Just Fuck Me

The whistle pierced the air, as if the guard were trying to break us apart with the sound. Reluctantly, Eric slid his tongue out of my mouth, drew his finger from my pussy and his hand out of my short skirt, and stepped back.

“Sorry babe, I really do have to go.”

I pouted, brought my arms forward to press my tits closer together and enhance my already generous cleavage. “If you stay, I’ll make it worth your while.” I must have been a picture – I heard a middle-aged couple tutting as they walked past – but I was so horny I didn’t care. Damn Eric and his magic fingers; I could feel the cool breeze of the station as it cooled my wet naked pussy lips.

Eric kept stepping backwards. “I know you would. We’ve been through this. It’s for our future. If I get my grades, I get that incredible job, and we’re made for life. Just a few weeks, babe. I’ll call you.”

Weeks? It was hard enough waiting from Sunday nights, when he usually took the train back to London, until he returned the following Friday. I’d killed two vibrators already this year, thinking about him. I couldn’t do it.

“I love you!” he waved from the window, as the train pulled away. He was breaking my heart.

“I love you too!” I screamed my pain after him.

As the train curved away and he disappeared from view, I took my phone from my pocket. I’d dialled before he was even out of sight. My heart ached for Eric, but my clit ached for Lee.

“That loser left yet?”

“I need it, bad. Come get me from the station.”

Hanging up, I waved as my boyfriend – I beg your pardon, my fiancé, now – disappeared into the tunnel, and walked off towards my lover.


It was all Kim’s fault.

Firstly she dragged me off on that fateful holiday, out to Sandy Shores, where I met Eric in the first place and we’d fallen so desperately in love; soulmates at first sight, lovers from the first night. I probably pissed her off, jilting her for him all that week. Eric and I spent the week fucking and having fun, and Kim got nothing.

Then it was her who was sickened by how soppy I’d become; tried and failed to break us up by tempting Eric away, and then tried to get me to see other guys. “You know he’ll be cheating on you with some tart in London. Why don’t you get yourself some, closer to home?”

I didn’t need anyone else. I had Eric, didn’t want anyone else. And when he wasn’t with me, he was on the phone – his voice in my ear as I stroked myself, pretending they were his fingers stretching and teasing me.

Months went by, and Kim and I made up. We always did. She even managed to persuade me to go out with the crowd from work. Just some beers and bowling, a bit of fun one weekday evening.

That’s when I met him.


Fuck, he was an ugly bastard. You know sometimes you look at someone and wondered what they must have done in a previous life to piss off the gods so much? He looked like a Picasso, and no I don’t mean he looked like a million dollars.

And yet… there was something about him. Some animal magnetism, perhaps. He had an unshakeable self-confidence, in the face of everything life had thrown at him. He carried himself like a cheap imitation Fonz, double denim and white T-shirt. Such an arrogant prick.

He walked over to me, looked me over nice and slow, like he knew we’d end up in bed together. Like I’d beg him to make me scream again. Fuck no, said my head. Fuck yes, said my Judas cunt. I hated him. What an arsehole. I was with Eric. “But Eric’s not here,” said my pussy.


My sex life with Eric started out great. That first summer, when we met, we literally hardly stopped touching each other. Our bodies called to each other, perfectly matched, we fitted together seamlessly. We made love, we fucked, we humped, we wanked, we swallowed. We did every move, every position, in every location. I don’t think I saw a whole movie all the way through for six months; I’d either be on my knees with his cock down my throat, or riding him facing away from the screen. He’d eat me out in restaurants, in my parents’ bed, in the alleyways behind our house. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do, no holds – or holes – barred. We knew just what each other wanted.

Maybe we should have been more discreet. I often wonder, after the event happened, whether it was my fault. Whether the man had witnessed one of our midnight sessions. “You’re my slut now,” he’d said, his hand on my throat as he forced himself into me.

Next day, I burned those clothes in the woods.

I had to wait until Friday to tell Eric. His face went purple, and he was so angry he went quiet, although murder burned in his eyes.

