa’s pussy, her sweet flavour invading my mouth making me hungry for more. I slowly lick her pussy making sure to find and hit her most sensitive spots. My tongue slips in between her pussy lips to explore deeper into her. Alexa loudly moans as my tongue takes her pussy. Her tight pussy almost seems to clamp down on my tongue, as I feel her body shake and quiver.

“OH GOD… you’re too good at that, I’m… I’m gonna ex…. EXPLODE!” She screams as her pussy starts to squirt out all over my face.

“Holy… holy shit!” She says trying to catch her breath. “I don’t think I’ve ever squirted before. You’re incredible.”

“That’s cause your husband’s a loser whose never treated this pussy right.” I reply.

“Yes you’re right, he never has, now I need you to fuck me.” She demands.

I go up and kiss her plump lips. “Not yet baby.”

I go back down to her pussy. I start licking Alexa’s clit as my fingers start to enter her pussy. Alexa again loudly moans as I finger her pussy. My fingers go slowly in and out, I want her to get use to there size for when I stick my dick in her. My tongue licking her clit has made it all swollen and I can feel it pulsing. Alexa squirts once again, arching her back in pleasure this time.

“HOLY FFUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” She screams out loud enough to wake the whole neighbourhood.

Alexa slumps back, trying to catch her breath, her eyes are rolled back, her body still shaking from the intensity of her orgasms. Now she ready to be fucked.

I go to my knees, getting my still rock hard cock in position. I use my dick to slap Alexa’s soaking wet pussy, making a sound as if I was slapping a puddle of water. This snaps Alexa back to reality as she looks down at my big cock about to penetrate her, biting her lower lip.

“I wanna hear you beg for it.” I tell her.

“Please Vernon fuck me with your big ole cock. I need you inside of me NOW!” She intensely begs.

I crack a sinister smile as I listen to this young wife beg for my cock. I finally penetrate her pussy, the head of my penis slipping in between her pussy lips.

“Oh god! Your so thick.” Alexa moans.

Her pussy is so wet, my cock slides in easily. Her pussy is fucking tight though, as I feel her pussy stretching from my dick. Alexa arches her back when I finally fit my entire dick in her.

“Holy shit… your hitting my womb.” Alexa says.

I start to hump her at first slowly, taking long, slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in. Soon, I start picking up the pace until I’m fucking Alexa’s tight pussy as hard as I can. Alexa’s eyes roll back and she arches her back as she gets close to another orgasm. That’s when I feel her pussy clamp down on me trying to milk my cock. Then I feel her gush out, as her pussy squirts all over my cock. Alexa screams in fits of pleasure.

I continue to bang Alexa in missionary for some time yet. I keep switching up the pace to keep Alexa aroused.

“Oh god, your so much better then my husband.” Alexa moans out.

Our bodies have become all sweaty from the heat of our fuck session. I watch her beautiful tits bounce up and down as I fuck her, now glistening from her sweat. My fingers start to play with her clit, causing Alexa to cum and squirt again.

I go down and kiss her lips. Alexa wraps her legs around me, as I buck my hips in small, slow strokes.

“How are still going? How haven’t you busted yet?” She asks once our kiss has stopped.

“Oh I’ve been close but I’m holding off for you.” I answer. “Now it’s your turn to ride me.”

I pull out and lie down on my back. Alexa sucks my dick for a little bit, before she opens her legs and guides my dick back into her pussy. I sit back and watch her as she bounces up and down on my dick, her big tities bouncing up and down so perfectly. I reach up and grab them, tugging on her nipples.

“Your dick is gonna make me cum again. My husband can’t even get me off once, yet I can’t stop cumming for you.” She again moans out.

Her pussy squeezes my cock like a vice, just begging me to drop a load in her. I start to move in unison with her. Alexa leans down and stuffs her tits in my face. I start to lick her nipples, as I move my hands back and start to grab her perfect ass. Soon I feel Alexa cum again, squirting on me again.

“Get on all four.” I demand.

Like a good little whore, Alexa gets off me and goes to her hands and knees, shaking her butt at me. I get behind her and start to rub, slap and kiss her spectacular ass. I then get in position behind her, I slowly start to stick my dick in her pussy again. My hands go to her hips as I start to bang Alexa from behind. My balls slap her clit as my thighs hit her ass cheeks making them jiggle perfectly. Alexa moans out as I fuck her from behind, giving her ass a bunch of slaps making sure her cheeks are nice and red. That’s when her pussy clamps down and then she squirts again.

“Oh…. FFUUUCCCCCKKKK!” Alexa screams out. “I don’t think my pussy can handle your dick any longer.”

