Is she real?

I had hit a wall with my writing, so there I was, a 40-year-old bloke sat at home reading through online stories. I was hoping to find inspiration for a new story of my own. That’s when I came across a new writer, their 1st story I read was gangbang based, and it had all the tags I liked.

I read the story and loved the writing style and length, yes there were a few errors, but we all do that, after all we’re not professional writers and you’ll maybe find some in here. We just like putting our adventures, fantasies, or even other peoples at request in to story form for everyone to enjoy.

I left some feedback and rated the story, then proceeded to read another couple of their stories. These were different tags, but as I enjoyed the 1st, I gave them a read and again enjoyed them. However, I was still drawing a blank on my creativeness.

One thing that stood out for me in their stories was the female lead was always the same person. This made me wonder if she was based on someone. Emma, young, blonde, athletic figure and pretty.

The next day I received an email thanking me for my feedback. This was rare so I replied and got chatting with the writer. After some emails back and forward, we discovered we had both been going through a dry spell in writing terms.

Discussing our preferred story types, I discovered quite a bit about her. 1st off she was a woman, 2nd where her stories had blow jobs, deep throating, and facials, I found out these were things she loved in the real world as well. The third thing was she loved a big fat cock, the bigger the better.

Our discussion still on email took an interesting turn when she said, she could do with a big cock to suck on and would love 9″ forced down her throat.

I replied that I hoped she found one soon to inspire her for another story.

She asked if I had someone to suck my cock all the time.

In my dreams maybe, I replied.

That’s when the bomb dropped, the next email came through, it was short and concise. That’s a shame, I would suck your cock, get both our writing going.

I instantly replied not thinking anything of it other than a bit of fun on email, Sounds like a great idea.

She then asked, how big it was?

At this point it made me think, is this still just bit of fun or was she serious. Being honest and testing the water I replied, I would love to keep the illusion going but I’m just an average sized guy and waited her response. I’m 5″ with a decent girth, never had complaints but I always knew there were bigger guys out there, I have to see them in the health clubs changing room regularly.

I’d still like to suck it, came her reply.

I took a moment to think, could this be real, surely not. I had to decide, end it with a joke and get back to our previous conversation, or ask further and see where it leads. I finally replied, you would be most welcome to, and I bet you would do a fantastic job as well, problem is I bet you live far away.

Her response came quickly, I hope not, my mouth is starting to water, and my knickers are getting wet thinking about your cock. As per my stories I’m in London.

“Damn,” I blurted out to myself. She was about 200 miles away. That’s when I remembered I had a business meeting the following week, in fact it was just a few days as this was on a Thursday and I was travelling down the Sunday.

Excitedly I replied saying, if you’re serious about this you may need a change of knickers as I can’t get down to London until Sunday.

She replied saying, she was serious and would be counting down the hours, also that she expected a messy facial as standard on Sunday night.

The emails went back and forward getting filthier along the way, I enquired whether she would go further than just fellatio having already told her my likes.

Depends on the performance on what she wants, was her response.

We brought the conversation to a close, I confirmed the hotel I would be staying at and would let her know when I arrive. I couldn’t believe it was going to happen. That’s when it dawned on me, I had no idea who she really was, or what she looked like.

I’m not shallow, my concerns were more based that this could all be a rouse. She may actually be a he just setting me up for a huge let down, or an 80-year-old looking for a final fuck. I put these thoughts to the back of mind. After all I was 40, overweight but keeping healthy, like a rugby player and she hadn’t asked about any of that.

I was now looking forward to it as usually the trips to London for business were long conferences then a couple of hours in the pub with the lads that travelled down with me. I had forgotten about them; I work for a large finance company who always put us up in a 3-bed suite in a plush London hotel. The cost for them is justifiable as we bring in the new business and have overachieved on our targets every year for 8 years in a row.

Dan and Charlie are similar age to me. We’re good friends not just work mates, we go the health club together, football and nights out. Even though we go to the health club and work out, going for a pint or 2 after has stopped us from getting those bodies you see in the men’s health magazines.

Dan probably was the most in shape, he worked out harder than us and always tried to maintain a decent look. At 6ft 2 he stood above me and Charlie, and he was a bit of a ladies’ man when he was younger but nowadays, he was more settled. He was in one of those open relationships with a girl which I never really got, for me you either are or you’re not committed to someone.

Charlie was the shortest at around 5ft 10″ and was also the youngest at 38. He was probably carrying a few extra pounds but carried it well. He got divorced a few years back after he was cheated on, he found it hard after that to commit to anyone else.

Sunday morning soon came round, Dan was at the door ready to set off. It was his turn to drive. I packed my case and laptop and off we set to collect Charlie. I hadn’t told them before now about my plans but thought I should say something.

As soon as we were heading south on the motorway in cruise control, I told them everything. They knew about my stories as they often read them. The initial response I got was from Charlie as he blurted out with a laugh “I bet it’s a 50-year-old bloke called Dave winding you up.”

“Fuck you, we’ll see who’s laughing when she shows up tonight, in fact you 2 need to be gone when she does,” I replied with annoyance in my tone.