That night, when my nightmare woke us both up, he hugged me as I cried. Soon after, when I’d got him ready, I climbed on top of him; rode him hard, taking back control. Feeling renewed. This was our thing, and I wouldn’t have it taken from us. Not by that bastard. Not by anyone. I fucked Eric, coming over and over until I brought him powerfully inside me, his semen washing me clean.

The next weekend, Eric seemed a little awkward. We still had a wonderful time, but he was a little tentative with me when it came to getting down. He’d watch my eyes for signs of panic or disapproval as he slid his hand lower.

I mean, I got it. He loved me, and didn’t want to hurt or upset me. He was so sensitive, so loving, checking that I was enjoying myself whenever we made love. Making sure I always came before he did. I appreciated it, so I let it go. And, I admit, I was a bit nervous when we were out and about. Never with Eric. But apprehensive of strangers. This is normal, I told myself. Things would get back to normal, in time.


“That’s it bitch, swallow it all,” Lee said, as I knelt choking and spluttering in the car park behind the bowling alley. He reached his fingers under my slimy chin and tilted my head back so he could meet my eyes. “You love it, don’t you.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” I moaned, feeling his copious load slide down my throat, licking his fat cock clean.

“Yeah, Kim said you were a bit of a slut. Looks like she was right.” Fuck you, Kim. All I’d wanted was a few drinks, to take the edge off my lust. It backfired spectacularly. An evening of heavy flirting and dirty remarks, at first irritating, had wormed its way under my skin. By the end of the night, all he’d had to do was nod his head sideways, and my horny pussy had dragged me round the back of the building.

He pulled me to my feet, grabbed my waist and dragged me against him. He pushed his tongue between my lips, trying to climb in after his cum, and hungrily I sucked at his tongue as I had his cock. A faint voice in my head worried whether his softening cock was even now smearing cum on my dress. Wondering how much I’d drunk. Worried what… whassisname… would think if he knew I’d cheated.

I didn’t care. Lee’s coarse hands grabbed at my pussy, clawing at my slit through my soaked thong. Nothing got me wetter than being desired this strongly. Just a few rough strokes and I was cumming on his hand, legs shaking, as he laughed at my desperation.

“Well, that escalated quickly,” I said once I’d regained control of my voice.


Eric wasn’t stupid. I’m sure he knew. Sometimes I’d do something with him, or ask him to do something to me… something that Lee had taught me. Eric would look into my eyes, curious, but do it anyway to please me.

Or at least, he’d try to. The problem was some of the things… were not nice things. It was that difference again, the difference between making love and getting fucked. Eric couldn’t bring himself to hurt me, even when I begged and said it was okay, that I’d tell him if he was going too far. For fuck’s sake Eric, I’d think, please stop asking for goddamned permission all the time, it’s such a passion killer. I’m yours, so take me, use me. Just fuck me.

Lee didn’t ask my permission. He trusted me to fight back. Wanted me to. He liked it when I did, I think that’s what got him off. He was such a sadistic bastard. It was so fucking hot, and he could make me come so fucking hard, and so many times.

One night, I lay on the bed, talking to Eric. Phone sex, like we did most nights. I told him, next time we saw each other, how I’d suck his cock. How I’d take each of his balls into my mouth, roll them gently on my tongue. How I’d take his tip between my lips, teasing underneath his head with my tongue, bobbing ever so slowly, taking him inch by inch deeper inside.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait….” he replied. “And I’ll be eating you out, licking your pussy and sucking on your clit until your eyes roll back and your legs quiver…”

He carried on like this for a few minutes, and I vocalised my pleasure back to him over the phone, my breath catching and becoming more erratic. Eventually I couldn’t take any more. “Oh, fuck yeah, make me come, shit! This is gonna be a big one! Fuck! Fuuuuck!!!” I screamed, my back arching as I rode the orgasm.

Lee reached up, tapped on my phone to hang up with one hand as he wiped my juices from his chin with the other.

“You bastard,” I said, smiling. “I can’t believe you made me do that!”

He chuckled. “I knew you’d get off on it. You’re such a slut. Maybe one day you’ll bring him over so we can fuck you together. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t answer. I was afraid he might be right. But I knew Eric would never do it, and I could never do that to him.