“Are you saying what I think your saying?” I ask.

Alexa places her head to the bed, her hands reach back and open her ass cheeks revealing a perfectly kept asshole. “Be the first man to ever fuck my ass.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I pull out of her pussy and move right into her ass. While Alexa’s pussy was tight, her ass is on another level. Already close to busting, her ass squeezing my cock makes it even harder to hold back. I start to pump slowly, so that we both can get use to it. I feel Alexa tensing up, as my big dick in her ass is probably pretty painful. But that doesn’t last and soon she relaxes and starts to moan and groan as I fuck her ass. I really pick up the pace, fucking Alexa’s ass as hard as I can. I reach down and start to finger her pussy.

“Oh ffuuccckkkk… YYEEESSSSSS!” Alexa streams out as she squirts from my dick in her ass.

I know I am so close to cumming myself, I stand up on the bed and Alexa goes to her knees and starts to blow me again. It’s when she deepthroats my cock that I finally bust my nut, filling her mouth with my cum. Alexa swallows my cum as fast as she can as stream after stream fill her mouth. I finally pull out of her mouth and she shows me that she swallowed all my cum.

We both lie down our sweaty bodies finally coming down from that incredible fuck. Alexa snuggles up to me, her body smelling like a mix of sweat and her own cum.

“God you were an animal. Best sex of my life by far.” She says.

“You we’re pretty incredible yourself.” I reply looking down at her.

Alexa looks at the bedside clock. “Is that the time, shit, I got get back before my husband gets home.”

She gives me a passionate kiss on the lips before jumping out of bed and putting her costume back on.

“For an old man, you sure do have a lot of stamina.” Alexa notes.

“Well if you wanna see some really stamina, you could stay and I’ll show you.” I reply.

“You know I can’t. But I’ll be back tomorrow for seconds.” She says as she leaves the room.

The next morning, I’m woken up by a knock at the front door. When I answer it, there’s Alexa wearing a black sports bra and some black tights. She walks right in and just as I close the door behind her, she kisses me, her tongue invading my mouth.

“Come on, we got a couple hours before my husband wakes up.” She says grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bedroom.

I have this whore in the palm of my hand.

***** Carl

The last few months have gone really well for me. I’m doing well at work, I’m getting along with the neighbours well and Alexa has seemed really happy recently.

The day after my Chicago trip, I went over to Vernon’s and apologized for my threat. He apologized for what he said, and we both chalked it up to having a bit too much to drink. He says he understands Alexa’s married and I won’t catch him making anymore advances. And he’s true to his word, he doesn’t flirt with Alexa anymore, he doesn’t even really look at her anymore.

If I had one complaint it’s that Alexa and I have yet to have sex and it’s getting close to a year now. It’s mostly my fault as I work a lot of late hours.

I’m on another business trip in Dallas this time. I’m just about to head to bed when I get a strange email from Vernon with a video link.

I click on the video and it begins with Vernon looking in the mirror. He’s clearly wearing his Peter Pan costume, so I figure it’s a Halloween video or something. He probably documented the night and just forgot to send it to me. He walks over to my house. I see my wife walk down in a completely different costume then the one I saw. That’s when I got a sinking feeling in my gut which was only confirmed when Vernon kisses my wife on the lips.

I watch as my wife and him drink, dance and flirt the night away. I’m praying for a miracle, that something stops them from doing the thing they both clearly want to.

When they begin to make out in Vernon’s house, the video cuts off for a second. The camera changes to one in his bedroom. I will find out later he has them all over his house. I see Vernon walking in holding my wife in his arms.

I watch their whole session, it lasts for over an hour as he ravishes my wife in ways I never have. Vernon’s cock is just as big as I remember and he knows how to use it. My wife squirts for him over and over again, something I’ve never made her do. I watch as she takes his dick up the ass, something I’ve always asked for but never received. And she just gives to him, no she asks him to do it. Watching my wife swallow his cum is just the cherry on top.

But the video wasn’t done. No there was hours of footage of Alexa banging Vernon. I don’t want to watch but I can’t look away. He fucks her in the shower, the living room, the kitchen and the pool. He probably banged her in more places but just doesn’t have video of that. I start to cry, the one person I was suppose to be able to trust betrayed me.

The rest of the trip, I’m just super depressed. I can’t get the image out of my mind.

I don’t say anything about it. I let Alexa keep having her affair. After all she done, I still loved her and will do anything to keep her, even if that means letting her bang a man almost 4 times her age.

I can’t believe that my life has turned into, allowing an old man to bang my wife.

Lewd Fiction - 2021