“Chill,” said Dan, “besides why do we need to go? If she loves sucking cock so much, maybe she’ll do us aswell.”

“Considering we’ve never met, it would be a bit rude to throw you guys into the mix, don’t you think?” I replied again annoyed it had been suggested.

“Not really,” Charlie said as he brought himself back into the conversation. “From what you’ve told us it wouldn’t be her 1st time and 3 guys can give her a messier facial than 1 can.”

Dan then added, “Besides I thought you said she liked big cocks, my 8″ would keep her happy.”

Charlie then replied, “I’m sure my 7″ could as well.”

I knew they weren’t lying; I had seen them both naked in the changing rooms. I started to consider what they were suggesting. “I wouldn’t even know how to suggest that to her, I wouldn’t want to scare her off.”

“Don’t say anything,” said Dan, “wait till she arrives and then give her the option, if she’s not interested, we’ll head out.”

“What if she gets offended and leaves, you’ve ruined my chances then!” I stated.

“Can’t see that happening if she is as cock hungry as she says she is.” He replied calmly.

“I think it’s all bull shit and no one is going to show up anyway,” added Charlie which killed the conversation.

We arrived at the hotel about 4pm, once checked in and unpacked into our suite I emailed her to let her know which room I was in and that I had a surprise for her.

It was around 7pm I heard a knock at the door, Dan and Charlie headed to their rooms, I was nervous, what do I say when I open the door, how do I bring the guys into the conversation. The time had come to put all doubts about who she was out of my mind and open the door.

I opened the door and fell silent, my mouth dropped open. It was her; she was Emma from the stories, dirty blonde hair tied in a ponytail, 5ft tall, blue eyes. She looked young like 18 or 19 but she had referred to that in her stories also and was in her mid-twenties.

“Are you going to invite me in then?” came this sweet soft voice after a few seconds.

I snapped out of my trance, I was shocked this was all real, she was real. “Oh, yeh, come in,” I mumbled out. As she entered the room, I recalled one of her stories talking about how she was shy about her figure, might have been the reason why she was wearing very baggy clothing, hoodie, and sweatpants. She stood there looking amazing even though I couldn’t see her figure. “Would you like a drink?” I asked.

“Maybe later, you know what I’ve come for. Get him out for me then!” she stated.

“You don’t mess around, do you?”

“I’ve waited 3 days for this, I don’t feel like waiting any longer,” came her response.

I quickly removed my trousers and pants and revealed him standing to attention, “I hope he’s been worth the wait,” I blurted out.

She stepped closer to me and took it in her hand slowly stroking it, “I can definitely work with this, just remember what you promised me.”

“I haven’t and trust me I’ll deliver,” I replied. I had been saving my stock for tonight to ensure I could deliver the messy facial she had asked for.

She then slowly dropped to her knees and started to lick the tip off my cock, I almost unloaded straight away but managed to hold myself back. She then started to take him into her mouth, and it wasn’t long until she had him all in there.

“Fuck that feels good,” I muttered. I then panicked as I saw Dan pop his head round the corner and shrug his arms in a ‘what the fuck’ motion. I made a similar gesture back at him.

At this point she removed my cock from her mouth and looked up at me, “Is everything ok, you look a bit off.”

“Erm, yeh,” I answered unconvincingly.

“Somethings up what is it?” she asked.

I waved Dan and Charlie over, then said “Well, you know I said I had a surprise for you.”

“Oh yeh, I forgot about that. What is it?” she said with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“It’s actually 2 and here they are,” I nervously said as Dan and Charlie stood either side of her with their cocks hanging out.

She shot to her feet and backed up, “wow, now this is a surprise!” she said giving nothing away.

“A good one I hope,” I responded with a bit of a calmer tone.

“It’s an unexpected one, I thought this was just going to be us,” she replied

I calmly replied “If it’s too much, just say. We always share a suite when we come down and it slipped my mind as I was so excited when we were messaging.”

Dan and Charlie backed away at this stage and put their cocks away. “Maybe we should leave,” Dan said.

“Yeh, sorry to have made this uncomfortable for you,” added Charlie.

She then a said, “well you don’t have to leave, they are 2 of the biggest cocks I’ve seen.”

“I thought you’d had bigger?” I asked.

“A girl can dream can’t she, finding an 8 or 9″ cock outside of a porn set would be pretty difficult,” came her quick response.

“Well, what do you think then, do you think you can handle the 3 of us?” asked Charlie now with his cock out again and stroking it.

“Oh yes, well I’ll definitely give it a try,” she said whilst licking her lips.

Dan & Charlie stood next to me again with their cocks out and hardening by the second.

She kneeled in front of me and started to wank them both off and returned to sucking on my cock. Switching from sucking my cock to Dans she added “This is actually a very nice surprise indeed,” she then thrust herself forward taking Dans 8″ into her mouth.

“Mmm, she’s good,” Dan moaned with delight as she continued to suck his cock now wanking me and Charlie off. She then moved onto Charlies and her hands switched position again. She quickly got used to how to handle a few cocks quickly.