Lee lay back down. “What are you doing?” I asked, as he moved back between my legs.

“Finishing what I started,” he said.

“Erm, you finished me, didn’t you hear…? That wasn’t just for Eric’s benefit.”

“Oh darling, I’ve only just started,” he said, with a scary look in his eyes. Suddenly I wanted to get away, but the cable ties tethering me to the headboard were too strong to break. His mouth met my lips and resumed his expert assault on my pussy and clit.

I knew fucking Lee was wrong. I loved Eric; he was the one I wanted to be with. Phone sex with him, like this, was now part of our routine. But I was just so fucking horny, all the time. We’d spent a whole summer joined at the hip – or at least at the genitals – and my body had got used to it. When we were together, it was relentless – even with the new kinder, softer Eric; so, when we were apart, it was torture. And sometimes, hearing Eric’s voice while pleasuring myself just wasn’t enough. I needed to get fucked, by a cock, by a man who treated me in bed the way I so desperately needed to be treated.

I came, and came again. Lee was relentless, bringing his fingers to play, grabbing my legs, sometimes gently, sometimes roughly. He licked and sucked my nipples with three fingers pounding at my cunt. I sprayed and squirted, the bed turned to a swamp from my waist downwards, and still he kept up his assault.

“Fuck! I can’t… stop cumming…” I panted. “Please, enough…” I squirmed, but forcing myself back against his hand or his face or whatever part of him was pressed against me.

“You know how to make it stop,” he teased.

“No,” I panted. “Not again…”

“Say it.” I paused. He slapped my arse, then kept fingering me. “Say it,” he ordered.

“I want you,” I said, and I meant it. “You’re so much better. So much bigger than Eric.” Why men care about that stuff I don’t know. And it wasn’t even true; sure, he was a bit thicker, but Eric was much longer.


I swallowed. I knew what he wanted. What he always wanted. My head was spinning, I was feeling dizzy. How many times had I come now… Six, seven times? My pussy burned. I couldn’t keep going. I had to say it, so it would be over. He wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied. “Fuck me, please. Fuck me like he can’t, the way I won’t let him. Fuck my arse, and tear me open! Just fuck me!”

Lee grabbed my hips and flipped me over, crossing my arms painfully, as he pushed my face into the pillows as I whimpered in pleasure, pain, and anticipation.

“That’s right. My bitch, not his.” He knelt behind me, angled his cock at my arse, and pushed. I felt him force me open, felt his slimy dick penetrate my shithole, pushing between cheeks slick with my own juices.

It’s not that Eric and I hadn’t done anal. Like I said, we’d done it all. He just didn’t like it much… or rather, he liked it too much. It had such a taboo value that he’d end up cumming before I was fully relaxed, before he could get properly inside. So, we just didn’t bother. But Lee didn’t need to know that. Frankly, I was relieved that this was enough for him, that I didn’t have to submit to anything more depraved to satisfy his desire to do something to me that I wouldn’t “let” Eric do. Lee didn’t have to know that I’d let Eric do anything to me. Anything at all. Eric, I trusted. I didn’t trust Lee. Not one little bit.


The car sped through the evening darkness, away from the railway station. I sat in the passenger seat, my head spinning. Engaged! We were going to get married, Eric and I, just as soon as we could make the arrangements. All he’d asked me to do was wait these few weeks, let him concentrate on his revision and his exams, then I could become his sole focus again.

Lee pretended to reach for the gearstick and grabbed my knee, slid his hand up my leg and scooped a finger through my exposed pussy. He turned his head to look at me as he slowly licked my cream from his fingers.

“Watch the road, arsehole!” I screamed. It was so dark, and we were going so fast.

“Danger makes you wet,” he laughed. God, I hated him sometimes. The fact that he was right made it worse.

“Where are you taking me?” I had an idea. I recognised the road. I wanted him to say it, to hear him admit it. But he just smiled. As I suspected, as I feared, he pulled off the road onto the gravel track that ran between the pine trees, into the clearing that day walkers used as a car park for their hikes through the woods.

He pulled up the handbrake. “What are you waiting for, bitch?” Nodding down towards his lap, he said “It won’t suck itself.”

He knew me too well. He knew how much I loved to suck cock, loved to hear my man’s pleasure as I worked him over. I unbuckled his jeans as he pushed his seat back as far as it would go, leaving me plenty of room in front of the steering wheel to drop my head into his lap and get to work. He balled his fist in my hair, used it to set the pace. I couldn’t see what else was happening. My universe restricted to his musky dick plunging into my mouth, his fat balls that needed draining, his pubes getting stuck between my teeth. I shaved for him – or rather, for Eric – but clearly it was too much for him to do the same for me. Eric did.

Eric. My fiancé. My future husband. What was he doing right now? Half-way back to London on the train, probably writing me another love song, while I was humming on the hard cock of another man.

I tried to block out thoughts of Lee, imagining instead I was pleasing my true love. But whenever I’d start to soften my pace, to change to blow this dick more how Eric liked it, Lee would tighten the grip of his fist, pulling on my hair. “Harder, you slut! Drain my fucking balls!” He pulled my short skirt the rest of the way over my bare arse, which was pointing straight at the passenger window. He slapped my cheeks, then cupped one with his hand and slid his fingers round to my dripping pussy. I felt him spread my lips with his other fingers and slide the inner two inside me. He finger-fucked me as I blew him, his dirty talking commentary getting me wetter and urging me on. He forced his thumb into my arse, flicking my clit with his index finger with the others curled inside me, and I came, splashing my pleasure round his fingers onto the window and dripping onto the seat. Roughly he pushed my head into his lap, forcing his cock into my throat, and he held me there as I came, choking on his meat as I fought for air. Just as I started to panic, as my vision started to constrict, he relented a little. I could feel him tense and knew what was about to happen; he let me rise so his cockhead was in my mouth when his balls let go and he fired jet after jet of his load into my eager mouth.

Eventually, his cock stopped spurting, and the dregs dribbled into the warmth of my mouth. I could feel it swilling round my lips and tongue. With Eric, I swallowed as he came; but Lee watched too much porn for that to satisfy him. “Show me,” he ordered. I raised my head and opened my mouth so he could see his load rolling over my tongue. As I did so, I opened my eyes… and saw a bunch of faces peering in at us through the window!

Quickly, I swallowed. “What the fuck?!” I glanced back over my shoulder and saw four more men at the passenger window, staring at my pussy which Lee was still working his fingers in and out of. “What! The actual! Fuck!” I screamed at him, punctuating each word with my fists on his chest.

Lee just laughed. “Shall I roll down the window so they can fuck you while you do me?” He watched my face. “No, I’ve got a better idea. We’ll get a queue going, you could blow them all while you ride me. If you get them all off with your mouth before I nut in your cheating cunt again, then I win, and your arse is mine tonight. If you somehow manage to make me come first, then your arse is safe, and I’ll even let you drive the car back. Deal?”

“You must be fucking joking. Take me home. Now.”

“I can feel how wet that idea made you. You are such a slag!”

I sat down on the seat, hard, slapping his hand away. “And you’re such an arsehole. Why is it so hard for you to understand the difference between fantasy and reality?” Angrily I clipped the seatbelt back into its buckle. “Fun’s over for tonight. Take me home, you bastard, before I punch you in the nuts again and land you back in A&E.”

He looked at me, appraising my mood.

“Show’s over,” he called out to the doggers. The car pulled back towards the main road.

He broke the uncomfortable silence. “You’ll be back on my cock tomorrow,” he said. I just stared out of the window, trying to ignore him. There was a limit to how much I could piss him off, after all – I needed him to take me home. I didn’t really think he’d hurt me or put me in real danger – not in that way. He just liked pushing my boundaries. Maybe even his thick head realised he’d pushed me too far tonight. I didn’t expect an apology, and didn’t get one. That’s not how we rolled.


I stepped up to the landing, checked nobody was around, and tugged on the zip at the neck of the PVC catsuit. The globes of my tits helped push the fabric apart; I stopped the zip just above the point where they would spring free entirely, and were instead held pressed together by the sticky friction of the plastic. Satisfied with the look, I knocked on the door to Eric’s flat.