“Oh God,” exclaimed Charlie as she started to throat him, “If she keeps this up, I don’t know how long I’ll last.”

She then moved back on to mine before continuing this rotation. Time was flying bye and it was almost 8pm. By this time who ever she had in her mouth would be gripping her ponytail and thrusting as deeply as they could into her throat making her gag and drool on to her breasts and thighs.

We would stop and check she was ok, but she would always answer with the same response, she would just smile say yes and take another cock into her mouth. We kept going losing track of time, she seemed to love being face fucked.

She then stood up and said, “go and sit on sofa next to each other.”

We made our way over to the sofa and as asked all sat down, I was on one end and Charlie in the middle. She kneeled between my legs and took hold of my cock, slowly stroking it up and down. She then slid me back into her mouth and started to suck me deep once again. “Oh yes,” I moaned as I went to put my hand on the back of her head.

She moved her head away and said, “no touching, I’ll decide when you can start touching me again.”

I put my hands behind my head and let her continue, watching her bob up and down on my cock was amazing, I felt like I was ready to blast all over her, but she moved on to Charlie and issued him the same statement. This time while sucking she took myself and Dan’s cocks in her hands and started stroking them.

She then moved on to Dan, watching his whole 8″ disappear into her mouth and bulge in her throat had to be witnessed to be believed. She certainly was living up to her claims. She moved up and down the line repeatedly servicing us to point of explosion then moving to the next guy.

She slid her lips up and down the shaft of each of our cocks with expertise, her tongue knew exactly what to do and I had no doubt she could probably suck a golf ball through a hose, we were in heaven for a moment.

“I suppose I could let you start touching me again, I want that messy facial I was promised soon though,” she said before sliding Charlie into her mouth.

Charlie then lifted her to her feet and guided her to his bed, laid her on her back with her head hanging of the end, he then slid his cock into her mouth and started fucking again, making sure he was going balls deep into her with every thrust.

He pulled away and I replaced him, this night was working out so much better than I’d hoped. I glanced down her body trying to see her curves through the baggy garments she still wore, the huge wet patch on her chest had increased in size. I watched on as her hand slid down her sweatpants and she started to rub her clit.

I decided it was time to let Dan in, I must admit I was concerned for her, but she coaxed him over with a finger curl, “Come on then big boy, give me all of him,” she said in sultry tone.

“As you wish,” he replied. Wrapping his hand round the back of her head and gripping her ponytail, he aimed his cock down towards her mouth and slipped it in. A few gentle thrusts then he gripped her chin with his free hand and started to fuck all 8″ deep into her throat.

A gargled “ohhh,” sound made its way round his dick and her body shook as she orgasmed for the 1st time that evening.

We took turns again, in fact it was quite a few times, getting closer to blowing our loads. She was still massaging her clit and quickly had her 2nd orgasm. I was currently in her mouth and suddenly stepped back.

“Aaargh,” I blurted out as I exploded. My 1st shot hit her chin and ran down into her open mouth. The 2nd and 3rd splashed off her lips and ran down her nose and into her eyes, the 4th had less power and landed straight on her forehead and hair line. I then put it back in her mouth for cleaning.

Dan then sat her up, before guiding her back down to the floor on her knees. Taking a tight hold of her head he started to fuck her mouth once again, making sure he was deep into her throat before he let out a cry of pleasure also. His first few shots went straight down her throat, he then pulled out and let the last of it splatter against her face.

Charlie was stood side on to her and had been wanking the whole time, he then erupted shooting a couple of lines straight across her forehead and in her hair then one went straight into her eye.

I took a quick souvenir photo of the facial she had been requesting. Her face glazed in warm gooey cum she smiled like a girl who had just been given a diamond ring or a new Mercedes. She sucked the boys clean then scooped the cum of her face and swallowed it all down.

Me and the guys were spent, she had drained us in 1 go. I noticed the time, it was almost 10pm, we had been face fucking this girl for pretty much 3 hours. She stood up and sorted herself. I showed her the pic. “Now that’s the sort of evening I could grow to love,” she said as she headed for one of the bathrooms.

As she returned from the bathroom, she had cleaned herself up and straightened her hair, I asked “So what about our deal, was it good enough for what I wanted in return?”

“Oh yes but I can’t tonight, my appearance is not the only true fact from my stories, sadly I have a shit job I need to get up early for in the morning, so I need to get going.”

“How about tomorrow night?” I asked her.

“Maybe, I’ll message you tomorrow. Maybe all 3 of you will get a treat again.”

Dan & Charlie both confirmed they would like that not knowing what I had asked for. I gave her my hoodie to replace hers as it was soaked and offered to get her a taxi. She declined saying she didn’t live far from the hotel.

Once she had left, me and the guys went down to the hotel bar and had a few drinks,” Shame she had to leave, do you think she’ll come back tomorrow then?” asked Dan

“I hope so, I wonder what shit job she does,” I replied.

Charlie then asked, “what is her name by the way, is it Emma?”

“You know what, I have no idea,” I laughed. “Does it matter?”