I watched his eyes bug out of his head, and his mouth dry up. After he’d picked his jaw back off the doormat, he managed to splutter a somewhat understated “Fuck me!”

“That’s kind-of the idea,” I replied, putting my hand on his chest, and pushing him back through the door. The discomfort of squirming in this fuck-me torturous Hallowe’en leftover was so worth it just to see the expression on his face and the lust burning in his eyes.

It had been a restless night. I’d stormed out of Lee’s car the moment he slowed enough outside my house, barely waiting for him to come to a stop, and headed straight for my bedroom. Enraged, I swept everything off the top of my chest of drawers, smashing it to the floor with my arm, just wanting something to break. Cans bounced and rolled; foundation exploded into a flesh-coloured cloud.

How could I be so stupid? I knew better. And I’d promised Eric, just hours before, that I would be his – now and forever. God bless Eric, he was always so understanding. He knew what I’d been like, and he’d forgiven me. Asked me to be his. But rather than staying happy, my horny hindbrain had begged Lee to do what he did best. But that guy had no boundaries, and – in the accusatory darkness – I realised that things were escalating to the point where he’d end up getting me hurt, physically or emotionally. I was done with him, and I had some serious making up to do with my fiancé.

Without taking my eyes off him, I slammed the door behind me, pushed him back against the wall, and swallowed his tongue. We kissed like we hadn’t done for months. Like we hadn’t even seen each other for months, even though it had only been the night before. I tore at his trousers, reached in, and grabbed his long hard cock, stroking him as we kissed. It felt so good, but it wasn’t enough. I kissed down his neck, onto his shoulder blades, then dropped to my knees. I looked up and saw hm looking down at me – at my face, but more so at my tits spilling out of the catsuit. “I need you,” I said, pulling his cock free from his jeans and swallowing it straight down, filling myself with a desperation that surprised both of us.

“Jesus, babe, slow it down!” he said, his hands gently cupping my head. I think he was trying to control me, to ease the pace, but it just made me wild. I forced him down my throat, pressing my lips to the base of him and splaying them out onto his body, my tongue caressing his balls and rubbing his underside as I drooled onto his thighs.

“I need you so fucking bad,” I gurgled. “Use me, take me, claim me!” I cried. Then, looking up, I saw sadness cloud his eyes, realisation at what I must have done dawning, and he dropped his hands from my cheeks.

“You saw him again, didn’t you.” Not a question.

I slid back off his cock, made to stand.

“How long was it? Did you even wait for me to leave the station?”

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! You got me all worked up, fingering me on the platform… I needed release.” He started walking away, back into the flat, and I followed him. “Please, Eric. I’m done with that arsehole. It’s over. I’m yours.”

I looked at his face. His eyes were wet, but his face was cold. His lip trembled a little, and my heart broke. I’d put that look on his face. I was so ashamed.

“I can’t keep doing this, babe. I can’t pretend it isn’t happening. I can’t keep forgiving you, hearing your promises, watching you break them.” He collapsed onto the bed, hid his face in his hands.

I sat beside him, crossed my hands into my lap. “What can I do? Tell me, please. How can I fix this?”

We sat in silence for about a hundred years.

“I can’t do this. Not now. I have to revise for my exam on Wednesday.” He made his way over to his desk, collapsed into his chair. I watched him try to work. Every so often he’d glance back over my way. Slowly, the atmosphere dissipated, and eventually he was just looking at me.


He smiled and shook his head. “Fuck, you do look amazing though,” he said. He never could stay angry with me for long.

I smiled back, leant forwards so my tits swung to the point they’d nearly fall out of the unzipped top. Had it not been so tight, they would have. I could feel my nipples catching on the inside of the zip.

“I am sorry, really.”

“I know.”

“Do you need any help?” I asked.

“Well, let’s see. What do you know about reducing algorithms to the Halting Problem?”

I laughed. “Well, I know I sure have difficulty stopping sometimes.” I started towards him, snaking my hips, watching his eyes get lost in my cleavage. “But that’s not the kind of help I had in mind.”

“Oh really?” he asked. “What sort of assistance were you suggesting?”

“The under-desk kind,” I said, falling back to my knees and crawling towards him like a cat. I retrieved my prize from inside his jeans and gently started to lick and kiss at the tip.

For a few seconds, Eric pretended to continue to work as my mouth made love to his cock. Eventually, with an “Aahhhh fuck,” he closed the lid of his laptop, and leant back to watch me work.

“Does he know it’s over?” he asked.

“He will.” I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him last night, or this morning.

“Interesting,” Eric replied. I looked up at him. He had a wicked look in his eye. My pussy twitched in anticipation. This was going to be good. “Pass me your phone.”

I reached over, grabbed my bag, and rooted around inside, not for one second taking my mouth off his gorgeous dick. I passed the unlocked phone over to him. I squirmed, creaming into the suit, at the thought of what he might be doing, and increased the suction on his cock.

“We need to show him you’re mine, yes?”


“Right then. Make me come, my dirty little whore!”

He knew talk like that just set me off. I made it my mission to bring him off as quickly and strongly as I could, working all my tricks. I knew his cock so well, and I knew what he liked – mashing my tits with my hands, moaning, stroking my pussy through the tight PVC.

“Ready, bitch?” he asked. “Not long now!”

I knew, I could taste how close he was, and couldn’t wait for him to spurt his thick spunk down my throat. But instead, he pulled out. I raised an eyebrow and went to stand up – perhaps he wanted me to ride him. But no, he pushed me back down to the floor, jerking himself off. “Look at the camera, bitch!” he ordered, and I glanced over at the phone just as he let fly and painted my face with globs of sticky fat semen. “Mine… mine…” he muttered, as he came, and came… I’d not seen him come so much. It splattered into my hair, ran down my chin and dripped down onto my tits. Once he was nearly spent, he directed his dick back to my mouth. “Clean me, you filthy slut!” I took the tip into my mouth and licked it clean. “Now show me your ring, and what you think of that loser!” I raised my ring finger, diamond proudly on display, and the index finger of the other hand.

That’s the picture we sent to Lee on SnapChat. Me, face covered in Eric’s cum, sucking his cock, giving Lee the finger, and showing him the ring. “You lose!” said the caption.


“What was it you saw in him, anyway?” he asked, eventually, later that night, as we lay naked in each other’s arms.

“Nothing. It wasn’t about him.”

Eric stroked my hair. He knew if he just said nothing, that I would fill the silence.

“I mean, it’s not like he had a massive dick, or anything. He doesn’t measure up to you. But he… he had this air about him, you know? This assuredness. I couldn’t resist it, especially when I was horny.”

“You’re always horny,” he said, not unkindly.

“You see my problem.” I waited, and he waited. We both knew there was more. I didn’t quite know how to put it. “You’re so nice to me, so kind. So thoughtful. He wasn’t. He was rude and rough and pushy.”


I sighed. “He reminded me of you. Of how you were, when we first met. Insatiable. Desperate to get into my knickers. Hands all over me, even when it was inappropriate. Raw lust unchained.” I looked at him. “He didn’t ask permission. He just did, took, used. As did I. It was so hot, so animalistic. Like we used to be, before… Before.”

I watched a tear escape his eye; he knew exactly what the before referred to.

“I love you so much,” I continued. “I love that you looked after me, stuck with me when I couldn’t face… wouldn’t let you have sex with me. That you were so gentle when we started, always checking in on me. This is not your fault. But, well, asking permission all the time is so unsexy.”

“What are you saying, babe?”

“Sometimes a girl just wants to be fucked. I trust you. I know you won’t hurt me. I know you’ll sense when you need to stop.” I took a breath. “So, just fuck me!”

He rolled me onto my back, raised himself up on his arms, and nestled between my legs.

“Fuck me, my gorgeous fiancé. Fuck me, Eric. Fuck me like you own me. Because you do. Oh, for fuck’s sake,” I said, pulling his cock into me and his mouth to my tits, “just fuck me!”

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